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Serial Cables: PCIe Gen 3 capable, x4 PCIe slot – SFF-8639 Adapter
2014.04.23 | Press Release
ClearCube Assigned Patent
Mass storage lockout for USB devices on extended USB system
2014.04.23 | In Brief
USB 3.0 Optical Cables Available at Corning
$237 for 20-meter cable
2014.04.22 | Press Release
$150 Rebate Program by Corning on Thunderbolt Optical Cables
With LaCie and Magma products
2014.04.08 | Press Release
Atto Presents Thunderbolt 2 External Desklink Devices
Portable adapter providing Thunderbolt 2 connectivity to 16Gb FC storage and SAN
2014.04.04 | Press Release
IHSE and Icron Demo Draco Tera Matrix Switch
Extending USB 3.0 signals through fiber extender with ExtremeUSB extension technology
2014.04.04 | Press Release
Netstor Upgrades Product Line to Thunderbolt 2
Doubling data throughput up to 20Gb/s
2014.03.27 | Press Release
Sonnet Shipping Quiet and Compact Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Expansion Chassis
2014.03.26 | Press Release
Small Tree in Thunderbolt 2 for Gigabit Connectivity Cards
ThunderNET2 TN2-10-2PF: 2 port 10GbE SFP+ to Thunderbolt 2 at $1,595
2014.03.26 | Press Release
PCIe Card Expansion Chassis With Thunderbolt 2 From Sonnet
Echo Express III-D, III-R, SE II
2014.03.25 | Press Release
Areca Reveals 12Gb SAS 24-Bays Expander Module
With LSI 36-port expander
2014.03.25 | Press Release
Toshiba Canvio Wireless Adapter ($80)
Adds wireless networking capabilities to any traditional external HDD.
2014.03.24 | Press Release
NVM Express Work Group Incorporates as NVM Express Organization
Developer of NVM Express spec for accessing SSDs on PCIe bus
2014.03.24 | Press Release
Cypress EZ-USB HX3 USB 3.0 Hub Controller Certified by USB Implementers Forum
For USB 5Gb/s standard
2014.03.21 | Press Release
Belkin Unveiling Secure USB Peripheral Switch
To share USB device on up to four computers
2014.03.14 | Press Release
Conduant Provides 1-Slot (4HP) Storage Resources to PXIe-Based Systems
With Big River DM-125-3U up to 2TB HDD or 512GB SSD, starts at $2,475
2014.03.13 | Press Release
Agilent M9037A PXIe Controller
12GB/s maximum bandwidth, $6,950 base price
2014.03.10 | Press Release
A3Cube Data Plane Encapsulated in NIC: Ronniee Express
Transforming storage networking to eliminate I/O performance gap between CPU power and data access performance for HPC, big data and data center
2014.03.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Brocade Assigned Patent
Securing networks, focusing on application in FC networks
2014.03.05 | In Brief
1.2GB/s UFS 2.0 To Dominate Mobile Storage Interface Within 3 Years
According to Universal Flash Storage Association
2014.03.04 | Press Release
Top 11 Reasons to Use Memory Channel Storage for SSDs – Diablo Technologies
Rather than PCIe
2014.03.04 | Press Release
Alacritech Assigned Patent
Intelligent network storage interface device
2014.03.04 | In Brief
Emulex Upgrades OneCore Storage SDK to 5.0
Target core module to simplify and accelerate development of I/O appliances
2014.03.03 | Press Release
USB 2.0 To SATA/IDE Adapters
By China's Hiconn Electronics
2014.03.03 | Press Release
Several SATA Cables Developed by SF Cable
Don't induce heat or block airflow when connected to disk drives.
2014.03.03 | Press Release
Marvell Adding SSD-Class eMMC Controller for Mobile Market
Maximum 280MB/s read and 5K+ random IO/s
2014.02.25 | Press Release
Fibre Channel Industry Association Develops 128Gb FC
New features for hyper-scale virtualization, SSD storage and new data center architectures
2014.02.18 | Press Release
Superior Performance for FC Vs. FCoE in SSD Environments
Reports Evaluator Group in project funded by Brocade.
2014.02.18 | Press Release
Brocade Qualification Program for SSD System Vendors
Along with support for 128Gb FC
2014.02.18 | Press Release
QLogic Supporting 32Gb FC
Expected in 2015
2014.02.18 | Press Release
New Riverbed Steelhead DX Edition 8000 Appliance
Accelerates backup and recovery.
2014.02.17 | Press Release
Major Transition for Data Center Switching in 2014 – Crehan Research
To 56Gb IB, 16Gb FC and 10GbE
2014.02.13 | Press Release
Three PLX ExpressLane Switches Passed PCI-SIG Compliance Tests
PCIe gen3 solutions developed on 40nm technology
2014.02.13 | Press Release
Brocade and Emulex Collaborate on 32Gb FC Solutions
For storage networking for virtualized data center
2014.02.07 | Press Release
FCI Presening Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cables
Backward compatible with 6Gb and 12Gb SAS
2014.02.07 | Press Release
ASMedia Demonstrates 10Gb/s USB 3.1 PHY
And said SSD with RAID will be ideal product that can leverage this bandwidth.
2014.02.05 | Press Release
Teledyne LeCroy: USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.1) Protocol Analyzer Exerciser Platform
Voyager M310 features T.A.P.3 probing technology for recording accuracy.
2014.02.04 | Press Release
PMC-Sierra Announcing Adaptec 24-Port RAID Adapter
Up to 6.6GB/s on sequential reads and 5.2GB/s on sequential writes
2014.02.03 | Press Release
LSI Contributes to Open Compute Project
Showing 12Gb SAS open vault storage enclosure and 1TB PCIe SSD card
2014.02.03 | Press Release
QLogic Adding 8Gb FC Mezzanine Adapter
For Open Compute Project
2014.02.03 | Press Release
Mellanox With 40GbE NIC
Based on Open Compute Project designs
2014.02.03 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Patent
Authenticating iSCSI initiator connected to FC SAN
2014.01.27 | In Brief
IBM Power Systems Feature Two LSI PCIe Gen3 SAS Adapters
To better support SSD and LTO drives
2014.01.21 | Press Release
OWC Mercury Helios 2 PCIe Thunderbolt 2 Expansion Chassis
Supporting up two wo PCIe cards, $480
2014.01.20 | Press Release
OWC Thunderbolt Cables Available in 10, 20 and 30 Meters
$319, $619 and $899, respectively
2014.01.16 | Press Release
Arasan: 64-Bit Compatible Interface IP for Mobile Storage
Support for SD, eMMC, ONFI and UFS controllers
2014.01.13 | Press Release
From Ellisys, USB Power Delivery Capabilities
On USB Explorer 350 protocol analyzer/generator
2014.01.01 | Press Release
Two Addonics Port Multipliers Supporting 6Gb SATA
Internal model at $70
2013.12.24 | Press Release
Pulse Electronics Reveals 4 High Speed I/O Connectors
SATA III, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt
2013.12.16 | Press Release
Next Generation USB 3.1 Connection Definition Underway
Smaller and reversible USB 3.1 connector like Apple Lightning
2013.12.11 | Press Release