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Worst Data Disasters From 2014 – Kroll Ontrack
≠7 Dog mistook USB key for chew toy
2014.11.21 | Press Release
96% of US Institutions Are Likely to Adopt Software-Defined Storage – Maxta/Intel/451 Research
And 82% hyper-converged infrastructure
2014.11.20 | Press Release
HP StoreOnce 6500 Best-in-Class De-Dupe Backup Appliance – DCIG
Followed by Quantum DXi6900 and NEC Hydrastor
2014.11.19 | Press Release
3Q14 WW Personal and Entry Level Storage Market Up by 4.8% Y/Y – IDC
19 million units shipped
2014.11.18 | Press Release
The Top 10 Cluster Availability Risks – Continuity Software
#1 incomplete storage access by cluster nodes
2014.11.17 | Press Release
8.6ZB of Data Center Traffic Predicted for 2018 – Cisco
53% of all residential Internet users to use personal cloud storage, averaging 811MB/month
2014.11.14 | Press Release
Backup is Critical, but Incomplete – Axcient/Dimensional Research
Survey of IT recovery for SMBs
2014.11.13 | Press Release
Seagate Winner in HDD Shipped Growth From 2Q14 to 3Q14 – Trendfocus
WD continuing to be number one in global market
2014.11.11 | Press Release
Red Hat Leader in Scale-Out Object Software, EMC in Systems – IT Brand Pulse
And Penguin in compute project storage
2014.11.10 | Press Release
26% of Disk Space Dead in vSphere Environments
Datacenter Insights Report by CloudPhysics
2014.11.07 | Press Release
Differentiating Between BC and DR
By Petrus Human, group technical director, Attix5
2014.11.05 | Press Release
LTO Cartridge Market Down 6% Q/Q at 4.8 Million Units in 2Q14 – SCCG
Lower figure expected for 3Q14
2014.11.04 | Press Release
423 Million HDDs to Be Shipped in 2014 – Tom Coughlin
147 million in 3Q14, up 6% from 2Q14
2014.11.04 | In Brief
False Perceptions About Source-Based De-Dupe During Backup
By Christin Maillard, Synerway founder
2014.11.04 | Press Release
EMC Leads Scale-Out Object Storage Systems – IT Brand Pulse
Red Hat followed by Scality and Cleversafe in scale-out object storage software
2014.11.03 | Press Release
Nanotechnology to Create Next-Gen Holograms for Storage
By researchers from University of Cambridge
2014.10.28 | Press Release
Security Primary Obstacle to Adopting Cloud Storage for Archiving
Irish survey of Savenet with Waterford Technologies
2014.10.28 | Press Release
58% of Organizations Building Hybrid Cloud – Avere
58% also plan on migrating some of their on-premises applications to cloud within next two years
2014.10.28 | Press Release
140 UK Government Departments Bought 11,439TB Extra Storage in 2013 – Freedom of Information Act
Equaling average of £1,213/TB
2014.10.28 | Press Release
What’s Lurking in Your Virtualized Data Center
By Krishna Raj Raja, CloudPhysics
2014.10.28 | Press Release
One in Four SMBs Keeps VM Backups and Replicas Onsite – Nakivo
One third do not verify backups for recoverability
2014.10.28 | Press Release
MapR Customers Achieve 5X ROI
Survey from TechValidate
2014.10.20 | Press Release
8% CAGR From 2013 to 2018 for Flash Memory Market – ReportBuyer
Was at $30 billion in 2013.
2014.10.17 | Press Release
WW File Synchronization and Sharing Market Growing to $2.3 Billion by 2018 at 23% CAGR – IDC
Apple, Box, Citrix, Dropbox, Microsoft top vendors
2014.10.16 | Press Release
India External HDD Shipments at 1.6 Million Units for Year Ending June 2014 – 6Wresearch
Seagate continues to dominate market followed by WD.
