Amplidata Demos Cloud Builders Architecture of iNext Gen AmpliStor System

Leverages Intel Xeon processor.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2011.09.28

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Amplidata demonstrates the Cloud Builders reference architecture of its next generation AmpliStor system that leverages Intel's Xeon processor technology at Intel Development Forum.

Data storage solutions have come to an impasse. The demand trajectory to store enormous amounts of data continues to rise, but growth remains hindered by the technical limitations of current solutions that store multiple data copies or deploy RAID to protect against disk failures. New solutions are needed to counter the existing problems with operating costs, power consumption and data loss. Amplidata addresses these issues in AmpliStor a storage platform that features industry-leading erasure coding technology to exceed customer durability requirements.

Amplidata's AmpliSto, solves the critical reliability and data integrity issues that RAID is known for on multi-terabyte disk drives. The technology is unbreakable and is in excess of 100,000 times more reliable than existing RAID-based solutions, essentially eliminating the chance of data loss. The new Amplidata solution will provide greater performance and increase the reliability without compromising the cost per TB.

As a member of the Intel Cloud Builders ecosystem, the Xeon optimized AmpliStor reference architecture is a demonstration of a converged storage platform. The scalar storage architecture reaps the benefits of Intel's high-performance processors and provides customized, enterprise-class data durability while minimizing power consumption. The platform scales from a few nodes to multiple datacenters by adding storage nodes, to offer private or public cloud storage services across the enterprise WAN or the internet. AmpliStor provides high throughput and parallel data access powered by Intel Xeon processors while improving storage efficiencies and halving power consumption, as it requires fewer drives.

"This reference implementation combines Amplidata's leading-edge BitSpread technology with Intel's Xeon processors with storage optimization features into a single solution that will eliminate issues facing massive-scale storage for the cloud in one fell swoop, " said Wim De Wispelaere, CEO of Amplidata. "As storage needs become more complex and dynamic, we need to stay ahead of our customers' needs and provide the highest-quality, best-performing, lowest-cost storage solutions possible. Our capabilities paired with Intel's lightning-fast and power optimized processors provide customers with an unbeatable storage option."