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Hitachi: What Technology Currently Required for Storage
Two researchers of Hitachi answer: global storage virtualization, to avoid interruption when replacing storage devices
2015.07.10 | Press Release
Innodisk Updates SSD Software iSMART
Data logging and usage analysis
2013.10.22 | Press Release
SSDs Protected From Data Loss Due to Power Failure by Innodisk Power Secure Technology
With hardware and firmware
2013.09.22 | Press Release
Promise Exhibited Pegasus2 RAID With Thunderbolt 2
Running bi-directionally at 20Gbs
2013.09.19 | Press Release
OCZ Expands R&D Center
In Orange County, CA
2013.09.19 | Press Release
Tiger Technology T-series family: T-Store, T-Box, and T-Serve
Storage workflow solutions for rich media and enterprise applications
2013.09.19 | Press Release
Marcus Chambers VP and GM EMEA, Good Technology
Former VP EMEA and APAC ops, Tintri
2013.09.18 | Press Release
Bloombase Joins VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program
To deliver solutions for virtualization and cloud computing
2013.09.12 | Press Release
Ultrastor ES4600 Family of Dense Storage Products From Enhance Technology
4U, 60 disks, enhancing workflow efficiencies in physical and virtual data center
2013.09.10 | Press Release
LC Technology Updates Solid State Doctor Utility
Optimizes performance of SSDs, single license for Windows at $30.
2013.09.10 | Press Release
Buffalo Technology Partners With CMS Distribution
For UK and Ireland
2013.09.05 | Press Release
South Korea Online Trading Firm Kiwoom Securities Turns to IBM Flash Technology
Enabling faster online trading
2013.09.04 | Press Release
TDK to Withdraw From LTO Tape Business
Media Technology Corporation to be dissolved
2013.09.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Paul Weiser VP Sales, Tiger Technology
Most recently VP WW sales and marketing at AJA Video Systems
2013.09.03 | Press Release
… And Forthcoming Virtual Offload Technology
Accelerating network performance for vSphere 5.5
2013.09.02 | Press Release
OCZ Distributed by Tech Data
In North and Latin America
2013.08.30 | Press Release
Open-E Joins Dell Technology Partner Program
DSS V7 certified on PowerEdge R720
2013.08.29 | Press Release
DataCore Premier Partner Status for mCOR Technology
Silicon Valley-based network and IT solutions provider
2013.08.28 | Press Release
PLX Technology Assigned Patent
Writing of data on RAID with controlled granularity
2013.08.22 | In Brief
SolidFire Integrating Viking Technology SSD
As cache and boot volume for storage nodes
2013.08.21 | Press Release
German TV Series Editor Turns to Promise
Getting Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID replacing internal RAID of Mac Pro
2013.08.20 | Press Release
Fusion ioDrive2 Featured in Worldwide Microsoft Technology Centers
Accelerate SQL Server "by more than 10 times"
2013.08.15 | Press Release
Silicon Motion to Showcase 6Gb SATA SSD Controllers
Up to 540MB/s and 410MB/s sequential read and write, respectively
2013.08.12 | Press Release
Magnet USB 3.0 Flash Key by Leef Technology
$25 for 32GB model
2013.08.09 | Press Release
Enova Technology Sues Seagate …
For infringing US patents on hardware encryption
2013.08.08 | Press Release
Avant Technology With 1TB and 2TB 6Gb SATA 2.5-inch SSDs
With controller from IntelliProp
2013.08.07 | Press Release
OCZ Adds ZD-XL SQL Accelerator
Integrated hardware/software with in 600, 800GB and 1.6TB PCIe SSDs
2013.08.02 | Press Release
OCZ Expands Partnership With SED International
To include US distribution
2013.07.23 | Press Release
Colt Implementing SolidFire All-SSD System
Across Europe
2013.07.18 | Press Release
Backup Technology Releases V3 of Online Backup for WordPress
Adding local backup function
2013.07.10 | Press Release
Memodis revendeur des SSDs de Micron French
En France
2013.07.10 | Press Release
Limerick Institute of Technology Chooses Coraid
106TB on SRX2800 arrays
2013.07.09 | Press Release
Belkin Licenses Paragon Driver Technology
Embedding NTFS and HFS+ drivers into routers
2013.07.02 | Press Release
FileTek Introduces ForeverNAS StorHouse Technology
For long-term, forever-read data
2013.06.21 | Press Release
Qualstar Adds Two Resellers
Root6 for UK and Pristor Mexico for Latin America
2013.06.21 | Press Release
PLX Technology Assigned Patent
Adjusting system clock to faster speed upon receiving mass storage command
2013.06.06 | In Brief
Viking Technology Collaborates With Supermicro
To design non-volatile DIMMs (DRAM+flash) into x86 servers
2013.06.04 | Press Release
D-Link Licenses Paragon Universal File System Driver Technology
Ensuring connectivity regardless of OSs
2013.05.27 | Press Release
Hammer Distributing Promise
In Europe
2013.05.16 | Press Release
Teradata Introduces In-Memory Technology
Delivers analytics on all data, without changes to existing applications.
