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Netgear ReadyNAS 2304 1U 4-Bay Rackmount NAS
$700 diskless, two GbE ports, three USB 3.0 ports
2017.06.27 | Press Release
From StarTech, S352BU313R Dual-Bay 3.5-Inch Drive With USB 3.1 Gen 2
2017.06.27 | Press Release
Overland Storage/Sphere3D Assigned Patent
Data protection with multiple site replication
2017.06.27 | In Brief
Concurrent Aquari Storage and Moonwalk Deliver Integrated Data Management Solution for Enterprise Scale
Automating storage placement of large data volumes
2017.06.26 | Press Release
Teradata Assigned Patent
Interrupted write protection with generic storage
2017.06.26 | In Brief
DDN: Data-Centric Computing Era With Innovations for Performance and Reliability at Scale
Product enhancements to deliver performance and data protection for next-gen technical computing and AI
2017.06.23 | Press Release
AccelStor 1U 3TB NeoSapphire P310 All-NVMe Array With FlexiRemap Technology
One million IO/s and 0.2ms latency using eight NVMe drives
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Synology 5-Bay DiskStation DS1517 and 8-Bay DS1817 NAS
Quad-core 1.7GHz processor with RAM module expandable to 8GB, built-in 10GbE LAN ports for DS1817
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Update to ThecusOS 7.0 NAS OS
New visual operational experience, flexibility with scale-out, and with accelerated performance
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Pure Storage Unveiled Vision for Data Platform for Cloud Era …
All-flash data platform, simplified multi-cloud at Pure//Accelerate
2017.06.22 | Press Release
… Vision for Self-Driving Storage Powered by Pure1 META AI Platform …
Delivers global predictive intelligence by collecting and analyzing over one trillion array telemetry data points per day and enables management, analytics and support.
2017.06.22 | Press Release
… Said to Redefine Tier 1 Storage for Cloud Era …
Introduction of Purity ActiveCluster, CloudSnap native cloud integration, Policy QoS, VVols, 100% NVMe DirectFlash Shelf and more within Purity//FA 5.0 software
2017.06.22 | Press Release
… Adding FlashBlade 5x Bigger and Faster
Availability of 17TB blade
2017.06.22 | Press Release
Sphere 3D Launches HVE Appliances Supporting NVMe
1U and 2U, support for 50-800 virtual desktops, available as converged and hyperconverged appliances or Datrium Ready open converged nodes
2017.06.22 | Press Release
Shared Storage V7 by Facilis
Includes browser-based, mobile compatible Web Console that delivers enhanced control, monitoring and administration.
2017.06.22 | Press Release
Synology Presto File Server for NAS
Application speeding up and shortening time required for transferring massive data over WAN
2017.06.22 | Press Release
AC&NC JetStor 12G JBOD Platforms Certified for Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2016
Offers alternative to traditional approaches for housing vast data troves.
2017.06.22 | Press Release
DDN Assigned Patent
Data migration between high performance computing entities and storage supported by de-clustered raid, architecture with I/O activity dynamically controlled based on remaining health of storage devices
2017.06.22 | In Brief
Infortrend Drive-Side Enhancements Resolve System Bottlenecks and Double Capacity Expansion
Support for 12Gb SAS interface on EonStor DS 3000U and optional expansion board on EonStor GS family
2017.06.21 | Press Release
Buffalo TeraStation 5810DN 8-Bay NAS
From $2,700 (8x4TB HHD) to $5,300 (8x8TB HHD)
2017.06.20 | Press Release
TeleStream: Lightspeed Live Capture V2.0 Focuses on Digitizing of Tape Archives
For improved access and longevity
2017.06.20 | Press Release
IBM VersaStack With Flash Accelerates Data Transfer for Virtual Desktop and Hybrid Cloud Workloads
VDI and hybrid cloud capabilities for VersaStack converged infrastructure solution
2017.06.19 | Press Release
5U IBM Power Systems LC DAS Provides Storage Expansion for Power LC Server
Up to 840TB to meet big data
2017.06.19 | Press Release
Pavilion Data Systems Assigned Patent
Shareable virtual non-volatile storage device for server
2017.06.19 | In Brief
Qnap TVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS Using All-in-One Backup Solution With Fengtao DVDFab Software
Eight models with 8 bays
2017.06.16 | Press Release
DR2-TB2 2-Bay Thunderbolt Portable RAID by Stardom
Embedded with 60W power supply inside, coming with metal grip to travel and two SATA HDDs or SSDs
2017.06.16 | Press Release
StoneFly DR365 DR Solution Integrates AWS and Azure Cloud Storage Platforms
For secure cloud repositories
2017.06.16 | Press Release
NetApp Unveils Hyperconverged Enterprise-Scale Solution
And evolves data fabric strategy with more software options to unleash potential of data across cloud and on-premises environments.
