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Veritas Prepares Organizations for New European General Data Protection Regulation
With Enterprise Vault 12, Data Insight 5.1, Information Map
2016.05.19 | Press Release
Unifosa/Proware Supports Self-Encrypting Drives
To include privacy of information residing on storage systems
2016.05.19 | Press Release
Nokia Assigned Patent
Transforming application access and storage details to privacy policies
2016.04.29 | In Brief
AirWatch Assigned Patent
Encrypted file storage
2016.04.27 | In Brief
Kaspersky Assigned Patent
Copying files between encrypted and unencrypted storage devices
2016.04.19 | In Brief
Microchip Assigned Patent
Cryptographic transmission system
2016.04.15 | In Brief
Blancco Assigned Patent
Erasing data stored on storage device
2016.04.08 | In Brief
What is 256-Bit Encryption and How Does it Work?
By DataDepositBox
2016.03.29 | Press Release
Sookasa Assigned Patent
Encrypting files within cloud computing environment
2016.03.25 | In Brief
Ponoi Assigned Patent
Providing session-based network privacy, private, persistent storage, and discretionary access control for sharing private data
2016.03.24 | In Brief
ClevX Assigned Patent
Data security system with encryption
2016.03.23 | In Brief
Blancco Awarded Patent
SSD erasure method
2016.03.21 | Press Release
WinMagic Software Encrypts VMs Running on Infrastructure as a Service Platform
Key management functionality alleviates pain points of securing data stored in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.
2016.03.11 | Press Release
Phishing Email Scam Forced Seagate to Disclose Private Employee Information

2016.03.10 | Press Release
Accenture Global Services Assigned Patent
Configurable key-based data shuffling and encryption
2016.03.07 | In Brief
sayTEC sayTRUST vereinfachen sicheren Datenzugriff in Cloud-Umgebungen German
Backup- und All-in-One Serverlösung sayFUSE beschleunigt Datenzugriff und reduziert Backup-Datenmenge
2016.02.25 | Press Release
DNP Hyper Tech Assigned Patent
Module encryption/decryption program
2016.02.16 | In Brief
NXP Assigned Patent
Secure storage
2016.01.20 | In Brief
IOnU Security Assigned Patent
Protection of shared data
2016.01.14 | In Brief
Druva Being FIPS 140-2 Compliance for AWS GovCloud
Providing US government with secure data protection based on public cloud
2015.12.24 | Press Release
Palo Alto Networks Assigned Patent
High availability security device
2015.12.02 | In Brief
BullGuard: Internet Security Software Ships With Dropbox Compatible Backup
£50 with three-user license
2015.11.19 | Press Release
Nokia Technologies Assigned Patent
Integrity-protected secure storage
2015.11.18 | In Brief
Tianjin Sursen Investment Assigned Patent
Security control method of network storage
2015.11.12 | In Brief
From Government Acquisitions, Hyperconverged Analytics Platform Solution
Detects, mitigates, and prevents cyberattacks in real time.
2015.11.06 | Press Release
Citrix Assigned Patent
Securing encrypted virtual hard disks
2015.11.06 | In Brief
Lack of Cybersecurity for USKB Keys Impacts Organizations
CompTIA-commissioned survey
2015.11.03 | Press Release
Novell/Micro Focus Assigned Patent
Remote management of endpoint computing device with disk encryption
2015.11.02 | In Brief
Infinitely Virtual Unveils Full-Disk Encryption Option
$10 per VM
2015.10.29 | Press Release
ASMedia Assigned Patent
Encryption and decryption device for portable storage device
2015.10.29 | In Brief
Serious Flaws in Encryption Implementation on Western Digital External HDDs
Researchers found
2015.10.26 | In Brief
HDD With Three Million Canadian B.C. Student Records Missing
Drive was not encrypted.
2015.09.25 | In Brief
Red Hat Investigated Intrusion on Sites of Ceph and Inktank
"Important security notice"
2015.09.22 | Press Release
Full Disk Encryption: What Is it Good for?
By Vormetric
2015.09.21 | Press Release
Imation’s IronKey Workspace W200 PC on USB Key Starting at $96 for 32GB
Delivering Windows To Go deployments
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Realtime Data Assigned Patent
Security for digital storage
2015.09.18 | In Brief
Round Rock Research Assigned Patent
Data security for storage
2015.09.17 | In Brief
Storage Device Stolen at Insurance RSA Group – CORRECTED
Containing customer data
2015.09.16 | In Brief
Waterfall Security Solutions Assigned Patent
Secure archive
2015.09.16 | In Brief
Nomad Vault de MDK Solutions: cryptage Made in France French
Qui sécurise toutes les données
2015.09.15 | Press Release
Bloombase StoreSafe Interoperable With HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager
Using OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
2015.09.07 | Press Release
Vidity Licensing Specs From Secure Content Storage Association
Enabling secure delivery of premium digital entertainment experiences
2015.08.31 | Press Release
Update on EU Data Protection Regulations
By SafeToGo
2015.08.21 | Press Release
Drive Trust Alliance Formed for Self-Encrypted Drive Adoption
Jointly with Coughlin Associates and Bright Plaza
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Trusted Computing Group Added Functionality to Specs for Self-Encrypting Drives
Including definition of physical presence-based mechanism
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Vaultize Granted US Patent for Vault Knox Enterprise File Security
Combining encryption and de-duplication of data.
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Imation Lock & Key Solution Providing New Levels of Security
Integrating administrative security with Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage solutions
2015.08.06 | Press Release
Nvidia Assigned Three Patents
Secure storage with SCSI devices, secure information storage system, confidential information protection
2015.07.31 | In Brief
nCrypted Cloud Assigned Two Similar Patents
Multi-identity for secure file sharing
2015.07.23 | In Brief
ownCloud Encryption 2.0 for Enterprise File Sync and Share Security
Framework delivers modular approach to security enabling customers to secure, manage and control sensitive data.
2015.07.17 | Press Release