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NetApp Now De-Duplicating EMC, HDS and HP Primary Storage
And announcing 2,500 customers for 10,000 systems deploying de-duplication
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 1Q09 Financial Results
Storage and server management segment revenue at $616 million, up 20% from 1Q08 as well as the backup business
2008.07.31 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Luminex With 8Gbs Ficon Mainframe Virtual Tape Channel Gateway
A rare product, formerly with Escon connection
2008.07.31 | Press Release
One Terabyte Recorded in Two-Photon 3D Disk
Using 200 layers, each one containing 5GB
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Toshiba Keeps Plan to Produce More NAND
Despite $280 million loss from semiconductors
2008.07.31 | In Brief
Bull: Fiscal 6-Month 2008 Financial Results
Flat revenue and no figure at all on storage
2008.07.31 | Press Release
BizCom Launching Hosted Email Archiving Library
Beginning as $14/month
2008.07.31 | Press Release
D-Link Canada Shipping 8TB xStack iSCSI Array
For $8,511 (Canadian MSRP)
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Dr. Paramesh Gopi Senior VP and COO of AMCC
And Hector Berardi VP Ops and Quality
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Peter O’Brien VP of Business Development at InMage
He just left Diligent where he served as VP of OEM sales.
2008.07.31 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Formation ToughDisk 3500 SATA Rugged HDD From 320GB to 640GB
Presented as low-cost alternative SSD
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Imation Apollo Now at 500GB
For $320
2008.07.31 | Press Release
FastStart De-Dup Package for Symantec NetBackup, by Sepaton
"If you don't experience 40:1 de-dup of Exchange, we'll give you an additional $50K of disk storage and software for free"
2008.07.31 | Press Release
ASUS Expands Eee PC Line With 2.5-Inch 80GB HDDs
Not relying on flash only
2008.07.31 | Press Release
1,000th Customer for Compellent
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Sanborn Expands BlueArc Solution
To streamline and accelerate production of precise photogrammetric maps
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Mazda Deploys Storwize Real-time Data Compression Appliance
Reducing volume of CAD data by two-thirds
2008.07.31 | Press Release
Comparatif de disques durs externes 2008 French
Buffalo, LaCie, Maxtor et WD en tête
2008.07.31 | In Brief
Quantum: Fiscal 1Q09 Financial Results
Disk and software sales up, but don't compensate tape revenues decreasing rapidly.
2008.07.30 | Press Release
New IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Suite With CDP
Resulting from the acquisition of FilesX
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Voltaire: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial results
Revenues up 46% with a 54% growth margin
2008.07.30 | Press Release
China Flash Disk Market Reaches 3.9 Million Sets in 1Q08
Up 43.5% year-on-year, according to research firm CCID
2008.07.30 | Press Release
JaguarPC’s New Web Site Offers Endless Disk Space
To its shared hosting plan
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Six 1TB HDDs Tested
By Xbit Laboratories
2008.07.30 | In Brief
Double-Take Acquires emBoot for $9.6 million
A specialist in network booting technology
2008.07.30 | Press Release
InvisiTasking Keeps Servers Free of Fragmentation at All Times Without Systems’ Demand
As tested by Percept Technology for the Diskeeper software
2008.07.30 | Press Release
IBM Introduces System Storage DS3400 Simple SAN Express Kits
They include frequently requested DS3000 SAN options without SAN switch.
2008.07.30 | Press Release
New Galaxy 3G RAID From Rorke Data
With an MSRP of $1/GB
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Permabit and Atempo Join Forces
To bring disk-based archiving to large enterprises
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.07.30 | News | [with our comments]
Ciprico Filed for Chapter XI
Largest creditor is Bell Micro which is owed $316,000
2008.07.30 | In Brief | [with our comments]
Hutchinson: Fiscal 3Q08 Financial Results
189 million suspension assemblies shipped in 3Q08, compared with 179 million in 2Q08 and 190 million in 1Q07
2008.07.30 | Press Release
SimpleTech [re]drive, an External HDD With Bamboo (!) Enclosure
$160 for 500GB, with Turbo USB 2.0
2008.07.30 | Press Release
New CinemaStar From Hitachi GST: HDDs Optimized for AV
1TB in 3.5-inch form factor, 320GB in 2.5-inch, and motor speed optimized for low power and acoustics
2008.07.30 | Press Release
FalconStor Certifies QLogic 8Gb FC HBAs and Switches
For use with VTL, CDP and Network Storage Server (NSS) solutions
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Hu Yoshida, HDS CTO, Speaks on Services Oriented Storage
"Customers gain many measurable benefits including storage consolidation, improved utilization of assets, reduced TCO, and a lower environmental footprint."
