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Akitio Releases 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution
2014.04.16 | Press Release
Dell Fluid Cache for SAN
Flash on several servers shared and managed by Compellent storage array
2014.04.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Fujitsu Eternus JX60 HDD RAID 4U Subsystem
Extension for server, up to 960TB
2014.04.15 | Press Release
Palm 2-Bay Thunderbolt 1 RAID From Akitio
$629 with two 256GB SSDs, bus powered
2014.04.15 | Press Release
Unknown Company Liqid Assigned Patent
Storage among plurality of solid state memory subsystems
2014.04.15 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned Patent
Expanding virtual storage device
2014.04.14 | In Brief
Promise Debuts VTrak x30 and Vess R2000
For backup and virtualized environments
2014.04.11 | Press Release
Thecus Rolls Out 10GbE N7710 and N8810U NAS
For faster connectivity
2014.04.11 | Press Release
LenovoEMC RAID NVRs With Milestone Arcus Video Management System
$2,299 starting price for 4-disk solution
2014.04.11 | Press Release
Three Promise Thunderbolt 2 and Storage Devices
For 4K video production
2014.04.10 | Press Release
Infortrend DS 3024B
2U 24-bay RAID for 2.5-inch drives
2014.04.10 | Press Release
Small Tree Markets TitaniumZ Shared Storage for Adobe Anywhere Program
Storage capacity from 10TB to 1PB
2014.04.10 | Press Release
Huawei in Enterprise Storage Solutions for Media and Entertainment
Media-dedicated cloud IT infrastructure, solution for post-production and TV stations, media storage as a service with Zadara
2014.04.09 | Press Release
Imation Nexsan E-Series V Solutions for Media and Entertainment
Up to 72TB in 2U, 240TB per 4U and 2.88PB per rack
2014.04.09 | Press Release
OWC Expands Thunderbolt 1 Storage Family
Mercury Elite Pro Dual with hardware RAID options up to 8TB ($760) in two bays
2014.04.09 | Press Release
SpycerBox Cell SAN Delivers Data Rates for Formats Up to 8K
By Rohde & Schwarz (1U, 30 HDDs or SSDs)
2014.04.09 | Press Release
G-Technology: Studio Line of External RAIDs With Thunderbolt 2 …
$3,600 for 24TB with 6TB HDDs
2014.04.09 | Press Release
… And USB 3.0 External G-Drive ev SSD, 512GB ($500)
And 500GB ev HDD ($100)
2014.04.09 | Press Release
EditShare Shared Storage Solutions Leverages 40GbE for 4K Media Workflows …
Support for uncompressed 4K DPX and high uncompressed HD stream
2014.04.09 | Press Release
… And Company Opens Up Asset Management and Archiving Solutions
To add support for Avid ISIS 5500/5000 and 7500/7000
2014.04.09 | Press Release
Buffalo Adopts 6TB HGST Helium HDDs For Enterprise NAS
2U, 72TB, $20,000
2014.04.09 | Press Release
Compatibility Between Archion EditStor 3 and Avid Interplay
In option
2014.04.09 | Press Release
SNIA Adds Dell Storage
To Storage Networking Certification Program Expert level credential
2014.04.09 | Press Release
LaCie Pushes Thunderbolt 2 Solutions
No price announced, release date around summer.
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Avid With New Nearline Storage Solution
Isis 2500 with 160TB starting at $139,000
2014.04.08 | Press Release
JMR BlueStor 3U NAS Powered by euroNAS OS Up to 64TB
Basic 16TB system starts at $17,000.
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Accusys ExaSAN PCIe 3.0 Storage Solutions
Rackmount RAID, Thunderbolt DAS/SAN converter and PCIe SAN for multiple OSs
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Dot Hill Storage Solutions for Video Post-Production
With Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Autodesk Flame, Colorfront Express Dailies, SGO Mistika
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Imation Showcases Nexsan E-Series Storage Solutions
2014.04.08 | Press Release
HDS Addresses Big Data Challenges in Media Workflows
With 10 partners at NAB
2014.04.08 | Press Release
… Reveals Portable Shared Storage Solution Field 2 Supports SSDs …
Runs on new Storage v7 platform.
2014.04.08 | Press Release
… And Storage v7
Features QoS reservations, Active Directory Single Sign-On and support for 40GbE.
2014.04.08 | Press Release
All-Flash Edition of Fujitsu Eternus DX200
9.6TB on 24 400GB eMLC SSDs, $0.77/SPC-1 IO/s
2014.04.07 | Press Release
Fusion-io Claims 2X Compression to ioMemory Flash Without Affecting Performance
Collaborating with MariaDB and Percona
2014.04.07 | Press Release
New Line of Pogo Servers and Storage Appliances
Powered by SanDisk and NexentaStor 4.0
2014.04.07 | Press Release
Unifosa: 12Gb SAS JBOD
2U 24-bays with 2.5" HDD or SSDs
2014.04.04 | Press Release
Chenbro Debuts 4U JBOD Chassis for Sixty 3.5-Inch HDDs
Redundant power supply
2014.04.04 | Press Release
GB Labs Releasing Updates of Space Central Storage …
80TB and 96TB units with bandwidth control features
2014.04.03 | Press Release
… 16- and 32-Bay Systems With Up to 192PB in 4U Chassis …
1PB of tier-2 storage under $300,000
2014.04.03 | Press Release
… And Midi Space 3RU With Up to 64TB
Expandable to 768TB with Space EX units
2014.04.03 | Press Release
12Gb SAS Expander From Sans Digital
Up to 32 bays, 3,000MB/s with optional 12Gb RAID controller bundled
2014.04.02 | Press Release
Quantum StorNext Pro for Workflows of Broadcast and Post Facilities
Supporting 4K resolution
2014.04.01 | Press Release
HP With New Entry Storage for Channel Selling to SMBs
MSA 1040 under $10,000, apparently originated from Dot Hill
2014.03.31 | Press Release
IBM BladeCenter HX5 Blade Servers With SSD and Ethernet Options
Can be installed within zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension.
2014.03.31 | Press Release
Sonnet to Feature Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Expansion Solutions
At Las Vegas SuperMee
2014.03.28 | Press Release
Windows 2012 R2 Certification for RAID Inc.
And 24- or 60-bay Ability Storage Servers
2014.03.28 | Press Release
Netgear Assigned Patent
Dynamically adjusting memory capacity in accordance with storage
2014.03.28 | In Brief
Western Digital Unveils Faster Mobile RAID Solution
Self-powered RAID at 2TB and 4TB for creative pro
2014.03.27 | News
STORServer Launches Entry-Level CommVault Backup Appliance and Small Expansion System
At 10TB
2014.03.27 | Press Release
Blackmagic Design MultiDock With Thunderbolt 2
$595 with 4 slots
2014.03.27 | Press Release