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Report: Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video
By Digital Video subgroup of the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative Audio-Visual Working Group
2014.12.17 | Press Release
Toshiba Assigned Four Patents
Cryptographic memory system, servo demodulation and disk storage apparatus, detecting touchdown of head and disk storage, resistance change memory
2014.12.17 | In Brief
Digital Preservation Coalition Publishes Open Archival Information System Introductory Guide
Free guide on impact of OAIS model
2014.12.15 | Press Release
eBook About Object Storage Written by StorageFOUNDRY
"Five Advantages of Using Object Storage"
2014.12.10 | Press Release
WD Assigned Three Patents
Energy assisted magnetic recording HDD using modulated laser light, reducing surface roughness of HDD media, media transport manager architecture for storage systems
2014.12.09 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Two Patents
Determining whether to migrate from source storage device to target storage device, reliability and availability assessment of storage configurations
2014.12.02 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Six Patents
Managing resources of storage server, redundancy in virtualized storage system, reducing storage system power consumption, updating elements in storage facility, distributing data among storage partitions, low latency and persistent storage
2014.12.01 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Patent
Management of variable resistance storage device
2014.11.26 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Three Patents
Data integrity in storage device cache, storage media inter-track interference cancellation, touchdown detection in magnetic disk storage devices
2014.11.20 | In Brief
14th Edition of IT Press Tour to Come
105 US companies visited by European press since June 2010
2014.11.17 | Press Release
Microsoft Assigned Three Patents
Blob manipulation in integrated structured storage system, storage architecture for backup application, low cost storage for rarely read data
2014.11.14 | In Brief
SwiftStack CEO Published « Object Storage With Swift » Book ($30)
For deployers, operators and developers interested in using Swift
2014.11.11 | Press Release
Another New Name for Powering the Cloud: Cloud Expo Europe
One in London and one in Frankfurt next year
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.11.10 | News
IBM Assigned Four Patents
Storage adapter performance optimization with cache data/directory mirroring, enabling throttling on average write throughput for SSD, adaptive prestaging in storage controller, error detection in mirrored storage system
2014.11.04 | In Brief
Microsoft Assigned Two Patents
Volatile memory representation of nonvolatile storage device set, delete notifications by file systems and applications to release storage space
2014.10.31 | In Brief
Three Compuverde U.S. Patents
Distributed storage, distributed data retrieval and multi-node data maintenance
2014.10.28 | Press Release
Organizers Not Happy With Our Article on Powering the Cloud Event
63 booths they said, not 53
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.10.24 | News | [with our comments]
53 Sponsors Up to Now for Coming Powering the Cloud Event in Frankfurt
Lowest figure since 2007 for more German oriented show
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.10.22 | News
IBM Assigned Thirteen Patents
Coordinating write sequences in system, SSD throttling, MRAM, metadata, integrity protection, spreadsheet for storage in database, data placement in multi-tiered systems, storage adapter performance optimization, CDP, etc.
2014.10.22 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Six Patents
Logical data objects, load balancing, dynamic data structures, migration, service level mapping method, supplying storage services
2014.10.08 | In Brief
Data Storage Group Assigned Patent
Compression for archiving
2014.10.07 | In Brief
Ipinion (e-Rewards) Assigned Patent
Optimizing mobile user storage
2014.10.02 | In Brief
CommVault Private Cloud Services Design for Data Management
Consulting offering for enterprises to develop service-centric approach to data protection
2014.10.01 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Five Patents
Mounting storage volume, cut-through cache management, slicing storage devices, dynamic balancing of performance, security-enabled storage controller
2014.09.30 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fourteen Patents
Copy data blocks, multi-tiered systems, hybrid management, SAN traffic, structured external storage, RAID, library, volume allocation, disk defragmentation, clustered appliance environment, periodic destages from inside and outside diameters of disks, bitmaps, etc.
2014.09.29 | In Brief
NxGn Assigned Patent
Executing map-reduce tasks in storage device
2014.09.26 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Three Patents
Multi-head, storage library, SAN external security device
2014.09.25 | In Brief
Zadara Storage Assigned Patent
Virtual private storage array service for cloud servers
2014.09.24 | Press Release
Launch of Object Storage Alliance
Founded by Amplidata, Caringo, Cloudian, DDN, Dell, EMC, Exablox, HDS, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, NetApp, Quantum, RedHat, Rorke, SanDisk, Tarmin
2014.09.22 | Press Release
Microsoft Assigned Patent
Health reporting from non-volatile block storage device to processing device
2014.09.22 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Ten Patents
On HDDs and SSDs
2014.09.17 | In Brief
New Seagate Enterprise Storage Products
ClusterStor 9000 for HPC, EVault backup and recovery appliance, PCIe flash accelerator card, HDDs
2014.09.15 | Press Release
Amazon Assigned Four Patents
Scheduled or gradual redundancy encoding schemes for storage, storage integrity validation, managing access of multiple executing programs to non-local block storage, partitioning and indexing table data using composite primary key
2014.09.10 | Press Release
Caringo Assigned Patent
Erasure coding and replication in storage clusters
2014.09.09 | Press Release
LSI (Avago/Seagate) Assigned Seven Patents
Write driver circuit, read channel, multiple read heads, flash and storage controller, RAID, NAS gateway
2014.09.05 | Press Release
NxGn Data Assigned Patent
Executing map-reduce tasks in storage device
2014.09.05 | In Brief
Google Assigned Patent
Privacy-protective data transfer and storage
2014.09.04 | In Brief
Linux Foundation Welcomes New Members of Storage Industry
SanDisk, Seagate and Western Digital
2014.08.29 | Press Release
EMC Assigned Twelve Patents
NAS, cloud storage, storage system, thin provisioning, cluster, synchronization, virtual tape, etc.
2014.08.29 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Twenty One Patents
Data integrity, de-dupe, I/O switching, dual-node storage system, hybrid disk clusters, storage management, allocation and balancing, switching visibility, magnetic head, cache management, mirroring, etc.
2014.08.28 | In Brief
East Midlands Ambulance Service Patient Records Disk Missing
NHS trust lost disk containing details of 42,000 ambulance patients.
2014.08.25 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Boot caching for boot acceleration within storage systems
2014.08.25 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offering Data Recovery Relief
To victims of earthquake and tropical storm in Hawaii
2014.08.22 | Press Release
Xbridge Systems Assigned Patent
Managing hierarchical storage during detection of sensitive information, computer readable storage media and system utilizing same
2014.08.22 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Four Patents
Rotary head storage and retrieval system with tape, multiple path load distribution for host communication with tape drive, optical storage device with direct read after write
2014.08.21 | In Brief
Storage Acceleration: Online Community to Help IT Executives Implement New Storage Methods
Launched by UBM Tech and sponsored by SanDisk
2014.08.20 | Press Release
Apple Assigned Three Patents
Memory having isolation units for isolating storage arrays, storage in analog memory cells across word lines using non-integer number of bits per cell, boot data storage schemes
2014.08.19 | In Brief Assists in Data Recovery From Storm Damage
20% discount to victims
2014.08.15 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Eight Patents
Aliasing of exported paths, cluster storage, storage systems, data manipulation on storage device, online data consistency checking, storage block alignment, etc.
2014.08.13 | In Brief
LSI (Avago) Assigned Seven Patents
Improved storage system communication for n-way interconnectivity, generating chirped degauss signal, degauss circuitry with ramp generator, near-live reprogramming of firmware in storage systems using hypervisor, controlled wedge spacing in storage device, latency reduction associated with response to request in storage system, analog tunneling current sensors
2014.08.11 | In Brief