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XenData Has Launched Multi-Tier Storage Systems for Video Surveillance
With disk, optical disc and LTO, starting at $16,580
2016.09.29 | Press Release
Solid State Disks Adds Ethernet Backup Capability to SCSI-Flash Drives
Using CompactFlash card
2016.09.29 | Press Release
Tintri Expands Integration With Hyper-V and Certifications for Microsoft Applications
Simplify deployment of tier-1 enterprise applications
2016.09.29 | Press Release
Archion EditStor Certified For Telestream Vantage
For providing 4K digital video workflows
2016.09.28 | Press Release
Avere Cloud-Core NAS
CX200 starts at $99,500, combines object storage with NAS to bring scalable, cloud-aware infrastructure to existing IT environments.
2016.09.27 | Press Release
Kaminario Clarity Cloud Platform to Deliver Application-Level Intelligence to All-flash Storage
Set of management and monitoring functionalities, including capability to leverage application-level intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics
2016.09.27 | Press Release
ITRI Assigned Patent
Storage method and system, and requesting node using the same
2016.09.27 | In Brief
Open-E zertifiziert zwei Server von Partner EUROstor German
Für JovianDSS und DSS V7 Software
2016.09.26 | Press Release
W4810 Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS by Thecus
4-bay tower, quad-core CPU, dual LAN ports, four USB 3.0, HDMI, SPDIF and display port
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Solid State Disks Launched SCSIFlash-Tape
CompactFlash-based solid state replacement for tape drives
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Options in Scalability With Virtual SAN
By VMware
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Rise of Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Fall of Network Video Recorder
In data and video protection
2016.09.23 | In Brief
Nimble Storage Enables Cloud Service Providers to Enhance Offerings
To offer app-centric services to customers
2016.09.23 | Press Release
EditShare: Flow v3.3.0.3 Media Asset Management Platform
Update automates QC, file transfer and cloud delivery workflows, expands cloud-based production capabilities with remote editor.
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Dell EMC Combined DSSD and PowerEdge Servers for SAS Analytics
Delivering bandwidth up to 22.8GB/s
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Nexsan E-Series P High-Density Storage Solution
Available in 4U/48 and 60 drives configurations
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Asustor AS6204RS and AS6204RD Rackmount NAS
1U, 4-bay for HDDs, Celeron 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 4xGbE ports, 4xUSB 3.0, 1xHDMI 1.4b, and 1xRS-232
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Vision for Future of Flash Storage Platform by Violin Memory
With Concerto in cloud and NVMe Over Fabric ready arrays
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Thecus Connect for NAS
Remote WiFi connection app compatible with company's Linux-based NAS
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Qnap OceanKTV v1.1 NAS-Based Karaoke Application
Adding YouTube video streaming, DJ console control, recommended playlists
2016.09.22 | Press Release
Delphix Assigned Patent
Customizable storage system for virtual databases
2016.09.22 | In Brief
Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Now App-Centric
Starting at 6.8 cents/GB/month, including QoS, secure multi-tenancy, Docker support and App-based storage pricing  
2016.09.21 | Press Release
Hitachi Video Management Converged Platform
Combines virtualized compute and storage delivered as integrated appliances.
2016.09.21 | Press Release
Benchmarks of Tintri VMstore T5060 All-Flash Array – Evaluator Group and IOmark
Supports 3,000 VDI instances at 60:1 reduction rates when supporting fully provisioned virtual desktops and 480 virtual server instances.
2016.09.21 | Press Release
Kaminario Assigned Patent
RAID random distribution scheme
2016.09.21 | In Brief
Airbus Operations Assigned Patent
Secure redundant storage device and secure read/write method
2016.09.21 | In Brief
DDN WOS8460 Object Storage Appliance
7PB per rack
2016.09.20 | Press Release
Atto 32Gb FC HBAs Powers Facilis TerraBlock Storage
It combines FC speed with hybrid storage.
2016.09.20 | Press Release
Violin Memory: All-Flash Storage Platform 7650 and 7450 Arrays
Two million IO/s at one millisecond latency
2016.09.19 | Press Release
Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node Offers All-Flash Software-Defined Path
Running on Dell PowerEdge x86 servers
2016.09.19 | Press Release
EFS XStream Shared Storage System Updated by EditShare
Mixing SSD, performance HDD and cost-optimized HDD nodes
2016.09.16 | Press Release
G-Technology and Atomos Collaborate for Storage Solutions to Streamline Content Creation Process
Atomos Master Caddy at $350 (1TB SSD) and $100 (1TB HDD), ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition at $100
2016.09.16 | Press Release
Western Digital Shipping G-Technology NAS for Content Creators
In Europe
2016.09.16 | Press Release
Asustor Supporting hubiC Cloud Storage
Cloud storage sync backup service for European users
2016.09.16 | Press Release
Facilis Demos Immersive VR360 Collaborative Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Oculus Rift
4K+ real-time editorial with VR media using shared file system
2016.09.16 | Press Release
Qnap TVS-x82 and TVS-x82T NAS Support Upgradable RAM to 64 GB
For performance in memory-intensive applications such as virtualization
2016.09.16 | Press Release
Elements Provides Quantum Xcellis Users Gateway to Work With Avid
Connection between Avid workstations and StorNext file system including archive storage tiers
2016.09.15 | Press Release
JetStor RDX78 RAID Storage Appliance From AC&NC
With RAIDIX software, up to 780TB of capacity in 4U
2016.09.14 | Press Release
Nasuni Refreshes Appliances With Higher Capacity, Adds All-Flash Filer
NF-60 with 2TB cache, NF-440 with up to 36TB cache, all solid-state NF-600 with up to 35TB cache
2016.09.14 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Expands BlackPearl Family With Two Products
BlackPearl P Series triples throughput to tiered deep storage while, BlackPearl V Series delivers solution in 2U.
2016.09.14 | Press Release
SGL: FlashNet Archive System Integrated With Sony Media Backbone NavigatorX MAM Solution
Provides both online and offline shelf management of content using Optical Disc Archive media.
2016.09.14 | Press Release
AMI OEM Server Systems With Aptio V Support for Diablo Memory1
UEFI firmware features with Memory1 system memory module.
2016.09.14 | Press Release
NetApp E2800 All-Flash Array and New Version of SANtricity Software
And hybrid approach to data lifecycle management for data lake
2016.09.13 | Press Release
Avid Nexis|E5 and HA Software-Defined Storage Platform
80-480TB of storage per engine, designed for storing and managing media
2016.09.13 | Press Release
Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 All-Flash System
4 million IO/s, 500µs steady delay
2016.09.12 | Press Release
Qnap Qfinder Pro 2.1.2 for Mac
Providing file transfer performance
2016.09.12 | Press Release
BiTMICRO Networks Assigned Patent
Multi-leveled cache management in hybrid storage system
2016.09.12 | In Brief
Availability of Huawei FusionServer With VMware Virtual SAN Ready Node
2U FusionServer RH2288H V3 and 4U FusionServer RH5885H V3
2016.09.09 | Press Release
RDX QuikStation8 From Tandberg Data/Sphere 3D With 10GbE
Starting at $3,999
2016.09.09 | Press Release
Thecus Enterprise NAS N12850RU and N12850L
2U, 12-bay rackmount
2016.09.09 | Press Release