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Hutchinson Announces Results of Exchange Offer
$45,963,000 aggregate principal amount of old notes tendered for exchange
2011.07.19 | Press Release
Disk Trumps Tape at City of Santa Cruz
With Revinetix backup solution
2011.07.15 | Press Release
Campaign of Acronis for Channel Partners
To penetrate the small business virtualization market
2011.07.11 | Press Release
Expiration of Go-Shop Period for Smart Modular
No new offers concerning its acquisition by Silver Lake
2011.07.06 | Press Release
Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Lost Data
Of 3,590 medical-aid applicants
2011.07.05 | In Brief
NovaStor With V4.5 of NovaBACKUP DataCenter Software
For backup and restore to multiple locations
2011.06.29 | Press Release
IBM Takes Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business to the Cloud
Notably with XIV storage system
2011.06.28 | Press Release
My Peace of Mind Offers Fundraising Opportunities
For nonprofit organizations to store financial data
2011.06.27 | Press Release
List of 22 Cache-A’s Customers
For archive appliances to safeguard video content
2011.06.22 | Press Release
Market of Midrange Storage Segment
≠1 EMC, ≠2 NetApp, ≠3 IBM, etc., reports RBC Capital Markets
2011.06.21 | Press Release
OWC Lowers Prices of 1.8-Inch SSDs for Notebooks and Netbooks
40GB at $150, and 240GB at $530
2011.06.17 | Press Release
Proact Delivering EMC Celerra NS960 to City of Oulu
With nearly 100TB
2011.06.16 | Press Release
History of HDD Cost, by Matt Komorowski
Over last 30 years, space per unit cost doubled every 14 months.
2011.06.14 | In Brief
City of Manassas, VA Implements C2C ArchiveOne
Eliminating need for PST files and improving capacity
2011.06.01 | Press Release
End of Life for Upgrades to Open-E DSS V6
On May 31, 2011
2011.05.30 | Press Release
Magirus With EMC VNX Range of vBundles
Targeted at SME market
2011.05.26 | Press Release
ExaGrid Said to Match Price of Tape Library Backup for SMBs
Using disk backup with de-dupe
2011.05.24 | Press Release
StorIT, Holding of CMS Peripheral: Fiscal 2010 Financial Results
Higher revenues and profit
2011.05.20 | Press Release
Web Service Firm My Peace of Mind in Online Storage for Financial Data
One-year subscription costs $48.
2011.05.06 | Press Release
CommVault Today With 1,300 employees and 13,500 customers
After 15 years of existence
2011.04.28 | Press Release
Total Bookings Revenues of Veeam Grew 136%
From 1Q10 to 1Q11
2011.04.27 | Press Release
Merger of Also Holding and Actebis GmbH
We missed this important news dated January 13, 2011.
2011.04.25 | Press Release
OCZ Suspected of Fraud
According to investigation from Copperfield Research
2011.04.21 | Press Release
Fujitsu OEM of CommVault in EMEA
To sell Simpana to Eternus customers
2011.04.21 | Press Release
Stec Acquires Assets of KQ Infotech
For establishing software R&D presence in Pune, India
2011.04.20 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New Levels of Support for Terremark vCloud
And new pricing starting at $0.25/mo/GB for storage
2011.04.19 | Press Release
No More Custom Duties for PVRs With HDD in Europe
Judgment of the EU Court of Justice
2011.04.15 | Press Release
Ferroelectric Materials Could Compete With HDDs and SSDs
Research from engineers at University of Michigan College
2011.04.15 | Press Release
OCZ Closes Public Offering of Common Stock
Receiving $94 million
2011.04.15 | Press Release
Dataram Doubles Cache Capacity of XcelaSAN Appliance
With 256GB
2011.04.15 | Press Release
Teradata Completes Acquisition of Aster Data
Geting patent-pending structured query language, SQL-MapReduce technology
2011.04.12 | Press Release
New Version of PoINT Storage Manager
Provides integration of cloud storage services into existing storage infrastructure.
