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Russian Government Considering Delaying Data Localization Law
May givie businesses more time to comply.
2015.07.29 | In Brief
UT-Battelle Assigned Patent
Architecture for removable media USB-ARM
2015.07.27 | In Brief
Russian President Putin Proposes Postponing Personal Data Storage Law
On penalty that Internet companies would face
2015.07.15 | Press Release
La Fédération des Tiers de Confiance publie un guide de confidentialité des archives numériques French
Téléchargeable gratuitement
2015.07.14 | Press Release
World’s Smallest Hebrew Bible
No larger than a grain of sugar
2015.07.13 | Press Release
VMware VSAN Vs. Nutanix Pricing Comparison – Why Pay More?
By Chuck Hollis, chief strategist, storage and availability, VMware
2015.06.22 | Press Release
Nintendo Assigned Patent
Recording medium, information processing apparatus
2015.06.19 | In Brief
International Microsystems Assigned Patent
Multiple access test architecture for memory storage devices
2015.06.17 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Twenty-Three Patents
Tracking block ownership, providing storage services, discarding sensitive data from persistent point-in-time image, determining level of success of operations on abstraction of multiple logical data storage containers, replicating an expandable storage volume, single instance buffer cache, virtualized data storage in network computing environment, distributing capacity slices across storage system nodes, data storage within hybrid storage aggregate, logical block addresses with generation numbers as data fingerprints for network deduplication, metadata subsystem for distributed object store in network storage system, retention of active data stored in memory, class based storage allocation, providing unified storage system that supports file/object duality, identifying underutilized storage capacity, comparative load analysis in storage networks, computer program products providing feedback for network congestion management, small computer system interface input output referral, speculative copying of data from main buffer cache to solid-state secondary cache of storage server, simple scale-out storage clusters, snapshots and clones of volumes in storage system, centralized storage of storage system resource data using directory server, redundant memory system and associated method thereof
2015.06.16 | In Brief
DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery Relief
To victims of monumental Texas and Oklahoma flooding
2015.06.04 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twenty Patents
Optimizing file system for different applications in cluster, moving blocks of data, orphan storage release, analytics performance, tiering storage performance, demoting partial tracks from first to second cache, versioning in storage device, testing HDDs shared, clearing blocks of storage class memory, store storage class memory information command, unified cloud computing infrastructure, managing networked storage configuration, tape with random access data, skew error signal, hierarchical control of tiered error recovery, modifying information on hand writable physical medium, virtual machine rapid provisioning system, computing device having migrated virtual machine, testing internationalized software, performing background copy process
2015.06.02 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Two Patents
Reflecting bandwidth and priority in NAS I/O, storage tape analytics user interface
2015.06.01 | In Brief
Pi-Coral Patents Portfolio and Recent Patents Application Filed
Large scale storage, virtual access to network services, making intelligent data placement decisions in computer network, making optimal selections based on multiple objective and subjective criteria, storage translation layer
2015.05.22 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twenty Eight Patents
Simulating non-volatile memory in virtual distributed switches, bit error rate based wear leveling for SSD, archiving of past cluster binding information, automatic update of persistent boot parameter storage, system with transactional memory using millicode assists, optimized reclamation processing in VTL, space reclamation in multi-layered and thin provisioned storage systems, cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices, restoration data from backup storage volume, data placement for loss protection in storage system, memory system including spiral cache, determining server write activity levels, leveraging hybrid infrastructure for dynamic memory allocation and persistent file storage, managing read-only memory, schema to generate data transformation jobs, key encryption and decryption, write head, backward compatible head, data cleanup using physical image of files, transparent file system migration to new physical location, efficient allocation and reclamation of thin-provisioned storage, emulation of dynamic address translation with change record, global cache coherency in distributed shared caching, key storage and retrieval, hierarchical control of tiered error recovery for storage devices
2015.05.21 | In Brief
IBM Servers, Software and Solutions to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Computing
New Power Systems, Spectrum Storage, z Systems and big storage solutions
2015.05.20 | Press Release
LSI/Avago Assigned Seven Patents
Smart active-active high availability DAS systems, normalizing storage performance across plurality of logical volumes, server DAS shared through physical SAS expanders, storage controller, storage devices in side accessible drive sled, data addressing in storage device, synchronization mark detection for multi-dimensional magnetic recording
2015.05.19 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Distributed storage system with web services client interface, conditional storage object deletion
2015.05.14 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Two Patents
Information system, recording optical information in hologram
2015.05.13 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Five Patents
Optical media guiding method, bootstrapping server using configuration file stored in server-managed storage, R/W head with improved contact, horizontal pass-through for storage library, asynchronous media drive communications in library
2015.05.13 | In Brief
Summary of Innovations at EMC World 2015
Updates across XtremIO, VMAX3, VCE, VNX, Data Domain and data protection portfolio
2015.05.11 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Why Storage Matters to Scientists
Example at CERN
2015.05.08 | In Brief
Anisotropic Modulation of Magnetic Properties and Memory Effect in Wide-band (011)-Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3/PMN-PT
By researchers in China and Saudi Arabia
2015.05.05 | In Brief
100nm-Sized Magnetic Domain Reversal by Magneto-electric Effect in Self-assembled BiFeO3/CoFe2O4 Bilayer Films
Results suggest novel, low power, high-density MRAM and HDDs.
