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Analysts Expect Western Digital to Post Revenue of $5.07 Billion in 4FQ18 …
About the same as in 3FQ18, up 4.6% Y/Y
2018.07.22 | In Brief
Seagate HAMR Vs. WD MAMR
Laser vs. microwave field
2017.11.10 | In Brief
WD HDD Manufacturing Equipment in Singapore to Be Sold
By GoIndustry DoveBid
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.10 | News
Toshiba Said to Aim for Chip Deal With Bain by September 20
Western Digital has to make last-minute move to purchase Japanese business.
2017.09.19 | In Brief
Elastifile Closed $16 Million Funding Round Led by WD
Total backing over $65 million
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Toshiba to Build New Chip Facility in Northern Japan’s Iwate Prefecture
Company to discuss with WD/SanDisk whether it will take part in investment
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Japan Trade Ministry Asks WD to Join Japan Government-Bain Consortium
For Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.06.21 | In Brief
Japan Government Consortium Tells Toshiba to Fix NAND Chip Spat
With Western Digital
2017.06.20 | In Brief
Retired SanDisk CEO and Founder Eli Harari Inducted Into National Inventors Hall of Fame
For inventions in flash storage
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Toshiba Unit Sale “Desperate” and “Disaster”
Said Western Digital CFO.
2017.05.03 | In Brief
Toshiba NAND Chip Business for Sale, but What About HDDs and SSDs?
Could Western Digital acquire total package?
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.04.21 | News
Leader Computers Distributor of WD
In Australia
2016.09.26 | Press Release
Increased Annual Base Salary for WD’s CEO, and president and COO
CFO to leave company
2016.08.16 | Press Release
Deutsch BAB Distribution mit WD-Award German
Im Bereich der Western Digital Purple Festplatten für Sicherheits
2016.07.27 | Press Release
WD Expects 4FQ16 Revenue at $3.46 Billion, Forecast Was $3.35 Billion to $3.45 Billion
Mark Long to succeed Olivier Leonetti as CFO
2016.07.07 | Press Release
WD: Fiscal 3Q16 Financial Results
One of the worst period, and same one coming from Seagate
2016.04.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Western Digital Extends Reach Into M&E Market
Through alliances with Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Entertainment Technology Center and Hollywood Professional Association
2016.04.27 | Press Release
HGST/WDC Active Archive System Certified With Veritas NetBackup
Combined solution offers massively scalable object storage to transform long term data retention.
2016.04.25 | Press Release
How HDD Designed for Surveillance Improves Entire System
2016.01.08 | Press Release
Daniel Mauerhofer Left Western Digital
He was head of PR/SM EMEA and India.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2015.11.18 | News
WD Green HDDs Models Transitioning Into WD Blue
Color-coded drive selection simplified for consumers and systems builders
2015.11.06 | Press Release
China’s Mofcom Accepts to Integrate Substantial Portions of HGST and WD Subsidiaries
Resulting in $400 million in annual operating expense savings for Western Digital
2015.10.20 | Press Release
Mike Cordano President and COO, Western Digital
Steve Milligan remains CEO and no longer president.
2015.10.20 | Press Release
WD My Cloud NAS Part of Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud Ecosystem
Offering joint customers access to files on NAS at anytime
2015.10.05 | Press Release
WD My Book Pro RAIDs With Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 Interface
2 bays, from $599 for 6TB to $999 for 12TB
2015.09.10 | Press Release
WD My Cloud OS 3 Makes Cloud Storage More Personal and Private
2-bay My Cloud Mirror from $310 for 4TB to $430 for 8TB
2015.09.08 | Press Release
WD and Milestone Systems Partner
To provide video surveillance solutions for businesses and consumers
2015.09.08 | Press Release
WD Red Pro HDDs Now at 6TB
2015.08.27 | Press Release
WD Black HDDs Expanded to 6TB at $294
7,200rpm, 128MB cache, dual stage actuator, 6Gb SATA, dual processor
2015.08.26 | Press Release
WD Delivers Ultra HD Movie Content For New Samsung TV Generation
With My Passport Cinema 4K Ultra HD HDD at $90 for 1TB
2015.08.12 | Press Release
WD Redesigns My Passport Portable HDD
Up to 3TB at $200
2015.06.04 | Press Release
Plex Media Server Available on WD My Cloud NAS Series
Organizes video, music and photos from personal media libraries and streams them.