2011.04.01 | Press Release
Tablets and Smartphones – The End of HDDs?
Seagate's point of view
2011.03.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
OCZ Completes Acquisition of Indilinx
Expected to substantially increase FY2012 revenue and margins
2011.03.29 | Press Release
Interactive Ideas Distributor of SEP Backup Software
In the UK and Ireland
2011.03.28 | Press Release
… Supply of Sony LTO, Blu-ray Running Low
Because of Japan's earthquake
2011.03.21 | In Brief
Joint Qualification of ProStor RDX and Unitrends Appliances
To provide backup and archiving for SMBs
2011.03.17 | Press Release
City of Bradenton, FL Into Cloud Backup With Asigra
Solution delivered by service provider Yotta280
2011.03.17 | Press Release
New Version of EMC Isilon OneFS to Come
On April 11
2011.03.16 | Press Release
More than Two Out of Five SMBs Have Lost Data
Research from Carbonite
2011.03.14 | Press Release
Analysis of WD/Hitachi Huge Deal
It's Waterloo for Napoléon Seagate
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.03.08 | News
Dell Completes Acquisition of Compellent
$940 million final price
2011.02.23 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Humankind Can Store at Least 295 Exabytes of Information
Students calculates how much information is in the world.
2011.02.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
German Storage Specialist Stordis Distributor of Acer
For Gateway HPC servers
2011.02.16 | Press Release With New Tool to Share All Types of Materials
Danish start-up is an online browser-based file publishing and sharing service.
2011.01.31 | Press Release
Fusion-io Shipped 15PB of Enterprise SSDs
In the past 12 months
2011.01.31 | Press Release
… and Seagate’s Point of View
"HDDs will serve the bulk of laptop market for many years"
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.01.28 | News
Quest Software Completes Acquisition of BakBone
Roadmap to be revealed at the end of 1Q11
2011.01.19 | Press Release
2010: The Year of Consolidation
57 M&As and big ones, vs. 47 in 2009
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.01.01 | News
Toshiba Now 100% Owner of Fujitsu HDD
Formerly 80%
2010.12.29 | Press Release
Isilon Systems Installed by Medical College of Wisconsin
At Human and Molecular Genetics Center
2010.12.20 | Press Release
Veeam Received Army Certificate of Networthiness
From U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command
2010.12.15 | Press Release
The Jewish Federation of Greater LA Selects i365
For Evault cross-platform Microsoft DPM solution
2010.12.13 | Press Release
DataDirect Storage Cluster Powers National Center of HPC
In Taiwan
2010.11.29 | Press Release
Virident Closed New Round of Funding
Led by Sequoia Capital and Globespan Capital Partners
2010.11.22 | Press Release
Spectra Logic and SGI DMF Chosen by University Of Minnesota
To backup and archive HPC and scientific computing environment
2010.11.22 | Press Release
Overland to Sell $4.2 Million of Shares of Common Stock
To institutional investors
2010.11.15 | Press Release
Facebook Buys Most of
Online file sharing service to discontinue on December 15
2010.11.02 | Press Release
… And Public Offering of Common Stock
6,750,000 shares of its Class A common stock
2010.11.02 | Press Release
Record of 1,644 Attendees at SNW Europe 2010
7% up compared to 2009
2010.10.29 | In Brief
The University of Queensland Deploys SGI Technical Computing Solution
Its HPC uses 249TB on HDDs, Voltaire switches and Panasas file system.
2010.10.28 | Press Release
Santa Barbara Safeguards County Data With Data Erasure
Using software from Blancco
2010.10.27 | Press Release
Zycko UK Distributor of SGI
Including LSI storage solutions
2010.10.22 | Press Release
Computer Dynamics of Japan OEM of Dot Hill
For storage solutions and software
2010.10.20 | Press Release
World of Wonder Deploys Isilon Through Partner Talon Data
Simplifying content management for project pipeline
2010.10.20 | Press Release
2011 SNIA Board of Directors
Adams re-elected as chairman
2010.10.18 | Press Release
U.S. Department of Justice Renews Maintenance Program
On IceWEB storage appliance
2010.10.08 | Press Release
EMC to Sponsor Digitization Project
At National Baseball Hall of Fame
2010.10.06 | Press Release
New Supercomputer at University of Kentucky Puts UK in Top 10 HPC
Based on Dell PowerEdge C6100 HPC, Mellanox IBM switches and Panasas clustered file system
2010.10.06 | Press Release
HP Completes Acquisition of 3par
Final price: $2.35 billion in cash
2010.09.28 | Press Release
New Version of Backup My Info!
