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Qnap Launching TVS-x82T Series Thunderbolt 2 NAS …
Three models featuring tiered storage, application-based partitioning and network traffic distribution
2016.08.26 | Press Release
… TS-831X NAS With Eight 6Gb SATA Ports to Accommodate SSDs and 10GbE …
Read speed at 1,499MB/s and write atf 665MB/s
2016.08.26 | Press Release
… And TS-EC1280U R2 NAS With 10GbE Got Feedback From Business Users
For virtualization, databases, multimedia online editing, large file transfer workflows
2016.08.26 | Press Release
Inspur Reveals SmartRack4.5 Integrated Infrastructure
For public cloud users, cloud service providers and telecom operators
2016.08.26 | Press Release
GB Labs From UK Launched Fast NAS
Starting from $9,999, combining benefits of HDD and SSD in a box
2016.08.26 | Press Release
Pivot3 Adding Policy-Driven Data Protection Capabilities to Dynamic QoS
Simplifies management of performance and data protection service levels on flash storage and hyperconverged infrastructure.
2016.08.26 | Press Release
AccelStor NeoSapphire 3400 Series Achieved VMware Ready Certification
Allowing to use 10GbE models with virtualized environment
2016.08.26 | Press Release
Inspur Releasing InCloud 3000 Hyperconverged Solutions
Integrates compute, storage, networking, preconfigured virtualization resources and cloud management platform.
2016.08.25 | Press Release
Tyan Exhibits NVMe-Based Server and Storage Platforms
For enterprise, cloud and data center
2016.08.25 | Press Release
Cube Portable Media Storage by Elements
Up to 32TB
2016.08.25 | Press Release
Echo36 Nearline Storage System From GB Labs
For large broadcasters
2016.08.25 | Press Release
StorONE Assigned Patent
Large scale storage system
2016.08.25 | In Brief
From Qnap, Double Server TDS-16489U NAS Integrating Application and Storage Server Into One Chassis
Dual Xeon E5 CPU, 16-bay x 3.5-inch SAS/SATA, 4-bay x 2.5-inch SAS/SATA, up to 1TB DDR4 RAM, 12Gb SAS and 10GbE/40GbE networks, 4xPCle slots
2016.08.24 | Press Release
Qnap to Provide VyprVPN Secure Personal VPN Service on NAS
Through partnership with Golden Frog
2016.08.24 | Press Release
SGI/HPE Assigned Patent
Clustered file systems for mix of trusted and untrusted nodes
2016.08.24 | In Brief
HPE With Entry Hybrid Flash Array Starting at $9,877
And entry storage array at $6,055 with software-defined storage and powered by 64-bit ARM technology
2016.08.23 | Press Release
JetStor Storage System Powered by Raidix V4.4
Scale-out NAS/shared storage solution adopted by AC&NC
2016.08.23 | Press Release
Lima Backup Plan avec sauvegarde automatique French
99€ le boîtier
2016.08.23 | Press Release
Hyperconverged Price/Performance Benchmark Using Intel Servers, NVMe Storage and Software-Defined Storage – Evaluator Group and IOmark
480 VMs at $545.27/IOmark-VM-HC
2016.08.22 | Press Release
RDX Appliance and Drives by Starline Computer
With Tandberg Data QuikStation 8 and RDX QuikStor drive, up to 1,000MB/s
2016.08.22 | Press Release
Xyratex/Seagate Assigned Patent
Layout rectification of erasure encoded storage systems
2016.08.22 | In Brief
Nimble Storage AF1000 Entry Point to All-Flash With Predictive Flash Array
Starts at $40,000 with three-year support.
2016.08.19 | Press Release
RackStation RS3617xs NAS From Synology
2U rackmount, 12 bays, quad-core 3.3 GHz CPU, dual PCIe slots, supporting up to two 10GbE NIC
2016.08.19 | Press Release
Nfina Updated 602 JBOD Storage Expansion Unit
Starts at $2,639, twelve 3.5-inch hot swap drive bays, 12Gb/s data transfer capability.