2013.05.14 | Press Release
Buffalo Teams Up with PacketVideo
For delivering DLNA-compatible DSD audio files on NAS
2013.05.14 | Press Release
Buffalo Introduces Updated TeraStation Utilizing Windows Server 2012
£3,090 for 6-bay RAID NAS and 24TB
2013.05.09 | Press Release
Cloud Business Solutions to Reach $123.1 Billion By 2019
Reports Information Technology & Telecommunication Market.
2013.05.07 | Press Release
The Rombus Group Becoming OCZ Customer
German manufacturer adds PCIe SSDs to servers and workstations.
2013.05.06 | Press Release
D&H Distributing Resells Promise
2013.04.30 | Press Release
Tegile Distributed by Promark
Throughout North America
2013.04.24 | Press Release
IdriveSync Unveils Cloud Encryption Technology
Private key generated by user
2013.04.19 | Press Release
Avnet Technology Solutions Americas With DR and BC Offering
Featuring IBM Storwize V7000 and Brocade router
2013.04.16 | Press Release
LSI PCIe Flash Technology Selected by Intel
Nytro MegaRAID with RAID for server boards and systems
2013.04.15 | Press Release
IBM Invests $1 Billion in Flash Technology
Four all-SSD storage appliances available, based on Texas Memory Systems
2013.04.12 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Tiger Technology Ships Tbox Appliance for Rich Media and Entertainment
To self manage shared storage needs
2013.04.09 | Press Release
CacheIO Qualifies Micron M500 960GB SSDs
For media workflow
2013.04.09 | Press Release
Tiger Technology Brings Out cluStore TLE ($1,995)
HSM solution leverages IBM LTFS For Windows workflows
2013.04.08 | Press Release
Promark to Distribute Pivot3
And its VDI solutions
2013.03.28 | Press Release
Atto Chosen by Tolis Group
For digital asset management solution
2013.03.28 | Press Release
Siemens Magnet Technology Chooses Two Coraid Arrrays
With CommVault and LTO
2013.03.25 | Press Release
Renesas: Fast 40nm Flash Technology
For automotive applications
2013.03.19 | Press Release
200 Promise VTrak Subsystems at CERN
As of 2012
2013.03.11 | Press Release
American Megatrends in Partnership With Fujitsu Technology Solutions
2013.03.04 | Press Release
Empire Technology Development Assigned Patent
Cloud backup storage manager
2013.02.28 | In Brief
World Wide Technology Reselling NetApp Portfolio of Flash Systems
Including EF540 SSD array
2013.02.26 | Press Release
Facilis Represented by DigitalFilm Tree
To cover Southern California
2013.02.14 | Press Release
Lite-On Technology to Acquire All Shares of Optical Disc Drive and SSD Maker Lite-On IT
For up to NTD 17.45 billion (US $589 million)
2013.02.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Canadian Stealthy Start-Up Diablo Technologies Forms Technology Advisory Board
Including John Borkenhagen, CTO, IBM, David Cohen, senior technologist, EMC
2013.02.04 | Press Release
World Wide Technology Working With Atlantis ILIO
For U.S. Army desktop virtualization project
2013.02.01 | Press Release
Enhance Technology Adding 4TB SATA/SAS HDDs to Subsystems
From WD ans HGST
2013.01.31 | Press Release
Raidix Partners With Tiger Technology
Adding management software to SAN
2013.01.28 | Press Release
YCSB Benchmark From Thumbtack Technology
10x performance advantage for native flash Aerospike database over other NoSQL Databases
2013.01.23 | Press Release
Egenera Joins EMC Technology Partner Program
Added to IBM, HP and Fujitsu
2013.01.23 | Press Release
IBM Helps Growing Businesses Expand Global Technology Support
Working with Riverbed
2013.01.18 | Press Release
Scality Achieves Dell Technology Partner Certification