Supporting Windows, Linux, Mac and VMware
2010.09.24 | Press Release
Hitachi Said to Pick Six Banks for U.S. IPO of HGST
To raise as much as $1 billion
2010.09.23 | In Brief
National Archives of Norway Digitalizing Daily 45,000 Microfilm Images
Data coming from Kodak scanners stored on 150TB SAN
2010.09.22 | Press Release
U.S. Department of Interior Selects IceWEB
For storage and management of geospatial data
2010.09.16 | Press Release
Diskeeper Saw 130% Growth in Adoption of V-locity 2.0
Over past couple months
2010.09.13 | Press Release
UK Entry for Druva
Also unveiling inSync v4.0 for laptop backup with de-dupe
2010.09.10 | Press Release
Arrow ECS VAD of Syncsort
In North America
2010.09.01 | Press Release
Symantec Completes Acquisition of VeriSign
To get identity and authentication business
2010.08.13 | Press Release
HDD Lost by Ministry of Defence
Containing personal details of 2,300 staff
2010.07.27 | In Brief
University of Edinburgh’s ‘Eddie’ HPC Gets Power Boost
It uses IBM DS5100 and a combination of FC HDDs and SSDs.
2010.07.15 | Press Release
Overland Reduces Size of HQs
By 42%
2010.07.09 | Press Release
Avnet Completes Acquisition of Bell Micro
For $631 million as previously reported
2010.07.07 | Press Release
Qnap With V3.3 of Management Software
For its Turbo NAS
2010.07.07 | Press Release
… And Fraunhofer
For parallel file system
2010.06.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
University of Cambridge Has Selected Reldata
For the storage environment of its geography department
2010.06.18 | Press Release
Nanospheres Stretch Limits of HDD
New magnetic media devised by European researchers
2010.06.16 | In Brief
Netapp Sold More Than a Petabyte of Flash Cache
Since September 2009
2010.06.16 | Press Release
National Society of Accountants Opts for KineticD
For a cloud storage and secure access solution
2010.05.28 | Press Release
Stec Sees Return of EMC
Ordering again
2010.05.26 | In Brief
IceWEB Received Order From U.S. Department of Homeland Security Agency
To aid in recovery efforts ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
2010.05.25 | Press Release
University of Lubeck Worked With RZNet to Acquire Isilon IQ NAS
To centralize storage
2010.05.24 | Press Release
Plenty of Storage News Today
But no one deserving top rank
2010.05.20 | In Brief
UK Launch of EcoDisc
DVD using 50% less polycarbonate
2010.05.18 | Press Release
NetApp Completes Acquisition of Bycast
Agreement previously announced on April, 7
2010.05.18 | Press Release
Former CEO of Evertech Charged With Corruption
Giving $157,508 bribes to Seagate assistant engineer Ho Sze Khee
2010.05.13 | In Brief
Bell Micro Expands Distribution of IronKey
Throughout North America
2010.05.10 | Press Release
C.K. Chan VP of APAC Sales for Isilon
Former Data Domain and NetApp executive
2010.04.30 | Press Release
5% Ownership of VMware in Terramark
According to Data Hosting & Data Storage Report
2010.04.30 | In Brief
SSD Start-Up Stec Up on Talk of IBM Bid
Crazy-ass rumor du jour
2010.04.29 | In Brief
TwinStrata Out of Stealth Mode
Debuts with cloud storage enablement software solutions for mid-sized companies.
2010.04.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]