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Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Encrypted backup to protect files from encryption attacks, data loss prevention for cloud sync application
2018.07.13 | In Brief
Symantec Receives Notification of Deficiency from Nasdaq
Related to delayed annual report on Form 10-K
2018.06.04 | Press Release
Asigra Cloud Backup Evolved V14 With Cyber Security to Defend Vs. Ransomware Attack-Loops
And GDPR compliance with articles 6, 17, 25, and 32
2018.05.24 | Press Release
Nutanix Bolsters Acropolis File Services and Expands Partner Ecosystem
To replace traditional file storage with flexible software
2017.10.12 | Press Release
Scott Anderson SVP of Product Management and Business Operations, Couchbase
Coming from Veritas
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.07 | News
Symantec Assigned Patent
Computer readable storage media for selective proxification of applications
2017.08.09 | In Brief
Franck Tubiana EMEA Financal Director, ProphetStor
Past successful team at FalconStor being rebuilt at ProphetStor
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.10 | News
Storage Unicorns, Is There Any?
Some surprises and some perspectives
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.01 | News
Veeam Said to Succeed Vs. Symantec/Veritas in Patent Infringement
In court and at USPTO
2016.11.28 | Press Release
Symantec Integrates With Blue Coat for Cloud Generation Data Protection
Integration of Data Loss Prevention with CloudSOC and Cloud Data Protection products
2016.11.04 | Press Release
Mike Brown Stepping Down as President and CEO of Symantec
Successor to be searched
2016.05.02 | Press Release
Symantec and The Carlyle Group Amend Terms of Veritas Purchase Agreement
Price declines from $8 billion to $7 billion.
2016.01.20 | Press Release
Symantec and The Carlyle Group to Close Acquisition of Veritas Later
On January 29 rather than January 1, 2016
2015.12.24 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 2Q16 Financial Results
Information management revenue transferred to Veritas decreasing 4% Y/Y at $593 million
2015.11.09 | Press Release
Anne Arundel County Public Schools Deploys Veeam
Replacing Symantec Backup Exec
2015.10.08 | Press Release
Caringo Swarm Certified With Symantec Enterprise Vault 11
For software-based web-scale object storage
2015.08.20 | Press Release
Cloudian HyperStore Selected for Symantec Veritas NetBackup 7.7
As cloud storage platform
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 1Q16 Financial Results
Information management revenue increased 3% to $587 million
2015.08.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Second Biggest All-Storage Acquisition in History
Veritas acquired from Symantec by The Carlyle Group together with GIC for $8 billion
2015.08.12 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Storiant Certified for Symantec Enterprise Vault
Spanning storage tiers from warm to cold
2015.08.07 | Press Release
Symantec in Talks to Sell Veritas Storage Unit to Carlyle Group
For $7 billion to $8 billion
2015.07.09 | In Brief
Symantec Data Loss Prevention 14
Providing customers control and visibility to secure sensitive information.
2015.06.12 | Press Release
Review of Symantec NetBackup 5330 Backup Appliance
By ESG Lab
2015.05.22 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 4Q15 Financial Results
NetBackup appliances grew 46% in FY15, accelerating to 88% in 4Q15.
2015.05.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Veeam Fended Off Symantec Accusations of Patent Infringement
Following three-year legal battle
2015.05.15 | Press Release
Symantec Exploring Sale of Veritas Business
NetApp, EMC and several private equity firms approached
2015.04.15 | In Brief
Symantec Backup Exec 15
With vSphere 6 support, cloud integration and simplified licensing
2015.04.14 | Press Release
Symantec NetBackup 5330 Integrated Appliance
220TB in 10 rack space unit
2015.03.25 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Increased scalability in de-dupe, opportunistic performance allocations in storage
2015.02.23 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 3Q15 Financial Results
22% growth for NetBackup for appliances and 15% for software, rebranded as Veritas
2015.02.06 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Veeam Invalidates Several Symantec US Patents
USPTO should issue final decisions in April 2015.