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Mac-Ready Pegasus3 Desktop RAID Solutions From Promise
R4, R6 and R8 models with two Thunderbolt 3 port feature more capacity: 16, 36 and 64 (and 80) TB, respectively
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Liqid Assigned Patent
Dual-sided rackmount storage assembly
2017.06.15 | In Brief
Enhancements of HPE Synergy and OneView
Expanded capabilities, plus availability of SimpliVity 380 hyperconverged appliance
2017.06.14 | Press Release
Buffalo: Last Phase of Life for TeraStation 5000 NAS
Replaced by TeraStation 5010
2017.06.14 | Press Release
Quanta Computer Assigned Patent
Speed control of storage device using service controller
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Excelero Storage Assigned Patent
Scalable data using RDMA and MMIO
2017.06.13 | In Brief
HDS Updates Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio
Transforms cloud infrastructure to achieve "over 60% TCO savings" vs. public cloud, enables multi-cloud environment on your Terms with object storage solutions.
2017.06.12 | Press Release
iXsystems: TrueNAS X10 Enterprise Storage Solution
Up to 120TB in 2U and 360TB in 6U, 20TB of hybrid file and block storage under $10,000
2017.06.12 | Press Release
Tegile Expanding Lifetime Storage Program
Customers can refresh storage array controllers every 3 to 5 years as part of maintenance contract without replacing entire array.
2017.06.09 | Press Release
Thunder3 RAID Station From Akitio
Two-bay for 2.5-Inch or 3.5-inch SATA drives, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one DisplayPort video output, two-port USB hub, one 1GbE interface, one SD card reader
2017.06.08 | Press Release
Computex: Qnap TS-x77 NAS With AMD Ryzen Processors
6-8-12-bay models, up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, three PCIe Gen.3 slots for expansion potential for supporting 10GbE/40GbE NICs, PCIe NVMe SSD, graphics cards, USB 3.1 expansion cards, and two M.2 SATA 6GB/s SSD slots
2017.06.08 | Press Release
Computex: EchoStreams FlacheSAN2N12C-D5 2U NVMe Appliance Powered With Kingston SSD and Liqid
24xPCIe X4 NVMe U.2 SSDs or 12xhot-swap PCIe X8 low-profile NVMe AICs, up to 6xPCIe X16 PCIe expansion slots, supporting 12 million IO/s, up to 60-70GB/s
2017.06.08 | Press Release
Computex: Asustor Exhibited NAS With ADM 3.0 and Surveillance Center 2.7
Including AS6302T, AS6404T, AS7004T-i5, AS7010T-i5 models and AS6004U storage expansion unit
2017.06.08 | Press Release
Computex: AIC With Intel, E8 Storage and Mellanox Unveils Performance and Centralized NVMe Storage Solutions
Line of all-flash array NVMe storage servers, including 1U 10-bay , 2U 24-bay servers supporting single/dual-port NVMe SSDs, and 2U 4-node hyperconverged NVMe server
2017.06.07 | Press Release
Qnap Qfixes for Samba Writable Share Vulnerability
Software to patch vulnerability for NAS
2017.06.07 | Press Release
Raidix Assigned Patent
Systems and methods for error correction coding
2017.06.07 | In Brief
PrimaryIO Assigned Patent
Accelerating application write while maintaining high availability in shared storage clusters
2017.06.07 | In Brief
Supermicro Assigned Patent
Tool-less storage device adaptor tray with spring mechanism
2017.06.06 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Direct memory access of remote data
2017.06.06 | In Brief
From DDN, Production-Level Performance for Machine Learning at Scale
Fast time-to-results, analytics performance, and scaling to nearly 10PB in single rack
2017.06.02 | Press Release
Supermicro Adds 4U 45 3.5-Inch Bay SSG-6048R-E1CR45H/L Storage Server
With six optional NVMe U.2 drives support, plus two hot-swappable 2.5-Inch rear drive for OS
2017.06.02 | Press Release
Thecus Rackmount N8910 2U 8-Bay NAS
Two GbE LAN ports, one HDMI output, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports
2017.06.02 | Press Release