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IBM: Fiscal 1Q18 Financial Results
Hardware storage down 15% Y/Y after 4 quarters of growth
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.04.19 | News
IBM Resells VTLs From Dynamic Solutions International
For IBM i
2018.04.02 | Press Release
IBM Integrated Analytics System
Enables new multi-rack configurations and tiered storage.
2018.03.28 | Press Release
Zerto Partnering With IBM
To provide data protection for IBM resiliency orchestration DRaaS solution
2018.03.28 | Press Release
Rambus: Collaboration With IBM to Develop Hybrid Memory System Architectures for Future Data Centers
Developing flexible prototype hybrid memory platform using OpenCAPI interface to demo performance of multiple memory types in real-world server applications
2018.03.26 | Press Release
Eideticom, IBM, Rackspace and Xilinx Demo PCIe Gen4 NVMe System
NoLoad NVMe computational storage acceleration platform running NVMe protocol at PCIe Gen4 speeds in Rackspace BarrelEye G2 POWER9-equipped system
2018.03.23 | Press Release
IBM Cloud Object Storage Simplifies and Accelerates Getting Data to Cloud
Previewing Aspera high-speed transfer option
2018.03.23 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.2.6
Enhanced capacity and management for large-scale cloud
2018.03.20 | Press Release
IBM Plans to Launch New Cloud Data Protection Risk Insights
To help clients manage their data security risk and compliance
2018.03.12 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R Software Delivers Migration From XIV Gen3
With cross-generation Hyper-Scale Mobility
2018.03.08 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R Model 425 Supporting FC NVMe
Thanks to grid controller with dual-purposed FC ports
2018.03.07 | Press Release
infinite io Became an IBM PartnerWorld Member
Combined solution makes cloud and object storage transparent extension to existing systems.
2018.03.06 | Press Release
IBM Storage Utility Offerings Include FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R
Providing fixed total capacity, and base and variable usage subscription of that total capacity
2018.03.05 | Press Release
History (1956): First Commercial HDD Shipped
2018.03.01 | Press Release
Expanded Connectivity for IBM SAN Volume Controller, FlashSystem V9000 and Storwize
Two 25GbE iSCSI adapter cards with iWarp RDMA or RoCE protocol support
2018.02.28 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software V8.1.2
Supporting Storwize product family
2018.02.27 | Press Release
IBM Invests in Software-Defined Storage, Data Protection and Storage Systems
Spectrum, Cloud Object, Storage Utility, Hyper-Scale, FlashSystems
2018.02.22 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum NAS V1.7 Software-Defined Storage
Working with x86 servers to form performing scale-out storage clusters
2018.02.22 | Press Release
IBM Storage Utility Offerings Delivers Variable Capacity Storage Options
For company's Cloud Object Storage
2018.02.20 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Eleven Patents
Data replication across servers, slice storage in dispersed storage network, microcode upgrade in storage system, storage capacity allocation using distributed spare space, disk management in distributed storage system, tape backup and restore in disk storage environment, implementing multiple RAID level in storage device, concurrent upgrade and backup of non-volatile memory, delaying programming requests in flash memory, minimizing data storage media fragmentation, prioritization of users during DR
2018.02.20 | In Brief
IBM Cloud Object Storage 12TB HDD
For increased capacity
2018.02.19 | Press Release
CMO Randy Arseneau Left Infinidat
Joining Big Blue
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.01.29 | News
Unicom Global Acquires IBM z14 Mainframe and DS8886 Disk Storage
As well as TS3500 tape library
2018.01.26 | Press Release
Data Storage Corporation Expands Distribution Program in US and Canada
Including IBM Power Cloud, DR and BC distributorships in North America
2018.01.23 | Press Release
IBM: Fiscal 4Q17 Financial Results
Four consecutive quarters of growth for storage
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.01.22 | News
2017 Cost of Data Breach Study in USA – Ponemon and IBM
Increased from $7.01 million to $7.35 million from 2016 to 2017, $225 per lost or stolen record
2018.01.11 | Press Release
IBM/Cleversafe Assigned Twenty Patents
Identifying task execution resource of dispersed storage network, detecting utilization imbalance between dispersed storage network storage, storage system and method by shredding and deshredding, adjusting data storage address mapping in maintenance free storage container, selecting storage units to store dispersed storage data, cache for file-based dispersed storage, dispersed storage network with slice rebuilding, wireless sending set of encoded data slices, balancing storage node utilization of dispersed storage network, distributed storage integrity processing, distributed storage network for storing data object, obtaining dispersed storage network system registry information, dispersed storage based on estimated life, writing encoded data slices in dispersed storage network, storing data in dispersed storage network, distributed rebuilding of data in dispersed storage network, storage pools for dispersed storage network, adjusting number of dispersed storage units, storing low retention priority data in dispersed storage network, storage of encrypted data in dispersed storage network
2017.12.29 | In Brief
IBM LTO Ultrium Model 452
Delivers uninitialized M8 data.
