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Egenera Expands BC Services
To include BaaS and DRaaS
2015.07.01 | Press Release
WinZip Mac 4 Software: Safe and File Sharing With iCloud Drive, ZipShare, Google Drive and Dropbox
2015.07.01 | Press Release
Splunk Assigned Patent
Elastic scaling of data volume
2015.07.01 | In Brief
ECHOplatform Release 15 of Intronis
Dashboard and advanced reporting simplify operations and showcase partner value.
2015.06.30 | Press Release
Condusiv Releases DRAM Read Caching Engine in V-locity 6.0 ($2,740)
3X faster application performance without new hardware
2015.06.29 | Press Release
MapR Launches Spark-Based Quick Start Solutions for Hadoop
Accelerate development of real-time security log analytics, time series analytics and genome sequencing applications
2015.06.26 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Offers Solution to Manage Erasure Process
Via Blancco management console
2015.06.26 | Press Release
V7 of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery
Compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10, $99
2015.06.26 | Press Release
ZTE Assigned Patent
Hierarchically managing storage resources
2015.06.26 | In Brief
Druva Extends Endpoint Availability to Cloud Data With Microsoft Office 365 Integration
Combines user data across laptops, mobile devices and cloud for data availability and governance.
2015.06.25 | Press Release
SGL Direct Connect Speeds up Archive and Retrieval in Avid ISIS Environment
Quickly transfering high resolution material
2015.06.25 | Press Release
VMware and Decho/Mozy Assigned Patent
High privacy of file synchronization with sharing functionality
2015.06.25 | In Brief
Linbit Launching Next-Gen HA Solution With DRBD9
Delivering synchronous server storage replication with native RDMA support and OpenStack integration.
2015.06.24 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Nine Patents
In-place snapshots of virtual disk configured with sparse extent, dynamic VM, efficient reconstruction virtual disk hierarchies across storage domains, managing independent virtual disk, shortcut input/output in VM, avoiding physical fragmentation in virtualized storage environment, replicating logical storage volume, accelerating remote data retrieval via peer nodes, discovery of SAN devices for VM
2015.06.24 | In Brief
Start-Up Hazelcast 3.5 Brings Efficiencies of Web Scale In-Memory Computing to Enterprise
Now provides 100's of gigabytes of near cached data to clients.
2015.06.22 | Press Release
MailStore Server 9.2 ab sofort verfügbar German
Integrierter Job Scheduler
2015.06.22 | Press Release
New Release of Versatile Software-Defined Storage Solution From RingStor
Incorporating multiplatform, multi-repository, traditional backup and recovery capability
2015.06.19 | Press Release
MapR Introduces Auto-Provisioning Templates
To speed deployment of Hadoop clusters
2015.06.19 | Press Release
Max Backup With Per-Device Pricing Model Including Storage for DR Market
Charged per device for servers and workstations, rather than by data usage
2015.06.19 | Press Release
Veeam Availability Suite v9 Adds Cloud-Based VM Replication
Also enables service providers to offer DR-as-a-Service.
2015.06.18 | Press Release
Open-E Updates DSS V7 Software
Introducing driver update to ensure stability and compatibility with latest hardware
2015.06.18 | Press Release
Nakivo: V5.6 With Screenshot Verification for VMware VM Backups
Sending screenshot of booted VMs as proof of recoverability
2015.06.18 | Press Release
MapR 5.0 Extends Hadoop for New Class of Real-Time Applications
Extending real-time Hadoop, security, and self-service data exploration and agility
2015.06.18 | Press Release
LaserVault Backup Software ($7,495) Supports Full System Saves for IBM i
SAVSYSLV improves DR protection for iSeries and AS/400 while eliminating tapes.
2015.06.18 | Press Release
GreenBytes/Oracle Assigned Patent
Optimizing memory usage and performance of de-dupe storage systems
2015.06.18 | In Brief
Catalogic Releasing ECX 2.1 Software-Defined Copy Data Management
Starting at $5,000 per controller
2015.06.17 | Press Release
MapR Distribution on Azure Marketplace
Collaboration with Microsoft provides enterprise-grade Hadoop on-demand in public cloud.
2015.06.16 | Press Release
Red Bend Assigned Patent
In-place updating content stored in storage
2015.06.16 | In Brief
Gluster Community Ships GlusterFS 3.7 Software-Defined Storage Software
Data protection and performance features give users storage for data portability and mobility
2015.06.12 | Press Release
Stratoscale Launches TestDrive Program
Hyper-converged solution for customer testing, evaluation and learning
2015.06.12 | Press Release
Symantec Data Loss Prevention 14
Providing customers control and visibility to secure sensitive information.
2015.06.12 | Press Release
Iron Mountain Announces Information Management Solution
For Canadian healthcare
2015.06.12 | Press Release
Iolo Technologies Assigned Two Patents
Efficient data storage
2015.06.12 | In Brief
Opvizor Releasing Snapwatcher 2.5
To solve common VM snapshot problems in VMware
2015.06.11 | Press Release
FalconStor Software Joins OpenStack Community
To enhance FreeStor flexibility
2015.06.11 | Press Release
Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan Assigned Patent
Accessing files on storage system
2015.06.11 | In Brief
Limelight Networks Assigned Patent
Targeted and dynamic content-object storage based on inter-network performance metrics
2015.06.11 | In Brief
Veeam in Partnership With LabTech Software
To simplify backup and recovery of Windows-based desktops and laptops
2015.06.10 | Press Release
P5 Software Suite Version 5.2 by Archiware
64-bit support, compatibility with FreeBSD
2015.06.09 | Press Release
AT&T Assigned Patent
Measurement data and backup channel services
2015.06.08 | In Brief
CommVault Brings Corporate Data Management Best Practices to File Sync and Share Solution Market
Expansion of capabilities within Endpoint Data Protection Solution
2015.06.05 | Press Release
Acronis Access Connect Delivers File Access Across Apple, Android and Windows Environments
Support for mobile workers to access files on any device
2015.06.05 | Press Release
Load DynamiX Streamlines Performance Validation Solution for OpenStack and SDS Systems
With support for Ceph, S3, OpenStack Swift/Cinder, and FCoE-based storage infrastructures
2015.06.05 | Press Release
Data Dynamics Enhances StorageX Unstructured Data Management Software Portfolio
For EMC Isilon storage systems
2015.06.05 | Press Release
Meditech Hospital VNA Upgrade Program Announced by BridgeHead Software
New offering combines licensing and services for upgrade.
2015.06.05 | Press Release
Integration of Veeam Availability Suite v9 and EMC VNX Snapshot
To be released later this year
2015.06.04 | Press Release
NovaStor Updates NovaBACKUP xSP v17 for Private Cloud Backup Software
With improved server side automatic data verification and email reporting for MSPs
2015.06.04 | Press Release
SolarWinds SRM Adds Support for EMC, Dell, HP and Dot Hill Arrays
Starts at $2,695.
2015.06.04 | Press Release
dsmISI MAGS verkürzt inkrementelle Sicherung auf Stunden German
Statt Wochen
2015.06.04 | Press Release
Vcmaster Technology From German Veit Christoph Reduces Digital Storage Space
Helps create and handle structural calculation documents thousands of pages long.
2015.06.03 | Press Release