2015.02.06 | Press Release
Old Name Veritas (Technologies) for Symantec Separate Company
On information management
2015.01.29 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Patent
Incremental backups
2015.01.27 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 2Q15 Financial Results
Growth in enterprise backup, enterprise endpoint protection and DLP
2015.01.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Symantec Assigned Patent
Using data archiving to expedite server migration
2014.12.05 | In Brief
Symantec Assigned Patent
Online storage aggregation and publishing
2014.11.27 | In Brief
Balaji Yelamanchili EVP and GM, Enterprise Security Products, Symantec
Was a SVP and co-GM, EMC, content management and archiving division.
2014.11.07 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 2FQ15 Financial Results
3% yearly growth for information management
2014.11.06 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Benchmark of Medium-To-Large File Backup Software by NovaStor
Vs. Acronis and Symantec
2014.10.21 | Press Release
Symantec to Stop Backup Exec Appliance
As of January 5, 2015
2014.10.20 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Optimized image archiving, shared data resource coordinator within storage virtualizing processing system
2014.10.14 | In Brief
Split of Symantec in Two Public Companies
John Gannon GM of new separate management business
2014.10.10 | Press Release
Mike Brown CEO, Symantec
Was company's interim CEO and formerly chairman and CEO at Quantum.
2014.09.26 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Storage lifecycle policy management, SRM, analytic functions for distributed storage system data
2014.09.18 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 1Q15 Financial Results
Backup appliances growing 35% Y/Y, weakness in Backup Exec
2014.08.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New Cloud Archiving Service by Bluesource
Powered by Symantec Enterprise Vault and Azure
2014.08.07 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Analyzing backup objects maintained by de-dupe storage system, scalable reference management in de-dupe-based storage system
2014.08.06 | In Brief
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Controlling access to SAN, storage reclamation
2014.06.26 | In Brief
Symantec Backup Exec 2014
Faster, broad platform support, migration capabilities
2014.06.09 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Detecting intermittent path to storage system, direct connections to plurality of storage object replicas in network, storage replication
2014.05.13 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 4Q14 Financial Results
Information management revenue decreasing 4% for the year at $2.9 billion
2014.05.09 | Press Release
Backup Exec.Cloud Customers Receive Three Months Free Service of
If they switch
2014.04.11 | Press Release
Continuity Software Showcases Proactive Detection of Risks
That cause Symantec Veritas Cluster Server downtime.
2014.04.10 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Patent
Space management for single-instance-storage volumes
2014.04.10 | In Brief
Symantec Fires CEO Steve Bennett
Former Quantum's chairman and CEO Mike Brown interim CEO
2014.03.21 | Press Release
HDS Reselling Symantec Storage Software
NetBackup and Enterprise Vault
2014.02.27 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 3Q14 Financial Results
Information management down 6% Y/Y to $660 million: growth in NetBackup appliances, weakness in BackupExec
2014.02.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Symantec NetBackup Updated to V7.6
"400x faster VM recovery than standard restore"
2014.01.27 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Accessing large storage subsystems with different file format, policy for storing data objects, backing up from plurality of backup servers
2014.01.14 | In Brief
Symantec Helps Datacenters to Adopt SSDs
Storage Foundation customers may realize "400% performance gains" over traditional SANs
2013.12.16 | Press Release
Asigra Solution for Organizations Impacted by Symantec Backup Shutdown …
With several partners
2013.12.16 | Press Release
After, Axcient Delivers Backup Rescue Package …
To Symantec Customers
2013.12.11 | Press Release
… Backup Technology (iomart) …
Free migration to Asigra backup solution
2013.12.11 | Press Release
… Securstore …
With one-on-one migration
2013.12.11 | Press Release
… And Carbonite
For workstation starting at $270 and server at $800
2013.12.11 | Press Release
Storage Predictions for 2014
By Symantec
2013.12.02 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 2Q14 Financial Results
Information management, 37% of total revenue, declined 5% Y/Y to $602 million.
