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Brocade IP Storage Switch for EMC Connectrix
Pursuing longstanding OEM relationship
2015.02.19 | Press Release
Mellanox Assigned Patent
Direct memory access to storage devices
2015.02.17 | In Brief
PMC-Sierra Assigned Patent
Link negotiation enabling communication between SAS storage devices
2015.02.16 | In Brief
Avago Adding Two 12Gb SAS Syncro HA Shared Storage Solutions
For shared storage and enterprise data protection
2015.02.13 | Press Release
ClearCube Introduced Zero Client Models
With six USB 2.0 ports and DoD approved integrated smart card reader for classified networks
2015.02.11 | Press Release
Atto Expands 12Gb ExpressSAS HBA Line
Connecting up to 2,048 devices on single PCIe slot
2015.02.06 | Press Release
Introducing USB Type-C
USB for 21st century, handling 20Gb/s and 100W
2015.02.05 | In Brief
Tektronix Unveils USB 3.1 Compliance Test Solutions
Include Automated 10Gb transmitter, receiver testing, USB power delivery, USB type-C cable test.
2015.01.28 | Press Release
SMSC Assigned Patent
Software controlled power limiting in USB to SATA bridge
2015.01.28 | In Brief
LeCroy Voyager M310C USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System
Starting at $33,950
2015.01.27 | Press Release
QLogic Assigned Patent
Memory management
2015.01.26 | In Brief
Etron Technology Launches Three USB ICs
Integrates USB type-C switch and PD 2.0 function
2015.01.16 | Press Release
OWC: Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt2 Expansion Chassis
2015.01.12 | Press Release
Areca ARC-4607T2: Thunderbolt2 to 16Gb FC Adapter
For Mac Pro servers
2014.12.29 | Press Release
QLogic Supports OpenStack Platform for Enterprise and Cloud
For CNAs, FC adapters and NICs
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Optical Thunderbolt Cables Up to 60 Meters From Sonnet
Starting at $179
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Novodio Power’n Share, boîtier multimédia 4-en-1 chez MacWay (60€) French
Lecteur de cartes SD, SDHC et SDXC, USB 3.0, Ethernet, Wifi
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Avago: 12Gb SAS HBAs With 16 SAS+SATA 16 Ports
16 external or internal 12Gb SAS + SATA ports
2014.12.17 | Press Release
IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 Express Full Fabric Feature
Enables switch-to-switch connectivity over E_port.
2014.12.15 | Press Release
QLogic Backs NVMe Interface
For fabric-based non-volatile memory storage solutions
2014.12.12 | Press Release
Silicon Labs With PCIe Gen3 Fanout Buffers
For server and storage motherboard designs
2014.12.10 | Press Release
Argonne National Laboratory and DDN Researchers Moved 65TB in Under 100 Minutes From Louisiana to Ottawa
With help from Ciena, Brocade and International Center for Advanced Research
2014.12.09 | Press Release
Large Build Configurations of Storage Systems Using 12Gb SAS Interface
Tested at SCSI Trade Association Plugfest event
2014.12.09 | Press Release
IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2
Deliver SAN features and connectivity options with FC blades.
2014.12.02 | Press Release
IBM System Storage SAN42B-R Switch From Brocade
To replicate and backup large amounts of data over WAN
2014.12.01 | Press Release
OWC Thunderbolt2 Dock Supporting Connectivity for Up to 78 Devices
Pre-orders available at $249
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Mellanox ConnectX-4 Adapter, 100Gb IB Interconnect Solution
Doubling throughput of previous generation
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Atto Showcases Fast Storage Controller
For HPC, clustered and virtualized environments
2014.11.20 | Press Release
FTDI Chip USB 3.0 Interface Solution in Low Pin Count Package
In low pin count package
2014.11.20 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Patent
Cache storage optimization in cache network
2014.11.13 | In Brief
Emulex ExpressConfig Solutions With Canonical, HP, Mirantis, Red Hat and Quanta
For OpenStack core networks
2014.11.12 | Press Release
USB 3.1 IP Solution Enabling 10Gb/s Transfer Speed
"A first", claimed Synopsys
2014.11.04 | Press Release
Atto Completes Portfolio Support for Mac OS X Yosemite
With adapters
2014.10.31 | Press Release
SerialTek Delivers Portable Analyzer Supporting PCIe 3.0
Provides capture, analysis and insight of traffic at all layers.
2014.10.30 | Press Release
Intel Assigned Patent
Driver scheduling I/O servicing according to priority of identified process
2014.10.24 | In Brief
Brocade Advances Replication and DR Capabilities With New Switch
For remote data centers
2014.10.22 | Press Release
IBM SAN24B-5 16Gb 1U Switch With 24 Ports
From Emulex
2014.10.15 | Press Release
Apple Assigned Patent
Peer-to-peer file transfer between computers and storage devices
2014.10.15 | In Brief
70 QLogic 10GbE and 16Gb FC I/O Connectivity Solutions Deployed for Servers
Based on Xeon processor family
2014.10.10 | Press Release
Xerox Assigned Patent
Network access to storage devices connected to multi-function devices
2014.10.08 | In Brief
Molex Showcases Sealed Industrial USB Solutions
New USB 3.0 panel-mount receptacles
2014.10.06 | Press Release
Exar: USB to Serial Bridge Devices for Industrial Applications
XR21B142x family with 1, 2, and 4 UART channels
2014.10.01 | Press Release
Cypress Assigned Patent
USB secure storage
2014.09.29 | In Brief
Broadcom Assigned Patent

2014.09.24 | In Brief
PMC Delivering 16-port 12Gb SAS and 6Gb SATA Controllers
Capable of 1,000,000 I/Os
2014.09.23 | Press Release
A3cube Fortissimo Foundation for High-Performance Hyper-Convergence
Scale out system approach for unstructured and big data application
2014.09.22 | Press Release
FCIA Collaborating With NVM Express
To define standard for fabric-based solid-state storage devices
2014.09.22 | Press Release
Cypress Showing SuperSpeed Explorer Kit to Accelerate USB 3.0 Designs
At $49
2014.09.15 | Press Release
NVM Express Over Fabrics
Specification revision 1.2 approaching ratification
2014.09.08 | Press Release
PMC/Adaptec With 12Gb SAS Expander Card
24 ports of HDD and SSD connectivity
2014.09.04 | Press Release