ServerEngines Reveals 10Gb Ethernet and iSCSI SAN Card for HP Blade Servers

Priced at $799
This is a Press Release edited by on 2008.02.05

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ServerEngines announced a high performance offering that
enables HP BladeSystem c-Class customers to benefit from
standards-based 10 Gigabit (10Gb) Ethernet & iSCSI storage area
network (SAN) capabilities on a single card. ServerEngines has worked
with HP to qualify the BEM3H10 c-Class mezzanine card for use with HP
BladeSystem c-Class, attaining the designation of "HP BladeSystem
c-Class Compatible".

The combination of the ServerEngines BEM3H10 c-Class mezzanine
card and HP BladeSystem c-Class can help accelerate the growth of
high-performance 10Gb Ethernet and iSCSI SAN environments by enabling
users to unify Ethernet and Block Storage networks while providing high
bandwidth, low latency, shared IP storage and scalability. Working with
the HP 10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch, the ServerEngines BEM3H10 can
interoperate with iSCSI targets from all of the most prevalent Gigabit
(1Gb) and 10Gb iSCSI targets, including those from HP, IBM, Network
Appliance, and EMC.

The mid-market is one of the key targets for the new
ServerEngines Mezzanine card. Mid-market customers typically use 1Gb
Ethernet for networking and disk drives directly attached to individual
servers for storage. But by combining one high performance 10 GbE
network fabric with iSCSI for block storage shared across multiple
blade servers within a BladeSystem enclosure, applications such as
Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® Exchange Server, financial analysis,
data mining, market data analysis and database backups become vastly
more scalable, provide higher performance and enable failover in
increasingly popular Virtual Machine environments. SAN computing with
the ServerEngines c-Class mezzanine card becomes compelling for
mid-market customers because of its ease of management and low-cost
advantages. The ServerEngines BEM3H10 mezzanine card is compatible with
both HP BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 enclosures.

"We are excited to be working closely with HP, the world
leader in providing innovative and affordable bladed infrastructure
solutions to datacenters around the world
," said Raju Vegesna, Chief
Executive Office, ServerEngines. "The ServerEngines 10Gb Ethernet &
iSCSI mezzanine card is ideal for supporting environments that require
scalable, shared storage and the reliable uptimes needed to meet
demanding business critical requirements.

"HP continues to grow its worldwide market leadership with HP
BladeSystem c-Class, from the desktop to the largest datacenters
," said
Mark Potter, vice president, BladeSystem Division, HP. "By
collaborating with ServerEngines, a valued member of the HP BladeSystem
Solution Builder Program, we can help customers reduce network costs
and complexity while increasing network performance and manageability

ServerEngines' BEM3H10 fully supports Microsoft Windows Storage
Server 2003 and can install and boot any Operating System including Red
Hat and SUSE Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (and Server 2008 when
it ships later this year), VMware, and later this year, Solaris.
ServerEngines 10Gb Ethernet & iSCSI drivers offer HP BladeSystem
c-Class customers a choice of initiator modes: Linux-based and
Windows-based iSCSI initiators. These initiators passed all
interoperability tests at University of New Hampshire testing labs in
October 2007.

The BEM3H10 10 Gb Ethernet & iSCSI SAN c-Class mezzanine
card is available now from ServerEngines, priced at $799.

ServerEngines LLC

Our Comments

Relatively unknown in the storage industry, start-up ServerEngines LLC, based in Sunnyvale, CA, was born in early 2004 and remains in stealth mode for three years before announcing its first products: silicon building blocks to accelerate 10Gb Ethernet for blade servers. The company adds iSCSI TOEs (TCP Offload Engine) functionality following the acquisition of Adaptec's iSCSI technology and team software in March 2005.

ServerEngines offers its products for HP but also Fujitsu and IBM blade servers, and has partnerships with American Megatrends, Egenera and Pivot3.

In this company, a lot of people came from ServerWorks, acquired by Broadcom in 2001 for $1.8 billion, including three co-founders, president and CEO Raju Vegesna,  CTO Sujith Arramreddy and VP engineering Sai Garidaju.

This market of acceleration engines for iSCSI and Ethernet has already attracted several start-ups:
- Alacritech for iSCSI,
- Neterion and NetEffect with 10Gb Ethernet cards for blades,
- Blade Networks Technologies (spun-out of Nortel) with 10Gb switches in blade form factor,
- and secrete Grid-X in 100Gb Ethernet !