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Evolution of Enterprise Data Centers by Jai Menon, Chief Scientist, Cloudistics
With focus on enterprise storage and private clouds
2018.07.10 | In Brief
Acronis Announcing Cyber Protection and Singularity City Project
Celebrating 15-year anniversary
2018.06.19 | Press Release
Blockchain Critical to Future of Storage
Here's why
2018.06.11 | In Brief
Qnap TS-1677X Ryzen 16-Bay Tower NAS
With AMD processor, two 10GBASE-T RJ45 ports and three PCIe slots
2018.05.28 | Press Release
In Cloud IT Environments, Spending on Storage Platforms to Grow 6% in 2018 – IDC
Total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches) in cloud environments expected to total $52.3 billion next year up 11% Y/Y
2018.04.12 | Press Release
IT Pros Vote 2018 Brand Leaders for Storage
Dell EMC in 5 categories; NetApp, IBM take in 2; Pure Storage, Datos IO, Seagate and Zadara also selected
2018.03.21 | Press Release
Pivot3 Launches 1U Acuity X3 Series HCI Solutions
Modular hyperconverged appliances with compute, storage and networking options designed to meet variety of needs
2018.03.19 | Press Release
Top 2017 WW Storage Shows
Independent or vendor expos: VMworld, Dell EMC World, AWS re:Invent, Flash Memory Summit, SuperComputing and NAB Show
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.12.22 | News
Storage in New iMac Pro
$4,999 with 1TB, $9,559 with 2TB and $11,599 with 4TB SSD
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.12.19 | News
Huawei Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetic storage and information storage, storage, recovery, erasing data in flash, transmission path, controller, and system for service flow control in object-based storage, flash memory, for identifying data block stability, operating logical operation array of resistive random access memory, storage system, multi-layer protocol encapsulation or decapsulation operation requests, controller for managing array, write apparatus and magnetic memory
2017.12.19 | In Brief
Storage and IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2018 by StorPool
Increasing levels of consolidation, regulation and global competition
2017.12.18 | Press Release
WinZip 22 Software for File Compression, Encryption, Storage and Sharing
$30 for WinZip 22, $50 for WinZip 22 Pro
2017.11.03 | Press Release
IT Press Tour #24 Recap
Nine companies visited in security, big data, IoT, cloud and storage
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.27 | News
Decline of 4% Y/Y for Storage in Middle East and Africa in 1H17 – IDC
Value of flash space up 21% Y/Y vs. -37% for HDDs
2017.10.09 | Press Release
Infortrend 4/8-Bay Rackmount EonStor GSe Pro 1000 Series
For SMBs and SMEs, supporting storage, file sharing, cloud integration, and RAID functions to run local SAN/NAS applications
2017.10.06 | Press Release
Singapore Tycoon Oei Hong Leong to Invest $5 Billion in Storage
Can we believe that?
2017.09.22 | In Brief
Huawei Technologies Assigned Thirteen Patents
Write apparatus and magnetic memory, storage unit, system for pooling, partitioning, and sharing network storage, data migration, storage server, cache management for non-volatile storage device, storage, data recovery, controller for managing storage array, network storage, metadata updating and apparatus based on columnar storage in distributed file system, storage device processing data, migration of hot and cold data, partition extension
2017.09.06 | In Brief
Sync vs. Backup vs. Storage
By Backblaze
2017.08.07 | Press Release
General Electric Assigned Patent
System for storage, querying, and analysis of time series data
2017.04.07 | In Brief
History of HDDs and Flash
By Computerworld
2017.04.03 | In Brief
iXsystems Unveiled FreeNAS Corral Software
Open source solution for building hyper-converged infrastructure
2017.03.24 | Press Release
What’s in Store for Storage in 2017
According to Quantum
2017.02.27 | Press Release
Storage in Big Data Market to Register CAGR of 20% From 2016 to 2026 – Persistence Market Research
Increasing from $9.5 to $61 billion, hardware segment to be most attractive segment
2016.12.09 | Press Release
IT Press Tour #21 Back in California
Cohesity, Datos IO, DDN Storage, Igneous, MemoSale, Minio, NEC, Open vStorage, Primary Data, Quantum and Rubrik to connect with European Press in December 2016
2016.11.16 | Press Release
From HubStor, CoolSearch Searchable Cloud-Based Cold-Storage Archive Service
From $0.04/GB per month, fully-managed search solution that makes storage, indexing, and discovery low cost and completely turn-key for enterprises
2016.08.19 | Press Release Assigned Patent
Backup, storage, transfer and retrieval system
2016.06.13 | In Brief
Many US Enterprises Manage More Than 20 Different Types of Storage
Survey by Primary Data on complexity of today's enterprise storage landscape
2016.04.15 | Press Release
Five Things Storage Vendors Are Not Telling You
You might get huge discount to get foot in door, margin is built in drive, not box.
