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Kwilt Shoebox Personal Cloud Storage
Ubiquitous storage at $70 to protect personal media assets
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.30 | News
By Sony, High-Resolution Premium Audio and Video Player
Around €400 for A/V player UHP-H1 and €160 for BDP-S6700 BLu-ray unit
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Brief History of USB
What it replaced and what has failed to replace
2015.12.02 | In Brief
Novodio Power’n Share, boîtier multimédia 4-en-1 chez MacWay (60€) French
Lecteur de cartes SD, SDHC et SDXC, USB 3.0, Ethernet, Wifi
2014.12.19 | Press Release
Clés USB avec connecteurs USB et micro-USB chez PNY French
16Go pour 17€, 32Go pour 30€
2014.12.17 | Press Release
Brainzsquare Launches Secudrive USB Management Server 3.0 for Enterprises
Password policy, IP protection, remote destruction, malware monitoring, etc.
2014.09.26 | Press Release
TransMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drives by Toshiba
16GB, 32GB and 64GB at $60, $80 and $100 respectively
2014.09.23 | Press Release
PKparis présente une minuscule clé USB 3.0 pour smartphone French
27mm de haut et 12mm de large, 32Go, 50€
2014.09.12 | Press Release
… Three-Slot microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I USB 3.0 Reader…
2014.09.09 | Press Release
…And 2-in-1 Micro-USB 3.0 Flash Key for Android
Up to 64GB (£80)
2014.09.09 | Press Release
Mach Xtreme Technology Launching SLC USB 3.0 Flash Keys
16GB to 64GB
2014.09.04 | Press Release
Indian ENRG Reveals USB to micro-USB On-The-Go Flash Key
16GB at INR 999 ($16.50)
2014.08.27 | Press Release
PNY Launching Lego USB Flash Keys
USB 2.0 only, 8GB and 16GB
2014.08.22 | Press Release
HyperX Unveiling Entry-Level Gaming USB Flash Keys
With DRAM and SSD, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
2014.08.21 | Press Release
MediaClone SuperWiper: SAS/SATA and USB Drive Erasing Unit
Up to 8 disks simultaneously with 8GB/min average speed
2014.08.15 | Press Release
IronKey USB Keys Immune Against BadUSB Malware
Company offering GoodUSB trade-up program,15% off MSRP until September 15
2014.08.15 | Press Release
China’s Hiconn Electronics Unveils Cheap USB Hub and Card Readers
Up to 30% off until August 10
2014.08.07 | Press Release
Aleratec: 1:7 USB HDD Duplicator With Sanitization
Available in 3Q for $899
2014.08.05 | Press Release
Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3.0 and Class 10 UHS-I 90R/45W microSDHC/SDXC Card
For Android Mobile Devices
2014.07.14 | Press Release
Good Way Technology Showcased USB and Thunderbolt 2 Docking Solutions
Expected to go into production in Q3
2014.06.12 | Press Release
LaCie Upgrades Rugged Storage Solution With SSD Storage
USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, 500GB for $500
2014.06.10 | Press Release
Kingmax USB 3.0 Flash Key
Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB
2014.06.03 | Press Release
Cardwave Releasing 64GB SafeToGo USB 3.0 Flash Key
Hardware encrypted drive co-developed with BlockMaster
2014.04.28 | Press Release
Kanguru FlashBlu Flash Key With USB 3.0
Capacity ranging from 8GB to 128GB
2014.04.22 | Press Release
IHSE and Icron Demo Draco Tera Matrix Switch
Extending USB 3.0 signals through fiber extender with ExtremeUSB extension technology
2014.04.04 | Press Release
Apacer Kicks Flash Keys for Fooball Bans
Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB
2014.04.04 | Press Release
Belkin Unveiling Secure USB Peripheral Switch
To share USB device on up to four computers
2014.03.14 | Press Release
Kingston Releases 2-in-1 MicroUSB/USB Flash Drive Up to 64GB
In USB 2.0 only
2014.03.14 | Press Release
Duplicator for 16 USB 3.0 Flash Keys by Aleratec
2014.03.07 | Press Release
USB 2.0 To SATA/IDE Adapters
By China's Hiconn Electronics
2014.03.03 | Press Release
USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive Introduced by SanDisk
Preloaded with encryption software, $200
2014.02.21 | Press Release
SanDisk Brings Out Dual USB Drive for Android Device
16, 32 and 64GB, from $20 to $50
2014.02.21 | Press Release
G-Technology Desktop and Mobile G HDDs With Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
Desktop at $400 with 4TB, mobile at $220 with 1TB
2014.02.19 | Press Release
Kingmax Introduces Two On-The-Go Micro USB Flash Drives
8, 16 and 32GB, with USB and/or micro USB
2014.02.10 | Press Release
ASMedia Demonstrates 10Gb/s USB 3.1 PHY
And said SSD with RAID will be ideal product that can leverage this bandwidth.
