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PoINT Storage Manager V6.0 Software
With retention management meeting archiving standards
2017.02.23 | Press Release
SANBlaze With New 25/50/100Gb iSCSI Adapters
NVMe conformance testing and automated testing
2017.02.22 | Press Release
Vembu: Complete Free Edition for Backup of Virtual and Physical Environments
Including VMBackup Free Edition for VMware, VMBackup Free Edition for Hyper-V, and ImageBackup Free Edition
2017.02.22 | Press Release
Veeam and Partners to Give Away $200 Million in Cloud Backup and DRaaS Services
With free cloud services program initially in North America
2017.02.20 | Press Release
Cirrus Data Solutions Assigned Patent
Processing instructions while repairing and providing access to copied volume of data
2017.02.20 | In Brief
Rubrik Updates Cloud Data Management Platform
Annual bookings run rate approaching $100 million, Mark Smith EVP global sales and business development
2017.02.17 | Press Release
Converged Data Platform for Docker by MapR
Providing containers persistent data access from anywhere
2017.02.17 | Press Release
Doctor SSD Utility Toolkit by LC Technology International
Optimizing performance of SSDs, $30
2017.02.17 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Accelerate V11.5.4
Software-defined block storage improved security from data center to cloud in unified user.
2017.02.16 | Press Release
FileFly Secondary Storage Platform From Caringo
Solves issues associated with Windows Servers bloated with infrequently accessed unstructured data.
2017.02.16 | Press Release
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Version
$60 for home edition, $99 for professional edition
2017.02.16 | Press Release
Central Data Storage: UnisonBDR for Managed Backup and DR
Helps clients avoid paying costly ransomware fees to criminal hackers holding their data and computer systems hostage.
2017.02.15 | Press Release
Trivalent Protect Data Protection for Windows OS
Delivers NIAP-certified data protection against ongoing high-impact breaches that result in data loss and alleviates non-compliance penalties.
2017.02.15 | Press Release
Druva: Advanced Anomaly Detection Capabilities for Enterprises to Gain Edge on Ransomware
Comprehensive approach to detect, respond and recover against attacks
2017.02.14 | Press Release
Amplidata/HGST/WDC Assigned Patent
Distributed object storage system comprising low power storage nodes
2017.02.13 | In Brief
New Arcserve Unified Data Protection Solution
With accelerated cloud and on-premise capabilities, support for AWS, Nimble Storage, HPE 3par and Office 365
2017.02.10 | Press Release
Barracuda Expands Storage Capacity and Performance for Backup Solutions
Available as physical appliance, as software in form of virtual appliance, and as cloud service, all centrally managed from same web-based user interface
2017.02.09 | Press Release
Condusiv: Performance for Windows PCs and Physical Servers and Extended Life of SSDs With SSDkeeper
Available in professional and server editions at $70
2017.02.09 | Press Release
Technion R&D Foundation Assigned Patent
Management and recovery of distributed storage of replicas
2017.02.09 | In Brief
Nakivo: Backup & Replication V7 Beta With Hyper-V Backup
Adds support for Hyper-V 2016 and 2012.
2017.02.08 | Press Release
Cloudera Enterprise 5.10 With Apache Kudu OSS Storage Engine for Analytics on Fast Moving Data
Simplifies path to real-time analytics, allowing users to act quickly on data as-it-happens to make business decisions.
2017.02.08 | Press Release
Cloud Native Object Storage Server Available From Minio
Open source object storage solution enables users to store unstructured data.
2017.02.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Red Hat Assigned Three Patents
Shared locking for storage centric exclusive locks, flexible holding storage during messaging, pro-active self-healing in distributed file system
2017.02.06 | In Brief
Commvault Simplifies Data Management in Cloud
With validated reference architectures on AWS cloud
2017.02.03 | Press Release
exFAT for Android From Paragon Software
To exchange data between external storage media larger than 32GB and mobile devices
2017.02.03 | Press Release
Nakivo Backup & Replication V7 Software Integrated With Microsoft Active Directory
Enable organizations to align with security policy and simplify user access.
2017.02.03 | Press Release
StorageQuest Powers Organizations to Achieve Compliance and Cost Goals for Storage
Archival solutions protect from non-compliance hazards with low TCO and initial start-up costs.
2017.02.03 | Press Release
Retrospect Added Support for Amazon S3 London and Ohio Regions
For cloud backup
2017.02.03 | Press Release
Infinera Assigned Patent
Efficient storage architecture for low-density parity-check decoding
2017.02.03 | In Brief
AetherStore Assigned Patent
Distributed storage
2017.02.02 | In Brief
Compuverde Assigned Three US Patents for Enhancements to Software-Defined Storage Infrastructure
Reliable replication, multiple storage nodes, and quicker retrieval
2017.02.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Archive360 Launched Archive2Anywhere Digital Safe Edition
Software to migrate email from legacy digital safe cloud archiving platform into Exchange, Office 365 and others
2017.01.31 | Press Release
Quantcast Assigned Patent
Redistributing data in distributed storage system based on attributes of data
2017.01.31 | In Brief
Service Pack 1 for ActiveImage Protector Backup and Restore Procedures From NetJapan
Support for Windows 2016, enhanced network client management console, incremental tracking driver, inline de-dupe
2017.01.27 | Press Release
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.4 With Dynamic Storage Provisioning
Kubernetes platform to simplify storage for containerized applications, streamline multi-tenant deployments in hybrid cloud computing
2017.01.27 | Press Release
MapR Assigned Additional Patent for Converged Data Platform
Innovation in architecture for big data
2017.01.27 | Press Release
SSD Health Check for MacOS X by B-Eng
$1 for SSD Health Check 1.0, compatible MacOS X 10.7 or later
2017.01.26 | Press Release
Altaro VM Backup V7
With inline de-dupe and support for Windows Server 2016
2017.01.26 | Press Release
Nakivo Supporting vSphere 6.5 in Upcoming Backup & Replication V7
And adds skip swap file in v7 to be released in 1Q17.
2017.01.26 | Press Release NTFS Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Data From Partition HDD
$69, for Windows OS XP/Vista/7/8/10
2017.01.26 | Press Release
Stratoscale Assigned Patent
Recovery synchronization in distributed storage system
2017.01.26 | In Brief
Elastifile Assigned Patent
Tiered storage in flash memory based on write activity
2017.01.25 | In Brief
DataCore Assigned Patent
Collaboration between discrete systems and shared system to consolidate shared storage-related services
2017.01.23 | In Brief
DataGravity Unveiled Virtualization Product Suite to Visualize, Secure and Protect Data
Provides option to combat ransomware, secure unstructured data in virtual environments.
2017.01.20 | Press Release
Enterprise Backup Solution V4.4.3 by SEP Software
Can backup VMware, Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization and Citrix virtualized environments.
2017.01.20 | Press Release
Virtuozzo Secures Containerized Apps and Workloads in Production
With encrypted containers
2017.01.20 | Press Release
Fast EDpCloud Backup and Sync Data From EnduraData
Software for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Mac
2017.01.20 | Press Release
OSNexus QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition
For enterprises to migrate and transport terabytes of file, block and object storage between data centers and on-premises sites using mobile hardware
2017.01.20 | Press Release
Acronis True Image 2017, Personal Backup Solution With Anti-Ransomware and Blockchain-Based Capabilities
Starts at $100/year for one computer and 1TB of cloud storage.
2017.01.19 | Press Release
Leonovus: Software-Defined Object Storage Solution
Solving security and compliance requirements for enterprise cloud storage
2017.01.18 | Press Release