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Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced V15.2 Published by Bareos
300,000 lines of code modified since 14.2.2, including cleanup, redesign, bugfixes
2015.12.01 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Sixteen Patents
Crypto proxy for cloud storage services, allocating datastores for VMs, hybrid locking using network and on-disk based schemes, asynchronous unmap of thinly provisioned storage for virtual machines, virtual disk snapshot consolidation using block merge, VM operations using storage system functionality, live migration of VM during direct access to storage over SR IOV adapter, improving performance of remote USB storage, coordinated hypervisor staging of I/O data for storage devices on external cache devices, transaction entries to achieve crash consistency when performing write-behind caching using a flash storage-based cache, VM-granular SSD/FLASH cache live migration, restoring VM state from checkpoint file, aving VM state to checkpoint file, storage commands according to I/O priorities and dependencies, software interfaces for space-optimized block devices, power management and VM migration
2015.12.01 | In Brief
Magnet Forensics Assigned Patent
Locating application specific data
2015.12.01 | In Brief
Maginatics/EMC Assigned Patent
Out-of-path, content-addressed writes with untrusted clients
2015.11.30 | In Brief
Red Hat Storage Portfolio on Expanded Range of Routes to Market
Open software-defined storage solution
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Test by ESG Lab Observed Performance Accelerations From 2x to 60x on SIOS iQ Machine Learning Analytics
Using SanDsk FlashSoft software to accelerate performance in VMs
2015.11.27 | Press Release
UltraBac v10 Backup and DR Introduces Choose Your Cloud and Client-Side Deduplication
As well as vSphere agent functionality
2015.11.26 | Press Release
WDLabs With Software Platform to Accelerate Vidity Deployment
To allow consumer access to 4K Ultra HD HDR content
2015.11.26 | Press Release
ESG Labs Tested Condusiv’s V-locity I/O Reduction Software
Reduces "up to 50% I/O across 3,450 virtual servers"
2015.11.26 | Press Release
NovaStor Updates NovaBACKUP Software to Version 17.2 Adding VMware 6 Support
Protecting data on both physical and VMs in single license
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Workday Assigned Patent
Non-destructive data storage
2015.11.26 | In Brief
Express Logic’s FileX Optimized to Improve Flash Memory Reliability and Durability
Now supporting Microsoft Extended File Allocation Table, starting at $9,500
2015.11.25 | Press Release
Actifio Platform Extension to Collapse Backup Window for Large Scale File Storage Systems
Big Data Director accelerates backup and recovery for EMC Isilon NAS users.
2015.11.25 | Press Release
Paragon Grants NTFS for Mac to Users of OS X Yosemite
Eliminates boundaries between Mac and Windows OS, delivering read and write support for NTFS-formatted drives on OS X.
2015.11.25 | Press Release
StorageX 7.7 Storage Migration and Management Solution by Data Dynamics
Starting at $50,000
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Acronis Integrated Access Advanced and Microsoft Intune Enterprise Mobility Management Suite
Integration with Intune will boost mobile productivity without compromising IT security.
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Cirba’s Software-Defined Infrastructure Control Now Supports EMC ViPR SRM
To optimize use of storage resources
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Access Advanced 7.2 From Acronis for Control of Mobile File Sharing and Collaboration
Adds web preview for increased security, built-in support for CMS and integration with Microsoft Intune Mobile application management.
2015.11.24 | Press Release
StorageCraft Offers to Switch From Veritas Backup Exec and Symantec System Recovery
To ShadowProtect SPX backup and DR software
2015.11.23 | Press Release
Coho Data Delivers DR for Enterprise Virtualization
DataStream 2.6 software integrates VMware Site Recovery Manager
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Cloudian Qualifies Intel Xeon Processor D-1500 Product Family
For use with HyperStore scale-out storage software
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Persistent Storage Services for Docker by Rancher Labs
To deploy storage reliably in conjunction with containerized applications
2015.11.20 | Press Release
SIOS iQ Machine Learning Analytics Software for VMmware
Adds enhancements to performance root cause analysis, refines usability.
