New Cloud Storage Player: CloudLanes

Offering VTL in cloud
By Philippe Nicolas on 2016.10.13

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This article was written by Philippe Nicolas on his blog:

CloudLanes, a VTL in the cloud

CloudLanes, a new cloud storage player on Santa Clara, CA, is starting a new data protection offering structured around the cloud.

The company, co-founded by Asif Moinuddin who worked at Microsoft, NetApp and HP, started in January 2016 as a merger with SMS (Storage Migration Services), is developing a cloud-based data vaulting solutions connected to Microsoft Azure.

CloudLanes offers 2 software products - CL1000 and CL1500 - running as a VM guest on VMware ESX or Hyper-V, exposing a iSCSI VTL emulating an STK L80 tape library, 2,500 tapes cartridges of 400GB each, 8 LTO-6 drives and able to manage 1PB per instance. The difference between the second resides in the compliance capability of the second model with audit trails, tape import/export and encryption with AES-256.

Both flavors supports Microsoft DPM, Commvault, Veeam, Veritas NetBackup & Backup Exec, IBM Spectrum Protect and Dell Software NetVault.

This is interesting approach that doesn't need any changes for the backup software and could represent an good option for enterprise and/or Microsoft Azure customers.