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HighPoint RocketStor 6661A-NVMe Portable Thunderbolt 3 RAID With 4 M.2 NVMe SSDs
$549, with RAID-0, 1, 5, 10, up to 2,800MB/s sustained transfer speed
2018.07.20 | Press Release
Asustor 2-Bay and 4-Bay Desktop NAS With Celeron Processor and Multimedia Functions
2GB of DDR3L RAM, two GbE ports, USB 3.0 ports frontand rear panel, HDMI 1.4B, IR receiver, AES-NI hardware encryption and up to 12TB per drive
2018.07.20 | Press Release
History (1988): U.C. Berkeley Paper Catalyses Interest in RAID
Outperforming mainframe drives
2018.05.17 | Press Release
SANS Digital: SED Drives for EliteNAS 12G Series Unified/Hybrid NAS/iSCSI Systems
Supports 12G bSAS, 6Gb SATA HDDs/SSD, 2U/8-bay, 2U/12-bay, 3U/16-bay, 4U/24-bay, 4U/36-bay, 8U/48-bay, 8U/72-bay.
2018.05.08 | Press Release
HighPoint: Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 Drive RAID Solutions With 14TB HDDs
Including rDrive 6628 and rDrive 6674, rDrive 6114V series, and RocketStor 6124V series
2018.04.20 | Press Release
Exclusive Interview With Faye Pairman, President and CEO, Panasas
"We are on path to disaggregating hardware from software"
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.03.07 | News
“We Didn’t Invent Disk Arrays But RAID”
Emailed Katz with cc to Patterson and Gibson
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.29 | News
Patterson, Gibson and Katz, University of California, Berkeley, Didn’t Invent RAID !?
Emailed Tom Gardner, treasurer and webmaster at IEEE Silicon Valley History Committee
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.28 | News
RAID Is 30-Year Old
Invented by David Patterson, Garth A. Gibson and Randy Katz at University of California, Berkeley in 1987
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.20 | News
Xanadu 500 Series HPC Storage Systems From RAID Inc.
Xanadu 500 B for block level connectivity, 500 G featuring Spectrum Scale/GPFS appliance, and 500 Lustre appliance
2017.11.06 | Press Release
Areca ARC-8050T3-12R/24R Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount SAS RAID
With 12-24 12Gb/s drive channels
2017.10.19 | Press Release
Datarecovery Datenrettung: RAID-Systeme nicht als Backup geeignet German
Daten trotz Redundanz Disk-Array separat gesichert werden sollten.
2017.07.26 | Press Release
Bindig Media erklärt warum der Disk-Verbund als Mittel der Datensicherung ungeeignet ist German
RAID-System nicht als Backup geeignet
2017.07.19 | Press Release
ARI-500 All-Flash Array From RAID, Inc.
24 2.5-inch SAS bay, 77TB per chassis
2017.04.10 | Press Release
US Department of Veterans Affairs Has Selected RAID Inc.
