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Toshiba Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetic disk, using head amplifier circuit for pattern dependent write, disk device with stopper for movable member, controller, correcting mounting position of disk device on rack, accurate repeatable runout compensation in HDDs during seeks, calibration spiral to improve guide spiral placement, magnetic disk device and write method,control, head and HDD, magnetic disk and write processing
2018.07.13 | In Brief
Toshiba Finally Completes $18 Billion Sale of NAND Chip Unit to Bain
Expected to occur on June 1, 2018
2018.06.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba Memory Corporation to Relocate HQs in January 2019
To Tamachi Station Tower S in msb Tamach district
2018.05.30 | Press Release
Toshiba: FY17 Financial Results
HDD sales decreasing 5%, SSD up 34% Y/Y
2018.05.21 | Press Release
Toshiba Said to Have Received All Required Anti-Trust Approvals
Including China, for sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation
2018.05.18 | Press Release
Disc Drive Buyers Reach Deals With Samsung, Toshiba
To end price-fixing litigation
2018.05.18 | In Brief
Toshiba Pessimistic for Likelihood of $18 Billion Flash Chip Deal
Near-term Chinese antitrust approval unlikely
2018.05.10 | In Brief
Toshiba Unveils 10TB S300 Video Surveillance HDD and 3TB Video Stream HDD Series
Up to 7,200rpm with maximum data transfer speed of 248 MB/s, and up to 180TB/year for S300 Surveillance HDD
2018.04.27 | Press Release
Toshiba: 10TB N300 NAS and X300 Performance Internal HDDs, and 2TB L200 Laptop and 3TB P300 Desktop HDDs
Including color labeling for each HDD: N300 in gold NAS label, X300 in silver performance label, and both P300 and L200 in red desktop/laptop PC label
2018.04.25 | Press Release
Hong Kong Activist Argyle Street Management Says Toshiba NAND Chip Unit Worth $40 Billion
Twice price agreed with Bain-led consortium
2018.04.09 | In Brief
Toshiba Entered Into Share Purchase Agreement for Sale of All Shares of Toshiba Memory Corporation
Intends to close transaction by end of March, 2018.
2018.03.27 | Press Release
Western Digital to Invest $4.68 Billion in Joint Venture With Toshiba
Over next three years in NAND memory chip plants
2018.03.14 | In Brief
Toshiba Expects to Complete NAND Chip Unit Sale by June
Awaiting antitrust regulatory approval from China
2018.03.09 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Seven Patents
Magnetic disk device and high-frequency assist recording, disk, controller and control, disk and manufacturing, spiral write launch while servoing on reference guide spirals, magnetic disk, low-overhead storage of hibernation file in hybrid disk drive
2018.02.14 | In Brief
Toshiba Sampling 2.5-Inch Enterprise 12Gb SAS HDD Up to 2.4TB
Rotating at 10,500rpm
2017.12.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba Memory Corporation Plans New 7th NAND Flash Facility
In Kitakami, Iwate prefecture, Japan
2017.12.21 | Press Release
Toshiba and Samsung Get Win in Price-Fixing Case
On optical disc drives
2017.12.21 | In Brief
Toshiba and Western Digital Settle Nasty NAND Flash Memory Chip Feud
Bain consortium can now proceed with $17.7 billion purchase.
2017.12.18 | In Brief
Toshiba and Western Digital Reach Global Settlement
Including participation in future rounds of investment in Fab 6, under construction at Yokkaichi, Japan
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Toshiba and Western Digital Settle Spat Over NAND Chip Deal
US company receives guaranteed supply of next-gen memories.
2017.12.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Following Western Digital/HGST With 14TB 3.5-Inch HDD
9 disks, helium based, 6Gb SATA, 7,200rpm, CMR and not SMR
2017.12.11 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba NAND Chip Unit Sale to Bain not Necessary
Said Hong Kong hedge fund Argyle Street Management.
