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Stéphane Arnaudo directeur des ventes pour la business unit Cloud Infrastructure, NetApp Europe du Sud et Bénélux French
Avait dirigé Atlantis Computing pour l'Europe du Sud pendant 3 ans.
2018.07.20 | Press Release
Aaron Albaum Software Sales International, NetApp
Since last June
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.07.18 | News
New 2018 NetApp Excellerator Program Graduates Startups
SigTuple, Nanobi, ArchSaber, Anlyz, Dataken and BlobCity
2018.07.02 | Press Release
NetApp CTO Bregman Replaced by Three CTOs
Each will report to individual business unit heads, not CEO.
2018.06.28 | In Brief
Cisco and NetApp Launch FlexPod Solutions for Delivery of Cloud Infrastructure and Industry-Specific Applications
Combining Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with NetApp data services for hybrid cloud
2018.06.14 | Press Release
Rob Klusman Director HCI Product and Solutions Marketing, NetApp
Previously at SolidFire, Oracle, Sun, Storagetek and Storage Networks
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.06.07 | News
CTO Mark Bregman Left NetApp
Joining company in September 2015
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.06.06 | News
NetApp: Fiscal 4Q18 Financial Results
All figures increasing thanks to AFAs, but annual net income deeping
2018.05.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Franck Risbec Directeur Channel pour l’Europe du Sud, NetApp French
Succède à Eric Antibi.
2018.05.24 | Press Release
TAM Market for NetApp: $51 billion in FY18
Company accounts for 11.5%.
2018.05.22 | In Brief
Broadcom, NetApp and SUSE: Production Availability of End-to-End NVMe Over FC Solution Enabling Application Performance
Complete solution consisting of Emulex Gen 6 HBAs, Brocade Gen 6 switches, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3, and NetApp's AFF A800, A700, A700s and A300 all-flash arrays running ONTAP 9.4.
2018.05.22 | Press Release
Analysts Expects 4FQ18 Revenue of NetApp at $1.6 Billion
8% Y/Y and 5% Q/Q growth
2018.05.21 | In Brief
NFLEX Lösung von Fujitsu und NetApp erhältlich German
In EMEA ab 194.000€
2018.04.26 | Press Release
Gemalto Provides Enhanced Data Security for Cloud, Hybrid and on-Premises Storage With NetApp
With SafeNet KeySecure
2018.04.11 | Press Release
NetApp Authorized Buyback of Additional $4 Billion
In shares of common stock
2018.04.06 | In Brief
AZ Community Physicians Modernizes Infrastructure With cStore and NetApp
To improve patient care, in conjunction with Commvault for backup
2018.04.02 | Press Release
Cirrus Data Solutions Joining NetApp Alliance Partner Program
Enabling to migrate data to flash arrays
2018.03.30 | Press Release
NetApp: New Consultancy Service, Cloud Value Management
Collaborating with partners Minet Technologies and Heymann & Partner
2018.03.21 | Press Release
Netapp Selects Chelsio T6 Unified Wire Adapters
For AFF A700 all-flash and FAS9000 hybrid storage systems
2018.03.20 | Press Release
NetApp: Fiscal 3Q18 Financial Results
Revenue at $1.5 billion, up 7% Q/Q and 8% Y/Y
2018.02.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Revenue of NetApp to Be Revealed Tomorrow at $1.49 Billion for 3FQ18, Stable Q/Q
According to Zacks consensus estimate
2018.02.13 | In Brief
NetApp Serves 63% of Top 140 Hospitals
2018.02.08 | Press Release
Fujitsu: solution vers SAP HANA French
Grâce à un partenariat avec D.FI et NetApp
2018.01.30 | Press Release
Brad Anderson SVP and GM Cloud Infrastructure Business Unit, NetApp
Spent 7 years as president and GM of Dell enterprise solutions group.