2008.07.30 | Press Release
QLogic 8Gb SAN Connection for HP StorageWorks
Compatible with MSA2000fc arrays and BladeSystem servers
2008.07.30 | Press Release
NetApp Customers Accelerate Adoption of 10GbE for Storage
Sentara Healthcare as an example
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Seanodes Selected by NASA
Finally a big U.S. name signing for the French start-up
2008.07.30 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Tom Flageollet VP of Field Ops for the Americas and EMEA at Hifn
Greg McNulty, VP of Sales, Americas and EMEA, resigned.
2008.07.30 | Press Release
QLogic 8Gb FC HBAs Certified for VMware ESX and ESXi
Providing enhanced virtualization
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Tilana CDP Enables Hosts to Offer Cloud Storage and Sync
The system has a provisioning API for integration with existing billing and support systems.
2008.07.30 | Press Release
Moonwalk Software Certified on HDS Content Archive Platform
To simplify management and migration of unstructured and inactive data
2008.07.30 | Press Release
LSI: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
24% yearly growth for storage systems
2008.07.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Entry-Level De-Dup by Quantum
And new DXi7500 enterprise D2D backup system, at $135,000 for 9TB
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Advanced Vault CDP Now Supports 64-bit Editions of OSs
Windows, Linux, Mac and FreeBSD
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Fabrik SimpleTech Newly-Designed Portable External HDDs
Up to 1TB, with Turbo USB 2.0 interface, designed by Pininfarina
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Bull to Sell Petaflop HPC Tera 100 at CEA
After already installing current Tera 10
2008.07.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
AMCC and Hifn Working Alliance
To combine AMCC processors with Hifn DR cards
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Alacritech 10GbE Network and Storage Accelerators in Evaluation With OEMs
But no names revealed
2008.07.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Managed Server Backup by rackAID
Disaster recovery solutions for Linux servers
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Kingston Adds 16GB Capacities to USB Key DataTraveler Family
Starting at $85
2008.07.29 | Press Release
PowerFile Enhances Archive Appliance
Increases rack density by 400%, doubles performance, and reduces power consumption 40%.
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Netgear: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
Excellent quarter but only $208 million to $212 million revenue for the next one
2008.07.29 | Press Release
KOM Networks and Total Tec Systems Partnership
To deliver archive appliance based on HP server platform
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Video from Medialink and Seagate
What is Maxtor Central Axis by Seagate?
2008.07.29 | Press Release
What Happens at Recent SCSI Trade Association Eighth SAS Plugfest?
The next one (for week of Nov. 10, 2008) will be the industry's first official 6Gbs SAS event.
2008.07.29 | Press Release
New Initiatives by BakBone for Channel Partners
More resources and rewards
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Marketing Agreement Between Nexsan and Agfa HealthCare
Agfa had a similar deal with Plasmon.
2008.07.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
More Performance and Lower Energy Consumption With Defragmentation
A study by 3D Professor announced by Diskeeper
2008.07.29 | Press Release
NTOS neuer Distributor von Synology German
Vertreibt ab sofort das NAS Produktportfolio
2008.07.29 | Press Release
EVault and Harland Financial Solutions Help Credit Unions
With online backup services
2008.07.29 | Press Release
FalconStor Teams up With HiNet in Taiwan to Offer SaaS-based Online Backup
And acquired Hong Kong-based online backup and storage services developer World Venture.
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Der ‘Shared Storage-Server’ German
Neu bei Thomas Krenn Server Hosting
2008.07.29 | Press Release
IBM stellt eine Komplettlösung für SAP Daten- und Dokumentenarchivierung vor German
Es wird auf der DMS Expo 2008 gezeigt.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.07.29 | News
Wasabi iSCSI SAN Appliance Certified on VMware
The appliance starts at $5,995 for a 2TB.
