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EMC RecoverPoint, a Single Solution for CDP and Disaster Recovery

Using CLARiiON CX3 arrays
This is a Press Release edited by on 2008.02.26

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EMC Corporation announced
advances in its heterogeneous data protection software family
for local and remote replication, EMC RecoverPoint.

EMC RecoverPoint
provides customers with the ability to quickly and consistently recover data
with minimal business disruption in the event of a disaster, corruption or
other outage. The solution attained commercial success in 2007, achieving
triple digit revenue growth, year over year, with close to 400 customers
leveraging the solution.

EMC RecoverPoint contains key new features for customers in version 3.0
that improve data protection investments, installations and management. Now,
EMC RecoverPoint can protect and replicate the same data in local and remote-
site combinations for operational and disaster recovery to maximize protection
and minimize technology investments. Also, EMC has added unique RecoverPoint
functionality and integration with EMC CLARiiON CX3 networked storage
systems that simplify RecoverPoint deployments, and broaden support for host
operating systems and VMware environments.

EMC RecoverPoint's expanded integration with CLARiiON CX3 arrays now
provides additional support for a number of servers including Windows, Linux,
Solaris and VMware ESX environments. The RecoverPoint family is fully tested
and qualified for replicating VMware File System data on CLARiiON CX3 arrays.

With this extended support, customers can now deploy RecoverPoint in three
different scenarios, including:

  • Heterogeneous storage environments where customers leverage intelligent fabrics via the EMC Connectrix family of products.
  • EMC CLARiiON CX3 environments where customers leverage the storage processor to perform array-based splitting.
  • Environments where customers utilize the host-based driver to perform the write-splitting function.

New CLR Technology in RecoverPoint

EMC RecoverPoint's new concurrent local and remote (CLR) data protection
technology eliminates the need for separate solutions as it provides CDP and
CRR of the same data. The solution now provides more flexibility to replicate
and protect data in many local and remote-site combinations with less storage
footprint -- whether for production applications or for test and development.
In addition, EMC improves ease of use by supporting CLR in the software's
graphical user interface (GUI), offering customers a new tree-view layout with
single views of each consistency group and including work-flow wizards for
configuration, operation and failover., the leading online auto insurance agency in the United
States, is a beta-tester of EMC RecoverPoint, version 3.0. Brad Springer,
Database Manager of, said, "As our business grows, it's critical
for us to maintain the highest level of operational readiness in the event of
planned or unplanned downtime. Our early work testing the new version of EMC
RecoverPoint has been very positive. We believe by leveraging the new
concurrent local and remote replication technology, we'll be able to reduce
the overall footprint of our disaster recovery operations, enabling our
organization to spend less and efficiently protect more. We're very excited
by the potential of the updated solution

New CLARiiON CX3 Integration Improves Ease of Deployment

EMC RecoverPoint's new integration with CLARiiON CX3 storage arrays
simplifies deployment, offering a disaster recovery solution for new and
existing CLARiiON CX3 networked storage environments by performing the write-
splitting function in the storage array. This new capability is supported
across the entire family of RecoverPoint products including the entry-level
version, EMC RecoverPoint/SE, which was introduced in 2007. For CLARiiON CX3
customers, RecoverPoint deployments are simplified by eliminating the need to
load host drivers, lowering installation and deployment costs, enabling rapid
deployment of CDP and remote replication. Finally, the CLARiiON CX3 array-
based splitting function also enables CDP and CRR protection for iSCSI and
Fibre Channel attached data volumes with RecoverPoint, further extending
flexibility and management.

Hosted Solutions -- a managed service provider (MSP) and current
RecoverPoint and CLARiiON CX3 customer -- is beta testing the integrated
solution. Tom Cornwall, Storage Team Lead for Hosted Solutions, said, "With
five enterprise class data centers in three key markets in the east coast,
it's imperative that our operations maintain 100% uptime while keeping
operational costs at a minimum for our Windows, Solaris, Linux and VMware
environments. Hosted Solutions continues to achieve tremendous success in
selling high availability storage and disaster recovery solutions. The new
CLARiiON-based splitting with EMC RecoverPoint enables us to expand our
offering and more cost-effectively manage these operating environments
supporting a broader range of operating systems and iSCSI hosts. As a result,
we can offer our Hi-Touch disaster recovery solutions to a much wider market,
broadening our opportunity by at least 50%

Mike Fisch, Director of Storage and Networking for The Clipper Group said
"EMC is uniquely positioned in the market today with EMC RecoverPoint, which
provides dual CDP and CRR for the same data through a single, enterprise-class
," said Mike Fisch, analyst with The Clipper Group in Wellesley, MA.
"It gives customers significant value and flexibility in data protection and
disaster recovery deployments. With the new integration of RecoverPoint and
EMC CLARiiON arrays, enterprises can streamline the replication processes and
reduce costs and complexities related to some intelligent-fabric deployments.
This is a good example of how EMC is successfully integrating technologies
from its acquisitions into its existing product portfolio

EMC plans to make EMC RecoverPoint version 3.0 available in March from EMC
and its authorized resellers.

EMC Corporation

Hosted Solutions