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KeepItSafe Contracts With Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
To backup historical documents on Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame
2013.09.18 | Press Release
University of North Texas Installs Dell Terascala HPC Storage Solution
1.5PB system utilizing 4TB HDDs
2013.09.17 | Press Release
Western Digital Completes Acquisition of sTec
Confirming agreement signed last June for $340 million
2013.09.13 | Press Release
University of West Indies Picks Securstore
To backup and protect data
2013.09.13 | Press Release
Second-Gen of Tegile Zebi OS for Hybrid Arrays
Better integration with VMware and Microsoft
2013.09.09 | Press Release
University of California Santa Cruz Deploys Huawei Cloud Storage System
To support computational astrophysics research
2013.09.03 | Press Release
Evault Backup Appliances for SMBs and Enterprises
Starting a $2,000, up to 38TB
2013.08.29 | Press Release
UK Officials Justify Airport Detention, Destruction of HDDs
Following decision to detain Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner
2013.08.22 | In Brief
Mellanox Completes Acquisition of Kotura
For $82 million in cash as expected
2013.08.19 | Press Release
BlueBridge Provides Storage Solution for Cleveland Museum of Art
Donates up to $600K to project.
2013.08.06 | Press Release
University of Southern California Adopting IceWEB Storage Appliance
With 8TB expandable to 48TB
2013.08.06 | Press Release
Cray Awarded $30 Million Contract With University of Edinburgh
To install HPC with 5PB Sonexion storage system
2013.07.30 | Press Release
EaseUS Allows 2GB of Free Data Recovery
From FAT/NTFS and EXT partitions
2013.07.17 | Press Release
EMC Confirms Acquisition of ScaleIO to Strengthen Flash Portfolio
Not the price
2013.07.12 | Press Release
Unigen: Family of Rugged SSDs
60 to 512GB, 1.8- and 2.5-inch, SLC/eMLC/MLC, 6Gb SATA
2013.07.11 | Press Release
Only 10% of U.S. Users Backup Data Daily – Backblaze
Unchanged from 2012
2013.07.09 | Press Release
Limerick Institute of Technology Chooses Coraid
106TB on SRX2800 arrays
2013.07.09 | Press Release
Library of Congress Turns to Avere
And FXT Edge Filers
2013.07.05 | Press Release
Mellanox Completes Acquisition of IPtronics for $47.5 Million
As previously announced
2013.07.02 | Press Release
VaultLogix Offers Free Month of Backup Service
For customers signing one-year contract until July 31
2013.06.28 | Press Release
Millenniata Celebrates Completion of 25GB Blu-ray Optical M-Disc
Production to begin in August 2013 at Ritek
2013.06.11 | Press Release
Stuart Parkin, IBM, Doctorate of the University of Kaiserslautern
For research contributions to application of spintronics
2013.06.10 | Press Release
Tech Innovator Who Almost Killed Saddam Hussein
Doron Kempel, CEO of SimpliVity
2013.06.03 | In Brief
The UK University of Law Opts for Securstore
Hybrid enterprise cloud backup solution
2013.05.30 | Press Release
Action of Quantum Versus Overland
On logical library architecture
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.05.28 | News
Flickr Offers 1TB of Free Photo Storage
2TB at $500/year
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.05.27 | News
Inktank Raised Unknown Bit of Money
Total being now at $13 million
2013.05.20 | In Brief
History of Big Data
Starts many years ago.
2013.05.16 | In Brief
Irish League of Credit Unions Adopts DataCore SANsymphony-V
"60% cost reduction to alternative storage environments"
2013.05.08 | Press Release
Starboard Releases V3.2 of OS
Along with three hybrid storage systems
2013.05.02 | Press Release
Veeam Completes 27th Consecutive Quarter of Growth
Now has 63,000 customers.
