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Western Digital and Avere Enable Massively Scalable Storage For Private and Hybrid Clouds
HGST Active Archive System certified with Avere 5000 FXT filer
2016.02.11 | Press Release
Starline Provides SSD Cache Firmware for TopRAID M100/M300
Data can be moved quicker into cache.
2016.02.11 | Press Release
Hybrid Backup and DR Solution BDR 515 From ioSafe
Fire and waterproof
2016.02.11 | Press Release
Qnap QTS 4.2 OS for QTS-Android Dual-system NAS TAS-168/268
Rich multimedia entertainment and more cloud experiences with stronger security
2016.02.11 | Press Release
SGI Assigned Patent
Total quotas for storage system
2016.02.10 | In Brief
Buffalos Überwachungslösung mit WD Purple Festplatten German
Überwachungslösung für den Mittelstand
2016.02.10 | Press Release
NetApp Reacts to Article on ONTAP Migrations in Oracle Environments by Wikibon
"Analyst misstates information so blatantly ... "
2016.02.09 | Press Release
HDS Delivers Hyper-Converged, Scale-Out Platform for Big Data Powered by Pentaho
Two configurations: SAS HDDs and all flash
2016.02.08 | Press Release
DVX Server Powered Storage System and NetShelf From Datrium
$125,000, includes NetShelf D12X4 appliance and unlimited licenses for DVX Hyperdriver software on vSphere hosts
2016.02.05 | Press Release
Suitcase TV in UK to Launch MediaStor, Standalone Storage and Archiving Platform
Stand-alone product and iphrame Vision Remote, centralised production system
2016.02.05 | Press Release
AIC Assigned Patent
Drawing structure for use in storage device of server
2016.02.05 | In Brief
Synology DiskStation DS216+ NAS for Home and Small Office Users
Two bays, €330
2016.02.04 | Press Release
Qnap OceanKTV Beta
Turning NAS into Karaoke system
2016.02.04 | Press Release
Avalanche Technology Assigned Patent
Controller management of memory array of storage device using MRAM in mobile device
2016.02.04 | In Brief
Assessing Cost of NetApp ONTAP Migrations in Oracle Environments
By David Floyer, Wikibon CTO
2016.02.02 | Press Release
Ricoh Assigned Patent
Storing and retrieving data
2016.02.02 | In Brief
RAID Controller mit integriertem Image Backup/Restore German
Vollständige Systemübertragung einfach vom Controller BIOS
2016.02.01 | Press Release
Hitachi Entry-Level All-Flash Array Up to 384TB
To try to beat EMC, HPE, IBM, Pure Storage, etc.
2016.01.29 | Press Release
Qnap TAS-168/268 NAS Supports Netflix
Video streaming to TV
2016.01.29 | Press Release
DDN Assigned Patent
Storage architecture for HPC
2016.01.29 | In Brief
British Telecom Assigned Patent
Secure data recorder
2016.01.29 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Patent
Storage system architecture
2016.01.27 | In Brief
Starline: Zealbox Backup Appliance for Up to 72 Drives
Using Veeam Backup & Replication Software v9
2016.01.25 | Press Release
actiNAS SL 2U-8 RDX bis 64TB ab 3.065€ German

2016.01.25 | Press Release
DigiEver: 16-Bay NVR DS-16500-RM and DS-16400-RM Pro+ Series
3U 16-bay rack-mount type Linux-embedded standalone NVRs, 96TB maximum
2016.01.22 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Patent
Distributed storage
2016.01.22 | In Brief
DataGravity Assigned Patent
Live restore for data intelligent storage system
2016.01.22 | In Brief
Atlantis Launches HyperScale Appliances on Dell PowerEdge FX2 Servers
Hyperconverged appliances for ROBO and micro data centers, starting at $43,000 for two-node configuration
2016.01.21 | Press Release
2.5-Inch Disk Array Removable HDD System by Addonics ($76)
For six SATA HDDs or SSDs into 5.25 inch drive bay
2016.01.21 | Press Release
Qnap Qsirch 2.0 Full-Text Search Engine for NAS
Upgraded with file distribution, compatible with TS-531P NAS
2016.01.21 | Press Release
Nimble Storage Assigned Patent
Reducing churn in flash-based cache
2016.01.21 | In Brief
FXT 5000 Edge Filers From Avere Systems
FXT 5600 includes 9.6TB SSD per node, with clustering of up to 50 nodes per system, capacity up to 480TB SSD per cluster.
2016.01.20 | Press Release
Thecus N2810 NAS With Quad Core CPU for Multimedia
Two-bay server provides multitasking and 4K playback.
2016.01.20 | Press Release
Qnap: TAS-168/268 NAS Support QTS and Android Dual Systems
Media centre for entertainment and education, one and two-bay, dual OS share same storage database, 4K HDMI output
2016.01.20 | Press Release
IBM XIV Model 314 Available
With double RAM and CPU
2016.01.20 | Press Release
Quantum Q-Cloud Protect Available in AWS Marketplace
And also soon in AWS GovCloud and C2S environments
2016.01.20 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Patent
2016.01.20 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Permanent allocation of large host memory
2016.01.19 | In Brief
Upthere Assigned Patent
Chunk-level client side encryption in hierarchical CAS
2016.01.19 | In Brief
ExaGrid EX40000E Accelerates Scale-Out Disk-Based Backup With De-Dupe
3U, 96TB of raw and 78TB of usable data, ingests petabyte backup into single scale-out Grid system at 200TB/hour.
2016.01.18 | Press Release
DataCore’s Parallel I/O Software Runs Enterprise Storage and Application Workloads at $0.08 per SPC-1 IO/s
While driving fastest response times ever reported
2016.01.18 | Press Release
Teleste: Video Recording Platform for S-VMX System
Multi-petabyte recording, processing several thousands of cameras, secured and backuped
2016.01.18 | Press Release
Panasonic Assigned Patent
Archive system
2016.01.18 | In Brief
Synology DiskStation DS416j NAS
4-bay NAS, €312
2016.01.15 | Press Release
eRacks Introduces Flash-Based Large Volume SSD Storage Servers
For 10 hotswap 2.5-inch SSDs up to 2TB
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Igneous Systems Assigned Patent
Distributed storage data repair air via partial data rebuild within execution path
2016.01.15 | In Brief
Linux AberNAS 78-Bay, 12Gb SAS Storage Servers and NAS From Aberdeen
Up to 624TB in 4U
2016.01.14 | Press Release
Akitio: Thunder3 Duo Pro External RAID
Starting at $389 without disks
2016.01.14 | Press Release
X-IO Technologies Adds New Levels of Encryption to Storage Solutions
Data-at-rest encryption for iglu blaze enterprise storage and Intelligent Storage Element
2016.01.14 | Press Release
OWC: Mercury Elite Pro Dual RAID With USB 3.1 Gen 1 and FireWire Ports
From $240 (2TB) to $698 (12TB)
2016.01.14 | Press Release