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Rebit Updating for CDP Backup Software From V5 to V6
Includes support for Windows 8, $40
2013.09.20 | Press Release
Another Win for Veeam: Tandberg
For backup on tape automation, NAS and RDX in VMware and Hyper-V environments
2013.09.16 | Press Release
Wondershare Giveaway for Data Recovery for Mac
From September 11 for four days
2013.09.09 | Press Release
… And Expanding Copy for Companies
With cloud file sync and share service
2013.09.02 | Press Release
Evault Backup Appliances for SMBs and Enterprises
Starting a $2,000, up to 38TB
2013.08.29 | Press Release
Violin Memory Finally Files for IPO
Hoping to raise $172.5 million
2013.08.27 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Qnap Adopting Zyxel 10GbE
48-port 10GbE switch and 12-bay NAS at $4,300
2013.08.23 | Press Release
Double-Take Availability for HP StoreEasy Storage portfolio
Delivering replication capabilities
2013.08.23 | Press Release
Alliance Storage Technologies Creates DR for Archives
Geographially dispersed redundancy, failback switching
2013.08.23 | Press Release
Nexenta Released VSA for VMware Horizon View
Certified with Cisco
2013.08.21 | Press Release
4th Gen of EMC Disk Library for Mainframe
Up to 11.4PB of logical capacity
2013.08.20 | Press Release
… And Launches Card Store for VMware Users
Provides analytics to VMware operational use cases.
2013.08.19 | Press Release
Credit Facility for Overland
To provide for $8 million revolving line of credit
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.08.15 | News
Gladinet Announces Web Applications for Cloud Storage
Interoperability with Zoho and Office Web Apps
2013.08.15 | Press Release
Carbonite Launches Beta Program for BC Appliances
Includes local and cloud bare metal, hot database backup and VM failover
2013.08.09 | Press Release
New HDDs for IBM System Storage DS3700
4TB, 7,200rpm, 6GB SAS nearline drive
2013.08.08 | Press Release
World Wide Web Consortium Defines API for Web Storage
Two attributes for temporary and permanent storage
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.08.06 | News
Buffalo Releases Unified NAS/ISCSI Solutions for SMBs
TeraStation 3000 from $600 for 4TB to $2,400 for 16TB
2013.08.02 | Press Release
Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook
Service to make file sharing easy and secure
2013.07.31 | Press Release
90th Patent for Dot Hill
Greater data availability and reliability for SAS-based storage systems
2013.07.31 | Press Release
Backupify for Salesforce Backups Metadata
with cloud-to-cloud backup
2013.07.26 | Press Release
89th U.S. Patent for Dot Hill
To reduce manual monitoring and fine-tune performance
2013.07.22 | Press Release
35% Y/Y Growth for PHD Virtual
13th consecutive record quarter
2013.07.16 | Press Release
$45 Million for Start-Up Crocus
Total funding at €116 million is a lot, but MRAM is capital-intensive business.
2013.07.15 | Press Release
Who Invented Virtualization?
Not VMware but IBM, answers ACE Data Recovery
2013.07.10 | Press Release
300% Growth in Revenue for Altaro in 1Q13
Releasing Hyper-V Backup v4, unlimited edition at $585
2013.07.02 | Press Release
Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot for VMware
Enables to boot VMware images replicated to cloud.
2013.07.02 | Press Release
New Version of Tandberg AccuGuard Server for RDX
V8.0 with bare metal recovery and email notification
2013.07.01 | Press Release
CA ARCserve D2D for Linux
Data protection and recovery for virtual and physical OS server environments
2013.07.01 | Press Release
GFI Max Creates Online Backup Products for MSPs
Following Iaso acquisition
2013.06.27 | Press Release
824% Growth for StorMagic in FY13
After 300% in FY12 and 140% in FY11
2013.06.26 | Press Release
Cloud and Colocation Firm UKFast Looking for Acquisitions
To increase current £20million turnover
2013.06.24 | Press Release
ownCloud Delivers Mobile App for Enterprise File Sync and Share
Available on iOS and Android for $1
2013.06.21 | Press Release
Cavium Introducing Turbostor Software for NAS
Optimized for Octeon processors
2013.06.14 | Press Release
Datacore Introduces Virtual Desktop for European SMBs Only
Starting at $3,000
2013.06.13 | Press Release
Colt Launches Cloud Storage Based on Atmos
For European resellers
2013.06.13 | Press Release
What’s Going Tomorrow for WD?