For 5PB storage based on Microsoft 2012 R2 Storage Spaces
2016.12.13 | Press Release
Microsemi: 8405E and 8805E Adaptec Series 8 Entry-Level RAID Solutions
Accelerated performance with built-in cache and reliability
2016.11.11 | Press Release
RAID Inc. With Certified JBOD for Windows Server 2016
And HGST 10TB HDD qualified
2016.11.11 | Press Release
EliteliteRAID UTI6G Series Versatile DAS/SAN for Video Surveillance From Sans Digital
2U 8-bay, 2U 12-bay, 3U 16-bay, and 4U 24-bay rackmounts with USB 3.0/eSATA/4xiSCSI interfaces, with hardware RAID engine
2016.10.14 | Press Release
Qnap TS-x51A Series NAS With USB 3.0 QuickAccess Port
Two and four bays, dual-core Celeron processor, dual-channel DDR3L-1600 RAM expandable to 16G, dual GbE ports
2016.08.12 | Press Release
NETArchive Data Archiving Storage Solution From Alliance Storage Technologies
From 45TB to 802.5TB within single rack, at $.10/GBe, with Sony optical disc archive technology
2016.07.06 | Press Release
Akitio Provides Thunderbolt 2/3 Storage With SanDisk 1TB SSDs
$969 with two 1TB flash disks
2016.04.07 | Press Release
Low Cost MAXio All Flash Storage N1A6 From BiTMICRO
From $0.11 to $0.13 per IO/s
2016.04.05 | Press Release
Upgraded RM-8500 Storage System From Cepoint
To get 500TB single storage solution
2016.01.08 | Press Release
Unifosa/Proware Debuts 12Gb SAS Enterprise Rackmount NAS
Unified storage system with SSD caching for SMB in 2U/12 bays and 3U/16 bays, over 1PB via SAS JBODs
2015.12.25 | Press Release
Thecus N5810PRO NAS With Built-in Mini-UPS
$770 for 5-bay storage subsystem
2015.11.27 | Press Release
Taejin InfoTech Assigned Patent
Architecture based on asymmetric RAID storage
2015.11.25 | In Brief
Lenovo Assigned Patent
Managing SSD in RAID
2015.11.04 | In Brief
Winchester Systems: FlashDisk RR1P ATR Removable Canister RAID Disk Array Completes Flights
Was flown on the U.S. Navy's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft.
2015.11.03 | Press Release
NetSwap NS500 NAS by Highly Reliable Systems
Three-bay mini-tower NAS at $1,099
2015.10.29 | Press Release
GT400 MicroServer 4-Bay Storage System Released by Giada From Shenzhen
For Windows and Linux OS
2015.10.22 | Press Release
ReadyNAS 212 and 214 From Netgear
Diskless prices: $329 for 2-bay model and $499 for 4-bay model
2015.10.09 | Press Release
Giada USA Re-Launches Mini ITX NAS Motherboard N70E-DR V3
Maximum storage limit at 24TB
2015.09.11 | Press Release
Areca ARC-4038ML: 12Gb SAS 8-Bay Compact Tower Box
Could work with company's 12Gb/s external RAID.
2015.09.11 | Press Release
StorSys-3000 Rugged NAS From Elma Electronic
8TB of flash storage for use in IP-based military and defense applications
2015.07.31 | Press Release
Dot Hill Assigned 101th Patent
Write-cache management for AssuredSAN arrays
2015.04.02 | Press Release
BIOS Announces DVT10T2 Thunderbolt2/USB 3.0/eSATA RAID
With ten 3.5-inch HDDs, delivering 1GB/s for video application
2015.03.27 | Press Release
Bright Technologies Introduced BrightDrive Astella Nx Pro NAS
4U, up to 150TB
2015.03.27 | Press Release
Qnap TS-451U Turbo NAS
4-bay 1U rack for small and home office
2015.03.20 | Press Release
EUROstor Increased RAID Performance With 12Gb SAS
ES-6600 starts at €8,913 with 8x4TB SATA HDDs and two 12Gb SAS host ports
2015.03.19 | Press Release
EonStor DS 4000 RAIDs by Infortrend
3U, 16 bays for Toshiba SSDs, 11GB/s read and 4.2GB/s write with 12Gb SAS support,
2015.03.18 | Press Release
AC&NC: JetStor NAS 724UX RAIDs
24 bays in 4U, ZFS support and solid-state caching
2015.02.27 | Press Release
storageFoundry: Nautilus 4K Software-Defined Storage System
Starts at $59,995.
