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Netlist Prevails In Federal Circuit Appeals Of Self-Test Patents
Brought By SanDisk and Smart Modular
2017.11.17 | Press Release
WD: NAND Flash Produced Through JVs With Toshiba Utilizes SanDisk Patents
SanDisk has 4,000 U.S. flash-related patents, twice more than Toshiba Memory Corp.
2017.10.11 | Press Release
Insider Trading Among SanDisk’s Family Members in Acquisition of Fusion in 2014
Ananda Kumar Ananda,Vijaya Ananda, Anand Jayapalan's uncle and aunt made combined profit of $215,086
2017.10.02 | Press Release
Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiaries Initiate New Arbitration Proceedings Vs. Toshiba
At ICC International Court of Arbitration
2017.09.21 | Press Release
MSC Technologies/Avnet präsentiert industriellen Embedded Flash Drive von SanDisk mit langer Lebensdauer German
Von 8GB bis 64GB
2017.09.19 | Press Release
Western Digital With iPhone Mobile Storage Solution
SanDisk iXpandBase up to 256GB ($200)
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Toshiba to Build New Chip Facility in Northern Japan’s Iwate Prefecture
Company to discuss with WD/SanDisk whether it will take part in investment
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Toshiba’s Opposition to SanDisk’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction
Why court should reject US firm's effort, according to Japanese company
2017.07.05 | Press Release
Toshiba Files Opposition to Motion For Preliminary Injunctive by SanDisk
War with Western Digital continues.
2017.07.03 | Press Release
WD Comments on Toshiba’s Announcement Regarding Flash JV Interests
It ignores SanDisk's consent rights and dual-track legal process currently underway.
2017.06.21 | Press Release
Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiaries Seek Injunctive Relief Against Toshiba
To block deal of NAND chip business
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Toshiba Resolved to Revert to Itself From Toshiba Memory Corporation…
Stake of joint venture between Toshiba and SanDisk at Yokkaichi Operations, which manufactures flash memories
2017.06.05 | Press Release
Tarun Loomba, EVP of Solutions Management, Polycom
Was VP and GM of computing storage solutions at SanDisk.
2017.05.10 | Press Release
256GB SanDisk Extreme microSD Card With A1 Released by Western Digital
$200, read speed up to 100MB/s, write up to 90MB/s, video speed C10 and U3
2017.03.07 | Press Release
Sanjay Mehrotra Stepped Down From Board of Western Digital
Was co-founder and former CEO of SanDisk.
2017.02.10 | Press Release
Western Digital: CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II SATA and Ultrastar SN100 PCIe NVMe SSD for VMware
Company collaborates with HPE on All-Flash Virtual SAN Ready Nodes.
2016.10.27 | Press Release
Western Digital/SanDisk InfiniFlash Platform Adopted by SoftBank
Deployed by PS Solutions
2016.08.30 | Press Release
SanDisk/WD Assigned Ten Patents
NAND memory strings and methods of fabrication, 3D memory structure, storage control system, high endurance non-volatile storage, improving utility of storage media, 3D memory devices containing memory stack structures, recovery in 3D memory device, latch initialization for storage device, intelligent flash management, distributed computing in non-volatile memory
2016.08.02 | In Brief
SanDisk 256GB microSD Card by Western Digital
$150 for Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition, $200 for microSDXC Extreme UHS-I 256Go
2016.07.08 | Press Release
Western Digital Announces Results of Conversions of SanDisk Convertible Notes
And tender offer
2016.06.14 | Press Release
Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C Flash Drive by Western Digital/SanDisk
16 ($20), 32 ($30), 64 ($40) and 128GB ($70)
2016.06.10 | Press Release
Western Digital Expects 4FQ Revenue Between $3.35 and $3.45 Billion
With SanDisk
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Western Digital Completes $16 Billion Acquisition of SanDisk
Best deal in company's history, expensive but strategic
