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Qnap TVS-1582TU Rackmount Thunderbolt 3 2U NAS
9 bays for 3.5/2.5-inch HDD/SSD, 6 bays for 2.5-inch SSD, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two 10GbE SFP+ and four 1GbE ports, and four USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports
2017.05.25 | Press Release
Liqid Assigned Patent
Modular switched fabric for storage systems
2017.05.25 | In Brief
BasePort Laboratories Developed Clusterable 100TB Concept System
Development will lead to mid 2017 demo and 2018 commercialization.
2017.05.24 | Press Release
Buffalo TeraStation 5210DF 2-Bay NAS Populated With SSD and Built in 10GbE
£759 (512GB), £1,479 (2TB)
2017.05.24 | Press Release
DDN Assigned Patent
Data migration between HPC architectures and data storage devices using storage controller with distributed XOR capability
2017.05.24 | In Brief
infinite io: Storage Intelligence Directly Into Network With New Controllers
Starts at $60,000.
2017.05.23 | Press Release
Computex: Asustor to Debut NAS Models Featuring Wake On WAN Technology
Launch for AS7004T-i5 and AS7010T-i5 tower models equipped with Core-i5 processors
2017.05.23 | Press Release
Qnap: TVS-882ST3 8-Bay 2.5-Inch Thunderbolt 3 NAS With 10GbE Dual Networking Ports
2xUSB 3.1 (USB-C and USB-A) and 2xUSB 3.0 ports
2017.05.22 | Press Release
Micron, Red Hat and Supermicro Deliver Four-Server-Node, All-Flash, Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution
Using Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD, deliver 1.15,000 IO/s and 21.8 GB/s throughput, can be scaled from 95TB to 1.1PB in single 42U-rack server
2017.05.19 | Press Release
NAB: Thunderbolt RAID SR4-TB2 and SR8-TB2 by Stardom/Raidon
With RAID chip
2017.05.19 | Press Release
Fujitsu Eternus DX S4 Hybrid Storage Systems
Three models: DX60 S4, DX100 S4 and DX200, scaling to 4PB
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Next Gen of Nexsan Unity Unified Storage Systems
Up to 40% faster, reducing costs "by one third", introducing all-flash configurations
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor GSe Pro 3000 Series Unified Storage Systems
Two models: 2U 12 bays and 3U 16bays, consolidates SAN, NAS, object and cloud storage, up to 5,700MB/s for read and 3,200MB/s for file write
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Asustor ADM 3.0 Beta NAS OS Upgrade
Provides grouping function for desktop icons and widgets, EasyConnect Internet passthrough technology that handles complex router configurations.
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Asustor AS6004U, Storage Expansion Unit for NAS
4 bays, with USB 3.0
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Qnap Security Advisory and Malware Remover Update Notice
Attack that possibly exploits known vulnerabilities in earlier QTS versions
2017.05.18 | Press Release
IDrive Online Backup Announcing Backup App for Asustor NAS
Providing version-based offsite DR option
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Pure Storage With « NVMe Now » Promotion
To trade-in Dell EMC VMAX or XtremIO
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Microsemi Storage Solutions Assigned Patent
Memory allocation for RAID
2017.05.18 | In Brief
Thecus N4820U 1U Rackmount NAS
4 bays, with backup and protection capabilities
2017.05.17 | Press Release
New Version of HDS Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
To create protected digital workplace
2017.05.17 | Press Release
Capacity of IBM TS7700 Increased to 2.45PB
With 8TB HDDs
2017.05.17 | Press Release
Violin Assigned Patent
LUN management with distributed RAID controllers
2017.05.17 | Press Release
Ramaxel Technology Assigned Patent
Solid-state storage system
2017.05.17 | In Brief
NAB: JetStor 826iXD All-Flash Storage From AC&NC
2U, 26-bay RAID 300,000 IO/s, and scales to 4.4PB of raw storage with additional JBODs
2017.05.16 | Press Release
Violin Memory Assigned Patent
Memory system with multiple striping of RAID groups
2017.05.16 | In Brief
Dell EMC World: New Faster All-Flash Storage Systems by Dell EMC
VMAX 950F, XtremIO X2, Unity, new generation of Isilon
2017.05.15 | Press Release
