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Dell “Leaning Against” Idea of Buying Portion of VMware
It doesn't already own.
2018.04.18 | In Brief
Overland-Tandberg RDX USB Devices Support VMware ESX/ESXI Hosts and VMs
With NetJapan software
2018.04.13 | Press Release
Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure With Built-in CDP Delivers Near Zero Recovery Point Objective
VM-level backup solution for customers running VMware platform
2018.04.05 | Press Release
Sungard Availability Services Brings VMware NSX to Hosted Private Cloud Solution
For Dell EMC infrastructures
2018.03.28 | Press Release
VMware Investor Jericho Capital Calls Potential Dell Merger “Terrible Deal”
In letter sent to IT giant company
2018.03.14 | Press Release
Dell Working on Reverse Merger With VMware
IPO seen as less likely
2018.03.02 | In Brief
Pivot3 in Deeper Partnerships With Zerto, VMware and Redington Value
To support wider range of use cases on single infrastructure, including BC, workforce mobility and business analytics applications
2018.02.20 | Press Release
Rumor: VMware Would Take Over Dell
Rise in VMware share price complicated things.
2018.01.31 | In Brief
Dell Explores IPO
And deal with VMware
2018.01.29 | In Brief
Critical Security Issues of VMware vSphere Data Protection
Action required to remediate
2018.01.08 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Thirteen Patents
Maintaining storage profile consistency in cluster having local and shared storage, transparent virtualization of cloud storage, ensuring storage availability for VMs, VM recovery on non-shared storage, storage policy-based automation of protection for DR, scalable distributed storage architecture, storing checkpoint file in high performance storage device, power management for distributed storage, surfacing host-side storage capacity to virtual machines, incremental backups using retired snapshots, runtime emulating static thread local storage of portable executable software code, active/passive asynchronous replicated storage for live migration, dynamic content disk
2017.12.14 | In Brief
Dell EMC VxRail and XC Series HCI Appliances Based on PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers
For more processing power and higher internal bandwidth
2017.12.05 | Press Release
Persistent Memory 32GB NVDIMM-N From Micron
Delivering 2,933MT/s speeds to eliminate storage bottlenecks
2017.11.24 | Press Release
Stéphane Gaillard Regional Director Southern Europe, Rubrik
Was at Veeam where he spent last four years as France country sales director.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.17 | News
VMware Assigned Eight Patents
Workload selection and cache capacity planning for virtual SAN, instant xvmotion using private storage virtual appliance, application management in enterprise environments using cloud-based application recipes, VM and host management function availability, providing availability of agent virtual computing instance during storage failure, filter appliance for object-based storage system, deployment of virtual machine disks from shared network file system, federated cloud storage system
2017.09.18 | In Brief
VMworld: Panzura Launching Second Generation of Inside Program
Under $35,000, featuring Freedom 7 VM with 10x performance and scale, tested with hyperconverged infrastructure systems and all-flash arrays
2017.09.07 | Press Release
VMworld: Dell EMC Drives Levels of Cross-Portfolio Integration and Support for VMware Customers
Spanning hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid cloud platforms, data protection and all-flash storage arrays
2017.09.07 | Press Release
VMworld: Lenovo Unveils ThinkAgile VX Series Preconfigured Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions
Powered by VMware vSAN
2017.09.07 | Press Release
CachePhysics, New Start-Up Founded by Irfan Ahmad
Leveraging all works and studies made at CloudPhysics
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.06 | News
VMworld: Introduction of iland Secure DRaaS
Supporting VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
2017.09.05 | Press Release
Glassware 2.0 Availability by Sphere 3D
Open virtual appliance for deployment on VMware ESXi Hosts and on HVE all-flash and NVMe appliances
2017.09.05 | Press Release
Valley Proteins nutzt konvergierte Infrastruktur für kritische SAP-Anwendungen German
FlashStack vereint Pure Storage FlashArrays, Cisco UCS-Server und VMware Software
2017.09.05 | Press Release
Mellanox With VMware
To accelerate applications in virtualized data centers
2017.09.04 | Press Release
90% of Organisations to Adopt VMware Production Environments in Cloud by 2018
Druva survey
2017.08.22 | Press Release
Pivot3 Hyperconverged Solutions Certified With VMware Horizon Cloud Service
For application and desktop virtualization
2017.08.08 | Press Release
VMware vSAN Customer Adoption in Educational Institutions
At Oakland University, University of South Carolina Upstate, Ventura County Community College District
2017.07.06 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Six Patents
Maintaing encryption keys to provide encryption on top of de-dupe, low-cost backup and edge caching using unused disk blocks, centralized power management with partial suspend mode for distributed storage, reducing I/O operations for centralized backup and storage, load applications and application data into virtual machine using hypervisor-attached volumes, test programs
2017.06.12 | In Brief
Nakivo Backup & Replication V7.1 With Support for Hyper-V Failover Clusters for VM Backup
Can use live migration technology to move live VMs between nodes in cluster without downtime.