2016.05.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) Approved Acquisition of SanDisk by Western Digital
Comments from Trendfocus
2016.05.11 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SanDisk Technology Partner Program
To design, develop and deliver integrated flash-based storage solutions to joint customers
2016.05.11 | Press Release
SanDisk 480GB 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD
Z410 with 15nm, three-bits-per-cell, for desktop PC and laptop
2016.05.02 | Press Release
SanDisk: Fiscal 1Q16 Financial Results
Revenue up 3% Y/Y, down 11% Q/Q
2016.04.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SanDisk iXpand Flash Key for iPhone and iPad
$50 (16 GB), $70 (32GB), $90 (64GB), and $130 (128GB)
2016.04.27 | Press Release
SanDisk InfiniFlash IF150 All-Flash Platform Doubling Performance
$1/GB price point for raw flash, up to 512TB in 3U, enhanced 12Gb SAS interface
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Intermolecular, Toshiba and SanDisk Assigned Patent
Multi-level memory array having resistive elements for multi-bit data storage
2016.04.21 | In Brief
Swedish GleSYS Internet Services Runs on Nexenta and SanDisk
Combining NexentaStor and InfiniFlash
2016.04.20 | Press Release
128GB Extreme PLUS MicroSDXC Card by SanDisk
$250 for 128GB, with GoPro verification
2016.04.18 | Press Release
Akitio Provides Thunderbolt 2/3 Storage With SanDisk 1TB SSDs
$969 with two 1TB flash disks
2016.04.07 | Press Release
SanDisk InfiniFlash With Red Hat Ceph Storage
Combination of open, software-defined storage and flash storage
2016.04.07 | Press Release
Netlist Reiterated Patent Trial and Appeal Board Confirmed Validity of Two U.S. Patents
Following Inter Partes Reviews initiated by SanDisk and Smart Modular Technologies
2016.03.22 | Press Release
Western Digital Shareholders Approve Issuance Common Stock in Connection With Acquisition of SanDisk
With 90% of votes cast
2016.03.16 | Press Release
SanDisk Stockholders Approve $19 Billion Merger With Western Digital
With 98% of votes cast
2016.03.16 | Press Release
Joint Solution Between SanDisk and IBM
InfiniFlash system featuring Spectrum Scale filesystem
2016.03.08 | Press Release
SanDisk Enhances Flash Portfolio for Automotive and Industrial IoT Apps
Capacities up to 64GB
2016.03.04 | Press Release
Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-II Card From Sandisk
$179 (64GB) and $300 (128GB)
2016.03.03 | Press Release
Institutional Shareholder Services Recommends Western Digital and SanDisk Shareholders Vote for Merger
ISS is independent proxy advisory firm.
2016.03.01 | Press Release
SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Key
From $20 (16GB) to $80 (128GB)
2016.02.29 | Press Release
European Commission Approved Acquisition of SanDisk by Western Digital
Deal subjected to receipt of shareholder approvals and other regulatory approvals
2016.02.05 | Press Release
SanDisk Deploys Cloudera Enterprise
To maximize production quality with machine learning and analytics
2016.02.05 | Press Release
SanDisk: Fiscal 4Q15 Financial Results
Revenue decreased 11% Y/Y and increased 6% Q/Q, -16% for FY15, -19% to -24% expected next quarter
2016.01.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SanDisk, Western Digital $19 Billion Deal May Drop
As Chinese investment company Unisplendor may abandon plans to make large investment in HDD maker.
2016.01.26 | Press Release
1TB SanDisk M.2 X400 SSD
Supposed to be world's thinnest with this capacity: 1.5mm height
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Water-Resistant SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD
480GB at $250, USB 3.0, for photographers and videographers
2016.01.11 | Press Release
SanDisk Increases Capacity of Connect Wireless Stick and Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0
$120 for first one with 200GB, $60 for second one with 128GB
2016.01.11 | Press Release
SanDisk InfiniFlash With QCT Servers
To provide massive scale, efficiency and resiliency to OpenStack and Ceph environments
2015.12.29 | Press Release