2016.01.08 | Press Release
How HDD Designed for Surveillance Improves Entire System
2016.01.08 | Press Release
… Arcserve …
Hybrid solutions to increase due to cloud-based DRaaS offering significant cost advantages over traditional DR methods without sacrificing performance
2015.12.18 | Press Release
Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries
Capable of storing all of world's digital information in case of wine
2015.12.04 | In Brief
HPC Storage Sector Booming – Intersect360 Research
DDN leads with 14% share followed by IBM (12%) and NetApp (8%).
2015.11.23 | Press Release
Silicon Valley Start-up LifeSite Launches LifeSite Vault
Secure web-based solution for storing all of life's vital information and documents
2015.11.20 | Press Release
Storage Most Strategic Part of HPC – DDN
Mixed I/O most difficult performance problem and burst buffers to take storage to exascale levels
2015.11.17 | Press Release
Zadara Storage Grew Customer by 11 and Average Revenue per User by 4
From January 2013 to July 2015
2015.10.15 | Press Release
Silicom Announces $1 Million Design Win With “Emerging Storage Industry Leader”
Name not revealed
2015.07.17 | Press Release
Hitachi: What Technology Currently Required for Storage
Two researchers of Hitachi answer: global storage virtualization, to avoid interruption when replacing storage devices
2015.07.10 | Press Release
SimpliVity Adds Support for KVM Hypervisor and OpenStack
To hyperconverged infrastructure
2015.05.28 | Press Release
As Expected, Lenovo Acquired IBM’s Entire Storage Business, for $3.4 Billion
Don't miss our comments.
2015.04.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
128GB FlashEmbedded Memory for Smartphones by Samsung
Based on Universal Flash Storage 2.0 standard
2015.03.06 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Robotic storage library with queuing instructions
2015.03.04 | In Brief
Lineage Labs Introducing Bevy, Home Device Wirelessly Collecting and Protecting Photo and Video
$349 retail price for 1TB of local storage
2015.02.27 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twenty Nine Patents
Security, storage system, caching, object storage, USB, backup, replication, tape, HDD, NAND, etc.
2015.02.26 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Seven Patents
Server DAS shared through virtual SAS expanders, multi-protocol storage controller, Interface for heterogeneous PCIe storage devices, SSDs as storage controller cache memory, common hot spare for multiple RAID groups, acquisition and adaption in NAND flash, encryption key destruction for secure data erasure
2015.02.19 | In Brief
Raidix and AIC Joins Hands for Cluster-in-a-box Storage Solution
2015.02.13 | Press Release
StorMagic Collaborates With VMware to Deliver 2-Node Highly Available SvSAN
2015.02.10 | Press Release
ClearData: Evolution of Healthcare-Dedicated Cloud Computing Platform
Enhanced performance with SSDs, security and compliance
2015.02.10 | Press Release
2015 Trends in Storage and Archiving
Published on blog of Active Archive Alliance
2015.01.27 | Press Release
WhitServe Assigned Patent
Portable password keeper with Internet storage and restore
2015.01.14 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Seven Patents
Controlling transportation of tape medium, formatting storage volumes, archiving using compression of flash copy, managing storage, restore data objects in file system, mitigating adjacent track erasure in HDD, capture data for memory regions in memory
2014.12.30 | In Brief
What’s in Store for Storage in 2015
By Janae Lee, SVP of strategy, Quantum
2014.12.24 | Press Release
2015 Trends in Storage According to Vendors and IDC
Not always really objective, but some interesting ideas
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2014.12.19 | News
Toshiba Assigned Four Patents
Cryptographic memory system, servo demodulation and disk storage apparatus, detecting touchdown of head and disk storage, resistance change memory
2014.12.17 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Three Patents
Techniques for storage array virtualization, managing storage operations in server cache, cloud capable storage system nosql key-value pair OS
2014.12.12 | In Brief
Vaultigo Integrating Yodlee With Secure File Sharing and Storage Service
To safely link financial data from multiple sources
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
System, mechanism, and method for physically manipulating media
2014.12.10 | In Brief
Hewlett-Packard Assigned Two Patents
Cooling in high-density storage systems, SAS drive system with failure information table
2014.12.09 | In Brief
Promise Technology Introduces New Program for Storage Subsystems
2014.11.18 | Press Release
Thecus NAS With Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials
2-, 4- and 5-bay solution available
2014.09.30 | Press Release
Storage Guardian Announcing Sync and Share Integration With DS-Client
Also can backup Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
2014.09.19 | Press Release
Drobox Slashes Prices for Pro Offerings to Be On Par With Competitors
1TB plan for $9.99/month
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.09.01 | News
