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Vsector Security Technologies Assigned Patent
Secure virtual sector erasure
2017.01.12 | In Brief
Waterfall Security Solution Assigned Patent
Collaboration between discrete systems and shared system to consolidate shared storage-related services
2017.01.11 | In Brief
In 2017 Small Businesses at Risk of Collapse Amid Data Security Concerns
Said Ciphertex
2017.01.09 | Press Release
Fortinet Assigned Patent
Secure cloud storage distribution and aggregation
2016.12.23 | In Brief
Northrop Grumman Systems Assigned Patent
Multi-level security system for secure file sharing across multiple security levels
2016.12.22 | In Brief
Code42 Managed Authority on AWS Enables Full Control in Secure Cloud
Adds deployment flexibility for customers leveraging AWS.
2016.12.13 | Press Release
Open-Source Disk Encryption Utility TrueCrypt Discontinued
Several alternatives
2016.12.06 | In Brief
ExtraHop Empowers Enterprises to Recover Ransomware-Encrypted Files Without Backup
Ransomware offering combining security analytics with Precision Packet Capture to automatically detect and restore files
2016.11.11 | Press Release
Datto Launching Ransomware Protection to Proactively Respond to Malware Threat
Automatic ransomware detection and recovery for SMBs
2016.11.10 | Press Release
Symantec Integrates With Blue Coat for Cloud Generation Data Protection
Integration of Data Loss Prevention with CloudSOC and Cloud Data Protection products
2016.11.04 | Press Release
Samsung SDS America Assigned Patent
Encryption and key management in cloud storage
2016.11.02 | In Brief
Security First Corp. Assigned Patent
Secure multi-tenant storage
2016.10.31 | In Brief
Dell Endpoint Data Security and Management Portfolio
Combines data security solutions, Mozy by Dell, RSA and VMware AirWatch.
2016.10.28 | Press Release
Kanguru: One Stop Solution for AES Hardware Encryption and Integrated Remote Management
For managing organization's secure data assets
2016.10.28 | Press Release
AppSense Assigned Patent
Media for selective decryption of files containing sensitive data
2016.10.27 | In Brief
Ecos Certificate Authority Appliance German
Zertifikate und Smartcards sicher und komfortabel verwalten
2016.10.24 | Press Release
Kanguru Expands Remote Management Solutions for Defender AES Hardware Encrypted Data Devices
KRMC-Cloud and KRMC-Enterprise with self-service password management, automatic global provisioning and streamlined license management
2016.10.20 | Press Release
Security-Distributor ProSoft zeigt Datenschleuse live in Aktion German
Der Nacktscanner für Daten
2016.10.19 | Press Release
Skyhigh Networks Assigned Patent
Searchable encryption for cloud storage
2016.10.18 | In Brief
Rosberg System Assigned Patent
Securing computing device
2016.10.14 | In Brief
Safe Block To Go Windows Forensic Boot Disks by ForensicSoft
$549 per license
2016.10.12 | Press Release
BEFS Assigned Patent
Portable storage device using fingerprint recognition
2016.10.06 | In Brief
SimpleumSafe for Mac: Encrypting of All Types of Data
$20, password-based encryption of personal and professional data
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Security First Corp. Assigned Patent
Accelerator system for use with secure data storage
2016.09.01 | In Brief
DriveSavers Guarantees Data Security Compliance With Updated NIST Guidelines
For controlled unclassified information
2016.08.31 | Press Release
KryptKey pour protéger et crypter ses fichiers sur PC ou Mac French
Avec une clé USB développée MDK Solutions
2016.08.30 | Press Release
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Mechanism for implementing key-based security for nodes within networked virtualization environment for storage management
2016.08.26 | In Brief
Route1 Launched MobiEncrypt Smart Card Based Full Disk Encryption Technology
Hardware solution provides remote and local full disk encryption access to government and enterprise organizations.
2016.08.18 | Press Release
Broadcom Assigned Patent
Secure electronic storage using secure element
2016.08.17 | In Brief
Cohesity Encryption Certified FIPS 140-2 for Hyper-Converged Secondary Storage
To meet federal standards for protecting sensitive data
2016.08.04 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offers Commercial High Security Service
2016.07.29 | Press Release
Kaspersky Lab Assigned Patent
Encryption of disk based on pre-boot compatibility testing
2016.07.26 | In Brief
Carbonite Forces Password Reset After Password Reuse Attack
According to Responsible Computer Solutions
2016.07.12 | Press Release
Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise Protects Confidential Information on Portable Media
Including WinZip 20.5 compression technology, enables to secure and store more data on CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs and USB drives.
2016.06.13 | Press Release
Veritas Prepares Organizations for New European General Data Protection Regulation
With Enterprise Vault 12, Data Insight 5.1, Information Map
2016.05.19 | Press Release
Unifosa/Proware Supports Self-Encrypting Drives
To include privacy of information residing on storage systems
2016.05.19 | Press Release
Nokia Assigned Patent
Transforming application access and storage details to privacy policies
2016.04.29 | In Brief
AirWatch Assigned Patent
Encrypted file storage
2016.04.27 | In Brief
Kaspersky Assigned Patent
Copying files between encrypted and unencrypted storage devices
2016.04.19 | In Brief
Microchip Assigned Patent
Cryptographic transmission system
2016.04.15 | In Brief
Blancco Assigned Patent
Erasing data stored on storage device
2016.04.08 | In Brief
What is 256-Bit Encryption and How Does it Work?
By DataDepositBox
2016.03.29 | Press Release
Sookasa Assigned Patent
Encrypting files within cloud computing environment
2016.03.25 | In Brief
Ponoi Assigned Patent
Providing session-based network privacy, private, persistent storage, and discretionary access control for sharing private data
2016.03.24 | In Brief
ClevX Assigned Patent
Data security system with encryption
2016.03.23 | In Brief
Blancco Awarded Patent
SSD erasure method
2016.03.21 | Press Release
WinMagic Software Encrypts VMs Running on Infrastructure as a Service Platform
Key management functionality alleviates pain points of securing data stored in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.
2016.03.11 | Press Release
Phishing Email Scam Forced Seagate to Disclose Private Employee Information

2016.03.10 | Press Release
Accenture Global Services Assigned Patent
Configurable key-based data shuffling and encryption
2016.03.07 | In Brief
sayTEC sayTRUST vereinfachen sicheren Datenzugriff in Cloud-Umgebungen German
Backup- und All-in-One Serverlösung sayFUSE beschleunigt Datenzugriff und reduziert Backup-Datenmenge
2016.02.25 | Press Release