2013.04.30 | Press Release
University of Portland Deploys Alacritech NFS Acceleration
To implement VDI across campus network
2013.04.30 | Press Release
Mentor Accelerate Verification of 6Gb SAS Products
With iSolve SAS
2013.04.26 | Press Release
DigitalLord Portfolio of Online Backup Services
$6/month for online backup and $15 for briefcase services
2013.04.19 | Press Release
Quantum OEM of Dot Hill
Reselling AssuredSAN 4000
2013.04.17 | Press Release
Amax OEM of IBM
For storage solution StorMax, powered by GPFS
2013.04.16 | Press Release
History of Storage Industry
Best links in and on the web
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.04.05 | News
Remarkable History of Evolution of HDD Prices
Declining from $50,000 in 1956 to $49 in 2010
2013.03.29 | Press Release
Maginatics Launches V2.0 of MagFS
For enterprise to host on-premises and/or in public cloud, with de-dupe
2013.03.29 | Press Release
ChannelCloud Distributor of Mozy
In UK and Ireland
2013.03.27 | Press Release
V5 of Sanbolic Melio Software
Enabling server-side flash, SSD and HDD as primary persistent storage
2013.03.21 | Press Release
DeepWell Archival and Telerad Tech Announce New Client
MRI of America, for hosted PACS and long term archiving
2013.03.18 | Press Release
Growth of NAND Flash Slows – IHS iSuppli
As handsets and tablets offer lower memory capacity.
2013.03.15 | Press Release
Drobo Surpassing 1EB of Storage
250,000 systems sold since 2007
2013.03.15 | Press Release
Revenue of Cumulus Global Up 340% in 2012 at $3.3 Million
Cloud solutions provider and Google Apps SMB reseller
2013.03.05 | Press Release
Riverbed Releases V2.1 of Whitewater OS
Supporting Amazon Glacier and Google Cloud Storage
2013.03.05 | Press Release
QUIZ: Who Is the “C” of EMC ?
E for Egan, M for Marino, what about the C ? (€990 to win)
2013.02.27 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Installs 500PB of Tape Storage
In last six months of 2012
2013.02.27 | Press Release
HP Signed With Commercial Bank of Africa
For converged infrastructure project solution with 3par valued at $800,000
2013.02.19 | Press Release
2012 Sales of e-ternity Increased 11%
Partner program revenue up 222%
2013.02.18 | Press Release
University of California Assigned Patent
Near field optical recording
2013.02.14 | In Brief
Bitcasa Infinite Drive Out of Beta
February discount at $59/year for unlimited capacity
2013.02.13 | Press Release
Macally Adds USB 3.0 Enclosure for 3.5-Inch SATA HDD
2013.02.13 | Press Release
IBM Complete Acquisition Of StoredIQ
Previously announced
2013.02.08 | Press Release
IDriveSync Adding Out of Box, Single Link Sharing and Timeline View
500GBfor $15/month
2013.02.06 | Press Release Resellers of Mega in UK
And in the world
2013.01.31 | Press Release
GoodMakers Film Winner of “100 Drobos’ Contest”
Deploying external HDDs in studio and offering them for charities
2013.01.31 | Press Release
Cristie Replaces End of Life EMC HomeBase
With migration to NBMR
2013.01.29 | Press Release
University of Alberta Team Cracks 100-Year-Old Barkhausen Effect Mystery
With new high-resolution microscopy of magnetic materials
2013.01.28 | Press Release
Scality OEM of SGI
For scale-out storage solution with nearly 3PB in 19-inch rack
2013.01.28 | Press Release
Confirmed Acquisition of GridIron by Violin
Getting software boosting business critical applications for SSD appliance
2013.01.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
University of Nottingham Extends Panasas Parallel Storage
In 240TB deployment for HPC
2013.01.18 | Press Release
Hammer Distributor of DataCore
In the UK and Benelux
2013.01.09 | Press Release
Imation Distributor of Millenniatia
Co-branding DVD and Blu-ray M-Disc
2013.01.08 | Press Release | [with our comments]
U.S. Department of Agriculture Uses Spyrus Secure Pocket Flash Keys
40,000 units to be deployed
2013.01.04 | Press Release
HP With Full Line of LTO-6 Products
Drives, autoloaders and libraries
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.12.26 | News
VMware Deploying Proofpoint Suite of Solutions
Integrated into Zimbra Platform
2012.12.21 | Press Release
Hybrid Future For Data Protection Predicted
In Vision Solutions' State of Resilience 2012 report
2012.12.21 | Press Release
Bleak Future of NAND Flash Memory
Research from University of California, San Diego, and Microsoft
2012.12.20 | In Brief
Mimecast Triples Size of U.S. Partner Base
Past year
2012.12.19 | Press Release
De-Dupe and Archiving Top List for Reducing Storage Costs
Acronis survey of 375 UK resellers
2012.12.17 | Press Release
Need to Know the Price of All EMC Products?
