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Kazan Networks Closed $4.5 Million Series A Round
Led by Samsung Ventures, with Intel Capital and Western Digital Capital
2016.07.22 | Press Release
Mangstor Receives $5 Million in Financial Funding
Total now at $25 million
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.07.20 | News
Start-Up Profile: Axcient
In cloud-converged platform for IT resilience
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.07.18 | News
Start-Up Profile: Versity Software
Purpose-built archiving file system
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.06.30 | News
Israeli Start-Up Noobaa With Simple Scalable S3 Storage for Masses
Software-defined storage philosophy dedicated to unstructured data
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.06.28 | News
French Start-Up Cozy Cloud Raised €4 Million
In secure personal cloud to store, sync, and share data
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.06.22 | News
Additional $20 Million Series E1 Financing for Zerto
Total investment to date of $130 million
2016.06.21 | Press Release
New Iteration in Data Reduction From Start-Up Ascava
With ratio "1.5 to 2x better" than best de-dupe + compression
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.06.20 | News
Cloudistics Raises $15 Million in Series A
Offering software-defined application cloud platform, natively converging network, storage, compute, virtualization and management
2016.06.15 | Press Release
ADS1000 From Start-Up Apeiron Outperforms Internal NVMe SSDs at PetaByte Scale
Validation by ESG
2016.06.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Cisco Investments Investing Into Elastifile
For series B funding round
2016.06.15 | Press Release Unveils Virtualized Data Services Architecture
Making data services and big data tools consumable for mainstream enterprises
2016.06.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Over $32 Million in Funding for Israeli Stealthy Start-Up Weka.IO
Software-defined storage to scale storage to hundreds of petabytes, tens of millions of IO/s, sub milliseconds latency.
2016.06.09 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Symbolic IO Emerges From Stealth With Computational-Defined Storage Solution
Founded by former CTO of HP StorageWorks
2016.06.08 | Press Release | [with our comments]
ownCloud Folds in U.S.
Founder Frank Karlitschek starts new company, Nextcloud.
2016.06.08 | In Brief
Qumulo Raises $32.5 Million in Series C
Total now reaching $100 million
2016.06.06 | Press Release
Nutanix Raises $75 Million Debt
Continues to work on its long awaited IPO.
2016.06.06 | In Brief
CoreOS Adds $28 Million in Series B Funding, Total Now reaching $48 Million
Saying hyperscale, container-enabled infrastructure to lead next computing phase of enterprises
2016.06.03 | Press Release
BlueArchive, New Story or Storiant Revival?
Start-up founded in February 2016
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.05.30 | News
Stealthy Israeli Start-Up StorONE
CEO Gal Naor co-founded Storwize in 2004.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.05.24 | News
DriveScale Secures $15 Million in Series A Funding Round …
Founded by team in enterprise systems Cisco UCS and Sun UltraSparc
2016.05.23 | Press Release
… And Introduces Composable Infrastructure Platform …
That makes commodity servers and storage flexible and responsive in scale-out deployments
2016.05.23 | Press Release
… And Announces Manufacturing and Investment Partnership With Customer Ingrasys
Subsidiary of Foxconn
2016.05.23 | Press Release
MemoScale With New Iteration to Make Erasure Coding Universal
For data integrity, fast data recovery and efficient storage capacity utilization
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.05.20 | News
Stealthy Start-Up Excelero to Take Off in July
By Philippe Nicolas, advisor of several storage companies
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.05.16 | News
Pavilion Data Systems, Storage Start-Up in Stealth Mode
Probably in processor agnostic storage in PCIe-based shared storage environment
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.05.10 | News
Start-Up Profile: Sureline Systems
In software for cloud migration, datacenter consolidation, cloud DR and application mobility
2016.05.06 | Press Release
$253 Million Series C for Pivotal
Led by Ford Motor, Microsoft, GE, EMC and VMware
2016.05.06 | Press Release
Stealthy Start-Up Stellus Technologies in SSDs for Servers
100% subsidiary of Samsung
2016.05.05 | Press Release
Company Profile: Backblaze
With cheaper online backup service than Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.04.27 | News | [with our comments]
Levyx Raises $5.4 Million
Investors include individual executives from EMC
2016.04.27 | Press Release
Start-Up Profile: OpenIO
Another French one in open source object storage for massive data
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.04.25 | News
Diamanti ( Out of Stealth With $12.5 Million in Funding
Introduces appliance purpose-built to fast track Linux containers to production
2016.04.19 | Press Release
CloudEndure Adds $6 Million to Round B Investment
Now reaching $13 million with total at $18 million
2016.04.14 | Press Release
Just Out of Stealth Mode, Start-Up Datera, Formerly RisingTide
In AWS-like elastic block storage for enterprises and service providers
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.04.12 | News
In High-Speed Storage Solutions for Media Professionals, Start-Up Symply Out of Stealth Mode
CEO being Alex Grossman, former VP media and entertainment for Quantum
2016.04.11 | Press Release
Nutanix Once More Filing for IPO
Of shares of class A common stock
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.04.11 | News
Start-Up Profile: rENIAC
Founded by Xilinx employees in San Jose, CA
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.03.30 | News
After Coraid’s Disbandment, Founder and CTO Brantley Coile Launches Fourth Start-Up
SouthSuite, in software storage appliance to be installed on Supermicro hardware and Coraid storage arrays
2016.03.30 | Press Release
$2.5 Million Series A Funding for NVMdurance
Bringing total to $2.8 million
2016.03.25 | Press Release
Stratoscale Secures $27 Million Series C Funding
Total now reaching $70 million
2016.03.23 | Press Release
$55 Million in Financing for Pivot3
Total at more than $247 million since inception in 2002
2016.03.17 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Start-Up Profile: Ambedded Technology
In software-defined storage powered by ARM microservers cluster
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.03.15 | News
Nutanix Differs IPO
Until stock market volatility wanes, said CNBC sources
2016.03.02 | In Brief
Start-Up Profile: CloudEndure
In cloud migration and DR for any application, any machine, to and across clouds
2016.02.26 | Press Release
Vera Secures $17 Million Series B
Total at $31 million
2016.02.23 | Press Release
Start-Up Profile: N2W Software
Israeli company in data protection for production environments optimized for AWS
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.02.17 | News
OwnBackup Closes $3.5 Million Series A

2016.02.08 | Press Release
Start-Up FlashGrid Launched Just Last Year
In software for shared storage on NVMe PCIe SSDs for Oracle database customers
2016.02.03 | Press Release
Avalanche Technology Closes $23 Million Preferred Series Investment
Used to transition from R&D to commercialization and production of STT-MRAM in 2016
2016.02.03 | Press Release