2018.01.18 | Press Release
Avnet Being OEM Distributor for NetApp Enterprise Storage Solutions
In Americas
2017.12.27 | Press Release
NetApp Selected by CDL
For all-flash FAS
2017.12.25 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Seventeen Patents
Migrating data between heterogeneous storage platforms, data migration preserving storage efficiency, cluster scale synchronization of producer consumer file access via multi-protocol nodes, de-duped host cache flush to remote storage, using predictive cache statistics in storage system, maintaining communications sessions among nodes in storage cluster system, resynchronization with compliance data preservation, online backup to object service using bulk export, restoration of erasure-coded data via data shuttle in distributed storage, drive wear-out prediction based on workload and risk tolerance, recovery of trapped storage space in extent store, maintaining block maps of clones of storage objects, dynamic transitioning of protection information in array systems, solid state device parity caching in hybrid storage array, policy-based data tiering using cloud architecture, optimized read access to shared data via monitoring of mirroring operations, access management techniques for storage networks
2017.12.22 | In Brief
NetApp SnapMirror for SolidFire Element OS
Enabling replication across Data Fabric
2017.12.19 | Press Release
Anniversary: NetApp 25-Year Old
Solid company but not always success story
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.12.13 | News
System Fabric Works and ThinkParQ Partnering
For integration of BeeGFS file system with NetApp all-flash and HDD systems
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Nimble Storage Vs NetApp
By IT provider CIO Solutions, partner of those storage companies
2017.12.12 | Press Release
Fujitsu Integrates NetApp Storage Within Hybrid Storage Solution
For private storage for public and virtual private cloud customers
2017.12.07 | Press Release
NetApp Selecting Mellanox ConnectX 100Gb/s IB Adapters
For EF570 all-flash and E5700 hybrid storage platforms
2017.11.23 | Press Release
NetApp: Fiscal 2Q18 Financial Results
All-flash array annualized revenue run rate of $1.7 billion, up 58% Y/Y
2017.11.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Infinitely Virtual Deployed NetApp All Flash FAS and Hybrid systems
IaaS company begins transition in Los Angeles Data Center, with Boston to follow.
2017.11.14 | Press Release
Analysts Expect NetApp Revenue Up 2.7% in FY18
To $5.7 billion
2017.11.13 | In Brief
Nflex Converged Infrastructure From Fujitsu and NetApp
To simplify implementation and operation of virtual environments
2017.11.08 | Press Release
Special Report on NetApp Insight 2017
Interesting conference despite tragedy
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.11.02 | News
Microsoft Azure File Services More and More Comprehensive
Confirming second cloud service provider position behind Amazon
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.17 | News
Dave Wright VP of Technical Strategy, NetApp
Coming back to company
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.17 | News
NetApp Elio – Built on IBM Watson – and Active IQ Cloud-Based Analytics
Companies gain intelligent insights to spend time with customers rather than on infrastructure.
2017.10.13 | Press Release
NetApp Data Fabric Accelerating Data Protection and Application Performance in Hybrid Cloud
Solutions and services simplify and integrate data management across cloud and on-premises environments
2017.10.13 | Press Release
Microsoft and NetApp With First Azure Enterprise NFS Service
Storage firm also announced deeper integrations with Azure in Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 and AltaVault.
