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Ten Companies Visited by 19th IT Press Tour
Cloudian, Datrium, E8 Storage, Hedvig, Kaminario, OpenIO, Portworx, SpringPath, Sysdig, Versity
2016.05.24 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Two Patents
Source storage device sending data to backup storage device for storage, write operation method and device for phase change memory
2016.05.24 | In Brief
Six-State Magnetic Memory
By researchers Yevgeniy Telepinsky et al., from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and New York University in USA
2016.05.19 | In Brief
Dropbox Assigned Three Patents
Preserving content item collection data across interfaces, application programming interfaces for data synchronization with online storage systems, content item templates
2016.04.29 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Four Patents
Hash table storage and search methods and devices, controller for managing array, recovering erroneous data, backing up method, device, and system for VM
2016.04.22 | In Brief
JMR: Line of Thunderbolt, File transfer, NAS, and Mac Pro Accessories
Demonstrated at NAB
2016.04.21 | Press Release
ZTE Assigned Two Patents
Serving node for backup and restoration, identifying storage device
2016.04.19 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Thirty Five Patents
Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size, ensuring health and compliance of devices, junction field-effect quantum dot memory switch, junction field-effect floating gate quantum dot memory switch, multi-user universal serial bus (USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions, multi-user universal serial bus USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions, disk image introspection for storage systems, quasi disk drive for testing disk interface performance, maximizing use of storage in data replication environment, maximizing use of storage in data replication environment, substitution of target volume of secondary storage controller, recovery of storage device in redundant array of independent disk or raid-like array, responding to maintenance free storage container security threat, dispersed storage network file system directory, file load times with dynamic storage usage, storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data, dynamic gain control for use with adaptive equalizers, optimizing storage allocation in virtual desktop environment, list range operation dispersed storage network frame, substitution of target volume of secondary storage controller, consistent data retrieval in multi-site computing infrastructure, dispersed storage unit and methods with metadata separation for use in dispersed storage system, Initializing memory system, identifying redundant data for disk image streaming, renderable content partitioning and portability, computer system for manufacturing physical medium configured to store data, encrypting and decrypting virtual disc, dynamic reconfiguration of storage system, storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data, caching rebuilt encoded data slices in dispersed storage network, storage and retrieval of dispersed storage network access information, enhanced reliability in deduplication technology over storage clouds, identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
2016.04.18 | In Brief
R&D: University of Washington Team With Microsoft Stores Digital Images in DNA and Retrieves Them Perfectly
Complete systems to encode, store and retrieve digital data using DNA molecules
2016.04.14 | In Brief
Technicolor Stores Hollywood History in Bottle
Containing few droplets of water - and one million copies of old movie encoded into DNA
2016.04.13 | In Brief
Concurrent Ventures Assigned Patent
Monitoring, controlling and improving storage media system performance
2016.04.01 | In Brief
McAfee Assigned Two Patents
Wireless storage device, securing memory and storage of electronic device with below-operating system security agent
2016.03.29 | In Brief
R&D: Nucleic Acid Memory
DNA surpasses information density and energy of operation offered by flash memory.
2016.03.25 | In Brief
Imation Assigned Three Patents
Logical-to-physical address translation for removable storage device, portable desktop device and method of host computer system hardware recognition and configuration, authentication system and method
2016.03.24 | In Brief
Joint Collaboration Between Seagate and Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association in Japan
To develop advanced optical interconnects for future exascale data centres
2016.03.23 | Press Release
Lenovo Assigned Patent
File transfer applications
2016.03.22 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Two Patents
Multi-fabric SAN based data migration, rule-based virtual address translation for accessing data
2016.03.18 | In Brief
R&D: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and MIT Achieve Controlled Movement of Skyrmions
Basis for utilization of skyrmions for application-related systems/magnetic vortices as data storage media of future
2016.03.17 | In Brief
GlobalFoundries Assigned Seven Patents
Implementing reinforcement learning based flash control, backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording, mechanism of supporting sub-communicator collectives, enhanced data caching and takeover of non-owned storage devices, synchronous mode replication to multiple clusters, optimizing storage utilization by modifying logical volume offset, resistive non-volatile memory
2016.03.16 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Three Patents
For virtualization environment: handling ownership transfer, architecture for managing I/O and storage, metadata for managing I/O and storage
2016.03.15 | In Brief
QLogic Assigned Five Patents
Communication between computing system and device, data integrity, intelligent storage adapter for SAN and local storage access, high speed multiple buffer allocation, remote cache direct data placement
2016.03.14 | In Brief
Nintendo Assigned Two Patents
Storage medium having stored thereon image display program, computer-readable storage medium recording information processing program
2016.03.14 | In Brief
Ennovar Institute at Wichita State University Institute Gains Partner for Students
IBM partnert Re-Store, focused on big storage solution
2016.03.07 | Press Release
NEC Assigned Two Patents
Device, preventing information leakage, information processing devices, and recording medium with regard to distributed file system
2016.03.04 | Press Release
Gula Consulting Assigned Patent
Assembly formed of nanotube arrays containing magnetic nanoparticles
2016.03.01 | In Brief
New SNIA Storage Foundations Certification Exam
Available at all Prometric testing centers
2016.02.23 | Press Release
Databarracks Develops Free BC Testing Tool for SMEs
Service provider tackles UK organization’s DR shortcomings.
