Start-Up’s Profile: Altaro Software, In Malta

With CDP backup software for home and SMBs
By Jean-Jacques Maleval on 2010.09.13

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Altaro Software

Valletta, Malta

Born in

Financial Funding

Revenues and profitability
Sales not revealed but the company says to be profitable

David Vella: he came from GFI Software that he joined in 2001 and left in 2009 as director of product management.

Number of employees

Less than 10

Three advantages compared to other backup software products for home and SMBs:

  • CDP: Altaro speaks about ReverseDelta
  • Simultaneous backup on several locations: external HDD or NAS thereby doubling protection in case the primary backup drive fails
  • Initiate automatically a backup when the user connects his PC to an external drive: Backup Plug & Protect Technology

Altaro Oops!Backup that needs 128MB free HDD space

$37 for one user, $155 for five users

Two, not revealed

Number of customers

Acronis, Genie-Soft and NovaStor, according to Altaro

Our Comments

That's the first and only storage start-up based in Malta.

It brings to Windows what Time Machine does for Apple OS X as Microsoft gets unsuccessfully into the CDP game with Data Protection Manager in 2005.

There are hundred(s) of backup software for SOHO and many of them for free or including in the OS (Apple). But a smaller number of them are using CDP, like firms including Barracuda Networks (Yosemite), Datacastle, Genie-Soft, Memeo, NTI, Rebit, R1Soft, Tilana Systems or Tri-Edre.

What is missing on Oops!Backup: compression, de-dupe, encryption, image backup, online backup, support of other OS than Windows (7, Vista, XP)