2017.12.11 | In Brief
Toshiba, Western Digital Aiming to Settle NAND Chip Dispute
Next week
2017.12.08 | In Brief
Toshiba 10TB 3.5-Inch HDD for NAS
2017.12.06 | Press Release
Toshiba to Map Out Endgame of Western Digital Feud
Future fate of Toshiba Memory shares remains major sticking point.
2017.12.06 | In Brief
Toshiba Near Resolution to Dispute With Western Digital
In exchange for extension of JV agreements
2017.12.04 | Press Release
Toshiba’s Chip-Making Bedfellows Are Complicated Group
Bain, Apple, Dell, Kingston and Seagate joined with SK Hynix and Hoya and others to bid
2017.12.04 | In Brief
Japan Court Hears Toshiba, Western Digital Fight On
Japanese company's lawyers demanded $1.1 billion in damages.
2017.11.29 | Press Release
No Agreement Following Toshiba’s Talk With Western Digital
Failed to resolve dispute.
2017.11.22 | In Brief
Toshiba not Considering Separate Investment in NAND Chip Unit by Bain Group
Cash-strapped conglomerate was considering capital increase for subsidiary Toshiba Memory.
2017.11.17 | In Brief
Deal Between Western Digital and Toshiba is Near
Two companies striving to reach agreement by end of this month
2017.11.16 | In Brief
Toshiba to Increase FY17 Investment in Flash From ¥400 Billion to ¥600 Billion
Asking SanDisk to collaborate
2017.11.09 | Press Release
HP Settles With NEC, Toshiba, Samsung in Multidistrict Antitrust Litigation
Companies conspired to fix prices for optical disc drives.
2017.11.02 | In Brief
Seagate Pledges Not to Buy Stake in Toshiba NAND Chip Unit for 10 Years
Bain document
2017.10.27 | In Brief
Toshiba Reportedly Suspends NAND Flash Production in Japan – Digitimes …
For few weeks due to ransomware attacks on computer network
2017.10.17 | In Brief
… Toshiba Denied – DRAMeXchange
Analysts maintain 4Q17 NAND flash market outlook.
2017.10.17 | Press Release
Toshiba Discussing Joint Investment With Western Digital
In NAND chip business
2017.10.16 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Five Patents
Disk device and method of manufacturing, write reordering in hybrid disk drive, magnetic disk and data recording, disk drive and position correction, disk device and control method
2017.10.16 | In Brief
WD: NAND Flash Produced Through JVs With Toshiba Utilizes SanDisk Patents
SanDisk has 4,000 U.S. flash-related patents, twice more than Toshiba Memory Corp.
2017.10.11 | Press Release
Deutsche Bank Downgrades Western Digital on Toshiba, NAND Concerns
Lowers price target from $105 to $80.
2017.10.06 | In Brief
Bain Files for China Antitrust Approval on Toshiba NAND Chips Deal
Presence of SK Hynix from South Korea could delay process.
2017.10.06 | In Brief
Immediate Discord on Toshiba Sale of NAND Chip Unit
Tokyo news conference cancelled
2017.10.03 | In Brief
10TB HDD, Record for Toshiba
6Gb SATA MG06 series in 3.5-inch form factor
2017.10.02 | Press Release
Apple Reaches Final Terms for Bain’s Toshiba Chip Bid
According to Bloomberg Technology
2017.09.29 | In Brief
Toshiba Signs $17.7 Billion Deal With Bain-Apple Group
To sell NAND chip unit
2017.09.28 | In Brief
Toshiba Approves Sale of Chip Unit – Trendfocus
But when will this soap opera end?
2017.09.26 | Press Release
Western Digital Comments on Toshiba’s Decision to Move Forward With SK Hynix-Led Consortium
Final ruling may not come until 2019.
2017.09.26 | Press Release
Western Digital to Seek Injunction to Block Toshiba’s $18 Billion NAND Chip Unit
Apple had yet to agree to key terms.