Cautious roadmap
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.06.11 | News | [with our comments]
PLX PCIe Gen3 Switch for Advantech
Interconnect backbone for video-streaming platform
2013.06.10 | Press Release
New Charter Members for Gluster Community
DataLab, Hortonworks, Intel, The Linux Foundation, NTTPC, Oregon State Univ. and Red Hat
2013.06.10 | Press Release
Egnyte Rolls Out Mobile Management Suite
Allows employees to use laptops and mobile devices in work environment.
2013.05.31 | Press Release
Amazon Cloud Drive for Canadian Customers
5GB free, CAD $10 for additional 20GB
2013.05.31 | Press Release
Cloudian Unveils Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager
For enterprise S3-compatible cloud storage
2013.05.29 | Press Release
Scale Computing Extends HC3 Platform, Targeted at Users With 50-200 VMs
Starts at $37,500 for 3-node cluster.
2013.05.22 | Press Release
oneSafe App for Mac OsX From Lunabee
$6 for limited time on App Store
2013.05.16 | Press Release
Rumor: Financial Round Expected Soon for StarWind
$7 million
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.05.15 | News
Why RAID Dead for Big Storage
Opinion of Cleversafe
2013.05.14 | Press Release
Brocade Introduces Fabric Plug-in for OpenStack
Available as component of Grizzly
2013.05.10 | Press Release
Novell Introduces Filr
Sharing service for enterprises
2013.05.09 | Press Release
Nimble Storage SmartStack for VDI Built on Cisco UCS
With Citrix XenDesktop
2013.05.07 | Press Release
Synerway in Receivership
Looking for a buyer
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.05.01 | News
Druva inSync Group Edition Offers No-Cost Endpoint Backup
For up to 15 users
2013.04.23 | Press Release
Acronis Launches Two Mobile Solutions for BYOD Work Habits
mobilEcho and activEcho, file management and sharing system
2013.04.12 | Press Release
Jedec Publishes Test Standard for Universal Flash Storage
Interface for storage devices to be used in smartphones and tablets
2013.04.11 | Press Release
Maxell Introduces Multi-Interface HDD for Media Professional
$351 for 3TB, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire 400/800
2013.04.11 | Press Release
Backupify Rolls Out Spring Release for Google Apps Tool
With enhanced backup and recovery features
2013.04.11 | Press Release
IBM PureData System for Hadoop H1001
Helps simplify big data analytics for enterprise.
2013.04.10 | Press Release
Dell Adds 4TB SAS HDDs for Compellent
Coming from Seagate
2013.04.10 | Press Release
Fluid Cache for DAS 1.0 Released by Dell
Combines cache software, PowerEdge servers with PCIe SSDs and optional PowerVault storage.
2013.04.08 | Press Release
SGL Unveils Next Step for LTFS Workflow
With Notification Service
2013.04.04 | Press Release
Scality Announces Ring Scale-Out Storage for Media
Single solution for linear archival storage and non-linear play-out storage
2013.04.03 | Press Release
10,000th Customer for Altaro
In four years
2013.04.03 | Press Release
Bumi Upgrades Online Backup Solution Powerer by Asigra
VDR capabilities, NetApp snapshot integration, data protection, support for mobile devices.
