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Start-Up’s Profile: Skylable
In distributed cluster software solution for storage
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.10.15 | News
Spin Transfer Technologies Raises $70 Million After $36 Million in 2012
To accelerate commercial development of orthogonal spin transfer magneto-resistive RAM
2014.10.14 | Press Release
SolidFire Secures $82 Million in Series D
Bringing total to $150 million
2014.10.08 | Press Release
Israel Storage Start-Up Reduxio Raises $15 Million After $12 Million Last Year
Series B round led by Seagate
2014.10.08 | Press Release
Green Cloud Adds Another $4 Million
To fund expansion of national channel program
2014.10.08 | Press Release
Start-Up Co-Founded by Well-Known Mark Lewis, former EMC CTO and GM of HP Storage
Formation Data Systems, in software for enterprise converged platform
2014.10.07 | Press Release
Do You Know Stealthy Storage Start-Up Cohesity?
CEO is founder and former CTO of Nutanix.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.09.25 | News
Another Israeli Storage Start-Up: Stratoscale
In hyper convergence virtualization compute and storage software
2014.09.17 | Press Release
New Storage Company in Stealth Mode: Verselus
Focused on HDD and SSD manufacturing processes
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.09.11 | News | [with our comments]
WD Invests $10 Million in Amplidata
For HGST to develop scale-out storage solutions for cloud data centers
2014.09.09 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Start-Up Infinidat Focused on High-End Enterprise Storage Market

2014.09.09 | Press Release
Nutanix Raises $140 million Series E Funding Round
At over $2 billion valuation
2014.08.28 | Press Release
Glassbeam With $2 Million in Additional Funding
With Kumar Malavalli becoming chief strategy officer
2014.08.28 | Press Release
PernixData Raises $35 Million in Series C, Total Reaching $62 Million
Seagate CEO Luczo among new investors
2014.08.22 | Press Release
Mangstor, Start-Up in Next-Gen PCIe Flash Controller
Founded by executives of ServerEngines/Emulex and CTO coming from Dell enterprise product group
2014.08.20 | Press Release
Storage Start-Up Evtron Got $800,000 in Funding
Raised previously $850,000
2014.08.18 | In Brief
Pure Storage Discloses $60 Million in Secondary Funding Deal
Has now raised total of $530 million.
2014.08.13 | In Brief
Nasuni Racks Up $10 Million
Total funds raised to $53 million
2014.08.13 | Press Release
New Start-Up Platform9 Got $4.5 Million in Series A Funding …
Founded in 2013 by early VMware engineers
2014.08.13 | Press Release
… And Launches 100% Cloud Managed Platform
Now for KVM and then for Docker and vSphere
2014.08.13 | Press Release
Druva Closes $25 Million in Series D Funding
Bringing total venture capital investment to $67 million
2014.08.08 | Press Release
Pivot3 Closes $12 Million Additional Funding
More than $125 million invested in old start-up
2014.08.08 | Press Release
$800,000 Funding Round for NVMdurance After $300,000 Last Year
Irish start-up in software for NAND flash endurance
2014.08.06 | Press Release
NxGn Data Out of Stealth Mode
In controller for SSD cold storage
2014.08.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
ASD Technologies Raises $1 Million
Developer of Cloudike, supplier of solutions based on AWS, and integrator of OpenStack
2014.07.15 | In Brief
Avere Raises $20 Million in Series-D Round Led by Western Digital
Bringing total invested to $72 million.
2014.07.11 | Press Release
Box Raises Another $150 Million With Total Surpassing Half Billion Dollar
And always waiting for IPO
2014.07.09 | Press Release
Cloudian Got $24 Million in New Funding Round
Total financing at $44 million
2014.07.09 | Press Release
Start-Up’s Profile: Maginatics
In enterprise cloud-based file sharing software
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.07.08 | News
Start-Up to Discover: A3Cube
In network interface cards using PCIe for better I/Os
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.07.07 | News
SSD: One Start-Up Closed Doors, New One Appears
Proton Digital Systems died, NxGn Data born
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.07.04 | News
Numvision lève 500,000€ French
Dans le stockage en nuage et la synchronisation de fichiers en environnement privé
2014.07.03 | Press Release
MapR Closes $110 Million Financing Led by Google Capital
VCs excited by Hadoop
2014.07.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Fibrenetix Secures Financial Backing for Unknown Amount
From Danish VC Capnova
2014.06.30 | Press Release
CloudPhysics Got $15 Million in Funding
Raised $27.5 million to date
2014.06.24 | Press Release
Nimboxx Raised $12 Million in Series A
In software-defined data center single platform that converges servers, storage, networking and security
2014.06.20 | Press Release
Zerto Raises $26 Million in Series D
Total financing at $60 million
2014.06.19 | Press Release
$226 million IPO for Arista Networks
And shares spiking
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.06.09 | News
French Start-Up Lima Raises $2.5 Million Series A Financing
To launch $149 appliance consolidating and unifying all files across all devices
2014.06.09 | Press Release
Infrascale Closes $16.3 Million Series B Funding …
Company in backup, DR, archive and collaboration with security
2014.06.06 | Press Release
… And Acquires Eversync
To offer complete data protection platform for enterprises and channel
2014.06.06 | Press Release
Arista Networks Announces Pricing of IPO
$43 per share
2014.06.06 | Press Release
Load DynamiX, Formerly SwiftTest, Closes $12 Million Financing Round
In storage infrastructure performance validation
2014.05.22 | Press Release
Start-Up eXtreme Data-Storage With New Name
2014.05.20 | In Brief
New Storage Start-Up: ThinAir Labs
Launched by Tony Gauda, former co-founder and CEO of Bitcasa
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.05.15 | News
Nexenta Looks at IPO
In 2015
2014.05.14 | In Brief
Igneous Systems Closes $23.6 Million in Series A
Start-up in stealth mode founded by veterans of Isilon and NetApp
2014.05.09 | Press Release
Maxta With $25 Million in Series B, Total at $35 Million
Intel new investor
2014.05.07 | Press Release
Start-Up’s Profile: Contour Semiconductor
In non-volatile memory challenging NAND flash market
2014.04.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Pure Storage Raises $225 Million, Waits for IPO
"Valued at over $3 billion by leading public market investors"
2014.04.24 | Press Release