2017.09.26 | In Brief
Toshiba Decided to Sell NAND Chip Business to Bain Capital
For approximately $18 million, but WD will react.
2017.09.21 | Press Release
Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiaries Initiate New Arbitration Proceedings Vs. Toshiba
At ICC International Court of Arbitration
2017.09.21 | Press Release
Toshiba Flips Back Towards Western Digital Group
For NAND chip unit sale
2017.09.20 | In Brief
Toshiba Decides on Bain-Apple Group in NAND Chip Business Sale
Final agreement yet to be reached and opposition to deal remains
2017.09.20 | In Brief
Toshiba Said to Aim for Chip Deal With Bain by September 20
Western Digital has to make last-minute move to purchase Japanese business.
2017.09.19 | In Brief
Toshiba and Bain Capital Intent to Negotiate Mutually Satisfactory Definitive Agreement
For sale of NAND chip business by end of September, group also including Apple, Seagate and Dell
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Western Digital Comments on Toshiba’s Statement Regarding NAND Flash-Memory Joint Ventures
US company not happy at all
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Toshiba Said Acquisition of NAND Chip Business by Group Centered on Western Digital Not True
It was revealed by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Toshiba Still in Talks Over NAND Chip Unit Sale
One day before deadline
2017.09.13 | In Brief
Troubled Toshiba Suffering Bad Case of Brain Drain
Much of talent company's future rests on is heading out door.
2017.09.12 | In Brief
World’s Highest Capacity HDD at 14TB From Toshiba
At end of year
2017.09.08 | In Brief
Foxconn Details Plan to Buy Toshiba NAND Chip Business
Main owners: Foxconn 25%, Apple and Kingston 20%, Softbank 10%
2017.09.08 | In Brief
Up to 128GB for TransMemory U364 USB 3.0 Super Speed Flash Drives From Toshiba
Maximum read speed of 120MB/s
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Toshiba microSD UHS-I M203 Card Up to 256GB
3D flash memory (BiCS FLASH) architecture, read up to 100MB/s
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Toshiba Board Members Back Foxcon
For NAND memory-chip manufacturing unit
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Western Digital in Talks for Stake in Toshiba NAND Chip Unit
After an IPO
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Toshiba to Build New Chip Facility in Northern Japan’s Iwate Prefecture
Company to discuss with WD/SanDisk whether it will take part in investment
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Western Digital Offers to Exit Toshiba NAND Chip Bid
For better joint venture
2017.09.06 | In Brief
Western Digital CEO Apologized to Toshiba
For friction over NAND chip unit sale
2017.09.01 | In Brief
Toshiba X300 8TB 3.5-Inch Internal HDD
4, 5, 6 and 8TB capacities, with 128MB cache
2017.09.01 | Press Release
Toshiba Fails to Choose Between Three Groups
For NAND chip unit
2017.08.31 | Press Release
Bain Brings in Apple for Last-Minute $18 Billion Bid
For Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.08.31 | In Brief
Toshiba May not Finalise NAND Chip Unit Sale by August 31 Deadline
Due to disagreements over details of an offer by bidders
2017.08.30 | In Brief
For Toshiba’s Flash Memory Business, $1.37 Billion Contribution of Western Digital
To roughly $18 billion offer by multiple partners
2017.08.29 | In Brief
Western Digital CEO in Japan to Finalize Toshiba NAND Chip Deal
Offering around $17.3 billion for unit
2017.08.28 | In Brief
Western Digital Won’t Seek Management Role in Toshiba NAND Chip Business
People familiar with the matter told Reuters.
2017.08.28 | In Brief
Western Digital Group to Offer $17.4 Billion for Toshiba’s NAND Chip Unit
To cover losses from US nuclear business
2017.08.24 | In Brief
Toshiba and Western Digital Negotiating on NAND Chip Deal
Buyer group includes Western Digital, KKR & Co., Innovation Network Corp. of Japan and other investors.
