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Microsoft Announcing Storage Optimized VMs, L Series
4 new VM sizes from 4 cores, 32GB of memory and 678GB on SSD
2017.03.28 | Press Release
Zstor NV24P, Just a Bunch of NVMe Flash System
Based on a PCIe architecture, up to 184TB
2017.03.28 | Press Release
Synology Cloud2 Service for Beta Testing
To optimize NAS backup experience with public cloud storage
2017.03.28 | Press Release
Syneto With Hyperconverged Hyper Series 3000 Platform With Fast DR
Up to 16TB for hybrid, 7.2TB for all-flash, starting at $19,000
2017.03.27 | Press Release
Datera to Integrate Intel Optane x86 in Nodes …
Node at 3TB, 1 million IO/s, 250μs latency
2017.03.27 | Press Release
… As Well as Supermicro Into Platforms
Up to 6 million write IO/s and 16.5TB in 2U
2017.03.27 | Press Release
4 Million RDX Removable HDDs Sold by Tandberg Data/Sphere3D in 10 Years
Representing 1.5EB of storage
2017.03.27 | Press Release
N-TEC präsentiert Icebox-XS High Performance SAN Storage Serie German
4.640€ mit single Controller und 2x10GbE
2017.03.27 | Press Release
CeBIT: Starline mit Geräte mit Thunderbolt German
Geräte lassen sich untereinander via 'Daisy Chaining.'
2017.03.23 | Press Release
Lenovo DX8200D Simplified Software-Defined Storage Adoption
Server platform combined with storage virtualization software and multi-core optimizing Parallel I/O - SANsymphony from DataCore
2017.03.23 | Press Release
Qsan XS3200 Series SAN
2U, 26-bay, new OS, 10GbE ports, and additional 16Gb FC and 10GbE iSCSI options, starting at $7,499
2017.03.23 | Press Release
CeBIT: Das Silent Brick System von FAST LTA erhält German
Mit dem neuen Silent Brick Flash den Datenturbo, von 3, 6 und 12TB (brutto)
2017.03.23 | Press Release
CeBIT: FAST LTA integriert WORM-Technologie in Silent Brick System German
Individuelles und flexibles Datenarchiv mit NAS, SecureNAS, revisionssicheres Archiv (WORM) und VTL in einem System
2017.03.22 | Press Release
NetGear ReadyNAS 4U 60-Bay at 1.32PB With Expansion Chassis
Rackmount unit at $10,000
2017.03.21 | Press Release
IBM Storwize V5030F and V7000F All-Flash High-Density Expansion Enclosure
5U, up to 92 3.5-inch 12Gb SAS flash drives
2017.03.21 | Press Release
Infinidat Storage Support Added to Galileo Performance Explorer IT Performance Management Suite
Cloud-based integrated suite for servers, storage, SAN and applications
2017.03.21 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor GS 3000T/4000T Turbo Models Storage Systems
Supporting up to 444 disks, with 56Gb IB, 40Gb iSCSI and 4x16G FC ports
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Qnap TS-453Bmini Vertical 4-bay NAS*
2xGb RJ45 LAN, 1xHDMI 4K UHD @30Hz, 4xUSB 3.0, 1xUSB 2.0 ports
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Cisco HyperFlex HCI Delivers Three Times Performance of First-Generation Industry Solutions
Gains 1,100 customers in first three quarters.
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Pure Storage: Continued Momentum of Joint flashStack Solutions and Customer Transformation With Cisco
Enhancing simplicity and reliability for customers
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Lightning: A Flexible NVMe Just a Bunch of Flash
Introduced by Facebook
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Nimble Storage Volume Plug-In Received Docker Certification
Framework for partners to integrate and certify technology to Docker Enterprise Edition commercial platform
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Wiwynn: Configured OCP Rack in Disaggregate Lab Helps Accelerate Adoption of Open Hardware
Including Leopard Broadwell SV7221G2-Vh 2U dual-socket servers, Knox ST7110G2) SAS 12G JBODs, Lightning ST7200 2U All-Flash NVMe JBOFs, and LN10040-28x40GbE+12x100GbE data center switches.
