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Seagate Assigned Four Patents
Media asperity detection, disk head, command payload transfers block of security, non-volatile resistive sense memory on-chip cache
2014.04.18 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Six Patents
Multi-zone servo processor, logical block address de-allocation, dynamic resource allocation, write signal compensation for magnetization polarity of adjacent bits, storage system data hardening
2014.04.17 | In Brief
HP Assigned Seven Patents
Parallel recovery plan, managing storage, transmission of support information from storage apparatus, communication between computer and storage, nonvolatile memory, servo pattern read-back signal processing,
2014.04.16 | In Brief
European Court of Justice Declared Directive on Storage Null and Void
Deutsche Telekom welcomes decision on data privacy policy.
2014.04.14 | Press Release
14 Companies Visited by IT Press Tour in June in California
Including Alteryx, Infinio, MuleSoft, PernixData, Scality, SolidFire, StorPool, Tegile, Ubeeko, Your File System
2014.04.14 | Press Release
Special NAB 2014: Attracting 67 Storage Companies
All the news today in relation with this event
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Two Patents
Configuring enterprise information handling system storage solutions, reserved solid state nonvolatile memory storage capacity for system reduced power state
2014.04.07 | In Brief
Apple Assigned Three Patents
Managing peak power in memory storage array, storage in analog memory cells, multi-die memory system
2014.04.04 | In Brief
Hadoop en passe de détrôner le datawarehouse traditionnel French
Chronique de Romain Chaumais, co-fondateur d'Ysance
2014.03.31 | Press Release
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Managing storage, management of cached object mapping information corresponding to distributed storage system
2014.03.21 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Four Patents
All of them on storage systems
2014.03.20 | In Brief
SPECIAL REPORT on CeBIT 2014: Still Struggles
210,000 visitors, down 75,000 from last year
2014.03.19 | News
EMC Assigned Nine Patents
Storage system, virtualization, RAID, de-dupe, metadata cache
2014.03.19 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Four Patents
Storage system and method for calibrating same, striping rows of data across logical units of storage with affinity for columns, standby storage system to detect health of cluster of storage servers, processor-bus-connected flash storage paging device
2014.03.14 | Press Release
Imation Assigned Three Patents
WORM mode and anti-virus on removable storage, scanning data for signatures prior to storage
2014.03.13 | In Brief
Google Assigned Three Patents
Partitioning flash memory storage device, nested coding techniques for storage, cloud-based file storage service
2014.03.06 | In Brief
Who Owns Web Site?
Not a data storage company
2014.02.28 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Twenty Patents
Storage system, storage assembly with diamond like carbon antireflective layer, power savings in storage virtualization system, failures in flash-based storage system, securing data, defragmentation, data reduction, hybrid storage cluster, encryption, etc.
2014.02.27 | In Brief
Most Power Consumed by Mobile Storage From Software
University of California, San Diego, and Microsoft paper
2014.02.24 | In Brief
Western Digital Assigned Nine Patents
Storage device tester, SSD, HDD, hybrid drive, storage device overlapping host data transfer
2014.02.19 | Press Release
Intel Assigned Three Patents
Dynamically switching command types to storage drive, interface for storage device access over memory bus, non-volatile memory storage system
2014.02.17 | In Brief
Micron Assigned Two Patents
Forming NAND unit cells, hierarchical memory architecture
2014.02.14 | In Brief
Inktank University Lauched
To respond to demand from Ceph users at education
2014.02.13 | Press Release
HP Assigned Four Patents
Arrangement and processing of longitudinal position information, media cartridge handling apparatus, physical copy of data at remote storage device, securing access to HDD
2014.02.13 | In Brief
Dell Assigned Three Patents
Removable HDD, top accessible disk drive carrier for horizontally mounted HDD, heat indices for file systems and block storage
2014.02.07 | Press Release
Apple Assigned Two Patents
Managing storage, memory with multiple analog memory cells fabrication
2014.02.05 | Press Release
VMware Limits Storage Vendors’ Presence at VMware Partner Exchange Conference
Nutanix and Veeam asked to stay away
2014.02.03 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Five Patents
Reduced signal path count for interconnect signals, HAMR, caching data, tiering, clustered storage system
2014.01.29 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Fifteen Patents
Shared storage, data object, storage metrics, SSDs, cache, storage cluster, de-dupe, data migration, metadata, replication, etc.
2014.01.23 | In Brief
ACE Data Recovery Recovers Data Remotely
Via secure Internet connection
2014.01.21 | Press Release
Silver Peak Assigned Nine Patents
For optimizing WANs
2014.01.13 | Press Release
EMC Assigned Fifteen Patents
Storage performance, data object, storage system, efficient storage of non-searchable attributes, de-dupe, data preservation, storage array virtualization, CAS, etc.
2014.01.09 | In Brief
Google Assigned Five Patents
Storage device controlling multiple chips, with metadata command, having multiple removable memory boards, storing data in SSD, prioritized rate scheduler for storage system
2014.01.03 | In Brief
Happy New Year to Our 70,000+ Visitors ! wishes the very best for all of its readers.
2013.12.31 | News
Crazy Storage Innovations
At Kickstarter
2013.12.30 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Thirty Patents
Storage systems and software, migration, cartridge and library, cloud storage, security, SSD, high density medium
2013.12.20 | In Brief
Big Data Storage: What Went Wrong?
Is there any reconciliation on the horizon?
2013.12.13 | In Brief
Eni in Italy Unveils Petaflop HPC
With 5PB disk capacity
2013.12.05 | Press Release
Straight Talk About Primary Storage Snapshots and Traditional Backups
Book by ExaGrid CEO
2013.12.04 | Press Release
Books Most Durable Way to Store
Than HDDs and CDs
2013.11.28 | In Brief
Workflow of Storage
Managing and storing initial original content
2013.11.28 | Press Release
Data Recovery Labs ( Being Return Path Certified
For email correspondence with clients
2013.11.20 | Press Release
LSI Assigned Five Patents
Write head, interrupt scheduling and priority processing, flash memory, RAID, booting
2013.11.20 | In Brief
Exar Delivers Hardware-Accelerated Compression Solution
For Apache Hadoop
2013.11.14 | Press Release
Flat Attendance at SNW Europe: 1,642 Attendees Vs. 1,647 Last Year
Powering the Cloud, new name for next year
2013.11.13 | News
15 Storage Companies at Active Archive Alliance
7 new members within last year
2013.11.13 | Press Release
Seagate Assigned Nine Patents
Magnetic shield, carbon overcoat, encryption, heating element temperature oscillation, cell spin-torque magnetic RAM, vibration, heat source management, tribological monitoring, non-volatile write cache
2013.11.08 | In Brief
EMC Assigned 22 Patents
Caching, migration, file system, allocation, tiering, drive errors, workflow, polling, NAS, etc.
2013.11.07 | In Brief
HP Assigned Six Patents
HDD and removable solid state device, in-line arrangement of HDDs, expanding storage volume, library, storage service, data redundancy
2013.11.06 | In Brief
Apple Assigned Four Patents
Disk drive with state-information buffer, storage in analog memory cell arrays having erase failures, storage at M bits/cell density in N bits/cell analog memory cell devices, adaptive estimation of memory cell read thresholds
2013.11.04 | In Brief