2014.02.05 | Press Release
Verbatim Presents Nano USB OTG Drive and Tablet Memory Cards
€28 for 32GB USB drive, €30 for 32GB card
2014.01.31 | Press Release
Lexar Rolls Out 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Key
Available at end of 1Q14
2014.01.16 | Press Release
Imation Launching 2-in-1 Micro USB Flash Key ($65 for 64GB)
With standard and a micro USB connector for Android devices
2014.01.15 | Press Release
PhotoFast Brings Out Flash Key for Android and IOS Devices
$329 for 64GB model
2014.01.14 | Press Release
Cuff-Daddy USB Key Cufflinks in Three Colors
$49 for 4GB
2014.01.01 | Press Release
Mushkin Introducing Atom USB 3.0 Flash Key
Under the size of a quarter, up to 21.5MB/s write speed for 32GB version
2013.12.27 | Press Release
Transcend Releases JetFlash 380 and 510 2.0 USB OTG Keys
32GB at $39 for model 380
2013.12.27 | Press Release
Gigastone: USB and MicroUSB OTG Flash Keys
Available in 16GB and 32GB
2013.12.27 | Press Release
DataLocker von Origin Storage: 3-Faktor-Authentifizierung für Sicherheit German
Für externen USB-Festplatten
2013.12.17 | Press Release
Next Generation USB 3.1 Connection Definition Underway
Smaller and reversible USB 3.1 connector like Apple Lightning
2013.12.11 | Press Release
2TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 External HDD by LaCie
2013.11.28 | Press Release
Urban Factory dévoile un kit de connection 4 en 1 pour tablette et smartphone French
USB et slots SD, 19.90€
2013.11.13 | Press Release
Porsche Design USB 3.0 Key From LaCie
50€ for 32GB, bundled with one year of Wuala online backup
2013.10.17 | Press Release
Silicon Motion SM3267: USB 3.0 Controller
Data transfer rate up to 160MB/s read, 60MB/s write
2013.10.17 | Press Release
New Features on IBM 7226 Model 1U3 Multimedia Enclosure
SAS external cables, DVD-RAM USB front port sled with one drive
2013.10.14 | Press Release
Mushkin 260GB USB 3.0 Key Available
380MB/s read, 325MB/s write
2013.10.10 | Press Release
Memorex Introduces Animal Shaped USB Flash Keys
8 models, 8GB, $20 each
2013.09.26 | Press Release
Aegis Portable USB 3.0 SSD by Apricorn
360MB/s transfer rate, 256GB ($399) and 512GB ($599)
2013.09.24 | Press Release
Cypress Adds Three Programmable USB 3.0 Controllers
One to bring SuperSpeed 5Gb/s throughput to storage
2013.09.20 | Press Release
USB-IF to Develop Media Agnostic USB Spec
Allows wireless devices and docking stations to communicate over USB protocol, without physical connection.
2013.09.19 | Press Release
Memup dévoile une clé flash avec interface USB et Micro USB French
A partir de 20€ pour 8Go
2013.09.18 | Press Release
Lexar USB 3.0 JumpDrive Up to 128GB (£150)
256-bit AES encryption, up to 55MB/s write speed
2013.09.11 | Press Release
Thecus Unveiling 10GbE Ready USB 3.0 NAS
N8900 embarks with Acronis backup software.
2013.09.10 | Press Release
Kingmax Reveals Compact, Waterproof COB USB Flash Key
8GB to 32GB
2013.09.05 | Press Release
USA Great Buys Launching Kickstarter Campaign for Waterproof USB Key
Also waterproof and smartphone stand
2013.08.30 | Press Release
Etron: USB 3.0 Flash Drive Controller
Windows To Go Compatibility, dual-channel, 72-bit ECC
2013.08.23 | Press Release
Thecus One Press USB Copy Feature
Plug-and-press to backup USB flash key on NAS
2013.08.23 | Press Release
Enova Introduces Enigma USB Hardware Crypto Module
To secure cloud storage and sharing with 256-bit strength
2013.08.16 | Press Release
Mach Xtreme: LX USB 3.0 Flash Keys
8GB to 64GB
2013.08.09 | Press Release
Magnet USB 3.0 Flash Key by Leef Technology
$25 for 32GB model
2013.08.09 | Press Release
Tiny USB 3.0 Flash Key From Integral Memory
21x12x4.5mm, 3 grams, 32GB at £21
2013.08.07 | Press Release
USB 10Gb/s Specs Completed
Document available for download
2013.08.06 | Press Release
Apricorn Reveals Pin-Protected USB Drive Up to 1TB With HDD
For government, military and healthcare
2013.08.01 | Press Release
Sonnet Reveals USB 3.0-to-GbE Adapter ($39)
No more Ethernet port on PC tomorrow, only USB 3.0 ports?