2015.02.25 | Press Release
Kaminario Assigned Patent
RAID writing and asynchronous parity computation
2015.02.12 | In Brief
Digiever Upgrades NVR Firmware to V2.1.0.54
For IP video surveillance array with multi-volume storage expansion
2015.02.11 | Press Release
Atto Expands 12Gb ExpressSAS HBA Line
Connecting up to 2,048 devices on single PCIe slot
2015.02.06 | Press Release
Infinidat Assigned Patent
Handling enclosure unavailability in storage system
2015.02.06 | In Brief
Fujitsu Assigned Patent
Storage control apparatus , storage system and method
2015.01.19 | In Brief
LSI Assigned Patent
Establishing nested RAID volumes with expander
2015.01.06 | In Brief
Accusys ExaSAN RAID With Seagate 6TB SAS HDDs
R/W up to 2,685MB/s and 1,840MB/s when processing 10bit 16GB 4K file
2014.12.26 | Press Release
Sonnet Fusion R400 Rackmount RAID With USB 3.0 Interface
1U, 4 bays, $349 without HDD
2014.12.25 | Press Release
HP Assigned Three Patents
Auxiliary memory tape cartridge, buffer for RAID controller, capacity-expansion of logical volume
2014.12.24 | In Brief
Infortrend : EonStor DS 2000 RAIDs for Database and VDI Ecosystems
Up to 780,000 IO/s, 5,500MB/s read, and 1,900MB/s write with SSD cache
2014.12.16 | Press Release
WW Disk Systems Revenue Grew 5% Y/Y to $8.8 Billion in 3Q14 – IDC
New capacity shipments up 42%, IBM biggest loser
2014.12.08 | Press Release
Dot Hill and RAID, Inc. Signing OEM Agreement
For HPC storage
2014.11.27 | Press Release
IBM DCS3860 RAID Controller
4U, 60 bays for SAS drives, scalable to 1.44PB in 24U
2014.11.18 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor DS 1024B RAID
24 bays for 2.5-inch drives in 2U, 432TB per array with added expansion enclosures
2014.10.21 | Press Release
Fujitsu Labs Develops Faster Recovery Process for Multiple HDD Failures
Allows for same degree of protectionof RAID as triple-redundancy with less actual redundancy.
2014.10.17 | Press Release
NewerTech Dual-Bay Guardian Maximus External Storage
Eight models from $230 (1TB) to $949 (12TB) with mirrored drives and multiple interfaces
2014.10.14 | Press Release
Promise: Pegasus2 M4 2TB RAID SSD
With Thunderbolt 2
2014.10.09 | Press Release
mLogic mTape Extreme Tape Drive at Native 10TB
Based on IBM drive, with HDD RAID and Thunderbolt Interface, in 2U
2014.09.26 | Press Release
CalDigit Opens Pre-Order for Portable VR mini 2 RAID
$449 for 2TB
2014.09.23 | Press Release
OWC ThunderBay 4 Edition With RAID-5 Capabilities
$1,770 for 20TB capacity
2014.08.14 | Press Release
LaCie 2big Dual-Disk RAID
Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0, up or 12TB (€949)
2014.06.19 | Press Release
RAID Inc. Shipping 6TB NL SAS HDDs Into 4U 60-Bay Ability EBOD
For total raw capacity of 360TB
2014.04.21 | Press Release
12Gb SAS Expander From Sans Digital
Up to 32 bays, 3,000MB/s with optional 12Gb RAID controller bundled
2014.04.02 | Press Release
Western Digital Unveils Faster Mobile RAID Solution
Self-powered RAID at 2TB and 4TB for creative pro
by Corentin Béchade | 2014.03.27 | News
Addonics Revealing Sapphire, SSD RAIDs With CF Cards
Between $249 and $279 without disks
2014.02.21 | Press Release
Areca: ARC-8050T2 Thunderbolt 2 RAID
8-bay, battery backup option and support for bootable drive
2014.02.21 | Press Release
AC&NC Adds NAS 1600s Unified RAID For Multi-Protocol Environments
3U, 16 bays for up to 64GB
2014.02.19 | Press Release
HighPoint Unveiling RAID-5/6 Thunderbolt Storage Solution
With eight removable 3.5" SAS/SATA HDD modules
2014.02.06 | Press Release
How Intel RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040 Alleviates Latency Issues
Commonly found in virtualized environments
2014.02.04 | Press Release
