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EMEA Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Market Down 12% Y/Y in 1Q17 – IDC
Capacity shipped increasing by only 5%
2017.06.27 | Press Release
NVMe Market at More Than $57 Billion by 2020 – G2M Research
When 60% of enterprise storage appliances will have NVMe bays.
2017.06.26 | Press Release
1Q17 Worldwide Converged Systems Revenue Increased 4.6% Y/Y at $2.67 Billion – IDC
90% integrated infrastructure and certified reference systems share for Dell, Cisco/Netpp and HPE
2017.06.23 | Press Release
NAND Vendors Put All Chips on TLC 3D NAND – Wikibon
3D XPoint not be adopted in volume.
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Magic Quadrant for DR-as-a-Service – Gartner
IBM, Sungard Availabilty Services, Infrascale, Recovery Point and iland leaders
2017.06.22 | Press Release
24 M&As in Storage Industry at Mid-Year 2017
Low historical figure but perfectly in phase with 2016 (48 for year)
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.06.21 | News
Infiniband Connects 36% of TOP500 179 HPC Systems
Mellanox EDR IB installations grew 2.5X in six months.
2017.06.21 | Press Release
Milestone: More than 100 Companies in All-Flash Subsystems
Now highly competitive market, 72% of all companies in USA
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.06.20 | News
1Q17 NAND Flash Revenue Dipped 0.4% Q/Q – DRAMeXchange
Undersupply continues to sway market.
2017.06.19 | Press Release
EMEA External Storage Market Declines for 9th Consecutive Quarter – IDC
But 107% Y/Y growth for all-flash arrays
2017.06.16 | Press Release
All-Flash Array Revenue Grew 48% Y/Y in 1Q17, Reaching $1.3 Billion – Dell’Oro
Market share: Dell EMC 29%, NetApp 21%, HPE 17%, Pure Storage 12%, IBM 7%
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Sector Roadmap: Object Storage for Enterprise Capacity-Driven Workloads – Gigaom Research
Disrupting vendors: HDS, Scality, EMC, Caringo, DDN, NetApp, RH Ceph, Cloudian, SwiftStack
2017.06.13 | Press Release
WW Enterprise Storage Market Down 0.5% Y/Y in 1Q17 at $9.2 Billion – IDC
All-flash arrays generated $1.4 billion, up 76% Y/Y.
2017.06.12 | Press Release
Modify Your Backup/Recovery Plan, Said Gartner
To improve data management and reduce costs
2017.06.09 | Press Release
120 Companies in Software-Defined Storage
Very active but fuzzy market segment
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.06.08 | News
IT Pros Vote 2017 AI and Cloud Brand Leaders
Leading in private and public cloud SSD storage: Dell EMC, NetApp, AWS and Pure Storage
2017.06.07 | Press Release
Storage Unicorn – Update: Private Storage Firms With $1 Billion Valuation
Nominees: Actifio, Datto, DDN Storage, Dropbox, Infinidat, Kaminario, Rubrik, Veritas
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.06.06 | News
Magneto Resistive RAM Market to Reach $4.80 Billion by 2025 – Grand View Research
To replace existing volatile memories such as DRAM and SRAM
2017.06.01 | Press Release
Infrastructure Appliance Buyer’s Guide – DCIG
Pivot3 Acuity X-Series, Dell EMC VxRail and XC6320-6, HPR SimpliVity OnmiCube CN5400/3400/2400, Nutanix NX recommended
2017.05.31 | Press Release
Survey on Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage – DataCore
SDS leads in top categories for 2017 spending; insights revealed about hyperconverged infrastructure, flash and other much-hyped technologies
2017.05.31 | Press Release
WW Semiconductor Revenue Grew 2.6% in 2016 – Gartner
Intel number one, Samsung number two, Qualcomm number three
2017.05.30 | Press Release
General Data Protection Regulation Survey – Guidance Software
Majority of US and UK companies behind schedule preparing for new regulation
2017.05.29 | Press Release
Three European Storage Services Vendors Named as IDC Innovators
Ctera Networks, StorPool and Quobyte
2017.05.29 | Press Release
75% of UK Adults Concerned About Protection Of Personal Data
UKCloud Health/ComRes research reveals.
