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NovaStor NovaBACKUP 18 Backup & Recovery Software
Supporting Microsoft Server 2016
2016.06.30 | Press Release
Mellanox HPC-X Framework Extends Smart In-Network Computing
Software suite supporting maximizing application throughput in HPC environments
2016.06.30 | Press Release
Virtuozzo Storage for Docker
Delivering persistent storage capabilities for Docker production deployments
2016.06.30 | Press Release
Commvault Introducing Early Adopter Program for Software as a Service Offerings
For endpoint data protection and email archive
2016.06.30 | Press Release
Zerto Assigned Patent
Providing hypervisor level data services for server virtualization
2016.06.30 | In Brief
Flow Media Asset Management 3.3 by EditShare
Content delivery to Amazon S3, batch sidecar metadata file processing, support for multi-track audio in AirFlow, user permissions in Flow Templates
2016.06.29 | Press Release
Atlantis Computing Assigned Patent
De-dupe metadata access in de-dupe file system
2016.06.29 | In Brief
Red Hat Ceph Storage 2
Open software-defined storage platform with enhanced object storage capabilities
2016.06.28 | Press Release
WDC FlashSoft 4 Software for vSphere 6 and Flash Virtualization System for Non-Disruptive Acceleration of Virtual Environments
Starting at $3,600 to $5,900 for FlashSoft 4 and at $75,000 for Flash Virtualization System
2016.06.28 | Press Release
Joint Solution Between Accelerite and Nexenta
To deliver open software-defined storage for cloud
2016.06.28 | Press Release Supports Upcoming Apple File System
For Mac OS users who lose files from APFS volumes
2016.06.28 | Press Release
Veritas Technologies Assigned Nine Patents
Instantly restoring virtual machines by providing R/ access to virtual disk before virtual disk is completely restored, optimized restore of virtual machine and virtual disk data, I/O scheduling and load balancing across multiple nodes of clustered environment using single global queue, single instance indexing of backups, I/O scheduling and load balancing across multiple nodes of clustered environment utilizing data volume based scheduling priorities, efficiently backing up data, providing increased scalability in de-dupe storage systems, enabling virtual environments to mount non-native storage disks
2016.06.28 | In Brief
Research Foundation for State University of New York Assigned Patent
Multi-tier caching
2016.06.28 | In Brief
Dropbox Assigned Patent
Storage constrained synchronization of shared content items
2016.06.27 | In Brief
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Assigned Patent
Coded seeking apparatus and techniques for data retrieval
2016.06.27 | In Brief
DataCore Up-Scales Record-Breaking Hyper-Converged Performance With Multi-node Highly Available Server SAN
Average response time of 0.22ms, 1,201,961.83 SPC-1 IO/s, price-performance of $0.10 per SPC-1 IO/s
2016.06.24 | Press Release
Portworx PX-Enterprise: Purpose-Built Enterprise Storage for Containers
Delivers performance while reducing costs "by 70%" versus legacy storage solutions.
2016.06.24 | Press Release
Prosoft Engineering: Backup Pro for Mac
2016.06.24 | Press Release
Novosoft: Handy Backup Software With Plug-in for Direct Access to Dropbox
Which can serve as backup source or vault for keeping backups.
2016.06.24 | Press Release
Architect V1.1 and FVP V3.5 From PernixData
Platforms for infrastructure analytics and server-side storage acceleration
2016.06.23 | Press Release
StorExcel AXZiS Integrates Curator MAM and Quantum Xcellis Shared Storage
For sports production and corporate video applications
2016.06.23 | Press Release
Paragon HDD Manager for Mac OS X ($40)
Protect,s maintains and manages the system.
2016.06.23 | Press Release
From Osnexus, End-to-End Software Defined Storage Security for Enterprise and Cloud Deployments
Includes one-click encryption, storage grid security, self-encrypting drive support and advanced user access controls
2016.06.23 | Press Release
vStandby AIP 5.1 Instant Recovery Solution From NetJapan
With added support for Hyper-V and vSphere 6 hypervisors
2016.06.23 | Press Release
DataCore Achieves Record 5.1 Million SPC-1 IO/s
Beating Huawei OceanStor 18800 V3 and Hitachi VSP G1000
2016.06.22 | Press Release
NetApp Enhances Data Protection Software, Including OnCommand Insight
And introduced data protection solutions for Office 365.
