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Credit Card Details and Passwords of LaCie Shoppers May Have Been Stolen
FBI alerted storage company.
2014.04.17 | In Brief
Disappearance of HDD Containing Personal Information of 583,000 Students
It highlights important lessons for organizations to follow for Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
2014.03.31 | Press Release
Aleratec Unveils Optical Disc Shredder ($83)
Destroying credit card, Blu-ray, DVD and CD, and paper
2014.03.05 | Press Release
SNIA KMIP Test Program
For encryption key management conformance testing
2014.03.04 | Press Release
Disk Encryption For HIPAA Compliance By Jetico
Software not disturbing natural workflow
2014.03.03 | Press Release
Covata Platform to Secure Data Wherever It Resides
Beyond domain, on mobile devices and in cloud
2014.02.20 | Press Release
Sophos Approach to Data Protection Delivers Multi-Platform Encryption Compaibility
Uses native OS encryption capabilities.
2014.02.18 | Press Release
Iron Mountain Fire in Buenos Aires Kills Nine
Destroys corporate records.
2014.02.12 | In Brief
Kingston Assigned Patent
Secure storage system
2014.02.11 | In Brief
New Cryptographic Scheme
Obfuscates computer programs.
2014.02.06 | In Brief
Exacq: S-Series Line of Video Storage Server
Up to 80TB of enterprise HDDs in RAID-5/6
2014.02.05 | Press Release
Fujifilm: d:ternity Archive Solution
For long-term archive management and retrieval in Europe
2014.02.04 | Press Release
JAMF Casper Suite Provides Automated Disk Encryption for Mac
Using FileVault 2 technology
2014.01.31 | Press Release
Sentry360 Unveils IP Video Surveillance Devices
Up to 24 cameras and 12TB of storage
2014.01.29 | Press Release
Microsoft Offers Users to Store Data Outside USA
In response to American surveillance scandal
2014.01.28 | In Brief
Eagle Eye Networks Announcing On-Demand Security Camera Video Management System
Cloud managed with on-premise and cloud recording
2014.01.27 | Press Release
Quantum Physics Could Make Secure, Single-Use Computer Memories Possible
Research from National Institute of Standards and Technology
2014.01.21 | Press Release
D-Link: Network Video Recorder With One Disk
With HDMI output ($30)
2014.01.16 | Press Release
IDrive In Archival Service by Shipping Physical Drive
13TB at $1,000/year
2014.01.13 | Press Release
IP Surveillance Cameras With micro SD/SDHC Card Up to 32GB
Released by EnGenius Technologies
2014.01.13 | Press Release
Verizon Assigned Patent
Data field encryption and storage
2014.01.10 | Press Release
Barracuda NG Firewall: Secure Remote Access for AWS Customers
Starting at $1,599 for one-year subscription
2013.12.31 | Press Release
Compression Drives Storage
Article by Tom Coughlin
2013.12.31 | In Brief
Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Patented cryptography invention made in IBM labs
2013.12.30 | Press Release
PerpecSys Cloud Encryption Security to Box and DropBox
Encrypt data with client-side keys
2013.12.26 | Press Release
Safe Share for Securing Data in Cloud by Covata
Compatible with Box, Dropbox, Skydrive and S3
2013.12.20 | Press Release
Bill Would Allow Brazil to Decree Local Internet Storage
As way of curbing NSA spying
2013.12.13 | In Brief
nCrypted Cloud Revamps Business Model
Protecting privacy corporate data residing in public cloud
2013.09.16 | Press Release
Seagate HDD/SSD Rescue and Replacement Services
2-year at $40
2013.09.13 | Press Release
Blanco Updates Data Erasure Solution for Mobile Devices
Adding 'Reset and Report' feature
2013.09.11 | Press Release
OfficeMax Offers in-Store Data Transfer and Recovery Services
Claiming 24h retrieval and 90% recovery success
2013.09.06 | Press Release
Data Locker Unveils EncryptDisc
AES-256 bit encrypted CD and DVD
2013.08.29 | Press Release
Skyhigh Networks Secure Cloud Data
256-bit encryption and contextual restriction
2013.08.23 | Press Release
UK Officials Justify Airport Detention, Destruction of HDDs
Following decision to detain Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner
2013.08.22 | In Brief
Enova Introduces Enigma USB Hardware Crypto Module
To secure cloud storage and sharing with 256-bit strength
2013.08.16 | Press Release
KineticD Uses 448 Blowfish Encryption in Canadian Datacenter
Physically protected by card access and security cameras
2013.08.09 | Press Release
LucidPort Presents USB Key Chameleon for Data Encryption
Creates encrypted drive using free space on computer's disk.
2013.08.05 | Press Release
Cloudera Announces Sentry Security Module
Bringing fine-grained Hadoop authorization scheme
2013.08.02 | Press Release
Data Locker Introduces SkyCrypt
FIPS 140-2 validated encryption software for cloud
2013.08.02 | Press Release
Oregon Storage Debacle
Highlights need to plan for failure.
2013.08.01 | In Brief
Cloud Storage Debacle at Oregon Health & Science University
Information for 3,000 patients at risk
2013.07.31 | In Brief
Trend Micro Mobile Armor Integrated Into AlertBoot
Cloud-based disk encryption service ($79/year)
2013.07.26 | Press Release
NetApp US Public Sector Cyber Alliance Gains Momentum
With addition of security firms
2013.07.19 | Press Release
Mitsubishi Electric Develops Searchable Encryption Platform Software
Supports encryption and access control with keyword searches in cloud
2013.07.09 | Press Release
Citrix Assigned Patent
Layers of security to file storage by external storage provider
2013.07.09 | In Brief
Local Councils Step Up Security – Huddle
As more than half blacklist consumer file storage tools
2013.07.04 | Press Release
Free Lok-IT Software Tackles USB Security Problems
Whitelist and PIN protection from leak or theft
2013.06.21 | Press Release
5 Common IT Administrator Mistakes Leading to Data Loss
Reveals Kroll Ontrack.
2013.06.13 | Press Release
IT Asset Management Group In On-Site Data Erasure Service
HDD wipping and shredding
2013.06.07 | Press Release
Enterprises Sitting on Security Time Bomb as Office Workers Compromise Company Data
Survey carried out for Huddle by Ipsos Mori
2013.06.04 | Press Release