Look at this PDF of 1,555 pages, inside one item at $24 million!
2012.12.13 | Press Release
Symantec Releases Beta Version of Norton Zone
Cloud file sharing service
2012.12.06 | Press Release
Interview With Eli Efrat, CEO of Axxana
"We are UPS for data."
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.11.27 | News
Penguin Computing OEM of EMC
For delivering 1PB scalable unified storage for HPC based on VNX
2012.11.20 | Press Release
Tenth Edition of The IT Press Tour
Next month in California
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.11.20 | News
Acquisition of Gale Technologies by Dell
Getting infrastructure automation software for compute, network and storage
2012.11.19 | Press Release
Silicon Mechanics Premium Reseller of Nexenta
For NexentaStor open storage solution
2012.11.16 | Press Release
IceWEB Got $1.5 Million Line of Credit
From board of directors
2012.11.14 | Press Release
SSD Vendor Kove Holds 16 of 17 STAC-M3 Benchmark Storage Records
On configuration with Dell, McObject and Mellanox
2012.11.13 | Press Release
Opinion of VARs on Private Cloud Software for IT-as-a-Service CloudFrames
By CloudFounders
2012.11.13 | Press Release
V6.5 of Veeam Backup Management Suite (€1,260/Socket for Enterprise Edition)
New monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for Backup & Replication software
2012.11.09 | Press Release
V1.0 of Nakivo Backup & Replication ($399 for Pro Edition)
VM backup to Dropbox
2012.11.09 | Press Release
Cibecs OEM of Permabit for Albireo
To address endpoint data protection in enterprise
2012.11.09 | Press Release
OCZ to Cut 28% of Workforce
EOL procedures to discontinue 150 product variations
2012.11.01 | Press Release
Asus OEM of SanDisk
For SSD into Taichi ultrabook
2012.10.31 | Press Release
Twenty-Third Investigation of OCZ
By Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein
2012.10.29 | Press Release
Independent Colleges of Indiana Opts for Nirvanix
Implementing storage-as-a-service for 31 private education institutions
2012.10.29 | Press Release
University of Louisville Physicians Cures DR Ills with Zerto
With adoption of hypervisor-based replication
2012.10.29 | Press Release
Twenty-First Investigation of OCZ …
By Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll
2012.10.26 | Press Release
… Twenty-Second Investigation of OCZ
By Todd M. Garber
2012.10.26 | Press Release
Luv Duggal GM of UK Sales, Attix5
To expand in the country
2012.10.18 | Press Release
Online Auction of DVD/CD Replication, Printing, Packaging Equipment
On October 24-25
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.10.15 | News
… And Being Investigated by Law Offices of Howard G. Smith
For false and misleading statements
2012.10.11 | Press Release
Revenue of Actifio Up 500%
9th consecutive period of double-digit quarterly growth
2012.10.09 | Press Release
Egnyte’s Server Syncs 5 Millions Files
And 25MB/s upload speed in Europe and North America
2012.10.04 | Press Release
Dell and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Create Preservation Archive
Based on DX Object Storage platform
2012.10.04 | Press Release
Storage Start-Up Evtron Out of Stealth Mode
In high-density storage platform fitting 120 HDDs
2012.10.02 | Press Release
Avnet Completes Acquisition of Magirus Group
$530 million European VAD
2012.10.02 | Press Release
NetApp Storage Helps CERN Unlock Secrets of the Universe
Supporting a raw data rate of 1TB/s
2012.10.01 | Press Release