For object storage software
2013.01.09 | Press Release
Paragon Legal Technology Support Taps Isilon
Replacing NetApp
2012.12.20 | Press Release
SST (Microchip) Assigned Patent
On sub volt flash memory system
2012.12.20 | In Brief
OCZ Signs SED International
As distributor in Latin America and Caribbean
2012.12.11 | Press Release
South Carolina MSP Cantey Technology Uses Intronis Online Backup
To provide three-prong BC coverage
2012.11.28 | Press Release
Emulex Delivers Integrated 10GbE Convergence Technology for HP Integrity Server Blades
Getting LAN and SAN connectivity
2012.11.16 | Press Release
Secure Microcontroller Based on Novel Magnetic Logic Unit
From Crocus Technology
2012.11.13 | Press Release
Colt Builds VMware View Based VDI From Atlantis Computing
Supporting 20,000 desktops
2012.10.19 | Press Release
Silicon Storage Technology Assigned Patent
Flash memory array system including top gate memory cell
2012.10.19 | In Brief
Sentrum Colo Partners With UK Backup Technology
To offer customers backup and DR services
2012.10.04 | Press Release
Novastor Ensures Compatibility With Discontinued PC Backup From DT Utilities
60% discount until September 30
2012.09.28 | Press Release
Enhance Technology Got VSphere 5 Ready Certification
For UltraStor ES and DS SAN
2012.09.25 | Press Release
Backup Technology’s Online Backup for Word Press Reaches 100,000 Downloads
2012.09.21 | Press Release
Mach Technology ES USB 3.0 Flash Keys With SLC Chips
8GB, 16GB and 32GB, 170MB/s read and 185MB/s write
2012.09.18 | Press Release
Atto FC Technology Selected by Facilis
Improving Terrablock and shared storage product
2012.09.18 | Press Release
South Africa IT Provider First Technology Using Pivot3
To consolidate server and storage resources
2012.09.14 | Press Release
Paragon Attracts OEMs
For exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ Android and Linux platforms
2012.09.06 | Press Release
Enhance Technology and NovaStor Partner
For offering BC and data protection hard/soft solution
2012.09.05 | Press Release
Cloupia Joining VCE Technology Alliance Partner Program ..
Proposing cloud services on Vblock systems
2012.09.04 | Press Release
.. And EMC Technology Partner Program
To expand automation platform to VNX
2012.09.04 | Press Release
Avnet Embedded Distributing OCZ SSDs
In Latin America and Caribbean
2012.08.29 | Press Release
Proximal Data Joins Forces With Micron …
Delivering virtual SSD cache solution to increase VM density
2012.08.27 | Press Release
IEIMobile Launching Advanced Auto Data Server
With upgraded surveillance function and 16GB 2.5-inch SATA SSD
2012.08.23 | Press Release
SANBlaze Acquired Assets of Diversified Technology
Its 10GbE ATCA switches
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.08.20 | News
Enova Delivers Real-Time FDE for Any USB-Enabled Storage Device
Enigma module for consumer and enterprise data protection
2012.08.14 | Press Release
DataCore and VirtualSharp in Technology Partnership
Integrating storage virtualization with DR automation
2012.08.07 | Press Release
StorageCraft Assigned Patent
For backup and restoration
2012.08.02 | Press Release
Avalanche Technology Secures $30 Million in Third Round
After $7.5 million in 2010 for non-volatile magnetic memory start-up
2012.08.01 | Press Release
WORM Technology for Infortrend EonNAS
Becoming compliance archive solution
2012.08.01 | Press Release
EnhanceRAID E500FR From Enhance Technology
With 5 disks, USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire 800 interfaces
2012.07.27 | Press Release