2016.02.22 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Twenty One Patents
Full volume encryption devices in client hosted virtualization system, datastore for non-overwriting storage devices, information handling system swappable boot storage device, write spike performance enhancement in hybrid systems, supplemental storage tray for increasing capacity within information handling system, storage and retrieval of neighboring switch tokens, pro-active MPIO based rate limiting to avoid iSCSI network congestion/incast for clustered storage systems, storage device security system, intercept of UEFI block I/O protocol services for BIOS based HDD encryption support, storage optimization manager, restoring temporal locality in global and local de-dupe storage systems, network switching system using software-defined networking applications, user configuration of device names, mirroring virtual functions in chassis configured to receive plurality of modular information handling systems and plurality of modular information handling resources, accessing storage resources, storage device carrier system, thermal control of storage enclosure, dynamically detecting storage drive type, automatic failure recovery using snapshots and replicas, create resilient site master-key for automated access, backup objects on object storage platform
2016.02.15 | In Brief
Avago Assigned Six Patents
Leased lock in active-active high availability DAS systems, detecting media flaws, I/O request shipping in storage system with multiple storage, update systems responsive to ongoing processing at storage system, multi-head balancing in storage device, fault detection and identification in multi-initiator system
2016.02.12 | In Brief
Fujitsu Assigned Seventeen Patents
Storage device, connection device, and storage control, storage system and controlling storage system, control method and system, storage pool-type storage system, storage device, computer-readable recording medium, storage apparatus, controller module, file management , file management system, storage device, error processing, recording medium storing recovery program, library, information storage device, storage system and method for controlling storage system, power consumption control on identified unused storage unit, data managing method, and recording medium of program, data storage apparatus and method for storing data, storage-medium diagnosis device, virtual tape device and control method of virtual tape device
2016.02.11 | In Brief
Crossroads Announces Decisions in Inter Partes Review Proceedings Challenges
Concerning storage router and method for providing virtual local storage patents
2016.02.05 | Press Release
Flash Forward, New Conference and Expo on Flash and SSD
On June 14 in London, UK
2016.02.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Sony Assigned Eleven Patents
Storage control, storage controlling, magnetic storage element and magnetic memory, storage cell, storage device, and magnetic head, storage device and system, storage device and system Storage control, storage element and memory, selecting region of nonvolatile memory, security chip, non-volatile memory system with power reduction mechanism, storage control device
2016.02.04 | In Brief
DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery Relief to East Coast Victims of Record-Breaking Blizzard
$300 off services to aid those affected by winter storm Jonas
2016.02.02 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Ten Patents
Compute and storage provisioning in cloud environment, SAN, in-band LUN provisioning in data center network environment, scaling number of virtual links in FC forwarder device, increasing IP6 version host table scalability in top of rack switches for data center deployments, data processing using compression, linked lists and de-dupe techniques, secure escrow and recovery of media device content keys, encryption key management for SAN devices, mirroring mechanisms for SANs and network based virtualization, distribution of SAN encryption keys across data center
2016.02.02 | In Brief
New State of Matter Holds Promise for Ultracompact Storage and Processing
According to team of scientists at Berkeley
2016.02.01 | Press Release
EMC Assigned Fourteen Patents
File server system having tiered storage including SSD primary storage and HDD secondary storage, securely erasing cache, virtual appliance deployment, de-dupe in virtualized storage environment, seeding replication, integrated search for shared storage, caching data, managing R/W locks for multiple CPU cores for efficient access to storage array resources, recovery of complex assets in distributed information processing system, decommissioning virtual appliances, native storage data collection using multiple data collection plug-ins installed in component separate from data sources of one or more SANs, offloading encryption to client, snapshot data management for modeling and migration planning of storage, file indexing using exclusion list of de-dupe cache system of storage system
2016.02.01 | In Brief
Entegris Assigned Two Patents
