Wisconsin Hospital Selects BridgeHead Software

Creates single, centrally managed and protected archive.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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BridgeHead Software Ltd announced
that Holy Family Memorial, provider of health care services in Manitowoc County, WI, has selected
BridgeHead's Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solution to create a single,
centrally managed and protected archive for all its systems.


The Holy Family Memorial archive, which includes a Vendor Neutral Archive
(VNA), will complement the existing BridgeHead MEDITECH backup and recovery

Holy Family Memorial will implement the
Healthcare Data Management solution in three stages:

  • PACS archiving:
    Following an upgrade to its AMICAS PACS, the hospital will
    install BridgeHead's file and DICOM archiving agents.
  • email archiving: BridgeHead's
    Exchange archiving agent will enable emails to be moved off the Exchange Server
    storage to reduce costs while enabling ediscovery and retention management.
  • Central virtual environment: The
    inherent backup capability in BridgeHead's HDM solution will protect the
    remainder of Holy Family's more than one hundred virtual enterprise application

Theron Pappas, PhD, client executive / director of MIS at CareTech Solutions, Inc. and Holy Family
Memorial, chose BridgeHead's HDM solution because it provides a single,
scalable approach to managing data protection for all its disparate systems, from
imaging to email to its application servers. Looking forward, Pappas plans to
expand his use of VNA to a DR solution with continuous, off-site network
backups as a replacement for manual, on-site tape backups.

HDM solution enables hospitals to increase
the quality of
care by harnessing all clinical
and administrative data, ensuring that it can

  • Stored efficiently, intelligently and at optimum cost;
  • Protected from misuse, corruption and loss; and
  • Shared between users, applications, departments or other hospitals, making
    vital patient information accessible to the people who need it.

"With our BridgeHead-powered VNA and
enterprise archive, Holy Family Memorial will be able to manage all of our
hospital data from one place with a unified approach,
" said
Pappas. "Because the BridgeHead
licensing model is based on the amount of data we backup, our costs will scale
proportionately as we grow and generate more data. We will also be able to more
accurately track our data growth rate, so we can predict our future storage
needs and costs.

"With a vendor neutral archive built
on the BridgeHead Healthcare Data Management platform, Holy Family Memorial is
adopting a modern, flexible and extensible approach to managing all its data,
said Mike Ball, PhD, BridgeHead software SVP, North America. "BridgeHead HDM also prepares Holy
Family to further enhance their data management systems with an equally
progressive DR system.