2017.03.16 | Press Release
Xyratex/Seagate Assigned Patent
Electronic data store
2017.03.14 | In Brief
Buffalo TeraStation 51210RH NAS
2U 12-bay, from $3,700 for TS51210RH1604 (16TB) to $12,000 for TS51210RH9612 (96TB)
2017.03.10 | Press Release
Qnap TS-1685 Desktop 16-bay NAS With Six M.2 SSD Slots
Supports twelve 2.5-inch/3.5-inch HDDs/SSDs and four 2.5-inch SSDs.
2017.03.10 | Press Release
New SPC-1 V3 Benchmark to Measure Storage Solutions
Supporting realistic compression and de-dupe, providing measurement from single spindles to large storage clusters
2017.03.10 | Press Release
NAB: Facilis Hub Server and Web Console Interface With TerraBlock V.7
Enhancement options for existing customers plus new scale-out and usability features
2017.03.10 | Press Release
Avere Adding Support for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

2017.03.10 | Press Release
Dot Hill/Seagate Assigned Two Patents
Storage device sled and assembly, efficient cache read ahead
2017.03.10 | In Brief
ioSafe: Fire and Waterproof Server 5 to Eliminate Data Loss
5TB to 40TB
2017.03.09 | Press Release
Symply Launching SymplyPRO Collaborative Storage Workspace
Up to 192TB, redundant FC and Ethernet sharing In 4U rack
2017.03.09 | Press Release
Compugroup Medical SE Assigned Patent
Computer system for storing and retrieval of encrypted data items
2017.03.09 | In Brief
Acer Assigned Patent
Network storage system and method for file caching
2017.03.08 | In Brief
IBM Cloud Object Storage System HDD
Delivers additional storage capacities.
2017.03.07 | Press Release
Infortrend Assigned Patent
Remote asynchronous replication of volumes
2017.03.07 | In Brief
Skyera/WD Assigned Patent
Mass storage device and method of operating same to store parity data
2017.03.06 | In Brief
Zstor GridServer Building Block for Software-Defined Storage Solutions
2U, available in 12, 16 or 24 hot swappable drive bays, and and 12Gb SAS storage hardware components
2017.03.03 | Press Release
DDN Assigned Patent
High bandwidth symmetrical storage controller
2017.03.03 | In Brief
One Stop Systems Introducing Rugged 4U All-Flash Array
Starts at $25,000, up to 200TB of usable PCIe NVMe flash.
2017.03.02 | Press Release
COTS NAS From Curtiss-Wright to Support 2-Layer Encryption
For secure data-at-rest
2017.03.02 | Press Release
Qnap Linux Station Integrated With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Following partnership with Canonical
2017.03.02 | Press Release
Parallel Machines Assigned Patent
Data resiliency in shared memory pool
2017.03.02 | In Brief
Argo Technologie Launching Ethernet Storage Fabric for Petascale Storage Solutions
Perseus NAS and Argus block storage shelf appliances for cost effective and scalable storage
2017.03.01 | Press Release
DataON Storage: MUST Infrastructure Visibility and Management Software
For S2D-3000 family of hyper-converged cluster appliances on Windows Server 2016
2017.03.01 | Press Release
Qnap QTS 4.3.3 Beta NAS OS Supporting File Backup From Optical Disc Drives
Files and data from discs can then be backed up to NAS for archiving, centralized management and sharing.
2017.03.01 | Press Release
Peaxy Assigned Patent
Software-defined network attachable storage
2017.03.01 | In Brief
Watch Out, Intel: Computation Defined Storage Has Arrived
By Jon Toigo on Symbolic IO Iris
2017.02.28 | Press Release
Synology: Official Release of DiskStation Manager 6.1 NAS OS
With extended coverage of Btrfs file system , Active Directory server, shared folder encryption, Seagate IronWolf Health Management, Universal Search, USB Copy 2.0, snapshot, hyper backup, HA cluster, and virtual DSM manager
2017.02.28 | Press Release
Firmware Updated for Buffalo TS3010 and TS5010 Series NAS
Including duplex firmware, NTFS permissions and rapid RAID mode change
2017.02.28 | Press Release