2016.06.22 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1.6 Replicates Big Data Over Long distance More Quickly
Using Aspera technology
2016.06.22 | Press Release
KOM Networks Assigned Patent
Providing restricted access to storage medium
2016.06.22 | In Brief
Scality S3 Server Open Source Software Into Ring V6
For local development, testing and production of cloud-native applications
2016.06.21 | Press Release
Infinio Accelerator 3.0 Brings High Performance to VMware Environments
1,000,000 IO/s, 20GB/s throughput and 80μs response time
2016.06.20 | Press Release
ProfitBricks Assigned Patent
Storage of data in virtual storage device
2016.06.20 | In Brief
G Data setzt bei Backups auf DriveOnWeb German
Datensicherung ist ab sofort in deutscher Cloud möglich
2016.06.20 | Press Release
HPE OneView 3.0 Software
Simplified IT through software-defined intelligence and unified API to deliver composable infrastructure
2016.06.17 | Press Release
Riverbed Assigned Two Patents
Virtualized storage system optimizations, single-ended de-dupe using cloud storage protocol
2016.06.17 | In Brief
Datos IO Introduces RecoverX Scale-Out Data Protection Software
For cloud native and big data environments with CODR technology delivering scalable and reliable recovery for next-gen applications and scale-out databases
2016.06.16 | Press Release
Apple File System to Replace Old HFS+ in 2017
Optimized for SSD
2016.06.16 | Press Release
Data Dynamics Rolls Out Intelligent Software Suite to Manage, Migrate and Protect Large Data Assets Across Information Lifecycle  
Starting at $5,000 for StorageX 7.8 platform, $1,000 for StorageX data protection module, $50,000 for StorageX DFS protection suite
2016.06.16 | Press Release
Caringo Assigned Patent
Adaptive power conservation in storage clusters
2016.06.16 | In Brief
Volume Plug-in for Docker From Linbit Information Technologies
Connects Docker to storage volumes from DRBD SDS installation.
2016.06.15 | Press Release
Scality Ring V6.0 Object and File Storage Software
For S3 integration, compliance and performance at scale for mission-critical business workloads
2016.06.14 | Press Release
FormationOne Solution by Formation Data Systems Recaptures Unused VM Storage Capacity
Software-defined storage platform delivering economic savings
2016.06.14 | Press Release
Suse Enterprise Storage 3 Available
Supported solution based on Jewel release of Ceph open source project
2016.06.10 | Press Release
EMC libStorage: Storage Provisioning Framework for Container Platforms
Open source initiative solves emerging storage challenges in container environments.
2016.06.08 | Press Release
Bacula Announcing Client Initiated Backup With Enterprise 8.6
Using either GUI (BWeb Management Suite) or command line interface
2016.06.08 | Press Release
PernixData Announces « The Fastest SAN (and NAS) Alive » Performance Challenge
Up to 10x faster VM performance guaranteed or company will pay $500
2016.06.08 | Press Release
NetApp Ontap 9 Software Simplifies Transition to Hybrid Cloud
Incorporating flash, cloud and software-defined architectures to build data fabric foundation
2016.06.07 | Press Release
Torus: Modern Distributed Storage System by CoreOS
Open source distributed storage system to provide reliable, scalable storage to container clusters orchestrated by Kubernetes
2016.06.07 | Press Release
Vision Solutions Announces iTERA Availability 6.2 for IBM i HA/DR
Now able to export statistics to third-party monitoring consoles, added replication and audit efficiency, and easier license management
2016.06.03 | Press Release
Nutanix InstantON VDI to Accelerate Citrix Desktop Virtualization
Starting at $415 per virtual desktop Including support
2016.06.03 | Press Release
Datrium Announcing DVX Insane Mode
Dynamic storage system acceleration delivers up to 2x more performance instantly.
2016.06.03 | Press Release