2013.03.29 | Press Release
Veeam Explorer for SharePoint
Soon in public beta
2013.03.27 | Press Release
Scality Delivers Persistent Block Storage for VMs
With plug-in for Cinder project
2013.03.15 | Press Release
Novosoft Launches Beta Testing Program for Handy Backup and Handy Backup Cloud
For specialists in SMB IT support
2013.03.15 | Press Release
Scality to Reveal Big Data Solution Available for Hadoop
Implemented on CDMI
2013.03.14 | Press Release
Sorting 1.5TB of Data in 60 Seconds
With Google Compute Engine and Distribution for Hadoop from start-up MapR
2013.03.12 | Press Release
Dell Releases Fluid Cache for DAS 1.0 Following RNA Networks Acquisition
Software, PowerEdge servers with PCIe SSDs and optional PowerVault storage for Linux
2013.03.12 | Press Release
Dataguise DG for Hadoop Delivers Sensitive Data Security
And compliance features for big data distributions
2013.03.08 | Press Release
Novosoft Discounts for 20th Anniversary
Up to 50% reduction on Handy Backup
2013.03.05 | Press Release
Controller for TLC and MLC NAND Flash by Silicon Motion
Including Toggle-Mode and ONFI standard DDR NAND
2013.02.28 | Press Release
KineticD Hybrid Cloud Backup for Mac
iOS app available for anywhere control over corporate data
2013.02.27 | Press Release
Asap Systems Partners With Box for Management of Inventory Assets
In combination with BarCloud
2013.02.22 | Press Release
500% Y/Y Revenue Growth for Ctera
For second year in row
2013.02.19 | Press Release
Strong Interest in SSD Storage as Solution to Overcome VDI Implementation
Astute Networks' survey in North America
2013.02.13 | Press Release
SMB Adoption of Parallels-Powered Cloud Services Grew 80% in 2012
Company updates Application Packaging Standard.
2013.02.13 | Press Release
I/O Enhancements for IBM Power System
Including 387GB SSDs, PCIe 16Gb FC adapter, LTO-6 and 1.5TB RDX
2013.02.12 | Press Release
Qnap Adds Peripheral Compatibility for Turbo NAS
HDD, USB TV tuners and security camera keyboard controller
2013.02.12 | Press Release
Software V11.2.0 for IBM XIV Gen 3
Space reclamation enhancements, performance improvements, support for model 214 and 114
2013.02.11 | Press Release
Amax Launches Storage System for CDN Providers
With Xeon E5-2600, SSDs and 10GbE pipes
2013.02.07 | Press Release
Top Storage Trends for 2013
Of course SSD and cloud, maybe big data
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.02.06 | News
Aptare StorageConsole for 3par
To gain visibility into storage capacity and utilization
2013.01.29 | Press Release
Brocade Not for Sale
Says new CEO.
2013.01.23 | In Brief
Emulex Offer for Endance Shares Extended
Until February 12
2013.01.23 | Press Release
New Website and Logo for Xyratex
Corporate evolution
2013.01.16 | Press Release
HDS Top Trends for 2013 by EMEA CTO Bob Plumridge
≠1 The tipping point of big data
2013.01.14 | Press Release
Object Storage Predictions for 2013
From Caringo's CEO Mark Goros
2013.01.04 | Press Release
Imation Acquires Nexsan for $120 Million
Could it save a company losing money the past six years?
2013.01.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Storage System Trends for 2013 and Beyond
By Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
2012.12.28 | In Brief
Hot Trends in Cloud Data for 2013 for TwinStrata
≠1: Software-defined storage
2012.12.28 | Press Release
EaseUS Unveils Email Recovery Solution for Outlook
Recovers Outlook items for $100.
2012.12.26 | Press Release
Disuk Paranoia3 Support for LTFS
Tape encryption appliance
2012.12.26 | Press Release
Beta Testing for OCZ LXL Software
Linux-based SSD caching solution
2012.12.25 | Press Release
Syncsort Certifies MFX Software With EMC VTL for Mainframe
"56% savings in clock time and a 14% in CPU"
2012.12.25 | Press Release
10X Jump in Sales From Last Year for Caringo
Largest OEM partner sold 35PB in 2012
2012.12.20 | Press Release
Three Apps for Asustor AS 6 NAS
Symantec Backup Exec's Ralus, Dropbox and DVBLink TV Server
2012.12.20 | Press Release
Backupify for Google Apps
Enterprise Plus Edition at $990/month for 1TB and unlimited users
2012.12.17 | Press Release
Seagate: 2.5-Inch 500GB 3Gb SATA HDD for Video
Better reliability, acoustics, and energy efficiency
2012.12.14 | Press Release
Virsto for vSphere 2.0 Delivering Software Defined Storage to Data Center
Support for XenDesktop and VMware View
2012.12.10 | Press Release
ElephantDrive Brings Out Backup Software for Linux
Business plan starting at $25/month
2012.12.07 | Press Release