Antimony and germanium complexes useful for CVD/ALD of metal thin films, germanium antimony telluride materials and devices incorporating same
2016.02.01 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Thirty-Two Patents
Offline annotation of future accesses for improving performance of backup storage system, packing and storing cached data in deduplicated cache system of storage system, combined memory and storage tiering, perform instant restore of physical machines, generic process for determining child to parent inheritance for fast provisioned or linked clone virtual machines, predicting single-disk failures, determining optimal time period for data movement from source storage to target storage, cluster storage using subsegmenting for efficient storage, policy based over sampling with replacement, storage system polling reduction, flash cache management, key management in full disk and file-level encryption, data migration techniques, managing provisioning of storage in storage systems, Fast-zeroing in file system, cluster file system comprising storage server units each having scale-out network attached storage cluster, file based incremental block backup from user mode, event/alert enrichment, automatic data padding, processing data storage system configuration information, lightweight appliance for content storage, rolling upgrades of data traits, intelligent configuration for snapshot based backups, dynamic path-selection for improving I/O performance in virtual provisioned storage arrays with data striping, sharing encryption-related metadata between host and external intermediate device, associated object properties, efficient file-based backups by reverse mapping changed sectors/blocks on NTFS volume to files, cataloging storage arrays, elastic provisioning, efficient file browsing using key value databases for virtual backups, power-saving mechanisms for dynamic mirror service policy, secure and anonymous distributed authentication
2016.01.28 | In Brief
HGST Assigned Thirteen Patents
Atomic write-in-place for HDDs, air bearing surface design with extreme particle trapping holes for improving HDD particle robustnes, error correction with on-demand parity sectors in magnetic storage devices, setting operating parameters for memory cells based on wordline address and cycle information, power arbitration for storage devices, testing data storage systems utilizing micro-transitions, storage of data reference blocks and deltas in different storage devices, intra-zone wear leveling for HAMR-SMR, HAMR-SMR type storage devices, dampers for actuator assembly of HDD, far field interference mitigation by relative frequency ordering, patterned magnetic storage medium, soft information module, inter-cell interference algorithms for soft decoding of LDPC codes
2016.01.26 | In Brief
Nexenta and San Jose State University Partner
To develop research and workforce for contextual intelligence era
2016.01.25 | Press Release
NxGn Data Awarded by National Science Foundation for Storage Analytics
Small Business Innovation Research Grant Phase 1
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Offers Data Recovery Discount for Storage Devices Affected by Storms
In US Midwest and South through February 2016
2016.01.14 | Press Release
F5 Networks Assigned Patent
Storage importing and devices thereof
2016.01.12 | In Brief
Marquette University Assigned Patent
Low-field magnetic domain wall injection pad and high-density storage wire
2016.01.06 | In Brief
Google Assigned Fourteen Patents
Searching and tagging media storage with knowledge database, virtual machine memory management, single-sided distributed cache system, hierarchical chunking of objects in distributed storage system, accessing objects in hosted storage, load balancing and content preservation, load balancing and content preservation Adaptive and prioritized replication scheduling in storage clusters, client token storage for cross-site request forgery protection, organizing data in distributed storage system, serving encrypted and plain data from low latency non-volatile memory, using virtual to physical map for direct user space communication with data storage device, bandwidth throttling of virtual disks, determining updates for files based on organization of files on different blocks of storage device, live migration of data store to encrypted form
2016.01.05 | In Brief
Wistron Assigned Patent
Data storage module
2016.01.05 | In Brief
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by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2015.12.31 | News
Oracle Assigned Nine Patents
Providing fairness in task servicing, transport agnostic sequential drive recovery with mode data snooping, module self-discovery in storage library, file load balancing in N-level directory tree of storage system, buckling mechanism for tape drive loader, hybrid binary XML storage model for efficient XML processing, data storage system and data access request, magazine drop-out for robotic gripper, reduced disk space standby
2015.12.28 | In Brief
SP/Silicon Power Adding Complete Lineup of Apple Storage Devices
USB flash drives, expansion cards, portable HDDs and external SSDs
2015.12.25 | Press Release