2017.08.24 | In Brief
Toshiba, Western Digital Entering Final Talks
Concerning NAND chip unit
2017.08.23 | In Brief
Toshiba, Western Digital CEOs to Meet Face to Face
To seek compromise on NAND chip business
2017.08.23 | In Brief
Flash Memory Summit: Toshiba Unveils NVMe Over Fabrics Software Technology for Cloud Data Centers
Demonstrated with Mellanox and Lenovo, NVMe-oF target provides performance of DAS, efficiency of networked storage and orchestration integration.
2017.08.16 | Press Release
Toshiba NAND Chip Sale
Consortium led by Bain Capital hit impasse over timing of payments.
2017.08.14 | In Brief
Toshiba Wants to Close NAND Chip Business Sale by End of March
According to CEO
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Revives Talks With Foxconn Over NAND Chip Business
Japanese-led consortium no longer preferred bidder
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba to Avoid Tokyo Stock Exchange Delisting
Winning 'Qualified' Auditors' approval
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Eight Patents
Disk device, magnetic recording and reading, storage device, controller, hybrid-HDD policy, writing spirals with accurate slope on disk drive media, measurement circuit for microwave assisted magnetic recording, disk device and storing data, storage controller
2017.08.10 | In Brief
Flash Memory Summit: Toshiba BG3 series SSD With 64 layer, 3-Bit-per-Cell TLC BiCS Flash
128, 256, and 512GB, single-package ball grid array SSD product line, 1.3mm high
2017.08.09 | Press Release
Statement from Toshiba on Court Hearing
In Western Digital data shut-out dispute
2017.08.07 | Press Release
Toshiba Unveils TR200 6Gb 2.5-Inch SATA SSD for Retail Market
240, 480, and 960GB, up to 550MB/s and 525MB/s sequential R/W, 80,000 and 87,000 IO/s
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Toshiba to Unilaterally Invests in Manufacturing Equipment for Fab 6 Clean Room at Yokkaichi Operations
Negotiated with SanDisk on joint investment but failed to reach agreement.
2017.08.03 | Press Release
California Court of Appeal Rules in Favor of Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiary
Comments Western Digital.
2017.08.03 | Press Release
How NAS and Surveillance Drives Differentiates From Desktop HDDs?
By Rainer Kaese, senior manager business development storage products, Toshiba
2017.08.01 | Press Release
Toshiba NVMe SSDs for Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile Servers
PX04P series up to 3.84TB
2017.08.01 | Press Release
Western Digital Comments on Superior Court of California’s Order Vs. Toshiba
It prevents Toshiba from closing any transfer of JV interests without providing at least 14 days' advance notice to SanDisk.
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Toshiba Comments on Benefits of Joint Stipulation With Western Digital/SanDisk
Removes need for further action by court on SanDisk's request for preliminary injunction.
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Toshiba Closer to Brink of Delisting
As NAND memory sale stalls.
2017.07.27 | In Brief
Toshiba Wins Stay for Temporary Restraining Order on Company’s Database Shutdown to Western Digital
Ruled California Court of Appeal in San Francisco.
2017.07.20 | Press Release
Western Digital CEO Met Japan Officials Over Toshiba
To resolve dispute over Japanese company's planned sale of NAND chip business
2017.07.19 | In Brief
Superior Court of California Did not Rule on Western Digital’s Injunction Request
According to Toshiba
2017.07.18 | Press Release
Toshiba NAND Chip Sale Doubts as US Court Ruling
Giving Western Digital two weeks' notice before completing sale of prized chip division
2017.07.17 | In Brief
Why Jim Cramer Believes Western Digital Will Get Toshiba’s Flash?
Video from TheStreet
2017.07.14 | In Brief
Limited Access to Toshiba Technical Information by Western Digital
Said Japanese company
2017.07.13 | Press Release