Email Archiving Market Champions According to Info-Tech Research

Proofpoint, Jatheon, CommVault and Barracuda
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Info-Tech Research Group recently released Email Archiving Vendor Landscape report names Proofpoint, Jatheon, CommVault and Barracuda Networks market Champions.


In 2011 the Email Archiving market was forced to pay attention to more than just emails after an increased use of social channels for external communications started to influence archiving in the workplace. Vendors are now expanding on their archival functions to include social conversations and more vendors offer cloud storage.

"This market has changed significantly over the past year, and many vendors are now evolving to accommodate archival of social conversations, as they continue to replace email conversations," said Tim Hickernell, lead research analyst, Info-Tech Research Group. "Email archiving isn't just about archiving emails anymore. Increasingly, vendors are also allowing for the archival of other things like social conversations and instant messaging. As social media becomes more commonplace in business, the need to archive and monitor these conversations will become increasingly necessary."

Info-Tech's research also noted an increase in secure cloud storage of archives.

"Email archiving has been around long enough that many organizations are working with very large archives, but are loathe to implement rules for purging older emails," Hickernell added. "This is opening opportunities for cheaper, cloud-based archives."

Ranking as a Champion in this report, CommVault offers a portfolio of data management and compliance products beyond email archiving. According to the report, CommVault is becoming appealing to the SMB market with recent pricing adjustments and a cloud offering. Servicing over 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, CommVault is seen as a great choice for organizations with holistic archiving goals.

Jatheon also received a Champion ranking in the report and received the Value Award. The relatively young company provides a platform at a competitive price point and has quickly become a strong competitor in the space. Jatheon specializes in email archiving, with an offering that includes 11 appliances.

Proofpoint ranks as a Champion in the report and offers a hybrid SaaS and appliance infrastructure, focusing on enterprises with over 4000 enterprise clients. Its DoubleBlind Encryption solution earned Proofpoint the Innovation Award in the report. This flexible solution is the only cloud solution that is FISMA certified.

Also a Champion, Barracuda was noted as a leader in content appliances, offering a solution that is solely dedicated to email. While the report suggests that organizations looking for holistic archiving should consider other options, Barracuda's easy-to-use solution has a foundation in information security making it a strong platform for highly regulated organizations.

The Value Score indexes each vendor's product offering and business strength relative to their price point. It does not indicate vendor ranking.
Plug n Comply by Jatheon
Simpana by CommVault
Message Archiver by Barracuda
Message Intelligence by InBoxer
Defender by ArcMail
Netmail Archive by Messaging Architects

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