2015.05.29 | Press Release
WD Enhanced myWD Partner Program
With product solution centers, industry-focused marketing assets and on-demand product training
2015.05.20 | Press Release
Cibecs Endpoint Data Protection Software for WD My cloud NAS
As downloadable application
2015.05.15 | Press Release
WD: Fiscal 3Q15 Financial Results
Poor quarter, like Seagate
2015.04.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
WD Purple NV HDD for Network Video Recorder Surveillance Systems
3.5-inch HDDs at 4 and 6TB
2015.04.23 | Press Release
WD Discretly Buried Arkeia
Only existing customers now supported
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2015.04.07 | News
WD My Passport X External 2.5-Inch HDD for Xbox One and PC Gamers
$140 for 2TB
2015.04.06 | Press Release
WD Arkeia Network Backup V11.0 Software
With Windows bare-metal restore solution and integration to NAS
2015.04.06 | Press Release
WD 6TB HDD Consuming 6 Watts
Said to be "most power-efficient high-capacity 3.5-inch drives"
2015.03.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
WD Adds Four NAS for Expert and Business Users to My Cloud Line
Diskless units from $250 to $530 depending of number of bays (2 to 4)
2015.03.05 | Press Release
HGST (WD) Definitively Acquires Amplidata
Why HDD maker entering into software-defined object storage?
2015.03.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New WD Alliances and Strategy
Addressing French NAS market
2015.02.10 | Press Release
Buffalo Improves TeraStation 5400 NAS Performance
With WD Red HDDs
2015.02.05 | Press Release
WD Collaborates With NAS Makers Giving End Users NAStravaganza in UK
Offering NAS system bundles featuring Red and Red Pro HDDs
2015.02.03 | Press Release
Sven Rathjen VP and GM Network Content Solutions, WD
Former position of senior sales director for Europe and Russia/CIS taken by Stefan Mandl
2015.01.30 | Press Release
WD: Fiscal 2Q15 Financial Results
Business slightly down, like WW HDD market
2015.01.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Everspin Increases Series B Funding to $29 Million
Western Digital new investor
2015.01.26 | Press Release
JMicron Grabs SSD Controller Orders from WD, Adata and Transcend
Says report from Chinese Commercial Times report.
2015.01.21 | In Brief
WD Demonstrates “World’s Fastest 4TB Hybrid Drive”
Prototype using SATA Express PCIe, 4TB 3.5-inch hybrid HDD, and up to 128GB SSD
2015.01.05 | Press Release
For 6TB HDDs, WD Better Than Seagate, HGST 8TB Helium Unit Too Expensive
Comparison by huge user Backblaze
2014.12.24 | Press Release
Look at SSD Market
Where do Seagate and Western Digital stand?
2014.12.05 | In Brief
WD Assigned Two Patents
HAMR transducer, HDD modifying rotational position optimization algorithm
2014.12.04 | In Brief
Martin Cole Board’s Director, Western Digital
34-year career at Accenture
2014.12.02 | Press Release
eDrawer4096J 4U 96-Bay SAS/SATA JBOD by Echostreams Innovative Solutions
With Storiant long-term storage attributes and WD HDDs for HPC archival solution
2014.11.26 | Press Release
Digiever NVR Supports Seagate and WD 6TB HDDs
For long-term video storage solution.
2014.11.25 | Press Release
Western Digital Announces Secondary Offering By Hitachi
Of 5,434,783 shares of common stock
2014.11.07 | Press Release
WD: Fiscal 1Q15 Financial Results
Good quarter, like for Seagate but losing market share
2014.10.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
sTec (WD/HGST) Assigned Patent
Prioritized erasure of data blocks in flash storage device
2014.10.20 | In Brief
WD Sentinel DX4200 NAS Based on Windows Storage Server
$1,700 for 8TB and $2,200 for 16TB
2014.10.14 | Press Release
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Seagate in Arbitration vs. WD
Issuing final award of $630 million without interest
2014.10.10 | Press Release
4TB HDD WD Recommended by Accusys
For ExaSAN RAID DAS and SAN solution
2014.09.22 | Press Release
WD With Progressive Capacity HDDs For Cold Storage
6.1TB, 6.2TB, or 6.3TB
2014.09.15 | Press Release
WD Partners With Indian Red Chillies Entertainments
For upcoming movie Happy New Year
2014.09.12 | Press Release
Researchers at St. Olaf College Partnered With WD
To investigate underpinnings of friction at molecular and atomic level
2014.09.11 | Press Release
WD My Passport Special Design for 10th Year Anniversary
2TB at $139
2014.08.28 | Press Release
Qnap Supporting WD Red and RED Pro HDDs
On Turbo NAS
2014.08.14 | Press Release
Asustor NAS Compatible With WD 2TB to 6TB RED HDDs
Will also release 9- and 12-bay enterprise rackmount solutions.
