IBM System Storage N7550T Controller

Offering enterprise FC, iSCSI, and NAS with gateway options
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IBM System Storage N7550T storage controllers include Model C20, an active/active dual-node base unit.

Model C20 is designed to provide fast data access, simultaneous multiprotocol support, expandability, upgradability, and low maintenance requirements. Model C20 can be configured as gateway.

New Model C20 is designed to provide:

  • Data availability and system-level redundancy to address the needs of business-critical and mission-critical applications
  • Single, integrated architecture designed to support concurrent block I/O and file serving over Ethernet and FC SAN infrastructures
  • High throughput and fast response times for database, email, and technical applications
  • Support for enterprise customers requiring unified access to NAS via FC or iSCSI
  • Attachment of FC, SAS, and SATA disk expansion units designed to allow deployment in multiple environments, including data retention, NearStore, disk-to-disk backup scenarios, and high-performance, mission-critical I/O intensive operations

N7550T supports EXN1000 SATA storage expansion units, EXN4000 FC storage expansion units, and EXN3000 series SAS/SATA expansion units. At least one storage expansion unit must be attached to the N series system.

Key prerequisites
The System Storage N series requires FC, NFS, CIFS, or iSCSI protocol function.

Planned availability date
June 7, 2013