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Support for OpenStack Foundation Extended by Pure Storage
With completed OpenStack reference architecture and Mirantis Unlocked certification
2016.05.06 | Press Release
From Rubrik, r528 Security Enhanced Converged Data Management Appliance
End-to-end encryption for enterprises with secure way to manage and protect business-critical data.
2016.05.06 | Press Release
First Large Scale Ceph Storage Microserver Cluster
4-watt converged microserver developed by WDLabs
2016.05.06 | Press Release
HDS Adds Native NAS and Cloud Tiering to Virtual Storage Platform
Unified VSP G series systems and software enhancements take virtualization and cloud integration.
2016.05.05 | Press Release
Nexsan Unity, Unified Storage Solution With Secure Enterprise Sync and Share
Starts at $45,000, scales from 13TB to 5PB.
2016.05.05 | Press Release
IBM Expands All Flash Storage Solutions With Three Products
At 60, 150 and 300TB with data reduction
2016.05.03 | Press Release
IBM System Storage DCS3700 and DCS3860 Supporting 8TB HDD
Nearline SAS unit at 7,200rpm
2016.05.02 | Press Release
Futurewei/Huawei Assigned Patent
NAS server test load generation
2016.05.02 | In Brief
Enhancements of EMC Digital Media Workflow With Partners
Including 4K, IP-based broadcast and multi-platform delivery solutions
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Avere Adding Entry-Level Model FXT 5200 Edge Filer
1U, 7.2TB SAS HDD per node, starting at $75,500
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Chenbro: 4U High-Density Storage Server Chassis
48 or 60 bays, 12Gb SAS, thermal and vibration control, and tool-less hot-swap access
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Studio Network Solutions Announced Three Products in EVO Shared Storage Line-Up
Workflow defined shared storage for post-production teams of all sizes, with support of 8TB HGST helium HDDs
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Platform Pro-Cache 50 Based on LTO Announced by ProMAX
For archiving solutions including full and incremental backups, recurring jobs, tar, and LTFS
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Asustor Reveals AS6208T and AS6210T Tower NAS
Using Seagate Surveillance HDDs, for up to 25 cameras
2016.04.29 | Press Release
LaCie/Seagate 12big Thunderbolt 3 Desktop RAID
12 bays, 48, 72 and 96TB
2016.04.28 | Press Release
By Fixstars, Ceph on Olive Said to Be Smallest Object Storage Solution
SSD server with up to 13TB in 2.5-inch form factor for highly scalable storage system
2016.04.28 | Press Release
Spectra Logic: BlackPearl Enhancements and Certification Program
Delivers public cloud storage capability, replication and faster content access.
2016.04.28 | Press Release
Thecus W2810PRO Windows NAS
2-bay, up to 16 TB, embedded 60GB SSD, with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials
2016.04.27 | Press Release
X-IO Reduces Cost-per-Terabyte on iglu Enterprise Storage Models by 25%
And launches Capacity Storage Element for long-term archival.
2016.04.27 | Press Release
Nexis Software-Defined Storage Platform Introduced by Avid
20TB to 1.4PB in single system for storing and managing media
2016.04.27 | Press Release
QTS 4.2.1 NAS OS by Qnap
Adding network and virtual switch, proxy server, Qsirch, Virtualization Station 2.1
2016.04.27 | Press Release
EMC and Los Alamos National Security Assigned Patent
Storing files in parallel computing system based on user or application specification
2016.04.27 | In Brief
12-Bay G-Rack 12 NAS From G-Technology for Content Creators
48TB to 120TB
2016.04.26 | Press Release
10TB HGST HDDs Within RAIDdeluxe RAIDs at Starline
24-bay disk array now up to 240TB
2016.04.26 | Press Release
Ericsson Assigned Patent
Data distribution/retrieval using multi-dimensional index
2016.04.26 | In Brief
Start-Up Symply Unveils First Products: SymplyStor and SymplyShare
Storage with fast throughput and low latency for 4K and HD video production
2016.04.25 | Press Release
SanDisk InfiniFlash IF150 All-Flash Platform Doubling Performance
$1/GB price point for raw flash, up to 512TB in 3U, enhanced 12Gb SAS interface
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Core 2.0 Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS Software and SSD/HDD Hybrid Appliances From Qumulo
Starts at $50,000 for entry 4-node QC24 cluster running Core 2.0.
2016.04.22 | Press Release
VSkyCube Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution by Promise
Initially available on x86 appliances
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Small Tree Unveiling TZ5+ Mobile Shared Storage System
Five drives, two GbE or 10GbE ports, for video editors
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Small Tree Adds ZenStor Line of Shared Storage Systems
12-, 16- or 24-bay rack, 1GbE, 10GbE and 40GbE connections
2016.04.22 | Press Release
A12T3-Share 12-Bay Thunderbolt 3 System by Accusys
120TB with 10TB HDDs , can be expanded to 480TB
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor GS: Cloud-Integrated Unified Storage
Configurations of SSD and hybrid storage, performance-optimized SAN, NAS and object storage together
2016.04.21 | Press Release
infinite io Adds Network-Based Metadata Accelerator
$50,000, up to 1,500,000 metadata requests per second with average latency of 20 microseconds
2016.04.21 | Press Release
NEC Launches HYDRAstor HS6-5000A Series Grid Storage System
For large archival requirements of data generating industries such as media and entertainment
2016.04.21 | Press Release
EndaceProbe 9000 Series Storage Network Recorders
Extend storage capacity for capturing and recording network traffic to enable detailed, back-in-time forensic analysis of data breaches and security incidents.
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Ripoll Neftali Assigned Patent
Designing hypervisor cluster that does not require shared storage
2016.04.21 | In Brief
HGST Active Archive System SA-1000
Scaling from 672TB to 28PB
2016.04.20 | Press Release
DDN: Availability of MEDIAScaler 2.0
"Highest-performance" media workflow storage platform
2016.04.20 | Press Release
Fujifilm Recording Media Showcases Dternity Media Cloud and StrongBox VM
StrongBox VM, storage gateway tp protect and archive storage for unstructured data
2016.04.20 | Press Release
EMC and Los Alamos National Security Assigned Patent
Burst buffer using flash technology
2016.04.20 | In Brief
Two NAS From Asustor With Four Ethernet Ports
$999 for 10-bay AS6210T and $899 for 8-bay AS6208T
2016.04.19 | Press Release
AC&NC Releases JetStor RDX16 Storage Server
16-bay, bundled with Raidix software
2016.04.18 | Press Release
Immortal Data Assigned Patent
Distributed data storage and recovery
2016.04.18 | In Brief
Oracle Exadata X6 Database Machine
Flash performance, massive storage capacity, real-time OLTP
2016.04.15 | Press Release
Ardis microDDP10GbE Dynamic Drive Pool: All Flash Array
1U, 8 SSDs, 1GbE/RJ45 and dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports
2016.04.15 | Press Release
HPE Expands HPC Server Portfolio
Apollo 4520 chassis starting at $8,500
2016.04.15 | Press Release
AIC Presents RSC-4ET 4U 24-Bay Storage Server
Tool-less design supports 12Gb SAS expander chip on backplane.
2016.04.15 | Press Release
Performance Enhancements for Archion EditStor Omni and Velo Collaborative Storage Solutions
Up to to 8,000MB/s for EditStor Omni and 5,000 MB/s for EditStor Velo
2016.04.15 | Press Release
Digiever NVR Supports 8TB HDDs
To fulfill long-term storage needs
2016.04.15 | Press Release