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Seagate Cutting 2,127 Jobs in China
Suzhou HDD plant closed
2017.01.13 | In Brief
Top 6 to 10 Most Prestigious Names in History of Storage Industry
RAID inventors, Moshe Yanai, Dan Warmenhoven, Dr. Eli Harari, Jim Porter
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.28 | News
Top 10 Most Prestigious Names in History of Storage Industry
Top 5 today (Al Shugart, Fujio Masuoka, Joe Tucci, Ramac 350, Veritas), 6 to 10 tomorrow
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.27 | News
Seagate Lays Off 155 Employees in Shakopee, MN
Now 755 people there, down from more than 1,000 earlier this year
2016.12.16 | In Brief
Jeff Denworth VP Products, VAST Data
Was SVP marketing at Ctera and replaced by Tom Grave (Catalogic Software, SimpliVity)
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.12.16 | News
Bill Moore Left Dell EMC …
Where he was president, DSSD.
2016.12.12 | In Brief
… As Well as CJ Desai …
Who was president, emerging technologies division.
2016.12.12 | In Brief
… And Guy Churchward
Divisional president, core technologies
2016.12.12 | In Brief
70 Layoffs at Seagate in Longmont, CO
Reduction that will impact nearly 1 in 5 employees
2016.12.09 | In Brief
John Rollason Director, Products and Solutions Marketing, Next-Gen Data Centre, NetApp UK
Worked at SolifFire and Nortel.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.06 | News
Thorsten Schwecke Senior Director and GM DACH, Acronis
Formerly at company's partner Comparex
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.11.28 | News
Yvonne Schickel EMEA Central Marketing Manager, Commvault
Mainly responsible for Germany and Switzerland
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.11.21 | News
Exclusive Interview With Dani Golan, Founder and CEO, Kaminario
"There is no point today to go hybrid."
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.11.15 | News
Dell EMC to Cut 50 Jobs at Cork, Ireland
As business merged with Dell after takeover
2016.10.19 | In Brief
Mike Palmer EVP and Chief Product Officer, Veritas
Tom Ashburn EVP WW field operations
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.10.18 | News