2017.06.06 | Press Release
Ranajit Nevatia VP Business Development and Alliances, Rubrik
Was CEO of Datagres.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.05.19 | News
Datos IO RecoverX VMware Ready for Application Software Status
Supported on vSphere 6 for production environments
2017.04.26 | Press Release
Toshiba Attains VMware vSAN Certification
For PX05S enterprise 12Gb SAS SSDs
2017.04.21 | Press Release
VMware vSAN 6.6 Featuring Native Hyperconverged Infrastructure Security and Higher All-Flash Performance
Starts at $2,495 per CPU, and vSAN for desktop list price from $50 per user.
2017.04.20 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Eight Patents
Opportunistic asynchronous de-dupe using in-memory cache, memory buffer management, data deployment for parallel data processing system, dynamic protection of storage resources for DR, preventing migration of VM from affecting DR of replica, host-based replication with end-to-end compression, storage network de-dupe, asynchronous replicated storage for live migration
2017.04.18 | In Brief
Pure Storage: Continued Momentum of Joint flashStack Solutions and Customer Transformation With Cisco
Enhancing simplicity and reliability for customers
2017.03.17 | Press Release
Exclusive Interview With Bipul Sinha, CEO, Rubrik
7X customer base in 2016, wants to be public.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.13 | News
Nexsan Unity Systems Achieved VMware Ready Status
To support vSphere 6.5
2017.01.10 | Press Release
2017 Predictions for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
By VMware
2016.12.20 | Press Release
OSNEXUS QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage Solution VMware Ready
After validation process
2016.12.12 | Press Release
StorPool Enables Backup and Recovery and Supports Hyper-V and VMware Hypervisors
Software-defined storage solution scaling beyond 1PB in single cluster with millions of IO/s, below $0.1/IO/s, throughput of tens of GB/s per cluster
2016.11.25 | Press Release
Western Digital: CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II SATA and Ultrastar SN100 PCIe NVMe SSD for VMware
Company collaborates with HPE on All-Flash Virtual SAN Ready Nodes.
2016.10.27 | Press Release
Dell EMC: VxRail Appliances and VxRack System 1000 Powered by PowerEdge Servers
Starting price at $45,000 for VxRail
2016.10.26 | Press Release
VMware Advances Cross-Cloud Architecture With vSphere, Virtual SAN and vRealize Solutions
Virtual SAN starts at $2,495/CPU, and Virtual SAN for desktop at $50/user.
2016.10.26 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Thirteen Patents
Emulating stretched storage device using shared replicated storage device, using stretched storage to optimize DR, migrating virtual machines between cloud computing facilities using multiple extended local virtual networks and static network addresses, generating remediation options within cluster of host computers that run virtual machines, emulating stretched storage device using shared storage device, preventing migration of virtual machine from affecting DR of replica, unified storage/VDI provisioning methodology, system software interfaces for space-optimized block devices, online virtual machine disk migration, persisting high availability protection state for virtual machines stored on distributed object-based storage, catastrophic data loss avoidance, protecting virtual machines against storage connectivity failures, runtime emulating static thread local storage of portable executable software code
2016.09.28 | In Brief
Options in Scalability With Virtual SAN
By VMware
2016.09.23 | Press Release
Samsung and VMware Showcasing Software-Defined Data Center Rack
Featuring NVMe SSDs for caching
2016.09.08 | Press Release
Dell Validated System for Virtualization
From thin client to cloud
2016.09.05 | Press Release
All-Flash VMware Virtual SAN Ready Node Solutions From AIC
10 bays and raw storage from 720GB to 5.76TB, and 24-bays, 2.64TB to 21.12TB
2016.09.02 | Press Release
Hedvig Demos VMware Integration and Multi-Site Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions
Improving business agility and delivering HA for virtual server deployments at scale
2016.09.02 | Press Release
EMC Expands ‘Data Protection Everywhere’ Portfolio for VMware Environments
Integrated data protection offerings, optimizing protection of VMware workloads on VMware Virtual SAN, vSphere
2016.09.01 | Press Release
iXsystems TrueNAS E16F Expands Capacity of TrueFlash All-Flash Array by 10X
With 300TB raw capacity in 15U, 8.4PB in 42U
2016.09.01 | Press Release