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East Midlands Ambulance Service Patient Records Disk Missing
NHS trust lost disk containing details of 42,000 ambulance patients.
2014.08.25 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Boot caching for boot acceleration within storage systems
2014.08.25 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offering Data Recovery Relief
To victims of earthquake and tropical storm in Hawaii
2014.08.22 | Press Release
Xbridge Systems Assigned Patent
Managing hierarchical storage during detection of sensitive information, computer readable storage media and system utilizing same
2014.08.22 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Four Patents
Rotary head storage and retrieval system with tape, multiple path load distribution for host communication with tape drive, optical storage device with direct read after write
2014.08.21 | In Brief
Storage Acceleration: Online Community to Help IT Executives Implement New Storage Methods
Launched by UBM Tech and sponsored by SanDisk
2014.08.20 | Press Release
Apple Assigned Three Patents
Memory having isolation units for isolating storage arrays, storage in analog memory cells across word lines using non-integer number of bits per cell, boot data storage schemes
2014.08.19 | In Brief Assists in Data Recovery From Storm Damage
20% discount to victims
2014.08.15 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Eight Patents
Aliasing of exported paths, cluster storage, storage systems, data manipulation on storage device, online data consistency checking, storage block alignment, etc.
2014.08.13 | In Brief
LSI (Avago) Assigned Seven Patents
Improved storage system communication for n-way interconnectivity, generating chirped degauss signal, degauss circuitry with ramp generator, near-live reprogramming of firmware in storage systems using hypervisor, controlled wedge spacing in storage device, latency reduction associated with response to request in storage system, analog tunneling current sensors
2014.08.11 | In Brief
HP Assigned Four Patents
HDD and removable SSD, determining availability of data elements in storage system, access to storage resources over storage fabric, redundant data assignment in storage system
2014.08.08 | In Brief
Microsoft Must Turn Over Customer’s Emails in Data Center in Ireland to U.S. Government
Ruled judge
2014.08.07 | Press Release
Intel Assigned Two Patents
Self-aligned charge-trapping layers for nonvolatile storage, processes of formingsame, and devices containing same; storage drive based antimalware
2014.07.29 | In Brief
CMS Assigned Patent on USB Boot and Backup …
Number 8,762,699
2014.07.28 | Press Release
… And Another One on Self-Booting OS Image Backup
Number 8,775,783
2014.07.28 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery Relief
To victims of deadly storms in Eastern States
2014.07.24 | Press Release
Philadelphia-Based Xtium Rebrands, Launches New Website
Visitors will find added cloud industry resources, enhanced user experience
2014.07.24 | Press Release
WWPass Assigned Patent
Dispersed secure storage and retrieval
2014.07.24 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Modular mass storage system, disk sector failure prediction
2014.07.17 | In Brief
Google Assigned Two Patents
Storing data across plurality of storage nodes, selecting and storing data on HDD
2014.07.16 | In Brief
Imation Assigned Two Patents
Flash memory based storage devices utilizing MRAM, erasure and servowriting of magnetic storage media having perpendicular anistropy
2014.07.15 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Seventeen Patents
Data recovery, monitoring, cache, migration, backup, bottleneck detection, optimizing performance, cartridge library, encryption, etc.
2014.07.11 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Twelve Patents
Managing access to data, transfer of storage device features, encrypted compressed data, tiering, synchronization, cryptography, drive carrier, de-dupe, etc.
2014.07.10 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Two Patents
Devices for control of operation of storage devices using solid-state memory based on discharge of amount of stored energy indicative of power providing capabilities, closed loop fly height control
2014.06.27 | In Brief
Preventing Performance Bottlenecks with Inline De-Dupe
Article from sys.con MEIDA
2014.06.26 | In Brief
Law FIrms Prosecute File Sharing and Collaboration Solutions
File acceleration and sharing technology changing landscape, according to Talon Storage
2014.06.23 | Press Release
LSI/Avago Assigned Three Patents
Implementing logical device consistency in clustered storage system, power management for HDD read channel, managing end of life in SSD
2014.06.23 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Two Patents
Scheduling of reactive I/O ops, multi-drive cooperation to generate encryption key
2014.06.20 | In Brief
Storage Dictionary (SNIA)

2014.06.19 | Press Release
HP Assigned Two Patents
Coupling storage device to same server after movement in I/O system, storage and archiving spanning multiple storage systems
2014.06.19 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Three Patents
Storage tape analytics, expansion guide alignment for storage library, flash-aware storage
2014.06.13 | Press Release
Western Digital Assigned Three Patents
Charging backup charge storage element for storage device using spindle phase switching elements, Indication of activity status of storage device, storage system bus transfer optimization
2014.06.12 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Four Patents
Optical disc drive, mapping a logical drive status, upgradeable persistent virtual storage
2014.06.11 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Seven Patents
storage media, HA systems, high density storage, storage in tiered environment for colder data segments, virtualization controller in storage system, etc.
2014.05.28 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Two Patents
Optical storage media, enterprise environment disk encryption
2014.05.27 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned Four Patents
Total now at 96
2014.05.26 | Press Release
Seagate Assigned Three Patents
Cooling planar workpiece in evacuated environment with dynamically moveable heat sinks, data stripes and addressing for flash memory devices
2014.05.23 | In Brief
SwiftStack Launches Book: Object Storage with Swift
Written by CEO Joe Arnold
2014.05.19 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery Relief
To April storm victims
2014.05.16 | Press Release
Software Defined Data Centers For Dummies, Authored by Nexenta
Can be download for free after registration.
2014.05.14 | Press Release
Quantum Assigned Two Patents
Clustered storage network, metastorage in unused portions of virtual disk file
2014.05.14 | In Brief
Today Only News Released During Last Week’s EMC World
By storage giant and partners
2014.05.12 | Press Release
Load DynamiX Storage Validation Solutions Adopted by Tolly Enterprises
To benchmark performance superiority of IBM PureFlex and Sophos Products
2014.05.09 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Eight Patents
Network storage and controller, cluster, mapping configurations, data flow, security, SAS communication
2014.05.09 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Fourteen Patents
Continuous backup, snapshotting, storage system modeling, initializing NAS for DR, information about storage system, de-dupe, virtual storage machine, block-based storage system, provisioning cache, etc.
2014.05.08 | In Brief
Stellar Data Recovery Recuperates Data of Smartphones
Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry
2014.05.07 | Press Release
Kingston Assigned Patent
Managing and identifying multiple memory storage devices
2014.05.06 | In Brief
History of Storage From Punch Card to Cloud Storage
By Backupify
2014.05.05 | In Brief
CMS Products Assigned Two Patents
Methodology for cloning larger to smaller system drive
2014.05.05 | Press Release
sTec (WD/HGST) Assigned Two Patents
Storage system with primary and secondary compression engines, dynamic data for wear leveling in SSDs
2014.05.02 | In Brief