2017.10.13 | Press Release
NetApp Adding Veeam Availability Solutions to Price List
For E-series, AltaVault, ONTAP, all-flash FAS, and hybrid cloud
2017.10.11 | Press Release
NetApp’s Insight Conference Delayed
Following tragic event in Las Vegas, NV, at Mandalay Bay
2017.10.03 | Press Release
Norsk Tipping Estimates Storage Procurements to Amount to Between NOK40 and 60 Million Over Next Five Years
Customer of Proact with NetApp
2017.10.03 | Press Release
Tech Data Adds NetApp FlexPod SF to Portfolio
Converged infrastructure featuring SolidFire all-flash array
2017.10.02 | Press Release
NetApp EF570 and E5700 All-Flash and Hybrid Storage Systems
Starts at $25,000 for EF570 all-flash array, supports 367TB of raw flash capacity in modular 2U building block
2017.09.29 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Ten Patents
Selective de-dupe, cache management in storage systems, data management agent for selective storage re-caching, configuration inconsistency identification between storage virtual machines, location-based device naming, global de-dupe across data centers with minimal coordination, centralized graphical user interface, snapshot creation workflow, just-in-time remote data storage allocation, managing storage in storage cluster with distributed zones based on parity values
2017.09.26 | In Brief
NetApp and Pixit Media Boost Framestore’s Performance and Scalability
To deliver post-production and VFX house performance and scalability
2017.09.11 | Press Release
GlobalSCAPE Joined NetApp Alliance Partner Program
Firm in secure movement and integration of data
2017.08.31 | Press Release
Deutsch Conet ist NetApp Gold Partner German
Hennefer IT-System- und Beratungshauses für Datensicherheit und Datenmanagement - auch in der Cloud
2017.08.21 | Press Release
NetApp Acquires Third Company This Year: GreenQloud
Iceland software firm in Qstack hybrid cloud management
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.08.18 | News
NetApp: Fiscal 1Q18 Financial Results
Company continues to grow slowly with revenue up 2% Y/Y and down 11% Q/Q.
2017.08.17 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Asema intègre le programme BaaS de NetApp French
Avec son offre AlterBackup
2017.08.01 | Press Release
NetApp Collaborates With Australian ASE
To enable cloud workflows for media and entertainment in USA
2017.07.31 | Press Release
ON Semiconductor Chose NetApp
To deploys all-flash solutions to support 125 sites and 68 data centers worldwide
2017.07.24 | Press Release
Jaguar Network s’associe au programme “BaaS Made in France” de NetApp French
Pour les sauvegardes en ligne
2017.07.17 | Press Release
NetApp lance son programme Backup-as-a-Service en France French
Premier partenaire local: Stordata
2017.07.13 | Press Release
NetApp SolidFire All-Flash System With Cisco Servers Nexus Switching
To build software-defined converged infrastructure for data center
2017.07.06 | Press Release
Datos IO Teaming With NetApp
To deliver transformational all-flash storage and cloud data protection solution
2017.06.28 | Press Release
NetApp Unveils Hyperconverged Enterprise-Scale Solution
And evolves data fabric strategy with more software options to unleash potential of data across cloud and on-premises environments.
2017.06.15 | Press Release
NetApp Expanding Collaboration With Microsoft
In hybrid cloud data services
2017.06.12 | Press Release
Kokomo School Corporation in Indiana Opts for NetApp All Flash FAS
Partnering with Presidio
2017.06.05 | Press Release
NetApp Just Quietly Acquired Two Storage Companies
Immersive Partner Solutions and PlexiStor
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.05.30 | News
NetApp: Fiscal 4Q17 Financial Results
All-flash array annualized net revenue run rate of $1.70 billion, up 140% Y/Y
2017.05.26 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Next-Gen NetApp Object Storage Software
Enhancements to StorageGRID Webscale
2017.05.17 | Press Release
Cisco and NetApp Invest in Datos IO
Amount not revealed
2017.05.11 | Press Release
Toshiba SATA SSDs Expanding NetApp SolidFire All-Flash Array Offerings
To reach new markets
2017.05.08 | Press Release
NetApp All-Flash Array Supporting Vital Energi in Transforming Data into Energy Savings
Throughout UK
2017.05.05 | Press Release
NetApp CIO Helps Drive Company’s Shift From Data Storage To Data
Interview with Bill Miller
2017.04.25 | In Brief
neteffect Offering Hybrid Cloud DR Solutions With NetApp
And partner Tego Data Systems
2017.04.19 | Press Release
NetApp Helps Consulting Software and Services Company Kaufman Hall Transform Businesses
With data-driven insight, using FlexPod with all-flash FAS
2017.04.05 | Press Release
IBM Unveiled Additions to Cloud Object Storage Family
New pricing model, expanded partnership with NetApp
2017.03.31 | Press Release
CenturyLink Joining NetApp Unified Partner Program
Communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company
2017.03.29 | Press Release
Node4: UK Managed Cloud Services Provider Offering NetApp Private Storage-as-a-Service
Offering customers OPEX-based public cloud compute and OPEX-based storage while maintaining data privacy
2017.03.24 | Press Release
CIO Research Shows Hybrid Cloud Model Dominates, Storage and Backup Top Cloud Use Cases
Survey from NetApp/Opinion Matters in Germany, France and UK
2017.03.23 | Press Release
TVB.COM in Kong Kong to Simplify Video On-Demand
With NetApp FAS storage, ONTAP and Fast Mirror
2017.03.16 | Press Release
Anthony Lye SVP Cloud Business Unit, NetApp
Reports to CEO George Kurian
2017.03.09 | Press Release
Storage Unicorns, Is There Any?
