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StorageCraft Released ShadowControl V3.6 Software
Monitoring and managing backup jobs
2016.05.03 | Press Release
Facebook Assigned Patent
Media recorder
2016.05.03 | In Brief
Mylio Assigned Patent
Object replication using object device links and flags
2016.05.03 | In Brief
V6.0 Novabackup Network optimiert Backup und Restore von Anfang an German
Von Novastor
2016.05.02 | Press Release
MailStore Home 9.7 Software: Free Email Archiving Solution
For home users, from subsidiary of Carbonite
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Vision Solutions Launching Mimix 8.1, Solution Management for IBM i HA, DR and Migration
Delivering faster replication, virtual switch, easy management, scalability, and assuring protection from all forms of downtime
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Datadobi DobiMiner Software
For NAS migration to EMC Isilon
2016.04.28 | Press Release
Riverbed Assigned Patent
Optimized file creation in WAN-optimized storage
2016.04.28 | In Brief
Retrospect Extends Hybrid Data Protection to Cloud Storage Classes
Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
2016.04.27 | Press Release
AWS Snapshot Manager From Asigra
Automates process of performing and managing EBS images of VM volumes in AWS EC2 environments.
2016.04.27 | Press Release
Commvault Extends Workload Portability to Cloud
With AWS Snowball support
2016.04.26 | Press Release
Object Storage Provides Most Scalable, Cost-Effective Way to Safeguard Increasing Volumes of Law Enforcement Videos
Says Caringo.
2016.04.26 | Press Release
Free 3-Day StorageCraftBackup DR Software to Businesses Impacted by Floods
in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi until May 20
2016.04.26 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Four Patents
Parallelizing data copy in distributed file system, providing multiple IO paths in virtualized environment to support for high availability of virtual machines, recovery system and method for recreating state of datacenter, replicating VMs across different virtualization platforms
2016.04.26 | In Brief
iMobie Updates Free MacClean 3
Cleans iTunes backup for more Mac storage space.
2016.04.25 | Press Release
Talon CloudFAST Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
For Azure StorSimple hybrid cloud storage
2016.04.25 | Press Release
SwiftStack Object Storage Certified With Veritas NetBackup
Now listed on Hardware Compatibility List
2016.04.25 | Press Release
V5.6 of Preservica, Digital Preservation and Access Software
Provides new levels of control and flexibility for archives, libraries and museums.
2016.04.25 | Press Release
NovaStor NovaBACKUP DataCenter 6.0 German
Beschleunigt den Restore physischer und virtueller Systeme.
2016.04.25 | Press Release
Sureline Systems: Single Unified Solution for Heterogeneous Cloud
Migration and DR of workloads from any physical, VM or cloud
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments/Load DynamiX Launched VirtualWisdom4.4
With embedded IPM best practices, customer-driven analytics and scalability
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Visual Storage Intelligence Release 4.0
Control back into hands of end user by turning reactive into proactive storage strategies
2016.04.22 | Press Release
SoftRAID V5.5 Software Converts AppleRAID Volumes
$49 for version Lite, $179 for V5 and $89 for upgrade
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Panasas DirectFlow Network-Protocols for Mac
Benefits of parallel I/O over Ethernet to Apple platform, not only Linux
2016.04.22 | Press Release
StorageCraft ImageManager 7 Software
Backup management software including features based on IT professionals requests
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Object Matrix Provides Future Proof Vision
From $3,295 for Vision to $3,995 for Vision+/G
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Verizon Assigned Patent
Storage manager
2016.04.22 | In Brief
ioFABRIC Vicinity Software-Defined Storage Available
Optimizes diverse workloads and unifies storage environments.
2016.04.21 | Press Release
FalconStor Software-Defined Storage Platform Adds End-to-End Predictive Analytics
FreeStor takes comprehensive approach to real-world data management challenges.
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Xangati: Next-Gen Performance Management and Control Platform
For optimizing hybrid cloud infrastructures
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Raidix Showcases ExaSphere
Scale-out storage solution
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Pixspan Unveils PixMover Software
4K/UHD workflow software delivers full-quality imaging with "50-80% savings" on storage and bandwidth
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Square Box Systems Introducing CatDV Archive to S3 Cloud
To archive assets directly into cloud storage
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Hedvig Demos Docker Volume Plugin to Simplify DevOps Provisioning of Persistent Container Volumes
Associated integration of distributed storage platform with Docker datacenter
2016.04.21 | Press Release
HyperStore 6.0 by Cloudian
Intelligent management makes object storage simpler at petabyte scale
2016.04.19 | Press Release
Object Storage, Scalable, Cost-Effective Way to Safeguard Increasing Volumes of Law Enforcement Videos
Says Caringo.
2016.04.19 | Press Release
Drobo DroboAccess for Secure and Simple Remote File Access
iOS or Android app for $0.99
2016.04.15 | Press Release
Quorum Extends DR Offering With onQ vApp Virtual Appliance
Delivers instant unified protection for physical and virtual windows environments.
2016.04.14 | Press Release
Synopsys Assigned Patent
Detecting and analyzing correlated operations in common storage
2016.04.14 | In Brief
Veeam Availability Orchestrator
Multi-hypervisor DR orchestration engine for enterprises to execute, test and document DR plans
2016.04.13 | Press Release
SimpliVity Optimizes and Expands OmniStack Platform
Support for Hyper-V
2016.04.13 | Press Release
DataCore Adaptive Parallel I/O Technology Lowers Server and Storage Costs
Research conducted by Enteprise Management Associates
2016.04.13 | Press Release
Avid Interplay Web Services Plug-in With Partial File Restore From SGL and Glookast
For editors to select and restore elements of clip directly from archive in high resolution
2016.04.12 | Press Release
47% of DataCore Customers Reported 50% or More Reduction in Storage Spending
TechValidate research
2016.04.12 | Press Release
IBM Cognitive Storage for Big Data
Teaching computers what to learn and what to forget
2016.04.11 | Press Release
Splunk: Availability Enterprise 6.4 and Cloud Release
Introduce interactive visualizations, analytics and cloud apps.
2016.04.11 | Press Release
Enhanced Curator Media Asset Management From IPV
IP-based operation and 4K support
2016.04.11 | Press Release
Datos IO: Directed Availability of Andromeda
Distributed data protection software
2016.04.11 | Press Release
CommVault Assigned Eighteen Patents
Automation of storage activities, retrieving data in computer network, storage recovery automation, VM recall in storage system, archiving virtual machines in storage system, database archiving, storage of application specific profiles correlating to document versions, performing data management operations using snapshots, unified access to personal data, automated, tiered data retention, location-based data synchronization management, archiving data objects using secondary copies, storage resource allocation, confirm replication data accuracy for backup in storage systems, storage management, such as dynamic data stream allocation, sharing media in computer network, backup using client-side signature repository in networked storage system, data recovery operations
2016.04.11 | In Brief
Veritas Assigned Patent
Storage and retrieval for backup systems
2016.04.11 | In Brief