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Fujitsu Entry-Level Storage System
With maximum of 24 SAS and nearline SAS drives
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Winchester Systems Reveals 3/4 ATR Removable Canister SSD Array
Unit military certified at 19.2TB with 24 removable 1.8-inch SSDs
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor DS 3000T With All SSD Array and Cache
And automated storage tiering as well as SSD wear detection
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Synology Introduces RackStation RS815+, RS815RP+ and DiskStation DS2415+ NAS
Two 1U rack models with 4 bays and tower with 12 bays
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Qnap Debuts TS-x31+ Series Turbo NAS
2- and 4-bay tower powered by Cortex-A15 dual-core processor
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Qnap Launching TVS-x71U Series NAS
8- and 12-bay racks, 10GbE-ready
2015.01.29 | Press Release
Highly Reliable Systems: NetSwap Mini+E Backup NAS
Starting at $999 for 2 bays with internal SSD
2015.01.29 | Press Release
Crossroads: Gen 2 of StrongBox T10 and T30 NAS
Enabling online, nearline and archive storage in one solution
2015.01.29 | Press Release
Netgear With Three new Chassis for Improved Network Performance
Include 1U 4- bay ReadyNAS 3130 diskless at $1,499.
2015.01.29 | Press Release
HDS Enhanced Content Platform Portfolio
Integrated and secure data, workforce and cloud mobility solution
2015.01.28 | Press Release
Avere Announcing Special FXT Series Edge Filer Offering
With focus on cloud storage using Amazon S3
2015.01.28 | Press Release
QnapP Launches TVS-x71 Series 10GbE Turbo vNAS
With 4K video playback and transcoding
2015.01.28 | Press Release
Thecus Debuts WonderBox App for Select NAS
To simplify sharing
2015.01.27 | Press Release
Grafenthal präsentiert erste eigene Storage-Lösung German
2U, 12 Hot Swap Bays für HDD/SSD, 2.699€ ohne HDDs und Betriebssystem
2015.01.27 | Press Release
Oracle Debuting FS1 Series Flash Storage System
With it, Virtual Compute Appliance provides converged infrastructure system.
2015.01.26 | Press Release
NexGen Storage Introduces N5 Hybrid Flash Array
Up to 15TB of flash, starting at $55,000
2015.01.26 | Press Release
Infinidat Assigned Patent
Virtualized storage system operating thereof
2015.01.26 | In Brief
Unitrends Recovery-Series Unveils Physical Backup and Recovery Appliances With Tiered Flash Storage
Up to 97TB raw storage for 4U 943S appliance
2015.01.23 | Press Release
Fujitsu Eternus TR800 Series Storage Systems for Virtualization Environments
For up to 3,500 VMs, from ¥15 millIon including support for first year
2015.01.23 | Press Release
Synology DiskStation DS115 NAS
1-bay, for home and small businesses
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Raidon/Stardom ST4-TB With Thunderbolt2, RAID-0 and JBOD Storage
Up to 32TB, 724MB/s read with RAID-0
2015.01.22 | Press Release
SetMeUp On-Set With Acquisition, Storage and Management Capabilities for Video
Launched by Cinedeck and axle Video, starting at $59,950 or $8,000/month
2015.01.22 | Press Release
IBM Storwize V7000 Storage Controller Released for Lenovo
2U, up to twenty-four 2.5-inch drives
2015.01.21 | Press Release
Winchester Systems Introduces FlashServer 2Ux4
With four independent Intel servers in 2U, starting at $5,000
2015.01.21 | Press Release
How Scientists Solved Challenge of Zero-Maintenance for RAIDs
Devising way to make disks 99.999% reliable over 4-year lifespan
2015.01.21 | In Brief
Asustor and Digiever Create Surveillance Storage Solution
Providing backup and storage solution for NVR users
2015.01.21 | Press Release
IBM Storwize V5000
2U controller supporting twelve 3.5-inch or twenty-four 2.5-inch drives
2015.01.20 | Press Release
CommVault in Hardware With Backup Appliance Based on NetApp E-Series
Available through Arrow and Avnet in USA at $82,189 for 18TB
2015.01.20 | Press Release
CMS Products Assigned Patent
Initiating reboot PC system pressing button on attached storage device
2015.01.20 | In Brief
Dell Lowers All-Flash Storage Price
Configuration starting at $25,000 for 2.8TB
2015.01.19 | Press Release
Fujitsu Assigned Patent
Storage control apparatus , storage system and method
2015.01.19 | In Brief
Sphere 3D RDX QuikStor USB3+ Backup Appliance
For future greater than 2TB media
2015.01.16 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Patent
Switch disk array
2015.01.16 | In Brief
Highly Reliable Systems: 2- and 4-Bay RAIDFrame +Plus BDR and NAS
Starting at $3,299
2015.01.15 | Press Release
Integrated Cloud Services With Windows Storage Server NAS by Thecus
Including Office 365 and Azure
2015.01.15 | Press Release
Emtec Presenting « Wherever You Are » Personal Cloud Storage System
Cloud Cube and Cloud Stick to come next summer
2015.01.15 | Press Release
Avere FXT Edge Filers Now FIPS 140-2 Compliant
For data security
2015.01.15 | Press Release
Linksys WRT Network Storage Bay
With two 3.5-inch bays, $130
2015.01.12 | Press Release
Fujitsu Assigned Patent
Disk array control apparatus
2015.01.12 | In Brief
Qnap Partners With AMD for 10GbE-Ready Quad-Core Processor TVS-863+ Turbo vNAS
Four models with 4, 6, and 8 bays
2015.01.08 | Press Release
Netgear ReadyNAS 200 for Home and Home office Networks
Diskless at $360 with 2 bays and $500 with 4 bays
2015.01.08 | Press Release
Kevin Mark Klughart Assigned Patent
Storage architecture extension
2015.01.07 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Patent
Establishing nested RAID volumes with expander
2015.01.06 | In Brief
LaCie Mobile Rugged RAID-0/1 With Two HDDs
$450 for 4TB
2015.01.05 | Press Release
Seagate Personal Hybrid Cloud Drives From 3TB to 8TB
One or two bays
2015.01.05 | Press Release
TVS-ECx80+ Edge Cloud Turbo vNAS From Qnap With Dual 10GbE and 256GB Flash Cache
Tower devices with 8 and 10 bays for hybrid storage
2015.01.01 | Press Release
Axxana Assigned Patent
Remote data mirroring system
2015.01.01 | In Brief
Maxta Hyper-Convergence for OpenStack With Enterprise Data Services
In partnership with Mirantis
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Accusys ExaSAN RAID With Seagate 6TB SAS HDDs
R/W up to 2,685MB/s and 1,840MB/s when processing 10bit 16GB 4K file
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Sonnet Fusion R400 Rackmount RAID With USB 3.0 Interface
1U, 4 bays, $349 without HDD
2014.12.25 | Press Release