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Kobe University Assigned Patent
Holographic memory
2015.03.24 | In Brief
Attorneys Seek $11.3 Million in Fees
For optical disk drive MDL deals
2015.03.20 | In Brief
Funai Electric Assigned Patent
Optical disc device
2015.03.18 | In Brief
CUC Expands OmniLib Archival Storage Automation Lineup
With 100TB into Blu-ray library
2015.03.17 | Press Release
Digistor Releasing Professional Grade Blu-ray Recordable Media
Use phase-change technology and upgraded hard coating.
2015.03.17 | Press Release
Vulnerabilities in Blu-ray Players
Noted by NCC Group
2015.03.13 | Press Release
Mitsubishi Electric Assigned Patent
Optical disc and devices
2015.02.16 | In Brief
Millenniata and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Announce MDISC 100GB Blu-ray Disc
Optical media for life time archiving
2015.02.10 | Press Release
Sapphire Combo Storage Product by Addonics
Combining optical and HDD drives into one package
2015.02.09 | Press Release
DVDFab Media Player V2.5.0.2 for Windows
Improved playback support for DVD and Blu-ray; pro version at $99 for lifetime license
2015.02.05 | Press Release
PoINT Software & Systems Released Publisher NG 4.0
Automated data extraction from CD, DVD or Blu-ray by disc publishing systems
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Verbatim to Resell Millenniata Archival-Grade M-Disc
Worldwide co-branding, co-marketing and joint development agreement
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Infinisc from Caveau: Etched Glass-Based DVD
For long-term archiving
by Francis Pelletier | 2015.01.22 | News
CyberLink Power2Go 10: All-in-One Burning, Backup and Conversion
Burns Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs. starting at $50 for the Deluxe version
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Digistor Reveals USB 3.0 External Optical Drives
For CD, DVD and Blu-ray
2015.01.16 | Press Release
Leawo With 3D Blu-ray Backup Software for Mac
2015.01.16 | Press Release
Hitachi and HLDS Assigned Patent
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
2015.01.07 | In Brief
Corel Joins One-Blue Licensing Program for Blu-ray Disc
For BD software
2015.01.02 | Press Release
ECMA-396: Lifetime Optical Discs for Long-Term Data Storage
3rd edition standard
2014.12.29 | Press Release
Sony Assigned Patent
Control device, control method, and master-disc fabricating apparatus
2014.12.26 | In Brief
Millenniata Licensee of One-Blue
For Blu-ray Disc
2014.12.25 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Recording/reproducing device and optical disk library
2014.12.23 | In Brief
Panasonic Assigned Two Patents
Information recording/reproduction device, cleaning tape and optical disc device including carrier for holding optical discs
2014.12.05 | In Brief
Racklive: HL100-RL Optical Library Expanding Storage Lineup
50TB of Blu-ray storage per 4U appliance
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Converter Software for Merging Many DVDs to BD, From DVDFab
For Windows and Mac OS
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Aleratec 1:7 DVD/CD Duplicator Copy Tower
2014.11.26 | Press Release
DVD6C Licensing Group Settled Royalty Licensee With Huizhou Foryou General Electronics …
In China
2014.11.20 | Press Release
… And World Media Group Inc.
Following lawsuit
2014.11.20 | Press Release
R&D : Hitachi R/W of Digital Data in Fused Silica Glass
Recording density equivalent to Blu-ray disc and withstand storage of "300 million years"
2014.10.31 | Press Release
Start-Up Nano-Meta Technologies Using Plasmonics to Advance Optical Technology
And improve storage capabilities and solar cell performance
2014.10.17 | Press Release
CD/DVD Drive Buyers Denied Class Certification In Price-Fixing
Accusing LG, Sony and Toshiba
2014.10.14 | In Brief
Digistor Joins One-Blue Licensing Program
For Blu-ray disc
2014.09.25 | Press Release
HDS Federal Next Generation Long-Term Data Preservation Platform
Using BD-R or M-Disc optical discs
2014.09.18 | Press Release
Strategic Alliance Between Millenniata and Verbatim-MKM
For DVD-R and BD-R optical discs
2014.09.16 | Press Release
I-Photonics Technology for High Capacity Optical Storage
$1.1 million AUD being awarded to Centre for Micro-Photonics Researchers at CMP
2014.09.15 | Press Release
Akonia Holographics Assigned Patent
Recording to holographic storage media
2014.09.09 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Patent
Optical storage media
2014.09.03 | In Brief
Akonia Holographics With Photopolymer Media at 1.35Tb/Square Inch Areal Density
Said it will soon bring end to tape-based archival era.
2014.08.18 | Press Release
Samsung Adds 14mm-High External DVD Writers
For ultrabooks
2014.07.31 | Press Release
Enterprise Cloud-Integrated Storage Archiving Solution by Alliance Storage Technologies
Merges optical storage with cloud.
2014.07.30 | Press Release
Why Would Facebook Choose Blu-ray?
Vs. tape
2014.07.24 | In Brief
Pioneer Escapes Acer’s Optical Drive Price-Fixing
According to Californian federal judge
2014.07.15 | In Brief
Roche Diagnostics Assigned Patent
Hologram reader
2014.07.01 | In Brief
New Material Might Make Processor Memory 100X Faster
With synthetic material for optical storage
2014.06.25 | In Brief
Enterprise TeraNimbus Archive and Backup Solution Available From Hie Electronics
Provides permanent Blu-ray cold storage.
2014.06.23 | Press Release
Hie Electronics Tests 25GB Millenniata Blu-ray M-Disc
In robotic holding up to 100TB on optical discs
2014.05.15 | Press Release
Start-Up Folio Photonics Develops 1TB Multilayer Optical Disc
Spun off from research in the Center for Layered Polymer Systems, Case Western Reserve University
2014.05.05 | Press Release
Cinram Group Assigned Patent
Dual sided optical media
2014.05.02 | In Brief
Enhanced Data Solutions Assigned Patent
First-side dual-layer optical storage disc
2014.04.18 | In Brief
HLDS With Enterprise Optical Archiving Library
50TB on 500 Blu-ray media in 4U
2014.04.07 | Press Release