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Pacific Gas and Electric Incentives for 3PAR Customers
For deploying 'green' storage
2008.07.29 | Press Release
The Planet Offers Free Backup
For the first 90 days
2008.07.29 | Press Release
Data Domain: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
Sales more than doubling
2008.07.28 | Press Release
WD Discretly Acquired Disk Controller Business of ST Microelectronics
No press release, only an announcement during WD conference call
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.07.28 | News | [with our comments]
Great Wall to Increase Shares of Kaifa Magnetic From 64% to 71%
Kaifa is the only hard disk substrate producer in China.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Riverbed: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
Record revenue with small loss
2008.07.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Mellanox: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
The success story continues, but net income slightly down.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
EMC Mozy Backed up 7.6 Million Files
To its 10PB storage system
2008.07.28 | Press Release
F5 Networks: Fiscal 3Q08 Financial Results
Sales continues to increase, but 3Q08 profit drops yearly 12%.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
LaserCard: Fiscal 1Q09 Financial Results
The company is growing but continues to accumulate losses.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
New D2D CDP Platform by Advanced Vault
For SMBs
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Pharmaceutical Company Bristol-Meyers Squibb Lost a Tape
With personal information of 458 employees
2008.07.28 | In Brief
HighPoint SAS RAID PCI Controller at 1GBs Maximum
And up to 128 SAS/SATA HDDs
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Lexar JumpDrive Solo Vault USB Flash Drive (2GB or 4GB)
With FIPS validation
2008.07.28 | Press Release
ROBOBAK Announces ‘So Long, Asigra’ Trade-Up Campaign
"2-for-1 upgrades", said ROBOBAK
2008.07.28 | Press Release
HCL to Incorporate Adaptec’s Technology Center in Bangalore
And will be in charge for Adaptec's engineering programs in India.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Famundo Provides Free Online Family Vault Tool
To help California residents prepare for wildfires
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Comments on AOL Selling XDrive
By David Friend, CEO of Carbonite
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Emulex LightPulse 8Gbs FC HBAs Certified for VMware
Drivers are included with VMware ESX and ESXi.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
NetEx Earns FalconStor Certification
For HyperIP data transport optimization appliance
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Canadian Web Hosting Firm Cirrus Tech Offers Remote Backup
Using R1Soft's CDP software
2008.07.28 | Press Release
GlobalCom PR-Network gewinnt PR-Etat von Storage-Spezialisten FAST LTA German
Im deutschsprachigen Raum
2008.07.28 | Press Release
Magirus und Double-Take schließen Distributionsabkommen German
Start in Deutschland, à–sterreich, Schweiz, Dänemark, Spanien und Italien
2008.07.28 | Press Release
ISTEGO präsentiert Speicherspezialist Integral Memory German
Der Nürnberger Spezialdistributor vertreibt künftig das komplette Speicher-Sortiment des britischen Anbieters Just Rams.
2008.07.28 | Press Release
WD: Fiscal 4Q08 Financial Results
133 million HDDs shipped during FY08, +38% compared to FY07, but revenue declined quarterly 6% due to seasonal trend
2008.07.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
FalconStor: Fiscal 2Q08 Financial Results
Non-OEM revenue increased 42% from 2Q07 to 2Q08
2008.07.25 | Press Release
Online Storage Site Fails Amid Lost Files
MediaMax permanently lost large swaths of files.
2008.07.25 | Press Release
PrimeArray Entering in iSCSI Systems for SMBs
Entry-level unit starts at $3,400.
2008.07.25 | Press Release
QLogic iSCSI Mezzanine Adapter for HP BladeSystem
On 1GbE fabrics
2008.07.25 | Press Release
Air Guard Flight Data Analysis Soars With BlueArc Titan
With 6x1GbE connection and 20TB of FC storage, installed by WCT
2008.07.25 | Press Release
CNP Selects Riverbed
To accelerate file replication ensuring business continuity
2008.07.25 | Press Release
EMC Training Courses by Global Knowledge
More than sixty ones
2008.07.25 | Press Release
BridgeHead Modified its BH FileStore File Archiving Software
Enabling resellers to offer it for migrating data onto storage appliances from Data Domain, EMC, Plasmon and ProStor
2008.07.25 | Press Release
Partnership Between Riverbed and Digital Hands
A Florida-based managed service provider in remote management and monitoring services
2008.07.25 | Press Release
WD VelociRaptor From 3.5- to 2.5-Inch Form Factor
About all other specs are similar: 10,000rpm, 300GB, SATA 3.0
2008.07.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]