Some surprises and some perspectives
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.01 | News
Contegix Accelerates Private Cloud Deployment With NetApp SolidFire
And cuts service costs "in half"
2017.02.27 | Press Release
NetApp: Fiscal 3Q17 Financial Results
All-flash arrays save company: up 160% Y/Y in revenue, 300PB of flash shipped
2017.02.17 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New Customers for NetApp SolidFire All-Flash Arrays
Carrenza, FICO, Internet Solutions, Premier Eye Care
2017.02.07 | Press Release
NetApp All Flash FAS A700s Array Delivers Performance in Compact Form Factor
2,400,059.26 SPC-1 IO/s at average response time of 0.69 milliseconds; delivering 600,000 IO/s and 1PB of capacity in four rack units
2017.02.06 | Press Release
Wirestorm Delivers DevOps in Cloud
With NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS
2017.01.30 | Press Release
Nick Thurlow Senior Sales Director and MD, UK and Ireland, NetApp
Replacing Elliot Howard
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.01.27 | News
New NetApp Global Center of Excellence in Bengaluru, India
To further innovation in data management for hybrid cloud era
2017.01.24 | Press Release
Halo Post-Production Moves to 4K Workflows With Pixit Media’s Pixtor
Powered by NetApp E series storage
2017.01.16 | Press Release
PoINT Storage Manager Certified for NetApp SnapLock
With ONTAP 9.0
2016.12.29 | Press Release
John Rollason Director, Products and Solutions Marketing, Next-Gen Data Centre, NetApp UK
Worked at SolifFire and Nortel.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.06 | News
Cologne Broadcasting Center Upgrades TV Production and Delivery Services With NetApp and Pixit Media
Improving broadcast service offerings throughout Germany
2016.12.06 | Press Release
NetApp: Fiscal 2Q17 Financial Results
All-flash booming, may be back to growth next quarter
2016.11.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
London-Based Carrenza Supports Evolving Customer Application and Infrastructure Demands
With NetApp SolidFire
2016.11.21 | Press Release
NetApp Solutions to Improve Control, Simplify Movement of Data in Hybrid Cloud
Also new versions of AltaVault, StorageGRID Webscale, and SnapCenter technologies to extract value of data
2016.11.11 | Press Release
NetApp to Reduce Workforce
By 6%
2016.11.08 | Press Release
Toshiba SAS SSDs for Netapp FAS And E-Series
PX04S 12Gbit/s SAS SSDs FIPS certified for highly secure data environments
2016.11.01 | Press Release
Premier Eye Care Cures Storage Inefficiencies With NetApp SolidFire
Reducing backup and recovery time "from nine hours to seven minutes"
2016.10.31 | Press Release
DarkMatter and NetApp to Drive Data Management and Analytics Solutions in Middle East
Trough partnership
2016.10.25 | Press Release
RapidScale Opts for NetApp All Flash FAS
To provide performance for CloudServer and CloudDesktop
2016.10.25 | Press Release
Bill Miller CIO, NetApp
Most recently with same position at Broadcom
2016.10.20 | Press Release