2015.05.04 | In Brief
Drexel University’s Materials Scientists Putting New Spin on Computing Memory
Authors able to resolve small changes in atomic structure and chemistry at nearly picometer scale
2015.04.29 | Press Release
Thomson Licensing Assigned Patent
Storage based on fibers
2015.04.23 | In Brief
Réinventer la mémoire de nos ordinateurs en s’inspirant du cerveau French
Pour concevoir une mémoire informatique plus rapide et moins énergivore
2015.04.20 | Press Release
Seven Storage Companies Visited by 15th IT Press Tour in June
Catalogic Software, DDN, Hedvig, Micron, NexGen Storage, Pure Storage and Rozo Systems
2015.04.13 | Press Release
EMC Assigned Eighteen Patents
Securing centralized metadata distributed file system, scalable and secure high-level storage access for cloud computing platforms, compliance testing, providing multi-tenancy within storage apparatus, clones in CDPn, providing service-provider-specific support link data to client in storage context, managing logical views of directories, replicating the punch command, accessing image in CDP using de-duple, decision tree classification for big data, protected resource access control utilizing intermediate values of hash chain, direct memory access through virtual switch in device driver, crash consistency, migration with source device reuse, global memory as NVRAM for guest OSs, storing data in RAIDs, transfer storage device features
2015.04.13 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Patent
Media storage and reader
2015.04.08 | In Brief
Renesas Assigned Patent
Information storage device and test method
2015.04.08 | In Brief
Qualcomm Assigned Patent
Magnetic tunnel junction storage element
2015.04.07 | In Brief
Marvell Assigned Patent
Increased pull-in range of timing recovery circuit for storage devices
2015.04.02 | In Brief
SafeToGo: How Safe is Your Data?
Preventing data from loss or falling into wrong hands
2015.03.31 | Press Release
Hitachi Assigned Five Patents
Storage control apparatus, control method of storage, data migration, storage apparatus, assigning storage area
2015.03.31 | In Brief
MapR: Free Hadoop On-Demand Training Exceeds 10,000 Registrants
In first month
2015.03.26 | Press Release
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Assigned Patent
Non-indexed in-memory data storage and retrieval
2015.03.26 | In Brief
Nano Piano’s Lullaby Could Mean Storage
Research from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015.03.20 | In Brief
Omniplug Assigned Patent
Synchronisation to automate content adaptation and transfer between storage devices and content servers
2015.03.20 | In Brief
Magnetic Bubblecade Memory Based on Chiral Domain Walls
With two-dimensional data storage capability
2015.03.19 | In Brief
Backblaze Has 150PBs of Customer Data Stored
On 44,100 HDDs
2015.03.16 | Press Release
Control Magnetism by Electric Fields
Electrical manipulation of magnetism and magnetic properties
2015.03.13 | In Brief
Thomson Licensing Assigned Three Patents
Determining quality of storage system, archiving amage, producing security mark on optical data carrier
2015.03.09 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Two Patents
Tape guide roller with serpentine flanges, cooperative storage management
2015.03.06 | In Brief
Sony Assigned Two Patents
Storage element and memory device, optical disc drive with carrying roller
2015.03.04 | In Brief
Address Data Protection Concerns, Said Attix5
Following server crash at Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
2015.03.02 | Press Release
Imation Assigned Two Patents
Secure removable drive system, magnetic media servo writing
2015.03.02 | In Brief
Preservation of Data on DNA
For 2,000 years
2015.02.27 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Eleven Patents
Storage medium, non-volatile semiconductor memory, adjusting linear recording density and HDD, MRAM, memory system with flush processing from volatile memory, generating write data and readout data, semiconductor memory device, HDD and touchdown determination
2015.02.27 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Twenty Nine Patents
Security, storage system, caching, object storage, USB, backup, replication, tape, HDD, NAND, etc.
2015.02.26 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Two Patents
Snapshots storage device failure events, computer program products providing change logging in de-dupe
2015.02.23 | In Brief