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Barracuda Expands Data Protection Functionality for Businesses Running Microsoft Office 365, Adds SharePoint Online Backup
$4.50/user/month for Essentials for Office 365 protection and compliance edition, including SharePoint online backup
2016.10.21 | Press Release
Nakivo Backup & Replication V6.2
Enabling AWS EC2 backup
2016.10.21 | Press Release
NovaStor xSP 18.5 Private Cloud Backup for MSPs
Client server architecture enabling secure and backup services with scalability.
2016.10.21 | Press Release
Infinitely Virtual Introduces InfiniteProtect 2.0 Cloud-Based Backup/DR Solution
Unlimited file retention and offline DR, built around Veeam software.
2016.10.20 | Press Release
EaseUS Partition Master 11.9 Software With Progress on SSD 4K Alignment
$40 for Pro version, $159 for Server version, $399 for Unlimited version
2016.10.20 | Press Release
Syncplicity’s SyncDrive Feature Unlocks Access to Data
Real-time, secure and access to all enterprise data sources
2016.10.20 | Press Release
Caringo Swarm 9 Cloud and Object Storage Platform
Offering new UI and data management, open analytics and enhanced metadata search
2016.10.19 | Press Release
Super Eraser for Mac 4.0 Software by DoYourData
$39 for basic, $159 for business version
2016.10.19 | Press Release
PernixData Assigned Patent
Managing cache storage
2016.10.19 | In Brief
IBM Power Systems With Improved HA, DR, Backup
And recovery solutions
2016.10.18 | Press Release
IBM Network Advisor V14
Simplified network management for dynamic SAN fabrics
2016.10.17 | Press Release
Commvault Introduces Innovations for Data Platform
In software-defined data services, orchestration and user interface 
2016.10.14 | Press Release
General Atomics Introducing Nirvana 5.0 Data Aware Intelligent Storage Software
Metadata, data placement and data management software for workflows
2016.10.14 | Press Release
Aquari Storage Compatible With Commvault
For object-based storage
2016.10.14 | Press Release
Springpath Assigned Patent
Removing obsolete data in distributed system of hybrid storage and compute nodes
2016.10.14 | In Brief
Start-Up OmniTier Reveals MemStac, Memcached Software Stack Supporting Tiered NVMe SSDs
For tiered memory architecture using NVMe SSDs and small amounts of DRAM
2016.10.13 | Press Release
Dell EMC InfoArchive-as-a-Service
Securing and leveraging critical application data, structured and unstructured
2016.10.13 | Press Release
IDrive Online Backup Revamps RemotePC, Remote Access Solution for PCs and Macs
Business version starting at $500 for 50 computers and $1,000 for 100 computers per year
2016.10.13 | Press Release
Jungle Disk: Cloud Backup Software Increasing Search Performance « by 50% »
$4/month/employee subscription
2016.10.13 | Press Release
Don’t Risk Your Data With Free Recovery Software
Recommends Cardwave.