PMC-Sierra Announcing Adaptec 24-Port RAID Adapter
Up to 6.6GB/s on sequential reads and 5.2GB/s on sequential writes
2014.02.03 | Press Release
RAID Not Enough to Protect Data From “Bitrot” Corruption
Anomaly resulting in "flipping" of one bit or multiple bits on storage device
2014.01.27 | In Brief
Phoenix International: IRPC24 4004 Disk Array With 24 HDDs/SSDs
Scales up to 192 drives, built on Dot Hill RAID stack
2014.01.16 | Press Release
Thecus NAS With RAID-50 and -60
24TB to 2.5PB, and 10GbE cards
2013.12.26 | Press Release
IBM RAID FlashSystem 840 With 4TB to 48TB in 2U
Up to eight 16Gb FC or 40Gb QDR IB ports
2013.12.23 | Press Release
OWC Adds USB 3.0 to Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 Hardware RAID
Price ranging from $550 for 4TB to $1,295 for 16TB
2013.11.28 | Press Release
?Infortrend ESVA and EonStor DS Systems Optimized for VDI
Support up to 6,000 virtual desktops per system
2013.11.28 | Press Release
IBM System Storage DCS3860 RAID
4U, 60 bays for SAS drives, up to 24 SSDs, expandable to 1.44PB in 24U
2013.11.26 | Press Release
Storageflex Presents HA39969-U RAID With ZFS and CDP
Up to 16 bays, 12-bay configuration starting at $8,995
2013.11.21 | Press Release
Promise Presents Thunderbolt 2 Enabled Pegasus2 and SANLink2 Arrays
RAID with 8TB to 32TB
2013.10.29 | Press Release
Dot Hill Updated RAID Storage Architecture
12Gb SAS and 16Gb FC/10GbE iSCSI converged network interface
2013.10.15 | Press Release
OWC Hardware-RAID Portable Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini Available With 3TB on HDDs/SSDs
Bus-powered, FireWire 400/800, USB 2.0 and eSATA
2013.09.19 | Press Release
RaidSystems With Thunderbolt RAID for Mac
8 bays, 10GbE
2013.09.10 | Press Release
PMC With 12Gb SAS RAID Adapters Family
700,000 4K random read IO/s
2013.09.09 | Press Release
Infortrend Upscales 16Gb FC RAIDs
With sTec SAS SSDs
2013.07.22 | Press Release
Icy Dock Introduces 5-in-3 6Gb SATA Internal RAID Enclosure
With 92mm cooling fan
2013.07.17 | Press Release
RAID Inc. Launches 4U 60-Bay Storage Server
Powered by Xeon processor E5-2600
2013.07.03 | Press Release
PMC/Adaptec: Low-Profile, 24-Port, PCIe Gen3 RAID Controller
Triples storage connectivity by replacing up to three 8-port RAID adapters.
2013.06.11 | Press Release
OWC Mercury Elite RAID With Newer Technology eSATA-to-USB 3.0 Adapter
Up to 200MB/s data rate, starting at $472
2013.05.21 | Press Release
Why RAID Dead for Big Storage
Opinion of Cleversafe
2013.05.14 | Press Release
RAID-5 Reduces Reliability of SSD Arrays
Said researchers at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Skyera.
2013.05.02 | Press Release
Microsoft Windows Team Uses RAID Inc.’s 4U 60-Bay SAS/SATA Enterprise JBOD
For 1.1PB solution
2013.04.24 | Press Release
Promise RAID Vess R2000 Series Replacing VessRAID 1000
With single controller models, maximum of 448TB with JBOD expansion units
2013.04.23 | Press Release
Data Watch Rolling Out 4-Bay Thunderbolt RAID Enclosure
Available through Oyen Digital in USA
2013.04.16 | Press Release
Panasas Commemorates 25th Anniversary of RAID
Chief scientist Gibson co-authored Berkeley RAID paper in 1988.
2013.04.08 | Press Release
Arena RAID Maestro 4U RAID by MaxTronic
Supporting 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI to hosts, 6Gb SAS and 4TB HDDs
2013.04.01 | Press Release
Raid Inc. Launches Scalable High Throughput NAS Solution
Based on Fusion-IO PCIe SSD and IBM GPFS
2013.03.26 | Press Release
RAID Inc. Certified With Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces
For line of EBOD solutions
2013.03.21 | Press Release
Arena RAID Validated With Intel SSDs
2.5-inch models 320 and 520
2013.03.08 | Press Release