2016.08.19 | Press Release
Igneous Assigned Patent
Stateless processing of replicated state for distributed storage systems
2016.08.19 | In Brief
Panzura With Next Gen of Hybrid Cloud Storage Controllers
Expandable enterprise systems deliver 6X performance.
2016.08.18 | Press Release
Synology: RackStation RS816 NAS
1U rackmount, 4-bay, up to 64GB, supporting dual 1GbE LAN failover
2016.08.18 | Press Release
Starline Computer: Availability of HGST 4U60 JBOD With 600TB in 4U
4U, 60 x 3.5-inch LFF drive bays, up to 8 Ultrastar SSDs optional
2016.08.18 | Press Release
Asustor NAS Compatible With Seagate IronWolf
6TB and 10TB enterprise NAS HDDs
2016.08.18 | Press Release
Compal Electronics Assigned Patent
Control method of storage apparatus
2016.08.18 | In Brief
Hyper-Converged ClusterBlock Architecture Introduced by DataON
2.4 million IO/s on Intel's NVMe 3D NAND SSDs for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct
2016.08.16 | Press Release
Pure Storage Assigned Six Patents
Redundant, fault-tolerant, distributed remote procedure call cache in storage system, proactively providing corrective measures for arrays, scalable non-uniform storage sizes, performing copies in storage system, storage system architecture, distributed multi-level protection in RAID
2016.08.15 | In Brief
Panasas ActiveStor 20 Hybrid Scale-Out NAS Appliance Scalable Up to 45PB
Delivering 65% increase in flash capacity, up to 360GB/s and 2.6 million IO/s
2016.08.12 | Press Release
One Stop Systems: Flash Storage Network Appliance 2U FSAn-2 …
13TB usable 13TB, 600,000 IO/s for 4KB random writes, starts at $85,000
2016.08.12 | Press Release
… And 4U FSAn-4
200TB of useable PCIe NVMe flash, starts at $25,000
2016.08.12 | Press Release
Qnap TS-x51A Series NAS With USB 3.0 QuickAccess Port
Two and four bays, dual-core Celeron processor, dual-channel DDR3L-1600 RAM expandable to 16G, dual GbE ports
2016.08.12 | Press Release
NASdeluxe NDL-2580T iSCSI/NAS From Starline
5-drive bays, up to 40TB at RAID-5
2016.08.12 | Press Release
Nfina With Faster 814i22s SAN
2U, twenty-four 2.5-inch drive bays for HDDs or SSDs, starting at $39,154
2016.08.12 | Press Release
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
I/O accelerator for striped disk arrays using parity
2016.08.12 | In Brief
Nimbus Data All-Flash Array ExaFlash
50TB to 4.5PB, $0.19 per effective gigabyte
2016.08.10 | Press Release
Connected Data/Nexsan/Imation Assigned Patent
Socially organized storage and shared access to storage appliances
2016.08.10 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Patent
Distributed storage system and storage node for distributed storage
2016.08.10 | In Brief
Toshiba Entering Into All-Flash Subsystem With 2U Flashmatrix Platform
Architecture of NAND flash memory arranged in matrix
2016.08.09 | Press Release
E8 Storage Launched Centralized NVMe Solution for Enterprise Storage
E8-D24 rack scale array, "10X performance of other all-flash arrays"
2016.08.09 | Press Release
3U Flash Storage Array of One Stop Systems Tested by Start-Up Liqid
17GB/s 128K sequential read and 14GB/s write with Kingston EP1000 NVMe SSDs
2016.08.08 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments Extends Load DynamiX Appliances
Supporting 40GbE and 32Gb FC protocols
2016.08.05 | Press Release
Quantum to Showcase Animation and Visual Effects Workflow Reference Architecture
Built on Xcellis shared storage
2016.08.05 | Press Release
N4810 Four-Bay NAS by Thecus
Up to 40TB, $439
2016.08.05 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Patent
File storage system, and file access
2016.08.05 | In Brief
Avere Assigned Patent
Media aware distributed data layout
2016.08.05 | In Brief