2017.12.27 | Press Release
IBM LTO-8 Cartridge Available Mid-January 2018
At 12TB as expected
2017.12.25 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Nine Patents
Magnetic tape medium servo pattern writing, columnar data storage on tape partition, writing file to plurality of media, recalling files stored on tape, tape cartridge identification, magnetic tape appliance with selectably always-leading head assemblies, accuracy tape bearing surface length definition process for tape head fabrication, mechanized take-up reel and method for loading and unloading tape storage medium, skiving block for mitigating protruding defects from magnetic tape recording
2017.12.18 | In Brief
Macronix and IBM Assigned Patent
Phase-change memory with high endurance
2017.12.12 | In Brief
IBM Power Systems Offers Mellanox
IB sourced networking router and switches
2017.12.11 | Press Release
NAB Expecting to Save Up to $200,000
After applying de-dupe and compression to IBM storage fleet
2017.11.29 | In Brief
New HDD for IBM SAN Volume Controller and Storwize
2.4TB 10,000rpm 2.5-inch SAS unit
2017.11.22 | Press Release
IBM Storage Utility Enables Variable Capacity Usage and Billing
Offerings include FlashSystem 900, Storwize V5030 and V7000.
2017.11.21 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Scale V5.0
Software-defined storage improves I/O performance.
2017.11.20 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.0
Solution for data protection and availability for virtual environments
2017.11.13 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem 900
At 2U three times the density compared to previous systems, use of 3D TLC NAND
2017.11.02 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R Software V12.2
Integrates software-defined capabilities.
2017.11.01 | Press Release
IBM Previews Spectrum Control Storage Insights Foundation
Adding cognitive services to cloud-based storage management platform
2017.11.01 | Press Release
IBM Unveiled Advances in All-Flash Storage Solutions and Software
To drive down costs of data and extend solutions for hybrid and private cloud environments
2017.10.31 | Press Release
IBM FlashSystem V9000 Control Enclosure Model AE3
Delivers low latency and hardware-based compression.
2017.10.31 | Press Release
IBM Unveils Capabilities to Help On-Premises Customers Manage Compliance Data With Object Storage
Cloud Object Storage system more accessible for customers with compliance-enabled vaults and concentrated dispersal mode capabilities
2017.10.20 | Press Release
IBM and Crocus Assigned Two Patents
Multibit self-reference thermally assisted MRAM
2017.10.20 | In Brief
Polish Company Storware Unveils vProtect 3.1
Code named New Horizons
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.19 | News
IBM: Fiscal 3Q17 Financial Results
Third yearly consecutive quarter of growth in storage hardware but at only 4%
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.10.18 | News
LTO-8 Soon Available From IBM
Native 12TB and 360MB/s, 2.5X more with compression
2017.10.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
IBM TS2280 6Gb SAS Tape Drive H8S Incorporates Half-High LTO-8 Technology
Available mid-November
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS3100 and TS3200 Tape Libraries Accept LTO-8
For increased capacity
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twelve Patents
Microcode data recovery strategies for use of iterative decode, management of data and resources in tiered data storage system, pass-through tape access in disk storage environment, write procedure using estimated best setting in first run, detecting media defects, automated storage library with target of opportunity recognition, tape heads with sub-ambient pressure cavities, high density timing based servo format, cartridge label printer for library system, reducing total seek time for determining access sequence of data stored on tape, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, deleting files written on tape
2017.10.11 | In Brief