2014.08.05 | Press Release
WD Assigned Six Patents
HDD assembly, HDD adjusting rotational position optimization algorithm, connecting SATA or USB device to device tester, R/W head malfunction detection, hybrid drive
2014.08.05 | In Brief
WD: Fiscal 4Q14 Financial Results
Gaining market share vs. Seagate
2014.07.31 | Press Release | [with our comments]
WD My Book Duo RAID With Two HDDs for Home and Office
Scandalous pricing differences between USA and Europe
2014.07.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New Interface for HDDs: SATA Express at PCIe Speed
Demontrated by WD
2014.06.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Conflict Minerals in Congo
SEC filing by Overland and WD on the subject
2014.06.05 | In Brief
WD TV – Personal Edition ($100)
Wifi media player playing virtually any media file stored on USB and NAS
2014.06.03 | Press Release
WD Assigned Seventeen Patents
Mainly on HDDs including one on hermetically sealed helium HDD
2014.05.15 | In Brief
For 6TB HDD, Price of Seagate 27% Lower Than WD/HGST
But 2.4x to 3.2x more per gigabyte than 4TB units
2014.05.06 | Press Release
sTec (WD/HGST) Assigned Two Patents
Storage system with primary and secondary compression engines, dynamic data for wear leveling in SSDs
2014.05.02 | In Brief
WD: Fiscal 3Q14 Financial Results
Lowest revenue since one year and a half
2014.05.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
RapidSwitch Offers 6TB HDDs in UK
From Seagate and HGST/WD
2014.04.16 | Press Release
Promark/Ingram Micro to Distribute Some WD Products in USA
Sentinel and Arkeia
2014.04.11 | Press Release
Remote Access Failed in WD My Cloud
Because of server problems
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2014.04.04 | News
Seagate Acquires WD for $16 Billion, New Company Named SeaWest
Don't miss our comments.
2014.04.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Western Digital Unveils Faster Mobile RAID Solution
Self-powered RAID at 2TB and 4TB for creative pro
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.03.27 | News
WD With Partners Offer NAS Bundles at Discounted Prices
Until April 10
2014.03.19 | Press Release
WD My Cloud EX2 Prosumer NAS
2 bays, $570 for 8TB
2014.03.04 | Press Release
HGST to Extend Campus in San Jose, CA
Could create up to 1,700 jobs.
2014.02.14 | In Brief
WD: Fiscal 2Q14 Financial Results
Low guidance, $155 million from enterprise SSDs
2014.01.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]
WD Embraces ElephantDrive
Cloud backup for NAS into My Cloud EX4 NAS
2013.12.31 | Press Release
WD Assigned Six Patents
Hybrid drive, HAMR, seed array, HDD
2013.12.18 | In Brief
WD Partners With Baidu for Hybrid Storage Solution
To backup and access remote data on My Cloud NAS in China
2013.12.09 | Press Release
WD 6Gb SATA Dual Drive With 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD
by Corentin Béchade | 2013.11.25 | News
WD 1TB My Passport HDD for Mac
2013.11.21 | Press Release
"Can increase data density by a factor of more than 5"
2013.11.18 | Press Release
Jim Murphy President, WD Subsidiary
Succeeding Tim Leyden now CFO, Western Digital, replacing Wolfgang Nickl
2013.11.15 | Press Release
250 HDDs Used To Make One Epic F1
Comprised of 5 spindle motors and 2 voice coil motors from WD
2013.11.14 | In Brief
WD MyCloud NAS for SMBs Without Surprising Specs
4 bays, $1,150 (€1,099) for 16TB
by Corentin Béchade | 2013.11.13 | News
Data Loss on External WD Drives for Mac
With Maverick OS
2013.11.05 | In Brief
Further Review of Decision in Seagate Vs. WD Case
By Minnesota Supreme Court
2013.10.17 | Press Release
WD Introduces Several Compact NAS
4 bays, up to 16TB, with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, $2,560 with 4TB
2013.10.11 | Press Release
Les Français conservent leurs fichiers les plus précieux sur 14 appareils différents – WD French
Sans effectuer de sauvegardes pour 56 % d'entre eux
2013.10.09 | Press Release