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Hands On With DVD Copy for Mac Software, at $50

From Remove-DRM Studio

This is a Press Release edited by on 2011.11.24
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Based in Shenzhen, China, Remove-DRM Studio Inc. announces most media companies or producers argue that you are not able to copy or convert commercial DVDs for any reason, as it is illegal.


If you copy or rip DVDs for your own use, such as for collections, you should be able to override the copyright protection to make a backup of DVDs or to convert them for watching on other devices. Currently, this is gray law area for copying DVDs. So advice for you: if you backup it for your own use, do it; if not, please don't do it.

Backup DVDs for your own use
Suppose you would like to retrieve your DVD of Titanic (1997) film from its protective case as your wife/husband wants to watch it for the 500th time. You insert the DVD only to find it scratched or sticky from the jam-covered fingers that last handled it. Guess what? You won't recover the DVD movies as they are damaged. Picture this scenario: prior to your son or daughter scratches your DVDs, you back up them timely, the above case won't happen.

Homemade DVD Backup
In a last article, we've talked about "An Essential Software to Decrypt DVDs", using an application HandBrake to copy and rip DVDs on your Mac, iPod, iPhone or any other Devices. Handbrake is an open source application that is available for Windows, Mac, Lunix. Another Mac build-in tool Disk Utility also can help you do this job.

The guide is following:

  • Launch Disk Utility on your Mac
  • Insert DVD into Mac that you want to burn, you can make ISO image file, or other DVD format files. If you want to customize the DVD, such as add text, photo.
  • When copying finished, Disk Utility will prompt you to insert blank DVD /-R, RW to burn.
  • A few hours later, you will get a DVD copy for your own. (it depends on how large is the DVD size.)

FYI: Disk Utility can not decrypt copyright protected DVDs.

Commercial DVD Copy
Most of commercial DVDs are copyright protected, the freeware such as HandBrake can not decrypt protections from DVDs, and Disk Utility won't work either. However, one application that can strip the copyright protections from commercial DVDs and leave you with unencrypted DVD format like VIDEO_TS folder is Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac with $49.95.

Only three steps to help you
remove protections from commercial DVDs:

  • Insert DVD that you want to burn into Mac
  • Choose output format that you want to get: DVD-9 or DVD-5
  • 'Start' button to complete this job.

If you clone DVDs for your own use, just do it, it is legal, if not, please think over before backup.

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