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Rancher Labs and Redapt Together With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Platform for Containers
To build private container service from scratch
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Commercial Release of Ultra-HD Blu-ray Authoring Software From Jargon Technologies
Indigo Ultra, approved by Blu-ray Disc Association
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Permabit Assigned Two Patents
To data reduction technology portfolio
2015.11.20 | Press Release Showcased Kubernetes Extensions for Container Networking and Storage
Capabilities for I/O resource scheduling to scale cloud-native applications
2015.11.19 | Press Release
Riverbed SteelFusion 4.2 With Support for vSphere 6
Hyper-converged infrastructure solution for ROBO
2015.11.19 | Press Release
SoftRAID Lite Software to Create and Manage RAID-0/1 for Mac
$179 for v5.1
2015.11.19 | Press Release
KIP CR P1 Assigned Patent
Computer program product for tamper protection in storage system
2015.11.19 | In Brief
WDLabs Enables Internet Of Things For App And Device Developers
Provide developers flexible platform to support advanced analytics and data application services.
2015.11.18 | Press Release
EaseUS Todo Backup 8.9 Software Supporting Cloud Backup
Using Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
2015.11.18 | Press Release
ArcaStream and General Atomics Introduced Ngenea, Data-Aware Cloud Storage Gateway
Integrated with popular cloud and object storage providers and optimized for data-intensive workflows in life science, education, research, and oil and gas .
2015.11.17 | Press Release
Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2015 Software With App to Format, Check and Repair NTFS Drives on OS X El Capitan
$26 including Disk Manager
2015.11.17 | Press Release
OWC With SoftRAID Lite and SoftRAID-5.1 Software for El Capitan
$49 and $179 respectively
2015.11.17 | Press Release
Bay Dynamics Assigned Patent
Content packs for multidimensional storage cubes
2015.11.17 | In Brief
NovaBACKUP Cloud Port ab sofort verfügbar German
Hybrid Cloud Backup für NovaStor Partner
2015.11.17 | Press Release
ClusterHQ Announces Dell Storage Integration
To deliver additional storage options for Docker
2015.11.16 | Press Release
Case-Management-System von Artec sichert die Bereitstellung relevanter Daten innerhalb kürzester Zeit German
Effizientes Informationsmanagement bei juristischen Auseinandersetzungen und Wirtschaftsprüfungen
2015.11.16 | Press Release
SEP and catWorkX Introduce Backup and Recovery Solution for Atlassian JIRA Applications
1TB of backup storage in smallest licensing level at $150 for 10 users.
2015.11.13 | Press Release
SAP Assigned Four Patents
Archive-system-independent archive-type objects, logless atomic data movement, archive-system-independent archive-type objects, predicting performance of consolidated virtualized computing environment
2015.11.13 | In Brief
Quadric Software: Alike v4.0 With Amazon S3
Cloud file storage and web-based user interface in one backup solution
2015.11.12 | Press Release
Max Planck Gesellschaft Assigned Patent
Protecting integrity and privacy of data with storage leases
2015.11.12 | In Brief
SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 to Bring Ceph-Based Storage to Any OS
Distributed software-based storage solution for enterprises
2015.11.10 | Press Release
IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility for z/OS V5.6
For migrating data onto new IBM storage, including DS8870
2015.11.10 | Press Release
Hive-IO Launches Enterprise Cloud Compute Platform for Software-Defined Infrastructure Solution
Complete infrastructure-as-a-service for large enterprises and SMBs
2015.11.09 | Press Release
By EaseUS,Todo Backup V8.9 Software With Cloud Backup Solution
From $39 for workstation to $299 for advanced server
2015.11.09 | Press Release
MIT Assigned Patent
Random linear coding approach to distributed storage
2015.11.09 | In Brief
FalconStor Debuts OpenStack Cinder Integration for FreeStor
For organizations looking to take advantage of flexibility, cost savings of open, software-defined storage.
2015.11.06 | Press Release
Zerto Introduces BC/DR Software for Oracle
Virtual Replication simplifies DR protection of enterprise data for cloud applications and platform services provider to guard against data loss.
2015.11.06 | Press Release