2017.05.29 | Press Release
Five Disruptive Private Vendors in Storage Technologies for 2017 by Gartner
Cohesity, Elastifile, Igneous, Komprise and Portworx
2017.05.25 | Press Release
Small Increase in Storage Investment in India – Gartner
$352 million in 2017, up 1.5% from 2016
2017.05.23 | Press Release
Top 3 Trends Impacting SAS SSD Market – Technavio
Emergence of 3D NAND, consolidation of data centers, ASP reduction of NAND flash
2017.05.22 | Press Release
Market of Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays – TechTarget
54% of participants have hybrid installed, 43% all-flash.
2017.05.19 | Press Release
5% Quartely Decline of HDD and SSD Market in Q17 – Trendfocus
But rise 19% Y/Y.
2017.05.18 | Press Release
DR Number One Application IT Plans to Migrate to Cloud
Study conducted by Zetta
2017.05.16 | Press Release
Financial Impact of Data Loss for Business
By Kroll Ontrack
2017.05.16 | Press Release
2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage by Gartner
Vendor consolidation continues in storage and hyperconverged integrated system market, and more
2017.05.15 | Press Release
63% of Enterprise IT Pros Heading to Software-Defined Storage in Coming Year – Suse/Loudhouse
As storage is changing.
2017.05.10 | Press Release
Organizations Unprepared for 2018 European Data Protection Regulation
Gartner says there are 5 high-priority actions.
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Personal Data Held by Local Authorities for 3.5 Million UK People Not Protected by DR Plan
Research published by FalconStor
2017.05.09 | Press Release
IT Pros Networking and Scale-Out Storage Brand Leaders – IT Brand Pulse
Cisco in four products, Dell EMC for two, Arista, Citrix, HPE, Intel, NetApp and Red Hat also named
2017.05.08 | Press Release
Small/Midsize Enterprise All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide – DCIG
Tegile, Dell EMC Unity, Fujitsu, Kaminario, NEC, Pivot3 and Pure Storage FlashArray/m50 recommended
2017.05.05 | Press Release
DR Number One Application IT Plans to Migrate to Cloud
Zetta survey
2017.05.04 | Press Release
3D NAND to Account for 50% of Total NAND Flash Bit Output in 3Q17 – DRAMeXchange
Makes up over half of Samsung and Micron NAND flash bit outputs.
2017.05.02 | Press Release
82% of Enterprises Facing Gap Between User Demand and What IT Can Deliver – Veeam/ESG Survey
Unplanned downtime cost enterprises average of $21.8 million each per year, up 36% Y/Y
2017.05.02 | Press Release
All-Flash, All-Disk or Hybrid?
Flash insights and revelations from 1,000 storage users by ActualTech Media and HPE
2017.05.01 | Press Release
Pricing Pressures on Object Storage – 451 Research
But margins still healthy for providers
2017.05.01 | Press Release
Nutanix, HPE, Cisco, NetApp and Dell EMC With Top Customer Ratings for Converged Infrastructure – 451 Research
Vendors that differentiate on services and support will win.
2017.04.28 | Press Release
Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers – Forrester Wave
Leaders: Sungard AS, Bluelock, IBM and iland
2017.04.26 | Press Release
55% of Organizations Using Hybrid Storage Systems, 2% Entirely All-Flash Data Center
2017 State of Storage in Virtualization report by ActualTech Media and Tegile
2017.04.24 | Press Release
WW IT Infrastructure for Public Cloud Deployments Up 15% Y/Y in 2017 – IDC
To $42 billion
2017.04.17 | Press Release
Preliminary 1CQ17 HDD Results: 98.5 to 100 Million Units Shipped – Trendfocus
Impacted by seasonality, figures down quarterly between 10% and 12%
2017.04.11 | Press Release
WW Cloud IT Infrastructure Spend Grew 9% to $33 Billion in 2016 – IDC
Top vendors: Dell, HE/New HC3 Group, Cisco, Huawei, Lenovo, IBM and NetApp
2017.04.10 | Press Release
India External Storage Market Growing 17.5% Q/Q in 4Q16
At $78 million, and Dell EMC continued to lead with 27% market share followed by HPE
2017.04.06 | Press Release
Total WW Data to Reach 163ZB by 2025
Ten times more than today
2017.04.05 | Press Release