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Pure Storage FlashStack CI: All-Flash Approach to Converged Infrastructure
Combine FlashArray 400 Series arrays, Cisco UCS blade servers and Nexus switches, and vSphere 5 and VMware Horizon 6.
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Violin Memory Adding Automated Performance Analysis Service
For Oracle and for free
2014.12.18 | Press Release
Synology NAS DiskStation 8-Bay DS2015xs and 12-Bay DS3615xs With 20GbE
€1.158 and €2.220 respectively
2014.12.18 | Press Release
Enhance Technology Introducing Line of iSCSI and FC Arrays
With 6-port 1GbE iSCSI and quad-port 16Gb FC, up to 96TB in single shelf
2014.12.18 | Press Release
Upgraded ADM 2.3 OS for Asustor NAS
With several new business and multimedia applications
2014.12.18 | Press Release
Taneja Group Field Report on Tintri
VMstore systems providing 6x performance, 50-60x reduction in operational expenditure with flash
2014.12.18 | Press Release
HGST Assigned Patent
Implementing large block random write hot spare SSD for SMR RAID
2014.12.18 | In Brief
Avalanche Assigned Patent
Storage system employing MRAM and physically addressed SSD
2014.12.18 | In Brief
Violin Windows Flash Array Delivers Scale-Out NAS File System Performance
2 million random read IO/s and 1.6 million random write IO/s on 2-node NAS cluster
2014.12.17 | Press Release
Amax Open CloudServer V2 for Converged Solutions
Holds up to 24 compute and storage blades with 10GbE or 40GbE network interconnectivity
2014.12.16 | Press Release
Infortrend : EonStor DS 2000 RAIDs for Database and VDI Ecosystems
Up to 780,000 IO/s, 5,500MB/s read, and 1,900MB/s write with SSD cache
2014.12.16 | Press Release
Tintri Supports Hyper-V
After vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation
2014.12.16 | Press Release
Sans Digital TowerRAID TR4X12G in 4 and 8 Bays
Wih 12Gb mini SAS interface
2014.12.15 | Press Release
euroNAS: Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering Functionality
For combined SSD and SATA/SAS HDDs in servers
2014.12.12 | Press Release
ProMAX: Platform Portable Workflow Servers
Base configuration at $5,995
2014.12.12 | Press Release
Sphere 3D With Lower-End Hyper-Converged Virtual Desktop Appliance
V50 to serve up 50 virtual desktops, for small offices and distributed workgroups
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Media Managed Storage Solutions by Axle Video and Qnap
Three configurations at $6,995 (12TB), $9,995 (36TB) and $17,995 (60TB)
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Kaminario K2 Data Security With Data-at-Rest Encryption
With 256-bit AES and cryptographic SSD erase feature
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Archion Collaborate Enhances Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow
Appliance priced at $4,995
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Hitachi Assigned Patent
Computer system and storage management method
2014.12.11 | In Brief
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 NAS for Oracle Database 12c
With analytics for pluggable databases and encryption
2014.12.10 | Press Release
Lenovo ThinkServer RD350 and RD450 Storage Racks for SMB
Starting at $1,249 for RD350 (1U,up to 15TB) and $1,499 for RD450 (2U, up to 43TB)
2014.12.10 | Press Release
Zadara Awarded AWS Storage Competency
For primary file storage and cloud NAS
2014.12.10 | Press Release
NetApp Teams With VMware for Another Enterprise Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
After FlexPod and named Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution
2014.12.09 | Press Release
Integrated Infrastructure Solution From Cisco and IBM
VersaStack pairing UCS and Storwize V7000
2014.12.09 | Press Release
Hewlett-Packard Assigned Two Patents
Cooling in high-density storage systems, SAS drive system with failure information table
2014.12.09 | In Brief
HP Refreshes Storage Line
3par File Persona and converged flash array, StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central and Backup
2014.12.08 | Press Release
4-Bay-NAS von ZyXEL German
Bis zu 24TB, von 229€
2014.12.08 | Press Release
HP Brings Advanced Virtualization Capabilities to MSA Storage
Entry-level Cl array for SMBs
2014.12.04 | Press Release
Asustor to Debut NAS Applications
With ADM 2.3 app-based NAS OS, cloud storage for enterprise and multimedia applications
2014.12.03 | Press Release
HP Assigned Patent
Update of firmware of storage array controller in SAN
2014.12.03 | In Brief
Winchester Systems FlashDisk RAID Arrays With Self Encrypted Disks
Starts at under $9,000.
2014.12.02 | Press Release
Qnap NAS With 2.5-Inch SSDs
4 and 8 bays
2014.12.01 | Press Release
Qnap Qnotes App Allows NAS Users to Take Notes On-The-Go
To take and share notes anywhere and anytime.
2014.12.01 | Press Release
Dot Hill: Ultra56 AssuredSAN Hybrid Storage Array
Starting at $70,000 for 336TB in 4U
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Idealstor WORM Disk and Appliance to Replace Optical Jukeboxes
48TB with 8 bays
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Patent
Storage subsystem backplane management system
2014.11.28 | In Brief
Dot Hill Collaborates With Intel and Mellanox
On scale-out, Lustre solution for HPC
2014.11.27 | Press Release
ThunderBay 4 Mini and ThunderBay 4 Mini RAID-5 by OWC
$2,499 for ThunderBay 4 mini RAID-5 with four 960GB SSDs
2014.11.27 | Press Release
DDN Collaborates With Intel
To build EXAScaler Lustre appliance, 45U, up to 4.8PB
2014.11.27 | Press Release
Maxta Hyper-Converged Solution Certified for Cisco UCS Server Platform
Supporting metro distances
2014.11.27 | Press Release
ESG Lab Testing of VDI Solution Based on EMC VSPEX and Brocade Networking
Validates performance, massive scalability, and deployment for 3,500 virtual desktops.
2014.11.27 | Press Release
SolidFire Element OS 7 or Nitrogen for SSD Array
For consolidating, automating and scaling multi-tenant cloud infrastructures
2014.11.26 | Press Release
FC Protocol for Nimble Storage Flash Platform
Now scaling to 1.6PB and 160TB of flash per cluster
2014.11.26 | Press Release
eDrawer4096J 4U 96-Bay SAS/SATA JBOD by Echostreams Innovative Solutions
With Storiant long-term storage attributes and WD HDDs for HPC archival solution
2014.11.26 | Press Release
Netgear ReadyNAS OS 6.2 With 5 Levels of Data Protection for NAS
Including backup, sync, automatic RAID, antivirus and cloud-based usability
2014.11.26 | Press Release
Open Source Commitment for Seagate
Contribution of Apache Hadoop on Lustre Connector
2014.11.25 | Press Release
Industry Validation of DDN Infinite Memory Engine
SSD/NVM-enabled workflow and application accelerator
2014.11.25 | Press Release
Dell Storage for HPC
With Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre
2014.11.24 | Press Release
Seagate ClusterStor Engineered Solution …
For Lustre and ClusterStor secure data appliances
2014.11.24 | Press Release