2013.07.30 | Press Release
Credit-Card-Shaped USB Key Project Backed by Kickstarter
128GB of capacity
2013.07.25 | Press Release
Sandisk: One USB 3.0 and Two 2.0 Flash Drives
$140 for 64GB USB 3.0 drive
2013.07.17 | Press Release
Tektronix Test Solution for New 10Gb USB
Helps reduce time to market for USB 3.0 products.
2013.07.04 | Press Release
Ram*Disk USB 3.0 From Super Talent at 4,041 MB/s
Uses computer's free RAM to transfer files, 6GB to 32GB
2013.06.25 | Press Release
Free Lok-IT Software Tackles USB Security Problems
Whitelist and PIN protection from leak or theft
2013.06.21 | Press Release
Zilog With USB Mini-Z 28-PIN Design Board
Incorporates USB host and peripheral functionality.
2013.06.10 | Press Release
Aleratec Unveils 1:10 USB 3.0 Portable Duplicator
2013.06.07 | Press Release
USB Inventor Ajay V. Bhattn, Indian-Born US researcher, Get Recognition
Winning 2013 European Inventor Award
2013.06.05 | Press Release
Etron Unveiling USB 3.0 Flash Drive Controller IC
Reaching R/W speeds up to 320/280MB/s
2013.06.04 | Press Release
1TB Credit Card Size USB 3.0 SSD by Integral Memory
93x53x8mm, 41 grams, R/W speed up to 230/140MB/s, £1,285
2013.05.30 | Press Release
Verbatim From V3 to V3 MAX USB 3.0 Keys
Up to 128GB (€160), 175MB/s read and 80MB/s write
2013.05.30 | Press Release
Renesas Unveils USB 2.0 Hub Controller Chip
With battery charging function
2013.05.28 | Press Release
Memup lance un disque externe avec Interface USB 3.0 French
A partir de 320GB (70€)
2013.05.28 | Press Release
USB 3.0 WW Market to Reach 3 Billion Units by 2018
CAGR of 80% for AsiaPac
2013.05.21 | Press Release
OWC Mercury Elite RAID With Newer Technology eSATA-to-USB 3.0 Adapter
Up to 200MB/s data rate, starting at $472
2013.05.21 | Press Release
Storeva Aluslim U3, disque externe USB 3.0 vendu par Macway
109€ avec disque magnétique de 1To, 390€ avec SSD de 500Go
2013.05.21 | Press Release
Mach Xtreme Adds 256GB Model To Flash Keys
With USB 3.0
2013.05.14 | Press Release
ShenZhen Jintian Tech Development Releases OTG USB Flash Key
For data transfer on smartphones and tablet with micro USB port
2013.05.14 | Press Release
Kanguru Updating USB Duplicators Line
Supporting synchronous and asynchronous duplication
2013.05.10 | Press Release
USB Flash Keys Grew to 64 Million Units in 4Q12 – Santa Clara Consulting Group
Modest decline expected in 1Q13
2013.05.09 | Press Release
Brainzsquare Brings Out USB Key Copy Protection Software
Secudrive Content Guard
2013.05.03 | Press Release
New SuperSpeed USB 3.0
10GB/s, power delivery up to 100 watts
2013.04.24 | Press Release
Imation With Hardware Encrypted USB Keys and HDDs
32GB at $240 and 1TB at $250, respectively
2013.04.05 | Press Release
3 Billion USB 3.0 Devices by 2018 – Global Industry Analysts
Fastest market being AsiaPac with 79% CAGR
2013.04.02 | Press Release
MacWay revend le boitier USB 3.0 MiniSwap/U3 de Firmtek French
579,00€ avec SSD Samsung de 512Go
2013.04.02 | Press Release
SP/Silicon Power Presents Blaze B20 USB 3.0 Pen Drive
With diamond cut pattern and matte surface outer case
2013.04.01 | Press Release
Aleratec Cuts Price of USB 3.0 Flash Key Duplicator
From $1,049 to $499
2013.03.29 | Press Release
Pericom USB 3.0 5Gb Signal Conditioning Family
2mmx2mm, 3.63mW in slumber mode, $0.78 in 10,000 units with two channels
2013.03.08 | Press Release
Spyrus Bringing Out USB 3.0 Secure Flash Key
Protected by a XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption
2013.03.08 | Press Release
Support Program for Spyrus USB 3.0 Flash Keys
For Windows To Go-Certified and Mac computers
2013.03.08 | Press Release
Integral Revealing USB 3.0 Portable SSDs
128GB to 512GB, credit card size, 41 grams
2013.02.21 | Press Release