S3-Compatible UK-Based Cloud Storage by UKFast
Bringing backup and DR, file sharing and hosting capabilities
2014.08.22 | Press Release
New Pricing for Forever Photo Cloud Storage
100GB at $11/month
2014.08.22 | Press Release
Avnet Unit Rorke Global Solutions Offers Petabyte-Scale Cold Storage Solution
In partnership with Storiant
2014.08.14 | Press Release
Keeper Presents Secure Cloud File Storage for iOS, Android and Web Users
From $10 for 10GB to $750 for 1TB per year
2014.08.07 | Press Release
DepositFiles Opens Beta Version of Cloud Storage Service
25GB of free storage and up to 750GB in paid plans
2014.08.01 | Press Release
Box Removes Storage Limits, Integrates Office 365
And also AvePoint solutions
2014.07.25 | Press Release
Egnyte Delivers Storage Sync 10.0
Instantaneous collaboration across offices and cloud-central administration
2014.07.23 | Press Release
DataON Cluster-in-a-Box Reaches 420TB Capacity with HGST 6TB HDDs
At $69,000
2014.07.23 | Press Release
PoINT Storage Manager V5.0 Available
Additional storage systems and OSs, integration of Blu-ray disc libraries
2014.07.17 | Press Release
EditShare: Shared Storage V7…
Redesigned interface and prioritization feature, built on Linux kernel
2014.07.08 | Press Release
Toshiba Announces Storage Place Solution (10GB at $40/Year)
With secure cross-service access, search, share and remote access
2014.07.04 | Press Release
Asco Opts for Storage Made Easy Private Cloud Solution
Based on Cloudian's object storage cloud
2014.07.04 | Press Release
Analysis of State of Cloud Storage: War Continues
Cheaper, bigger, more enterprise friendly offerings at Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.07.02 | News
HouseLens Uses Storage Made Easy File Share and Sync
To securely backup to cloud storage over FTP
2014.07.02 | Press Release
HP Helion Managed Services for Cloud Storage Workloads
Leverage block, file and object storage.
2014.06.26 | Press Release
G-Technology Demonstrated Storage Solutions for 2K/4K Workflows
$1,200 for 12TB RAID system
2014.06.11 | Press Release
Ethernet Meets Enterprise Storage, Finally
By Mike Jochimsen, director of product marketing and alliances, Emulex
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2014.06.09 | News
Top Expected Driver of Data Center Capacity in Europe: Storage
Survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digital Realty Trust
2014.05.28 | Press Release
Thecus N16000PRO NAS/DAS Supporting Up to 3.8PB
Through daisy-chaining and 6TB HDDs
2014.05.27 | Press Release
Rentec: Unlimited Cloud Storage With Property Management Software License
To store bills, video walkthrough or tenant documents
2014.05.23 | Press Release
Zadara StaaS Solution Adds Support for Azure Cloud
Ensures multi-cloud security in pay-as-you-go model.
2014.05.23 | Press Release
Half of Canadian Businesses Identify Storage as Priority in 2014 – CDW
20% believe big data will be impactful.
2014.05.14 | Press Release
V3.0 of Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform
Introduces content delivery and site cache.
2014.05.13 | Press Release
Cloud Storage Company Firedrive Adds Groups, Profiles and Privacy Controls
Native desktop and mobile app to come this year
2014.05.09 | Press Release
Extenua Presents Business Online Storage Solution Cloud2Drive
Features local encryption and aggregates multiple services like Azure or S3.
2014.05.08 | Press Release
ownCloud Releases Performance Testing With Red Hat Storage
Linear scalability on x86 servers in 25,000-user benchmark
2014.04.22 | Press Release
Amazon Merges Cloud Drive and Kindle Storage
10GB of free storage for Kindle customers
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.04.21 | News
Outlook for Storage Spending Continues to Look Mediocre – UBS
Netapp falls, EMC also lower
2014.04.17 | In Brief
Pydio annonce une solution cloud open source de partage de fichiers French
Basée sur Red Hat Storage
2014.04.15 | Press Release
IDrive Giving More Storage Space for Same Price, Adds Sync
8TB for $500/year (4TB of backup/4TB of sync)
2014.04.04 | Press Release
Box Files for IPO
But no profit in foreseeable future
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.03.28 | News | [with our comments]
SpiderOak Offering Enterprise Unlimited Storage Space
$5 fee for monthly user
2014.03.26 | Press Release
DataCore Developed Software-Defined Storage Benefits Calculator
With Alinean
2014.03.14 | Press Release
Coho Data Web-Scale Storage Appliance for Enterprise Available
Hybrid flash scale-out storage for private cloud
2014.03.13 | Press Release
eRacks/NAS36 Rackmount Storage Server Manages 100TB in 4U
With 36 removable 3.5-inch HDDs, under $20,000
2014.02.19 | Press Release
Storage System for Big Data Speeds Access to Information
Multiple nodes allows same bandwidth and performance from storage network as far more expensive machine.
2014.02.10 | Press Release
Dot Hill Plays Role in Today’s Blockbuster Films
With AssuredSAN arrays
2014.02.07 | Press Release
Point Storage Manager Allows User Driven File Tiering and Archiving
Platform independent and manual purging feature
2014.01.31 | Press Release
JMR Electronics Storage Server With euroNAS OS
Starting at $17,999 for 16TB
2014.01.22 | Press Release