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IBM Patents System to Secure Cryptographic Keys and Codes for Data Protection
For protection of data encryption keys
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Arent Fox Said to Win Software Patent Infringement Dispute for Acronis
Plaintiff Uniloc being barred from further attempts to assert patent vs. Singapore-based company's software
2017.08.02 | Press Release
Fourth Patent by Virtual StrongBox Protects File Transfer Between Devices
Patented security, APIs provide data protection for high-risk firms.
2016.12.22 | Press Release
Veeam Said to Succeed Vs. Symantec/Veritas in Patent Infringement
In court and at USPTO
2016.11.28 | Press Release
Pure Storage Wins New Trial After $14 Million EMC Patent
Jury ordering new trial to determine whether patent is valid
2016.09.05 | In Brief
EMC Wins Partial Patent Victory Vs. Pure Storage
Getting $14 million
2016.03.17 | Press Release
MapR Assigned Patent
Converged data platform
2016.02.08 | Press Release
Western Digital Acquired 100 Patent Assets From IBM
On distributed storage, object storage and non-volatile memory
2016.01.26 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Dot Hill Files Suit Vs. Crossroads
For patent infringement
2015.07.01 | Press Release
Compellent (Dell) Assigned Two Patents
Virtual disk drive, unbalanced RAID management
2015.05.27 | In Brief
Infinidat Assigned Patent
Multipath storage system and method of operating thereof
2015.05.26 | In Brief
MIT Assigned Patent
Reduce access time in storage device using coded seeking
2015.05.26 | In Brief
Macronix Assigned Three Patents
Low cost scalable 3D memory, fabricating memory device with charge storage layer at gap located side of gate dielectric underneath the gate, 3D NAND flash memory
2015.05.25 | In Brief
Lenovoemc Assigned Patent
Managing incremental cache backup and restore
2015.05.22 | In Brief
NXGN Data Assigned Patent
Performing efficient processing of data stored in storage node
2015.05.21 | In Brief
Cloudlink/EMC Assigned Patent
Cloud-based storage
2015.05.20 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Patent
Mechanism for persisting messages in storage system
2015.05.20 | In Brief
CEA Assigned Patent
Multilevel memory device
2015.05.19 | In Brief
CommVault Assigned Seven Patents
Distributed de-dupe, power management of data processing resources, sharing media in computer network, sharing SAN, stored data reverification management, performing replication, smart archiving and data previewing for mobile devices
2015.05.18 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Patent
Rendering data write errors detectable
2015.05.18 | In Brief
Veeam Fended Off Symantec Accusations of Patent Infringement
Following three-year legal battle
2015.05.15 | Press Release
Virtual StrongBox Assigned Patent
Secure file-capture and encryption-at-rest technology
2015.05.15 | Press Release
StorageCraft Assigned Two Patents
Encryption of certain blocks in de-dupe vault, hash value comparison during crash-tolerant incremental change tracking between backups of source storage
2015.05.15 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Distributed storage system with web services client interface, conditional storage object deletion
2015.05.14 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Two Patents
Information system, recording optical information in hologram
2015.05.13 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Five Patents
Optical media guiding method, bootstrapping server using configuration file stored in server-managed storage, R/W head with improved contact, horizontal pass-through for storage library, asynchronous media drive communications in library
2015.05.13 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned Two Patents
Metadata protection system for storage, pull data replication model
2015.05.11 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Two Patents
Logical deletion of stored data objects, replicated storage of structured data records
2015.05.11 | In Brief
SolidFire Assigned Patent
Management of storage system access based on client performance and cluser health
2015.05.08 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Patent
Content storage system with modified cache write policies
2015.05.08 | In Brief
Citrix Assigned Patent
Storage encryption
2015.05.07 | In Brief
ioSafe Assigned Patent
Rugged portable storage device and docking station
2015.05.07 | In Brief
Nimble Storage Assigned Patent
Reducing churn in flash-based cache
2015.05.06 | In Brief
Archion Assigned Patent
Configurable and scalable storage system
2015.05.06 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Implementing virtual disk in virtualization environment
2015.05.05 | In Brief
Intelligent Intellectual Property Assigned Patent
Multi-level cache
2015.05.05 | In Brief
OCZ (Toshiba) Assigned Two Patents
Integrated storage/processing devices for performing big data analytics, modular mass storage system
2015.05.04 | In Brief
Virident (HGST) Assigned Patent
Small block write operations in non-volatile memory systems
2015.05.01 | In Brief
Yacov Yacobi Assigned Patent
Attribute-based access-controlled storage system
2015.05.01 | In Brief
PMC-Sierra Assigned Patent
Initializing regions of flash drive having diverse ECC schemes
2015.04.30 | In Brief
Compuverde Assigned Patent
Updating data in distributed storage system
2015.04.30 | In Brief
CommVault Assigned Patent
Parallel access virtual tape library and drives
2015.04.29 | In Brief
Callplex Assigned Patent
Virtual storage of portable media files
2015.04.29 | In Brief
Atlantis Computing Assigned Patent
De-dupe of virtual machine files in virtualized desktop environment
2015.04.28 | In Brief
DensBits Technologies Assigned Three Patents
Flash memory management, configurable flash interface, dynamic erase, program control for flash memory device memories
2015.04.28 | In Brief
Acronis Assigned Patent
