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Primary Data DataSphere Storage-Agnostic Virtualization Platform
Unites DAS, SAN, NAS and cloud storage
2015.09.03 | Press Release
SoftNAS Object Filer, Software-Defined Files-as-a-Service NAS
File services for object storage combine NAS features and scalability for security, protection, performance.
2015.09.03 | Press Release
Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform Enhancements Ushering in Evolution of BC/DR Software
Provides file-level recovery from journal to increase IT service continuity.
2015.09.03 | Press Release
Opening Door for Wider Hadoop Storage Strategies
Only thing that has not changed is ability for users to expand beyond concrete storage options.
2015.09.03 | In Brief
Validated VMware Virtual SAN Customer Could Receive Promotion of NexentaConnect
To achieve file service
2015.09.03 | Press Release
File System Mathematically Guaranteed not to Lose Track of Data During HDD Crashes
By Massachusetts Institute of Technology's researchers
2015.09.02 | Press Release
Next Wave of Nexenta OpenSDS Innovation for VMware
Simplified management, advanced automation and real-time analytic capabilities
2015.09.02 | Press Release
Catalogic Software Advances Data Management Automation and Adds IBM With Delivery of ECX 2.2
Deliver in-place copy data management support for Big Blue's storage platforms including Storwize, SVC, v9000 and Flash Copy Manage
2015.09.01 | Press Release
New Acronis True Image Cloud and True Image 2016 Software
$50 to $130 and $100 to $200, respectively
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Enterprise File Sync and Share Applications Deliver Improved User Experience With SwiftStack Object Storage
For storing unstructured data privately in data centers behind corporate firewalls
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Kinetic Open Storage Project From Linux Foundation
Founding members: Cisco, Cleversafe, Dell, Digital Sense, Huawei, NetApp, Open vStorage, Red Hat, Scality, Seagate, SwiftStack, Toshiba, WD
2015.08.27 | Press Release
Unitrends Release 9.0 Beta Data Protection Software
Powering physical and virtual backup appliances as well as Unitrends cloud
2015.08.27 | Press Release
Python4Fun Assigned Patent
Identification files of collaborative file storage system having relevance to first file
2015.08.27 | In Brief
Vembu Offers Migration Solution for Windows Server 2003
No more supported by Microsoft
2015.08.26 | Press Release
EMC International Company Assigned Three Patents
Consistency across snapshot shipping and continuous replication, replicating volume using snapshots, dynamic granularity in replication
2015.08.26 | In Brief
Organizations Deploying Infinio Accelerator Are Reducing Latency
Server-side caching reduces storage latency up to 98.5%
2015.08.25 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem V9000 Software V7.5
New functions including HyperSwap capability and increased FlashCopy bitmap space
2015.08.25 | Press Release
StorPool Block-Based Software-Defined Storage Updated
With advanced data reduction features, improved storage write operations and enhanced reporting functions
2015.08.24 | Press Release
NTI Backup Now 6 Backup and Recovery Software for Windows 10
$80 for two users, $100 for five users
2015.08.21 | Press Release
Handy Backup Allows Automatic Backup
Of Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and other clouds
2015.08.21 | Press Release
FarStone Releasing VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulation Software V16.10 for Windows 10
$50 for home user, $70 for workstation
2015.08.21 | Press Release
DataCore Assigned Patent
Point-in-time volumes
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Continuum Offers Complimentary Use Of Continuity247 Backup and DR Platform
To partners through September 2015
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Compuverde Launches Free Download of vNAS Software-Defined Storage Solution
20TB and up to 4 nodes of storage in "Freemium" pricing model
2015.08.14 | Press Release
HDS: New Capabilities for Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
Offers mobile and browser access to data stored in NAS, including Hitachi, NetApp and Windows file servers.
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Nakivo Gives Away Licenses for VMware VM Backup
Backup & Replication Free edition gets boost with features from Pro edition.
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Windows 10 Support for NovaStor NovaBACKUP 17 Software
Data-protection software bringing full compatibility with Windows 10 OS at zero cost to current users.
2015.08.14 | Press Release
IntelliMagic Vision Supports Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Recorder
Monitoring health of HDS Virtual Storage Platform G1000
2015.08.14 | Press Release
CodeLathe‘s FileCloud Available Via Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Enterprise file share and sync solution
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Permabit Assigned Two Patents
On data de-dupe
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Aomei Backupper 3.1 Free Software Protects System and Data
Supports backup schemes and improved command line.
2015.08.13 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments Enhanced VirtualWisdom to V4.3
For expanded hypervisor, storage and analytics support; and offering cloud delivery model
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Cirba Extends Infrastructure Control Analytics to NetApp Storage
Optimizes use of storage resources by leveraging Cirba to intelligently place VMs and achieves visibility into storage requirements and health.
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Neue Version der HDClone von Miray Software German
Mit einem neuen CopyEngine und einem einzigartigen Design
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Cristie CloneManager Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
For migrating and cloning systems into cloud
2015.08.11 | Press Release
CloudBacko Free Version Supports Windows 10
Backup for home PC and Mac to Google Drive and OneDrive with data encrypted
2015.08.11 | Press Release
Start-Up ioFABRIC Delivers Vicinity
Flash-optimized, software-defined storage solution
2015.08.10 | Press Release Reveals FileSalvage 9.0 Recovery Software
For Apple OS version 10.10, $90 and upgrade for $30
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Wind River Drives IoT Device Development With Real-Time Virtualization Offering
Includes storage virtualization capabilities, enhanced security capabilities, and expanded processor support.
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Paragon Software Group: HDD Manager for Mac Preview
Disk management tools for OS X
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Advancements for SwiftStack’s Object Storage
To meet demands in media creation and delivery workflow
2015.08.06 | Press Release
upthere Assigned Patent
CAS based on sibling groups
2015.08.06 | In Brief
DVDFab iFoneRestore Recover Deleted Contacts and Notes Compatible With iOS 8.4 and Windows 10
Windows version at $46 and Mac at $50
2015.08.05 | Press Release
Diskeeper 15 by Condusiv Compatible With Windows 10
For fragmentation prevention
2015.08.05 | Press Release
NetJapan Introduces ImageCenter LE, Post Backup Management Tool
Provides local and remote management of ActiveImage Protector and vmGuardian backup image files.
2015.08.04 | Press Release
Cleversafe Assigned Twenty Four Patents
On dispersed storage network
2015.08.04 | In Brief
Druva Doubles Down on Governance With Proactive Compliance for Enterprise
Enables to identify and proactively take action vs. data risks on mobile devices and in cloud.
2015.07.31 | Press Release
Monitoring of Oracle StorageTek in Vision for z/OS Tape From IntelliMagic
Features include reporting and dashboards for Oracle VSM and IBM TS7700
2015.07.31 | Press Release
From Crossroads Systems , Free Storage Assessment Tool
Helping organizations take control of storage
2015.07.31 | Press Release
Tabernus Evolves Enterprise Mobile Erasure Software
Now supports Android, IOS and and Blackberry devices.
2015.07.31 | Press Release