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NetApp Extends Enterprise Data Protection Across Hybrid Cloud
Part of Data Fabric vision
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Supermicro Debuts 4U 90/60-Bay Storage Server
With hot-swap 3.5-inch 6Gb SATA/12Gb SAS bays or 6x optional NVMe bays, and 2x rear 2.5-inch hot-swap 6Gb SATA drive bays
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Pure Storage Introduces Predictive Platform and 3D TLC Memory
Flash cost at $1.50 per usable gigabyte
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Seagate ClusterStor A200 Tiered Archive Storage System for HPC
Reduces storage and operational costs "by 50%" compared to tier-one storage platforms.
2015.11.27 | Press Release
NetGear 1U ReadyNAS 3138 Storage for SMBs
$1,699 in USA for 4-bay NAS diskless edition
2015.11.27 | Press Release
NX Series All-Flash Storage Array Using NVMe over Fabrics by Mangstor
Speed up to 100Gb/s over standard Ethernet and IB networks
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Thecus N5810PRO NAS With Built-in Mini-UPS
$770 for 5-bay storage subsystem
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Reduxio Enables VMware Customers to Recover Data From Any Second in Storage System’s History
With RSM for vSphere
2015.11.27 | Press Release
NetApp Delivers Enhanced Enterprise-Grade All-Flash Storage FAS
At price of disk with de-dupe
2015.11.26 | Press Release
DDN IME14K Application and File System Accelerator Software With NVMe and All-Flash Appliance
Accelerates read and write I/O path from compute to persistent storage for HPC.
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Seagate Brings HPC Performance and Data Management With ClusterStor G200 Storage System
Supporting IBM Spectrum Scale file system (formerly GPFS)
2015.11.26 | Press Release
easyRAID ER-M2S600 System by Starline: Internal 2-Bay RAID
€320 without HDDs
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Violin Memory Announces Simple SetUp Configuration Tool
To rapidly configure and initialize flash storage Platform.
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Teradata Assigned Patent
Computer-readable medium for optimizing database queries which use spools during query execution
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Seagate ClusterStor L300 for Lustre Aimed at HPC Market
Increasing performance per rack unit "by 77%", network compatibilities with Intel and Mellanox
2015.11.25 | Press Release
A3Cube Launches Fortissimo Foundation, Storage and Analytics Platform
Transforms computing rack into bare metal converged system and low latency shared storage unit.
2015.11.25 | Press Release
Qnap iOS Qphoto Mobile App for NAS
Customizing user interface for iPad and supporting CloudLink for remote access
2015.11.25 | Press Release
SGI Assigned Patent
Address resource mapping in shared memory computer system
2015.11.25 | In Brief
Taejin InfoTech Assigned Patent
Architecture based on asymmetric RAID storage
2015.11.25 | In Brief
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Delivers Path to All-Flash Data Center
With 3par StoreServ storage solutions
2015.11.24 | Press Release
DigiEver: DS-16300-RM Pro+ and DS-16200-RM Pro+ Series NVR
3U 16-bay rackmount type Linux-embedded
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Avere to Bring Performance, Scalable NAS to Microsoft Azure
Customers can harness power of Azure compute infrastructure on-demand, anytime with on-Premises storage.
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Verizon Assigned Patent
Secure configuration of network attached devices
2015.11.24 | In Brief
LSI /Avago Assigned Patent
Dynamic storage tiering using allocate-on-write snapshots
2015.11.23 | In Brief
DDN SFA14K and SFA14KE: Hybrid Storage and Hyper-Converged Platforms
Performance with NVMe, SSD and intelligent disk tiering
2015.11.20 | Press Release
EonStor DS 4000 Gen2 Storage System Introduced by Infortrend
2U, 24-bay, with Xeon processor D-1500
2015.11.20 | Press Release
NexGen Storage Delivers Multi-Tier All-Flash Array With Predictable Performance
Utilizes multiple tiers of flash storage - RAM, PCIe flash, and SSDs.
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Raidon Launching ST2-TB RAID/JBOD System With Thunderbolt 2 Ports
Two disks, up to 724MB/s read
2015.11.20 | Press Release
NexGen Storage Assigned Patent
For QoS engine for flash systems
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Next Gen of EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Data Lake
Includes products, features and capabilities that allow enterprises to scale to edge locations as well as to public clouds.
2015.11.19 | Press Release
QCT Revealing 1U QuantaGrid SD1Q-1ULH Storage Server for Cloudian and Ceph
€ 6,199 to €10,599 ex. VAT
2015.11.19 | Press Release
Qnap: Quad-Core NAS TS-251+ and TS-451+
Two-bay and four-bay tower model supporting virtualization, encryption, transcoding and HDMI output.
2015.11.19 | Press Release
HP Expands Z Workstation Portfolio
Including Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro starting at $879 and at $1,376 for fully loaded card with four 256GB modules
2015.11.19 | Press Release
DataCore and Fujitsu Jointly Developed Storage Virtualization and Hyper-Converged Appliance
Available by end of year
2015.11.19 | Press Release
Violin Memory Assigned Patent
Optimization of RAID group storage
2015.11.19 | In Brief
HDS With New Flash Portfolio
All-flash and hybrid offerings with enhanced IT automation software
2015.11.18 | Press Release
Qnap: Quad-Core TS-531P NAS With 10GbE Support and Container Station
Five-bay tower model with RAID-5/6, hardware encryption and SSD cache support
2015.11.18 | Press Release
IBM XIV Storage System V11.6.1 Offers Software Support for Model 314
Delivering larger capacity and improved IO/s per compressed density
2015.11.18 | Press Release
Alcatel Lucent Assigned Patent
Mobile station with expanded storage space and method of retrieving files by mobile station
2015.11.18 | In Brief
Starline stellt neue Disk-Arrays der M-Serie von TopRAID vor German
Bieten die Unterstützung von 12Gb SAS-Laufwerken und Host-Anschlüsse mit 16Gb FC oder 10Gb iSCSI
2015.11.18 | Press Release
Synology: DiskStation DS716+ NAS
Two bays, dual Gigabit LAN ports, three USB 3.0 ports, one eSATA port, €390 without VAT
2015.11.17 | Press Release
NS388S Storage System From Netstor Technology
2U, 24 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs
2015.11.17 | Press Release
Qnap Delivers Android-based NAS With TAS-168 and TAS-268
Designed for home with one or two drives
2015.11.17 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Two Patents
Configuring storage device in hybrid storage environment, configuring storage system connection
2015.11.17 | In Brief
IBM XIV Storage System Model 314
Real-time compression with larger capacity and better performance
2015.11.16 | Press Release
Nicira/VMware Assigned Patent
Replicating network information base in distributed network control system with multiple controller instances
2015.11.16 | In Brief
RDX QuikStation 4 From Sphere 3D With Removable HDDs From 2TB to Now 3TB
Appliance with AccuGuard software starts at $2,000.
2015.11.13 | Press Release
Giada’s N50M-BO Server Motherboard Ready For HPC and Super Storage
With Xeon E5 V3 and DDR 4 memory support, equipped with 10x6Gb SATA slots and two on-board GbE LAN
2015.11.13 | Press Release
CloudByte ESA-1000 Combined With SanDisk InfiniFlash System
Delivering storage up to 1,000 applications and 2PB in single system for cloud providers and enterprises
2015.11.13 | Press Release
Fujitsu’s Primeflex vShape Extends Fast-Track Virtualization
Scales to 2,400 VMs, includes backup option based on Eternus CS200c S2 integrated backup appliance.
2015.11.13 | Press Release