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From Atlantis Computing, Converged Solution for End-to-End Citrix Environment
Delivering all-flash storage performance
2015.01.23 | Press Release
Cloudian HyperStore 5.1 Offers Scalable Storage for Internet of Things
Amazon S3-compliant, plug-and-play hybrid cloud software solution featuring Apache Hadoop integration
2015.01.23 | Press Release
Novosoft Handy Backup 7.6.2 Server Backup Solution
Can use NAT in non-domain network environments for backing up remote data in server backup solution.
2015.01.23 | Press Release
NetJapan Adding Standby Switchover Solution for Windows Physical and Virtual Infrastructure
Offers virtualized replicas of source physical and VMs for switchover recovery
2015.01.23 | Press Release
EaseUS Unveiled EverySync 2.0 Safe File Sync and Backup Solution
2015.01.23 | Press Release
CloudByte Community Edition of ElastiStor OS With 25TB Free License Enterprise Storage for Virtualization
To solve storage I/O contentions
2015.01.23 | Press Release
MailBakup Email Backup Solution for Business/Personal Webmail Account
Available for webmail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Google Apps
2015.01.23 | Press Release
CommVault Endpoint Data Protection to Secure and Backup Mobile Enterprise
Backing-up devices and providing secure access and self-service capabilities to mobile workforce
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Vembu BDR v2.1 Supports Hyper-V Server Backups
Continuous block tracking technology that completes backups and restores
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Family Software for IBM Storwize V7000 V7.4
Enabled for Lenovo ordering
2015.01.22 | Press Release
NovaStor Awarded U.S. Patent for Point in Time Data Recovery
Computer file storage, backup, restore and retrieval is disclosed, approach for restoration critical data
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Lepide met à jour le logiciel Exchange Recovery Manager French
Recouvrement des échanges et restauration des sauvegardes de messageries Exchange et des fichiers OST
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments Unveiling « First » 16Gb-Capable Wire Data FC Performance Probe for SAN
Enhancing analytic capabilities of VirtualWisdom4 Infrastructure Performance Management
2015.01.21 | Press Release
Cleversafe Assigned Two Patents
Writing data slices ready and non-ready distributed storage units, distributed storage network for modification of data object
2015.01.21 | In Brief
Citrix Unveils Software for Converged Infrastructure: WorkspacePods
Following acquisiion of Sanbolic and powered by HP with integrated compute, storage and networking
2015.01.20 | Press Release
Aptare StorageConsole 9 Also for NetApp Cluster Mode and E-Series
For data center chargeback, visibility, and compliance
2015.01.20 | Press Release
Google Assigned Two Patents
Replication scheduling in storage clusters, classifying queries
2015.01.16 | In Brief
Asigra Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution to Support Docker Containers
New customer pricing starts 15-20 cents /GB/month.
2015.01.15 | Press Release
OWC Transwarp Software Instant SSD Cache Solution
2015.01.15 | Press Release
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Implementing scalable storage service, storage mapping and management
2015.01.15 | In Brief
Blekko Assigned Patent
Dedicating disks to reading or writing in database
2015.01.15 | In Brief
WhitServe Assigned Patent
Portable password keeper with Internet storage and restore
2015.01.14 | In Brief
DVDFab Media Player V2.3.00 for Mac
Blu-ray and online video software
2015.01.12 | Press Release
Sphere 3D (Formerly Overland) Announced RDX+ Software
For 64-bit architectures, enabling support for HDDs greater than 2TB
2015.01.08 | Press Release
EMC Assigned Patent
DIF-CRC based fast hashing
2015.01.08 | In Brief
Stellar Outlook Manager V1.0: MS Outlook Management Toolkit at $349
For Outlook PST file to backup, compress, split, clean-up, repair and reset password
2015.01.02 | Press Release
CommVault Assigned Patent
Creating copies of data, such as archive copies
2015.01.02 | In Brief
Salesforce Files Connect: Universal File Sharing for Enterprise
Browsing, searching and sharing files located in repository from single user interface
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Cloud Backup Robot Launches New Version of Automated Backup Software
Professional version at $180
2014.12.26 | Press Release
EDpCloud 4.1.9 Increases Data Synchronization Speeds and Adds Redundant Network Paths
Cross platform file replication and synchronization between geographic sites, private, public and hybrid clouds
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Terascala TeraOS V5.4 for Availability
For HPC hardware monitoring and scalability with Lustre
2014.12.25 | Press Release
FarStone ReleasingTotal Backup Recovery V10.5 Software Redesigned to 64-Bit
$60 for home edition and $80 for business workstations
2014.12.25 | Press Release
Paragon Launches Disk Wiper 15 Professional and Backup & Recovery 15 Home
Secure protection on HDD/SSD, and backup and recovery tool (bundle at $40)
2014.12.25 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Patent
Storage management system for virtual machines
2014.12.25 | In Brief
Nasuni Assigned Patent
Instant data recovery and restore using snapshots
2014.12.25 | Press Release
PernixData FVP Software Being Citrix Ready
For XenDesktop and XenApp
2014.12.23 | Press Release
StorageCraft Plug-in for Virtual Environments
DR tool for use with VMware and Microsoft System Center
2014.12.23 | Press Release
Dell Software Assigned Patent
Multi-tier de-dupe
2014.12.23 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Patent
Storing new version of object on CAS system
2014.12.22 | In Brief
CommVault Assigned Patent
Creating copies of data such as archive copies
2014.12.22 | In Brief
N-able by SolarWinds Backup Manager Unified Data Protection for Virtual and Physical Environment
Powered by Arcserve UDP engine, for MSPs
2014.12.19 | Press Release
IntelliMagic Vision V8.0 Supports Cisco Switches
Added to existing Brocade
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Paragon Software Unveils Hyper-V Migration Bundle for SMBs
$999 if purchased before end of year
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Microsoft Assigned Patent
Archiving live media presentation
2014.12.19 | In Brief
Erweiterungen für die Storage-Verwaltung AixBOMS German
Von AixpertSoft
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Storiant Link Removes Barriers to Object Storage
NAS interface that uses NFS and CIFS
2014.12.18 | Press Release
Terascala Rolls Out Open-Source Parallel File System Lustre 2.5.3 to Production Intelligent Storage Bridge
Software stack including TeraOS HPC storage management software
2014.12.18 | Press Release
ZIPmagic File Compression Software 12.7
To skip cloud, store local and protect privacy
2014.12.18 | Press Release
IntelliMagic Vision 8.0 for Oracle StorageTek VSM
Automatically assesses health and risks within z/OS tape environment
2014.12.17 | Press Release
Data Dynamics StorageX 7.5 for Hybrid and Cloud Datacenters With Intelligence-Based Storage Management
Starting at $50,000
2014.12.17 | Press Release