2013.10.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Virtual storage device, SSD caching using memory structures, application input/output activity while restoring
2013.10.15 | In Brief
CMT Partners With Symantec
Expandscloud backup and DR solutions offerings
2013.10.03 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Four Patents
Hierarchical space management, de-dupe, backup files with less redundancy, secure access to virtual objects
2013.08.12 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 1Q14 Financial Results
Information management - formerly storage management - up 4% Y/Y at $641 million
2013.07.31 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Le Creuset choisit Symantec NetBackup 7 French
Implanté par Scasicomp
2013.06.26 | Press Release
Symantec Cutting Up to 1,700 Jobs
As early as today
2013.06.17 | In Brief
President Obama Appoints Symantec CEO Bennett
To National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
2013.06.17 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Four Patents
NAS, database backup, migration, managing virtual storage
2013.05.23 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 4Q13 Financial Results
Double digit growth in backup business
2013.05.08 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Healthcare Practice Trusts Symantec Cloud-Managed Solutions
For protecting sensitive information
2013.04.05 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Sequential logging on caching-enabled storage devices, cloud storage
2013.03.27 | In Brief
Backup-Management und revisionssichere Archivierung mit NetApp und Symantec German
Durch VAD Tim
2013.03.05 | Press Release
60% des Français quittant leur entreprise au bout d’un an conservent ses données confidentielles French
Enquête de Ponemon Institute à  la demande de Symantec
2013.02.19 | Press Release
Symantec System Recovery 2013
Protects Windows Server 2012 and vSphere 5.1.
2013.02.04 | Press Release
77% of Businesses Saw Rogue Cloud Deployments in 2012
40% of them suffered exposure of confidential - Symantec survey
2013.02.01 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Volume status information in storage system, access to object storage, optimal storage configuration for application
2013.01.30 | In Brief
Symantec: Fiscal 3Q13 Financial Results
37% of revenue for storage and server management, increasing 12% Q/Q and 8% Y/Y
2013.01.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Symantec Splits Top Positions …
Now Dan Schulman chairman, Steve Bennett remains president and CEO
2013.01.25 | Press Release
… And Workforce Reduction, Vague New Strategy
"Enable people, businesses and countries to focus energies and time on achieving aspirations, instead of being consumed with how to keep digital lives safe and protected."
2013.01.25 | Press Release
Aptare StorageConsole Backup Manager Also Supports NetBackup
To optimize de-dupe and protect enterprise IT
2013.01.22 | Press Release
CA Offers to Switch From Symantec, CommVault, Veeam
With pricing discounts and additional maintenance credits
2013.01.11 | Press Release
2013 Symantec Forecast in Storage
≠1: Flash replaces HDD
2012.12.17 | Press Release
Symantec Releases Beta Version of Norton Zone
Cloud file sharing service
2012.12.06 | Press Release
Integration of Quantum Q-Cloud With Symantec OpenStorage
To deliver cloud services to NetBackup and Backup Exec customers
2012.12.04 | Press Release
Symantec: Fiscal 2Q13 Financial Results
Storage and Server Management segment continues to be flat
2012.10.26 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Le Groupe D.FI partenaire de Symantec French
Pour la protection des données, la haute disponibilité et la gestion du stockage
2012.10.23 | Press Release
Symantec Assigned Four Patents
De-dupe, encryption, secured portable storage
2012.10.11 | In Brief
Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013
Cloud-managed service and traditional management in single product
2012.10.03 | Press Release
Bocada Supports Virtual and Physical Data Protection Analysis and Reporting
For Backup Exec 2012
2012.10.03 | Press Release
Symantec Enhancing SMB Specialization Program
2012.10.01 | Press Release
PST-Migration mit Symantec Enterprise Vault German
Von Global Information Distribution
2012.09.19 | Press Release
Symantec Pass International Certifications
For Data Loss Prevention, Control Compliance Suite and Endpoint Protection
2012.09.07 | Press Release
Gynecological Oncology Group Opts for Backup Exec 2012
For virtual backup and recovery
2012.08.23 | Press Release