Dell EMC World: Integrated Data Protection Appliance and Expanding Cloud Data Protection Portfolio of Dell EMC
Four models from 34TB to 1PB, protecting, backuping and recovering data anytime, anywhere
2017.05.15 | Press Release
Dell EMC World: New Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Advancements and Cloud-Like Consumption Model
Updates to HCI portfolio including VxRail appliances, VxRack systems and XC series, and flexible consumption models making IT simpler to acquire, deploy and manage
2017.05.15 | Press Release
Introduction of PrimeFlex for Storage Spaces Direct by Fujitsu
Based on Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct to help organizations fast-track deployment of business centric IT, pre-configured, pre-tested systems, simplify and accelerate deployment of Microsoft hyperconverged data centers
2017.05.12 | Press Release
Phoenix International Reveals Phalanx II Rugged NAS for Unmanned Vehicles
Cigar box sized, up to 16TB on two SSDs
2017.05.12 | Press Release
PSSC Labs Unveils CloudOOP 12000 Storage Rackmount Server With Micron SSDs
Starts at $5,000, 1U rack, up to 96TB, with 2-bay 6Gb SATA SSDs for OS, and 12-bay 6Gb SATA or SAS SSDs for data
2017.05.12 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor GS All-Flash Storage Series
2U, 25-bay, 740,000 IO/s for random reads and 0.5ms response time
2017.05.10 | Press Release
NeoSapphire P310 All-NVMe Flash Array by AccelStor
1U rackmount, 8 hot-swappable NVMe SSDs, 3TB usable capacity, supports 6x10GbE or 4x16G FC connectivity
2017.05.10 | Press Release
Asustor: AS6302T and AS6404T Tower NAS
Two and four-bay, Celeron processor, 2xGbE port, USB 3.0 Type-A and Type-C port, HDMI ouput
2017.05.10 | Press Release
Infinidat Claims to Beat Pure Storage //m50 and EMC Unity 600F
In blog written by CTO Brian Carmody
2017.05.10 | Press Release
Super Micro Computer Assigned Two Patents
Data storage expanding apparatus, top-load HDD server
2017.05.10 | In Brief
Areca Shipping 1U ARC-9200 12Gb SAS-Based RAID Head System
8x12Gb SAS ports, 2/4 x32/16Gb FCs or 2x10Gb/s iSCSI channel host options
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Stardom: DR8-TB3 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Rackmount Storage System
With hardware RAID chip
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Rackspace Assigned Patent
Massively scalable object storage system
2017.05.09 | In Brief
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Assigned Patent
Scheduling high speed cache of asymmetric disk array
2017.05.09 | In Brief
First All-Flash Arrays SC180 and SE300 From Thecus
1U rackmount, SC180 with 360,000 IO/s with 10 hot-swappable SATA SSDs, SE300 with 700,000 IO/s for 4KB random writes with 8 NVMe SSDs
2017.05.08 | Press Release
One Stop Systems Launches New Company, SkyScale
Providing HPC-as-a-Service with all-flash systems
2017.05.08 | Press Release
X-IO: Axellio Edge Computing Platform Enables Real-Time Capability for Streaming Big Data Analytics
2U, up to 88 cores, 2TB of RAM and 1PB of flash storage
2017.05.08 | Press Release
Qnap Snapshot Shared Folder for NAS
To boost performance "by 90%" for snapshot and restoration of single folders
2017.05.08 | Press Release
Qnap QIoT Suite Private IoT Cloud Platform for NAS
Supports development boards and starter kits including Arduino Yun, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison, and pushing telemetry data to third-party dashboards such as Microsoft Power BI for further data analysis.
2017.05.08 | Press Release
Synology FlashStation FS2017 All-Flash Rackmount NAS
24-bay, 8-core Xeon D processor, 16GB of DDR4 ECC RDIMM, 4 gigabit ports, dual 10GBASE-T ports with option of additional 10/25G/40GbE NIC
2017.05.05 | Press Release
Qnap DJ2 Live App Enabling 4K Live Streaming Through NAS
Can broadcast in 4K and directly save recorded footage to NAS for future usage.
2017.05.05 | Press Release
NAB: More Efficient Storage Solutions From Rohde & Schwarz
With IBM Spectrum Scale
2017.05.05 | Press Release
Nfina 602 JBOD Certified as Storage Spaces Enclosure for Windows Server 2012 R2, x64
12Gb SAS connectivity, dual redundant power supplies and dual SAS ports, up to 12 HDDs and SSDs
2017.05.05 | Press Release