2014.10.15 | Press Release
Cloud et nouvelles pratiques changent la donne pour le stockage et la sauvegarde – Markess French
Marché français estimé à 210 millions d'euros en 2014
2014.10.13 | Press Release
External Storage Market Recovers in 2Q14 for Central and Eastern Europe – IDC
In spite of slump in midrange segment
2014.10.10 | Press Release
Fast Nano-Scale Storage Brought by Australian RMIT University
Using technology that mimics human brain to replace flash, SSD and DRAM
2014.10.09 | Press Release
6.3 Million Personal and Entry Level Storage Devices Shipped in 2Q14 in EMEA – IDC
Down by 1.4% Y/Y
2014.10.08 | Press Release
EMEA Integrated Infrastructure and Platform Revenue Grows 51% Y/Y in 2Q14 – IDC
Generated 225PB of new capacity during quarter, up 84% Y/Y
2014.10.06 | Press Release
WW SAN FC Switch and Adapter Equipment Market Totaled $593 Million in 2Q14
0.2% increase from 1Q14, 4% decrease from 2Q13
2014.10.06 | Press Release
Gartner Debunks Five of Biggest Data Myths
No.1: everyone is ahead of us in adopting big data
2014.10.03 | Press Release
2014 Market Brand Leaders for Enterprise Backup – IT Brand Pulse
EMC, Symantec and CommVault
2014.10.02 | Press Release
Western European Big Data and Services to Grow by 25% CAGR by 2018 – IDC
Storage largest part on infrastructure side
2014.10.02 | Press Release
WW Integrated Infrastructure Sales Grew 59% Y/Y in 2Q14 – IDC
VCE, Cisco/NetApp and EMC top three vendors
2014.09.29 | Press Release
86% of Data Center Decision Makers Believe All Data Has Value – HGST
If organization able to store, access and analyze them
2014.09.23 | Press Release
WW Backup Appliance Revenue Increases 8.5% in 2Q14 – IDC
Barracuda top 5 with faster growth, as in 1Q14
2014.09.22 | Press Release
WW Big Data Market Expected to Grow to $41.5 Billion in 2018 – IDC
26% CAGR from 2013, but hype to be tempering down
2014.09.19 | Press Release
Less Than Half of European Enterprises Ready for Cloud – IDC
56% cannot find qualified staff to support cloud projects
2014.09.19 | Press Release
73% of Organizations Invested or Plan to Invest in Big Data in Next Two Years – Gartner
24% have no plan.
2014.09.18 | Press Release
DR as a Service Market Poised to $5.8 Billion by 2018 – Markets and Markets
55% CAGR from 2013 to 2018
2014.09.18 | Press Release
Tape Cartridge Sales Represent $132 Million in 2Q14 – Santa Clara Consulting Group
Down 8% from 1Q14 and worst 3Q14 expected
2014.09.16 | Press Release
3Q14 HDD Shipments Looking Strong – Trendfocus
143 million units shipped expected vs. 138 million during former quarter
2014.09.15 | Press Release
EMEA External Disk System Market Up 2.6% Y/Y in 2Q14 – IDC
HP and IBM winners, EMC loser
2014.09.12 | Press Release
WW Storage Software Market Revenue Increased 6% From 2Q13 to 2Q14 – IDC
EMC, IBM, and Symantec top ranking suppliers
2014.09.11 | Press Release
Researchers at St. Olaf College Partnered With WD
To investigate underpinnings of friction at molecular and atomic level
2014.09.11 | Press Release
WW External Disk Systems Revenue Down in 2Q14, as in 1Q14 – IDC
Sales of all top vendors but HP decreasing
2014.09.05 | Press Release
DR as a Service Market Expected to Reach $5.7 Billion by 2018 – Markets and Markets
CAGR of 55% from 2013
2014.09.04 | Press Release
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays
Leaders are EMC, IBM and Pure Storage.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2014.09.02 | News
Market Share of SSD Suppliers in 2Q14 – Trendfocus
Samsung in front of SanDisk and Kingston, Toshiba fastest growing company
2014.08.26 | Press Release