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Mellanox ConnectX-4 Adapter, 100Gb IB Interconnect Solution
Doubling throughput of previous generation
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Atto Showcases Fast Storage Controller
For HPC, clustered and virtualized environments
2014.11.20 | Press Release
FTDI Chip USB 3.0 Interface Solution in Low Pin Count Package
In low pin count package
2014.11.20 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Patent
Cache storage optimization in cache network
2014.11.13 | In Brief
Emulex ExpressConfig Solutions With Canonical, HP, Mirantis, Red Hat and Quanta
For OpenStack core networks
2014.11.12 | Press Release
USB 3.1 IP Solution Enabling 10Gb/s Transfer Speed
"A first", claimed Synopsys
2014.11.04 | Press Release
Atto Completes Portfolio Support for Mac OS X Yosemite
With adapters
2014.10.31 | Press Release
SerialTek Delivers Portable Analyzer Supporting PCIe 3.0
Provides capture, analysis and insight of traffic at all layers.
2014.10.30 | Press Release
Intel Assigned Patent
Driver scheduling I/O servicing according to priority of identified process
2014.10.24 | In Brief
Brocade Advances Replication and DR Capabilities With New Switch
For remote data centers
2014.10.22 | Press Release
IBM SAN24B-5 16Gb 1U Switch With 24 Ports
From Emulex
2014.10.15 | Press Release
Apple Assigned Patent
Peer-to-peer file transfer between computers and storage devices
2014.10.15 | In Brief
70 QLogic 10GbE and 16Gb FC I/O Connectivity Solutions Deployed for Servers
Based on Xeon processor family
2014.10.10 | Press Release
Xerox Assigned Patent
Network access to storage devices connected to multi-function devices
2014.10.08 | In Brief
Molex Showcases Sealed Industrial USB Solutions
New USB 3.0 panel-mount receptacles
2014.10.06 | Press Release
Exar: USB to Serial Bridge Devices for Industrial Applications
XR21B142x family with 1, 2, and 4 UART channels
2014.10.01 | Press Release
Cypress Assigned Patent
USB secure storage
2014.09.29 | In Brief
Broadcom Assigned Patent

2014.09.24 | In Brief
PMC Delivering 16-port 12Gb SAS and 6Gb SATA Controllers
Capable of 1,000,000 I/Os
2014.09.23 | Press Release
A3cube Fortissimo Foundation for High-Performance Hyper-Convergence
Scale out system approach for unstructured and big data application
2014.09.22 | Press Release
FCIA Collaborating With NVM Express
To define standard for fabric-based solid-state storage devices
2014.09.22 | Press Release
Cypress Showing SuperSpeed Explorer Kit to Accelerate USB 3.0 Designs
At $49
2014.09.15 | Press Release
NVM Express Over Fabrics
Specification revision 1.2 approaching ratification
2014.09.08 | Press Release
PMC/Adaptec With 12Gb SAS Expander Card
24 ports of HDD and SSD connectivity
2014.09.04 | Press Release
FTDI Chip in Collaboration With MCCI
Resulting in TrueTask USB, embedded USB host stack designed for FTDI Chip FT900 products
2014.09.03 | Press Release
From Bridgeworks, 40GbE iSCSI to FC Storage Gateway
To sweat FC environment while reaping benefits of iSCSI in VMware environment
2014.09.03 | Press Release
Atto to Launch FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller
4 microseconds latency, aggregating up to 1.4PB of storage
2014.08.29 | Press Release
FCIA Enhances Standard for Converged Data Center Storage Networks
To technologies such as FCoE
2014.08.25 | Press Release
China’s Hiconn Electronics Unveils Cheap USB Hub and Card Readers
Up to 30% off until August 10
2014.08.07 | Press Release
Next-Gen Cisco SANing
16Gb FC MDS 9148S multilayer fabric switch, MDS 9706 director, MDS 9700 FCoE module
2014.08.06 | Press Release
Mellanox Expands LinkXFamily With Colored Cables
Supporting speeds of 10, 40 and 56Gb/s for Ethernet and IB
2014.08.01 | Press Release
Have You Heard About 40Gb FC?
By J Michel Metz, Cisco, FCIA board's director
2014.07.22 | Press Release
Thecus C10GTR 10GbE NIC
To upgrade NAS
2014.07.18 | Press Release
Test Solution for USB 3.1 Receivers From Agilent
Starts at $122,200 for one-channel.
2014.07.16 | Press Release
Addonics Internal GigaNAS Adapter ($95)
To share content on HDD or flash drive over LAN or WAN and build NAS or private cloud storage
2014.07.07 | Press Release
PLX/Avago Assigned Patent
Transfer of commands and storage data to storage device
2014.07.04 | In Brief
Smartoptics FC Distance Extension Solutions Approved by EMC
Following lab testing
2014.07.02 | Press Release
First 100Gb/s EDR IB Switch From Mellanox
36 ports, providing 7.2Tb/s of switching capacity
2014.07.01 | Press Release
IB in 222 Systems of Top500 HPCs or 44% of Them
Reports Mellanox.
2014.06.30 | Press Release
PLDA and GUC With PCIe Controller and PHY Combination
Optimized for storage applications
2014.06.25 | Press Release
Molex iPass+ High-Density Interconnect System
Transporting 12Gb SAS 3.0 in lengths up to 100 meters
2014.06.23 | Press Release
Storage Made Easy Adds CMIS Connector to Share and Sync Solution
Open standard allowing different content management systems to inter-operate over Internet
2014.06.20 | Press Release
Good Way Technology Showcased USB and Thunderbolt 2 Docking Solutions
Expected to go into production in Q3
2014.06.12 | Press Release
JMicron SSD Controllers
With new 10Gb USB 3.1
2014.06.10 | Press Release
PLX With USB-to-PCIe Consumer SSD Solution
For OEMs to connect small-form-factor SSDs in external enclosures
2014.06.09 | Press Release
Semtech Adds Low Power, Low Latency PCIe 3.0 PHY
To Snowbush IP platform for storage and server markets
2014.06.09 | Press Release
Aleratec Launches Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 ( $399)
To charge or sync content across ten devices
2014.06.06 | Press Release
New Interface for HDDs: SATA Express at PCIe Speed
Demontrated by WD
2014.06.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Cadence Offers Production Proven USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller IP
Originally developed by Fresco Logic
2014.06.02 | Press Release
Cisco MDS 9250i Multiservice Fabric Switch for IBM System Storage
Offers 16Gb FC and multiprotocol connectivity options.
2014.05.29 | Press Release