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ScienBiziP Consulting Assigned Patent
Securing mechanism for storage device
2018.04.26 | In Brief
Wipro Assigned Patent
Managing memory of storage drive
2018.04.25 | In Brief
Tintri Assigned Patent
Avoiding long access latencies in redundant storage systems
2018.04.24 | In Brief
Spectrum Patents Assigned Patent
Data restoration utilizing redundancy data
2018.04.23 | In Brief
Nexenta Assigned Patent
Multicast collaborative erasure encoding and distributed parity protection
2018.04.20 | In Brief
Lite-On Electronics Assigned Two Patents
Optical disc drive with multiple optical pick-up heads, SSD using state prediction
2018.04.19 | In Brief
Leidos Assigned Patent
Correlating cloud-based big data in real-time for intelligent analytics and multiple end uses
2018.04.18 | In Brief
SIOS Technology Assigned Two Patents
For advancements in machine learning analytics for IT operations, furthers innovation in optimizing virtual environments.
2018.04.17 | Press Release
Globally Tele-Connected Assigned Patent
Computer program product for contact information backup and recovery
2018.04.16 | In Brief
Cohesity Assigned Patent
Making more active use of secondary storage system
2018.04.12 | In Brief
Citrix Assigned Patent
Range-based data de-dupe using hash table with entries replaced based on address alignment information
2018.04.11 | In Brief
AIC Assigned Patent
Chassis structure capable of sensing temperature of media storage device
2018.04.10 | In Brief
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Assigned Patent
NAND flash memory and fabrication
2018.04.09 | In Brief
Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions Corporation Assigned Patent
Storage system with update frequency based replication
2018.04.06 | In Brief
Vasco Data Security Assigned Patent
Mass storage device memory encryption
2018.04.05 | In Brief
Callahan Cellular Assigned Patent
Information source agent systems and methods for distributed storage
2018.04.04 | In Brief
Workday Assigned Patent
Non-destructive data storage
2018.04.03 | In Brief
Teradata US Assigned Patent
Training of storage devices in computing
2018.04.02 | In Brief
Code 42 Software Assigned Patent
De-dupe data distribution techniques
2018.03.30 | In Brief
Caringo Assigned Patent
Erasure coding and replication in storage clusters
2018.03.29 | In Brief
California Institute of Technology Assigned Patent
Rank-modulation rewriting codes for flash memories
2018.03.28 | In Brief
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Assigned Patent
Secure file transmission
2018.03.27 | In Brief
Kingston Digital Assigned Patent
Recovering from unexpected flash drive removal
2018.03.26 | In Brief
D2L Assigned Patent
Managing information objects in dynamic data storage devices
2018.03.23 | In Brief
Lyve Minds Assigned Patent
Storage network data distribution
2018.03.23 | In Brief
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Assigned Patent
Configurable storage device and adaptive storage device array
2018.03.22 | In Brief
TmaxData Assigned Patent
Processing query in database with hybrid storage
2018.03.22 | In Brief
1&1 Internet Assigned Patent
Replicating data stored on non-volatile storage media using volatile memory as buffer
2018.03.21 | In Brief
Ikan Holdings Assigned Patent
Scanning information from storage area contents
2018.03.21 | In Brief
Cnex Labs Assigned Patent
Providing improved garbage collection process in SSD
2018.03.20 | In Brief
Snap Assigned Patent
Storage management for ephemeral messages
2018.03.20 | In Brief
ProphetStor Assigned Patent
Storage traffic modeling
2018.03.19 | In Brief
Fixstars Assigned Patent
File management
2018.03.19 | In Brief
Actifio Assigned Patent
Successive data fingerprinting for copy accuracy assurance
2018.03.16 | In Brief
EpoStar Electronics Assigned Patent
Decoding method, memory storage device and memory control circuit
2018.03.16 | In Brief
Acer Assigned Patent
Control method for non-volatile memory
2018.03.15 | In Brief
IM Solution Assigned Patent
Flash memory having U-shaped charge storage layer
2018.03.15 | In Brief
Virident/HGST/WD Assigned Patent
Small block write operations in non-volatile memory systems
2018.03.14 | In Brief
Shannon Systems Assigned Patent
Auto-adaptive system to implement partial write buffering for storage systems dynamic caching
2018.03.14 | In Brief
Rackspace US Assigned Patent
Massively scalable object storage system
2018.03.13 | In Brief
National Central University Assigned Patent
Holographic storage layer and disk
2018.03.13 | In Brief
IP GEM Group Assigned Patent
Nonvolatile memory system with program step manager
2018.03.12 | In Brief
Pivotal Software Assigned Patent
Parallel streaming of external data
2018.03.12 | In Brief
Apeiron Data Systems Assigned Patent
Accessing multiple storage devices from multiple hosts without RDMA
2018.03.09 | In Brief
Rockwell Automation Germany Assigned Patent
Safety controller with rapid backup and configuration
2018.03.09 | In Brief
Accelstor Assigned Patent
Storage system and specific command execution
2018.03.08 | In Brief
Bank of America Assigned Patent
Transferring archived data
2018.03.08 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Patent
Optical storage system divider based draw verification
2018.03.07 | In Brief
Kuwait University Assigned Patent
Odd/even invert coding for phase change memory with thermal crosstalk
2018.03.07 | In Brief
Magnecomp/TDK Assigned Patent
Head suspension assembly having PZT damper with non-uniform thickness
2018.03.06 | In Brief