Efficient backup using hashes
2015.04.27 | In Brief
Inside Secure Assigned Patent
Verifying data integrity in storage device
2015.04.27 | In Brief
Druva Assigned Patent
Distributed scalable deduplicated backup system
2015.04.24 | In Brief
Teradata Assigned Patent
Allocating resources in mixed SSD and HDD storage environment
2015.04.24 | In Brief
Zhongshan Innocloud Assigned Two Patents
HDD enclosure and module having temperature detecting function
2015.04.23 | In Brief
Futurewei Technologies (Huawei) Assigned Patent
Providing highly-scalable network storage for well-gridded objects
2015.04.22 | In Brief
DSSDR Assigned Patent
Data transfer and recovery
2015.04.22 | In Brief
Rackspace Assigned Patent
Handling large object files in object storage system
2015.04.21 | In Brief
Sybase Assigned Patent
Replication support for structured data
2015.04.21 | In Brief
Crocus Technology Assigned Patent
Self-referenced MRAM cell and method for writing cell using spin transfer torque write operation
2015.04.20 | In Brief
Kaspersky Lab Assigned Patent
Robust full-drive encryption
2015.04.20 | In Brief
Fuji Electric Assigned Patent
Magnetic recording medium having soft magnetic underlayer with tailored relative permeability regions
2015.04.17 | In Brief
Splunk Assigned Patent
Determination and display of number unique values for field defined for events in distributed data store
2015.04.17 | In Brief
Geminare Assigned Patent for DRaaS Platform
Providing data and application continuity in computer system
2015.04.16 | Press Release
Facebook Assigned Patent
Directory-level RAID
2015.04.16 | In Brief
DDN Assigned Patent
Storage system having mutable objects incorporating time
2015.04.15 | In Brief
Snap-on Assigned Patent
Managing software applications using partitioned storage devices
2015.04.15 | In Brief
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Assigned Patent
Wire holder and wiring layers included in objective lens driving unit of optical disc drive
2015.04.14 | In Brief
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Assigned Patent
Memory device structure
2015.04.14 | In Brief
Giesecke and Devrient Assigned Patent
Portable data carrier featuring secure data processing
2015.04.13 | In Brief
SAP Assigned Patent
Business-driven archiving
2015.04.10 | In Brief
Recommind Assigned Patent
Storing data and eliminating redundancy
2015.04.10 | In Brief
Ricoh Assigned Patent
Device management device and recording medium
2015.04.09 | In Brief
Rohm Assigned Patent
Manufacturing semiconductor storage device
2015.04.09 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Patent
Media storage and reader
2015.04.08 | In Brief
Renesas Assigned Patent
Information storage device and test method
2015.04.08 | In Brief
Silicon Motion Assigned two Patents
Accessing flash memory and associated controller, storage device and flash memory control
2015.04.07 | In Brief
Qualcomm Assigned Patent
Magnetic tunnel junction storage element
2015.04.07 | In Brief
Nexenta Assigned Patent
Heterogeneous redundant storage array
2015.04.06 | In Brief
Phison Assigned Patent
Storage interface module
2015.04.06 | In Brief
Microsoft Assigned Patent
Storage media abstraction for uniform data storage
2015.04.03 | In Brief
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Data archive system
2015.04.03 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned 101th Patent
Write-cache management for AssuredSAN arrays
2015.04.02 | Press Release
Marvell Assigned Patent
Increased pull-in range of timing recovery circuit for storage devices
2015.04.02 | In Brief
HGST Assigned Three Patents
PMR disk, HDD with write assist, disk drive with different synchronization fields
2015.04.01 | In Brief
National Digital Research Centre Assigned Patent
Extending operational lifetime of flash memory
2015.04.01 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Five Patents
Storage control apparatus, control method of storage, data migration, storage apparatus, assigning storage area
2015.03.31 | In Brief
Intelligent Intellectual Property Assigned Patent
Managing non-volatile media
2015.03.31 | In Brief
Fusion-io (SanDisk) Assigned Patent
Managing lifetime of storage device
2015.03.30 | In Brief
eMemory Technology Assigned Patent
Flash memory
2015.03.30 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Page object caching for variably sized access control lists in storage systems
2015.03.27 | In Brief
Atigeo Assigned Patent
Computer readable media for security in profile utilizing systems
2015.03.27 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Patent
Offline verification of replicated file system
2015.03.26 | In Brief
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Assigned Patent
Non-indexed in-memory data storage and retrieval
2015.03.26 | In Brief
Zetta Assigned Patent
On-line backup and disaster recovery with local copy
2015.03.25 | In Brief
Sookasa Assigned Patent
Computer readable medium for file management
2015.03.25 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Tape cleaner drive arrangement for library
2015.03.24 | In Brief
Kobe University Assigned Patent
Holographic memory
2015.03.24 | In Brief
CA Assigned Patent
Data recovery using conversion of backup to virtual disk
2015.03.23 | In Brief
Echostreams Assigned Patent
Removable hard disk drive holder
2015.03.23 | In Brief
Novell Assigned Patent
Dynamic disk personalization
2015.03.20 | In Brief
Omniplug Assigned Patent
Synchronisation to automate content adaptation and transfer between storage devices and content servers
2015.03.20 | In Brief
OCZ (Toshiba) Assigned Patent
Mass storage using solid-state storage media and ancillary interfaces for direct communication between memory cards
2015.03.19 | In Brief
Nintendo Assigned Patent
Computer-readable storage medium having display control program stored therein
2015.03.19 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Patent
Service combination support and storage medium
2015.03.18 | In Brief