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OS Nexus Assigned Patent
Intelligent storage utilizing one or more records
2015.10.07 | In Brief
StorReduce Supporting Amazon S3 Standard-IA Storage Class
Inline de-dupe software can run as instance on cloud, and/or as VM on-premises at up 600MB/s.
2015.10.06 | Press Release
Tenorshare’s Windows Password Recovery Tool Available for Windows 10
$18 for standard version with CD/DVD supported, $45 for ultimate version
2015.10.06 | Press Release
PoINT Storage Manager Supports Additional NetApp Storage Platforms
Clustered Data OnTAP 8.3 and StorageGRID Webscale 10.1
2015.10.05 | Press Release
Open-E Storage Software DSS V7 With NFS Active-Active Failover
Includes failover functionality for NFS and iSCSI protocols.
2015.10.02 | Press Release
HG IT Services Roling Out OptEmail Email Storage Reduction Software
Reduces email bandwidth and storage growth.
2015.10.02 | Press Release
Thomson Licensing Assigned Patent
Automatically verifying storage of redundant contents into communication equipments by data comparison
2015.10.02 | In Brief
Storix System Backup Administrator Supporting for Linux Distributions
Optimized for IBM POWER8 using little endian processors
2015.10.01 | Press Release
LinkedIn Assigned Patent
Multi-tenancy storage node
2015.09.29 | In Brief
Système de Stockage Eguan, Premier Logiciel Open Source d’Oodrive French
En mode bloc, conçu pour le cloud, développé dans le cadre du Consortium Nu@age, intégré à OpenStack
2015.09.29 | Press Release
From EnduraData, EDpCloud Enterprise File Sync and File Replication Software V4.2.2
Automatically syncing files between geographic regions, different clouds and heterogeneous platforms and OSs
2015.09.28 | Press Release
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 9.5 Software for Windows ($70)
PCs, laptops, HDD, USB, SD card, SSD and digital camera supported.
2015.09.28 | Press Release
Amplidata Assigned Patent
Object storage system for unreliable storage medium
2015.09.28 | In Brief
Grau Data präsentiert FileLock 2.3 German
Archivierungssoftware mit neuen Funktionen
2015.09.28 | Press Release
Raidix Interstellar Software Scales to 512PB and Achieves Productivity of 2TB/s
Software platform for building HPC storage clusters
2015.09.25 | Press Release
MapR Extends Support for SAS to Deliver Big Storage Independence
Providing advanced analytics with ease of data preparation and integration with legacy systems
2015.09.25 | Press Release
ITRI in Taiwan Assigned Patent
Memory management on VM system
2015.09.25 | In Brief
SolarWinds Extends Multi-Vendor Storage Management Array Support
With EMC, HDS, HP and IBM arrays
2015.09.24 | Press Release
O&O Defrag 19 Software With Integrated DiskCleaner and SSD Optimizer
$30 for single computer, $199 for servers
2015.09.24 | Press Release
Vaultize Integrates Enterprise File Sharing and Rights Management With Data Loss Prevention Solutions
Enterprise digital rights management in mobile file sharing strengthening BYOD adoption
2015.09.23 | Press Release
FileCloud 10 by CodeLathe: EFSS Unlimited, Free Client Accounts, SAML SSO and 2FA
Starts at $999 for 20 licenses.
2015.09.22 | Press Release
PernixData: New Architect Platform
To proactively design, deploy, operate, and optimize storage in virtualized data centers
2015.09.22 | Press Release
Sybase (SAP) Assigned Patent
Character data compression for reducing storage requirements in database system
2015.09.22 | In Brief
FVP V3.0 Available and New FVP Freedom Platform From PernixData
Software includes vSphere 6.0 support and proactive wellness capability.
2015.09.21 | Press Release
Nexenta Brings Enterprise and Cloud Grade Storage and Data Management to Container-Based Cloud-Native Application
Tighter collaboration with Linux Foundation, Open Container Initiative and Cloud Native Computing Foundation
2015.09.21 | Press Release
Open-E Adds HA Features to Software-Defined Storage JovianDSS
Updates include failover functionality for NFS and iSCSI protocols.
2015.09.18 | Press Release
From NetJapan, vStandby AIP Offering Instant DR for Windows Servers
Can immediately start standby VM from ActiveImage Protector backup.
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Panzura Transforms Oracle Cloud Storage Into Globally Distributed File System
Combination of cloud storage, flash-based controllers, and global file locking provide all tiers of storage and cross-site collaboration.
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Altaro Released VM Backup v6 Software
Free for 2 VMs, $395 for 5 VMs, and $585 for unlimited edition
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Horizon DataSys Rolling Out Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 Imaging Software
Able to capture instant restore software
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Carbonite Pro for Workstations
To remotely deploy and manage backup policies across all organization's workstations
2015.09.17 | Press Release
Spanning Cloud Apps (EMC) Unveils Backup for Salesforce
Data restore functionality, encryption key management and EU storage options
2015.09.17 | Press Release
Attix5 Enriches Backup With V8 Peregrine R4’s Storage Pools
Backuping millions of files and large databases
2015.09.17 | Press Release
ZIPmagic Launches Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression
Cutting Windows 10's footprint in half, with adjustable compression ratios, $1 bundle per OEM SSD
2015.09.17 | Press Release
Caringo Announces FileFly for Swarm
Brings Windows and NetApp file servers into cloud-age.
2015.09.16 | Press Release
EditShare Debuts Flow v3.2 Production Asset Management
Expanded format support and key automation capabilities simplifying 4K transcoding workflows
2015.09.16 | Press Release
Veeam Software Assigned Patent
Virtual machine backup from storage snapshot
2015.09.16 | In Brief
Caringo Assigned Patent
Two level addressing in storage clusters
2015.09.15 | In Brief
Dispersive Networks Assigned Patent
Dispersive SANs
2015.09.14 | In Brief
Primary Data’s Universal vSphere Storage APIs Provider Certified for vSphere Virtual Volumes
Virtualization enables to adopt VMware vCenter Server6 for VM-aware storage by utilizing current storage investments.
2015.09.11 | Press Release
PRO Archiver for Alfresco’s ECM From Crawford Technologies
Information instantly accessible to customers online and from mobile devices
2015.09.11 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Accelerate Available as a Service on SoftLayer Cloud
Without hardware acquisition
2015.09.11 | Press Release
Catalogic Software Assigned Patent
High performance enterprise data protection
2015.09.11 | In Brief
Igneous Systems Assigned Patent
Efficiency for erasure encoding
2015.09.11 | In Brief
Xangati Extends Storage Performance Analytics to VMware Virtual SAN
Also implemented integration into NetApp
2015.09.10 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1.3 (Formerly Tivoli Storage Manager)
With Spectrum Protect Snapshot V4.1.3
2015.09.10 | Press Release
Compuverde Assigned Three Patents on Software-Defined Storage
Updating data in distributed storage system, priority replication, writing data to storage system comprising plurality of nodes
2015.09.10 | Press Release
Integrated Data Service for vSphere With SanDisk FlashSoft Software
Caching solution brings host-based flash acceleration to vSphere6 ecosystem.
2015.09.09 | Press Release
Permabit Assigned Patent
History preservation in computer storage system
2015.09.07 | In Brief
SimpliVity Unleashes Third-Gen Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software
With more robust OmniStack 3.0 data virtualization platform
2015.09.04 | Press Release