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VM-Aware All-Flash Storage Platform by Tintri
With common OS, real-time analytics and ability to optimize workloads across storage platforms
2015.08.28 | Press Release
ExaGrid Release V4.9 Software for Backup Storage Appliances
Adds global de-dupe, Oracle RMAN Channels support.
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Unitrends Recovery-944S and 946S Physical Backup and Recovery Appliances Breaks 100TB Barrier
Optimized for scalability, performance and recovery times
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Coho Data Leverages Containers to Redefine Enterprise Storage
Integration of Docker containers and microservice orchestration support to allow third-party applications
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Announces Verde Digital Preservation Enterprise NAS
At lower price with SMR HDDs
2015.08.27 | Press Release
Kaminario With K2 v5.5 All-Flash Primary Storage Array at $1/GB
Supports 3D TLC drives and native array-based replication.
2015.08.26 | Press Release
FlashPack, Entry-Level Archive System From SGL
Content archive and storage management solution compatible with MAM or PAM system
2015.08.25 | Press Release
Zstor Entering Into Windows Flash Array Open Storage System
2U, 24 bays, from 4,8TB to 38,4TB, starting at €27,500
2015.08.25 | Press Release
E8 Storage Assigned Patent
Distributed storage over shared multi-queued storage device
2015.08.25 | In Brief
StorTrends Assigned Three Patents
De-dupe, data migration between multiple tiers in storage system, multi-protocol data transfers
2015.08.24 | Press Release
Tokyo Institute of Technology Assigned Patent
Storage device, control method for same and system management program
2015.08.24 | In Brief
Qnap Enhances Cloud Backup Services With Cloud Drive Sync Beta App
Folloing suspension of Dropbox Linux Client
2015.08.21 | Press Release
Raidon: Internal 6Gb SATA iR2622 RAID-0 and -1
For two removable 2.5- or 3.5-inch HDDs
2015.08.20 | Press Release
From DataGravity, Discovery Series V2 to Bring Data Security to Point of Storage
For simplified sensitive data management
2015.08.20 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned 100th Patent
On BlackPearl deep storage gateway
2015.08.20 | Press Release
Connected Data Assigned Patent
For more efficient file sync and share process
2015.08.20 | Press Release
Rubrik V2.0 Introduces Unlimited Replication for DR and Hybrid Cloud Appliance
Data protection and rich data services, and hybrid cloud appliance protecting up to 300TB.
2015.08.19 | Press Release
Thecus Expands Business NAS Line Up With N8900PRO
2U rackmount unit with Intel Xeon CPU and 8 bays for up to 576TB
2015.08.19 | Press Release
Demartek Tested Dot Hill Hybrid-Storage Array AssuredSAN 4824
Conclusion: 5x performance boost over all-HDD configuration, without all-flash costs
2015.08.19 | Press Release
EUROstor Storage System Receives Open-E Certification
For JovianDSS software-defined storage
2015.08.19 | Press Release
Swish Data Assigned Patent
Virtual disk from network shares and file servers
2015.08.19 | In Brief
China Unionpay Assigned Patent
Centralized backup system
2015.08.19 | In Brief
NEC With HYDRAstor Universal De-Duped Transfer
Delivering up to 40TB/hour per hybrid node
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Connectbeam Assigned Patent
Central storage repository and managing tags stored therein and information associated therewith
2015.08.18 | In Brief
Memblaze Exhibited BlazeArray510 NVMe Support Flash Array Prototype
1U system can reach 26TB and supports 16G FC, 10GE and 56Gb IB.
2015.08.17 | Press Release
AccelStor Displayed FlexiRemap Software for All-Flash Array Performance
With over 680K sustained IO/s on standalone 2U rack-mount platform using iSCSI over 10GbE
2015.08.17 | Press Release
HP Hyperconverged Appliance Delivers Enterprise Resiliency and Cloud Onramp
Starting at $121,483 for sample solution price inclusive of 3-node CS250 with Foundation Carepack and vSphere Enterprise
2015.08.14 | Press Release
1GbE and 10GbE iSCSI SAN Arrays by D-Link
2U, 12 bays, from $6,063 to $6.996
2015.08.14 | Press Release
By JMR, BlueStor DataMover 2U Appliance
$15,995 for secure file transfer across networks or around the world
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Scalable NAS From Avere for Google Cloud Platform
$0.013/hour pricing per virtual CPU accessing scalable file system provided by Virtual FXT
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Digital Ordnance Storage Assigned Patent
Interconnecting storage elements
2015.08.14 | In Brief
48V DC Powered IP NAS From Cepoint Networks
For battery operated telco data centers operating on limited power grids
2015.08.13 | Press Release
Jasco Announces Expansion of Avid’s Shared Storage System
Offers real-time editorial collaboration with performance that accelerates media workflows.
2015.08.13 | Press Release
Asustor: Surveillance Center 2.3 for NAS
Permissions management with role-based access control, automation for larger variety of tasks, simplified on-screen controls
2015.08.13 | Press Release
Promise Assigned Patent
Disk storage system with rebuild sequence
2015.08.13 | In Brief
Synology Cloud Sync Adds Support for OpenStack Swift for NAS
And synchronizes files with variety of cloud storage services.
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Saife Assigned Patent
Secure network storage
2015.08.12 | In Brief
Permabit Assigned Patent
Managing de-dupe of stored data
2015.08.10 | In Brief
NXGN Data Assigned Two Patents
Performing efficient searches and queries in storage node, programmable data write management for operating same inSSD
2015.08.10 | In Brief
X-IO Rolling Out iglu Family of Feature-Rich Storage Arrays
Adapting between SAN and software-defined storage requirements
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Savage IO Launching SavageStor Open Storage Systems
Model 4800, 4U, 512GB SSD cache, up to 288TB native capacity
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Kroll Develops Additional Solutions to Recover Data From Enterprise Systems
EMC Isilon, CommVault Simpana, Infortrend EonStor, HP EVA
2015.08.07 | Press Release
MBX Brings NVMe SSDs and Xeon D Solutions to Server Appliance Design
Hardware platforms with SSD caching or tiering
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Connectbeam Assigned Patent
Central storage repository and managing tags stored therein and information associated therewith
2015.08.07 | In Brief
Themis Announces SWAP-Optimized 8-Drive RES-XR5-1U Rackmount Server
For converged infrastructure deployment
2015.08.06 | Press Release
DDN Financial Service Storage Solutions Set Records in STAC Performance Benchmarks
For EXAScaler storage system
2015.08.06 | Press Release
HighPoint’s RAID HBAs and RAID Storage Management Solutions Being Windows 10 Ready
RocketStor, RocketRAID and RocketU product series ready to support ne Microsoft OS
2015.08.06 | Press Release
FusionStorm InfiniStack Solutions’ Converged Architectures in Collaboration With Dell and Juniper Networks
Combine industry-standard hardware and software-defined networking and storage technologies.
2015.08.05 | Press Release
Dot Hill Enhances AssuredSAN Portfolio With 8TB HDDs
Ultra56 AssuredSAN RAID array to store up to 448TB in 4U
2015.08.05 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem V9000 With 2-Meter FC Cable Options
And administrative feature codes
2015.08.03 | Press Release