An Italian Storage Start-Up: Yes it Existed!

Infinity Storage, in file virtualization software
By Jean-Jacques Maleval on 2012.03.26

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Founded 2006, Infinity Storage Inc. is one of the rare storage start-up born in Italy. The only other one we know is Memopal, in Rome, involved in online backup service. But it's changing as Infinity Storage was incorporated as an U.S. company and relocated from Milan to San Jose, CA at the beginning of the year.

The firm offer an in-band file virtualization gateway with global namespace across all storage tiers, multi-file system protocols and translation, and without file stubs or symbolic links. It includes HSM, storage pooling, dynamic provisioning, data replication and migration, and supports CAS and NAS hardware from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp and Oracle.


FAN is finally a small market and several companies entered without success into this specialization. An example here is another company created not far from Italy, SmApper Technologies, in Kufstein, Austria, born in 2005, with no more web site and apparently dead.

The Italian origin of Infinity Storage doesn't come from is current CEO, Charles 'Chuck' Lucci, who was VP sales at InMage Systems after being VP WW ops, open storage software at EMC following the acquisition of Legato Systems where was employee number 52 in March 1992, holding a number of sales management positions, including GM EMEA and ultimately WW VP field operations.

The Italian source comes from CTO and former CEO Caterina Falchi coming from IAN srl as well as Aldo Gavioli, the company's EVP for customer support services.

Another known executive is EVP marketing Kevin Walter who was VP product management at Legato and then senior director, EMC corporate office of the CTO.