2016.10.12 | Press Release
Storone Assigned Patent
Datacenters disaster recovery
2016.10.12 | In Brief
TomTom Assigned Patent
Use of long file names in storage systems
2016.10.12 | In Brief
Unitrends Assigned Patent
Automated testing of physical servers using virtual machine
2016.10.11 | In Brief
Weka.IO Assigned Patent
Distributed erasure coded virtual file system
2016.10.11 | In Brief
LizardFS Open Source Softare-Defined Storage
Developed by Skytechnology from Poland
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.10.10 | News
Commvault Data Platform Achieves Certified Integration With SAP HANA
On IBM Power systems
2016.10.10 | Press Release
Pay Once Pricing Model From FalconStor
Single price model for customers with multiple use cases for software such as archive, cloud, data mining and DR
2016.10.10 | Press Release
Veritas Technologies Assigned Patent
Efficient tape backup using de-dupe
2016.10.10 | In Brief
Zerto Virtual Replication Beta V5.0
With support for Microsoft Azure
2016.10.07 | Press Release
DataCore Provide Free License Keys for Parallel I/O-Powered Hyperconverged Virtual SAN Software
To Microsoft MVPs, available for non-production uses such as home labs, course development, training, feature testing and demonstration purposes
2016.10.07 | Press Release
Data Erasure Software 4.0 From DoYourData to Help Windows Users Avoid Security Threats
$39 for basic, $159 for business version
2016.10.07 | Press Release
Free Hyperconvergence Software From Maxta Software
For qualified organizations in USA, Canada and some European countries
2016.10.06 | Press Release
Altaro VM Backup for MSPs
For up to 250 VMs, $5 per VM/month, monitoring and managing customer backups from single multi-tenant cloud console
2016.10.06 | Press Release
Metalogix Launches
SaaS single platform to monitor and manage disparate cloud collaboration platforms
2016.10.06 | Press Release
ACE Data Recovery Retrieves Data From IBM System Storage Dynamic Disk Pooling
Organized in single drive pool hosting VMware VMDK files
2016.10.06 | Press Release
Autotask Adds Endpoint Backup to Solution
Helps technology service providers ensure BC more cost effectively.
2016.10.05 | Press Release
DiskZIP 2017 Utility Accelerates Disk Read Speed, Also on SSD
Compression algorithms to boost read performance for Windows
2016.10.05 | Press Release
Ab Initio Assigned Patent
Generating data pattern information
2016.10.05 | In Brief
Datera Enhanced Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 Platform
Enabling continuous and faster app delivery, scalability and price-performance flexibility for apps and infrastructure stacks
2016.10.04 | Press Release
Condusiv Diskeeper 16 Software
With DRAM caching to fix poor performing physical servers or PCs with faster than new performance
2016.10.04 | Press Release
SoftNAS Assigned Patent for Storage Synchronization
SnapReplicate helps customers achieve backup and replication for petabytes of data.
2016.10.03 | Press Release
Nasuni File Services 7.5 Enhances Management Capabilities
And support for critical design and engineering applications
2016.09.30 | Press Release
Datera Universal Data Fabric Simplifies Stateful Application Provisioning on Kubernetes
Integration with Google's open source container system
2016.09.30 | Press Release
Novosoft Expanding NAS Backup Software Capabilities: Use Cloud for Saving NAS With Handy Backup
Contains set of plug-ins and features for automatic backup to cloud service or to NAS.
2016.09.30 | Press Release
MailBakup Updated Email Backup Solutions for Major Email Services
Gmail Backup, Yahoo Backup, AOL Mail Backup, Office 365 Backup, Hotmail Backup, and Google Apps Backup
2016.09.30 | Press Release
Paragon Software Bundles Cross-Platform Windows, macOS, Linux With UFSD Value Pack
$50, $20 for existing NTFS for Mac 14 customers, $25 for purchasers of earlier NTFS for Mac versions
2016.09.30 | Press Release
Hedvig Vision for Future of Storage: Universal Data Plane
Programmable data management platform advancing multi-cloud strategies for businesses undergoing digital transformation
2016.09.28 | Press Release
Technology of OpenIO Validated on Kinetic Open Storage
To enable new scale-out storage approach
2016.09.28 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Thirteen Patents
Emulating stretched storage device using shared replicated storage device, using stretched storage to optimize DR, migrating virtual machines between cloud computing facilities using multiple extended local virtual networks and static network addresses, generating remediation options within cluster of host computers that run virtual machines, emulating stretched storage device using shared storage device, preventing migration of virtual machine from affecting DR of replica, unified storage/VDI provisioning methodology, system software interfaces for space-optimized block devices, online virtual machine disk migration, persisting high availability protection state for virtual machines stored on distributed object-based storage, catastrophic data loss avoidance, protecting virtual machines against storage connectivity failures, runtime emulating static thread local storage of portable executable software code
2016.09.28 | In Brief
NYSE Group Assigned Patent
High performance data streaming
2016.09.28 | In Brief