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Quantum De-Dupe DXi6900 Powered by StorNext 5
Scales from 17TB to 510TB via licensing key.
2014.07.28 | Press Release
Pivot3 Unveils Virtual Security Console
To deliver secure Security Operations Center capabilities
2014.07.28 | Press Release
STORServer’s Guide to Select Backup Appliance
Offering insight on hardware and software considerations
2014.07.28 | Press Release
Seagate Delivers Five NAS for Small Businesses
From $299 (2TB) up to $2,500 (30TB)
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Sonnet Will Unveil RackMac Pro Rackmount Solution
With Thunderbolt 2, for Apple Mac Pro
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Winchester Systems Brings Auto-Tiering Hybrid Flash
To COTS-rugged storage arrays up to 2PB
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Raidon GR2660-B3 Enclosure Accommodates Two 2.5-Inch HDDs or SSDs
RAID mode and USB 3.0
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Synology XS/XS+ Models With Five-Year Warranty
With replacement service, shipping of replacement parts, etc.
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Sans Digital Announces SSD Caching Option on EliteNAS
Keeps hottest data on solid-state drive.
2014.07.25 | Press Release
OWC: 4-Bay Dual Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution
Up to 20TB, data rate up to 1,342MB/s
2014.07.24 | Press Release
Four New for Windows Flash Array Configurations by Violin
And announces pay-as-you-grow capacity pricing option.
2014.07.24 | Press Release
Infortrend 12/16-Bay EonStor DS 1000R
Redundant controller and power supplies, up to 5,500MB/s read and 1,900MB/s write
2014.07.24 | Press Release
Netgear and StorageCraft Launching ReadyRECOVER Platform
To create full backups of servers, desktops and laptops every 15mn for SMBs
2014.07.23 | Press Release
DS415play NAS by Synology ($540)
4-bay multimedia-centered storage system up to 20TB
2014.07.23 | Press Release
CloudByte Revealing 2U Cloud Age Unified Storage ElastiStor Appliance
In partnership with Dell, SanDisk, and Supermicro
2014.07.23 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosure Model AC1
Two 8-core processors and 32GB memory, hardware compression acceleration, 8GB FC
2014.07.23 | Press Release
DataON Cluster-in-a-Box Reaches 420TB Capacity with HGST 6TB HDDs
At $69,000
2014.07.23 | Press Release
Qnap Supporting HGST 6TB Helium SAS HDD
For Turbo NAS and expansion enclosures
2014.07.23 | Press Release
Facebook Assigned Patent
Distributed system for fault-tolerant storage
2014.07.23 | In Brief
Qnap: QGenie 7-in-1 Mobile NAS
For file storage, power bank, internet sharing, etc.
2014.07.22 | Press Release
Dell Software Launching Two Backup Appliances
And latest release of AppAssure
2014.07.22 | Press Release
Oracle Exadata Database Machine Optimized
Up to 672TB on HDDs and 44TB of PCIe flash per rack
2014.07.22 | Press Release
DDN Assigned Patent
Monitoring and controlling power budget in drive enclosure housing storage devices
2014.07.22 | In Brief
Sans Digital: NAS/iSCSI Rackmount Systems
With 8 and 12 bays
2014.07.18 | Press Release
Overland Storage SnapServer Integrates BitTorrent Sync Abilities
Data encrypted during transfer
2014.07.18 | Press Release
Unified Storage Appliance Buying Guide
By Drew Robb, Enterprise Storage Forum, analyzing Data Domain, Dell, FalconStor and Quantum offerings
2014.07.17 | Press Release
VCE To Expand Vblock
With EMC Isilon And XtremIO
2014.07.17 | Press Release
IBM System Storage EXP2500 Express
6Gb SAS 2U enclosures for System x from $3,399
2014.07.17 | Press Release
Asustor Adds External CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive Compatibility
2014.07.17 | Press Release
Fujitsu Unveils Step Towards Integrated Systems
Combining Primergy and Primequest servers, Eternus and NetApp FAS storage
2014.07.16 | Press Release
Avere Ushers in Hybrid Cloud Storage Era
"Days of storage vendor lock-in are over," said company
2014.07.16 | Press Release
SolidFire Delivers 2X More Performance to Virtualized MongoDB Deployments
In Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark
2014.07.16 | Press Release
Advantech IStorage Appliances
For industrial cloud applications
2014.07.16 | Press Release
Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3004 Series Up to 48TB, With 16Gb FC and 10GbE iSCSI
3,300MB/s sequential reads, 2,400MB/s writes, 40,000 IO/s from disk
2014.07.15 | Press Release
Introducing Microsoft Azure StorSimple
Hybrid cloud storage solution to manage growth, archiving, and data protection
2014.07.15 | Press Release
iXsystems Unveiling Three TrueNAS Unified Storage Models
Combine management features with modular hardware and enhanced HA functionality.
2014.07.15 | Press Release
New EMC Isilon With 2X Performance at Half Cost
Delivers Hadoop analytics for Data Lakes With Pivotal.
2014.07.14 | Press Release
Gridstore Debuts 48TB 2U Node
Enabling cloud data center integrated with Microsoft System Center
2014.07.14 | Press Release
Archion Assigned Patent
Directed to non-block level storage
2014.07.14 | Press Release
Qnap Turbo NAS TS-ECx80 Pro Series With SAS Expansion
Tower with 8 or 10 drives
2014.07.10 | Press Release
StoneFly Unifies and Repurposes Legacy Storage Equipment
With HA IP SAN gateway appliance
2014.07.09 | Press Release
Qsan AegisSAN V100 for Video Surveillance
Supporting up to 200 HD IP cameras
2014.07.09 | Press Release
AccuNAS: Unified iSCSI and NAS Towers
8 and 12 bays
2014.07.08 | Press Release
Qnap HS-251 Fanless NAS for Living Room
2-bay media server, real-time video transcoding, HDMI output
2014.07.08 | Press Release
Arkivum Certified for Data Archiving Connection to N3 Network
Long-term data archiving service available to NHS
2014.07.08 | Press Release
Cepoint With 20Gb ThunderBolt NAS
Tailored for HD videos with up to 48TB
2014.07.07 | Press Release
WD My Book Duo RAID With Two HDDs for Home and Office
Scandalous pricing differences between USA and Europe
2014.07.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
StoneFly Expands HA IP SAN + NAS Cluster Line
With Voyager WX appliance for Windows, up to 4PB
2014.07.03 | Press Release
Revisionssichere Archivierung mit der StorEasy WORM Appliance (3.000€) German
Von Incom
2014.07.03 | Press Release
Four Qnap Turbo Rackmount NAS
From 2U 8 drives to 4U 24 drives, 10GbE, SSD caching options
2014.07.02 | Press Release