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Rubrik Launches Polaris, SaaS Platform for Data Management Applications
Exclusive interview with CEO Bipul Sinha for more information
2018.04.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Exclusive Interview With Jeff Erramouspe, CEO, Spanning Cloud Apps
Company in Salesforce cloud backup
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.03.27 | News
UK Organisations Moving to Cloud Without Evaluating Impact of Cloud Outage
Study by Veritas/Vanson Bourne
2018.03.20 | Press Release
Schweizer Exoscale startet europäische Cloud-Alternative führt optimierte Objektspeicher German
Und "Multiple Private Network"
2018.02.08 | Press Release
Andrew Fenselau CMO, Anodot
Leaving Elastifile
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.02.07 | News
Exclusive Interview With Zahid Hussain, CEO and Co-Founder, Vexata
In all-flash array
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.01.31 | News
Tips for Better Long-Term Data Retention in Cloud – Aparavi
Pain points, platform, policies, pruning and price
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Google Almost Ready to Launch Files Go
New file manager for Android-based phone
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.11.10 | News
IT Press Tour #24 Recap
Nine companies visited in security, big data, IoT, cloud and storage
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.27 | News
Exclusive Interview With Ronald Bianchini, CEO and Co-Founder, Avere Systems
"Our cloud business is growing in high double digits and set to eclipse revenue from NAS Optimization this year"
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.10 | News
Huawei and Commvault Announced Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution for Huawei Cloud
For backup workloads running between traditional data centers and public cloud
2017.09.25 | Press Release
Veritas Cloud Storage Unveiled
Late but not too late for big company
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.22 | News
Infinidat Cloud Offering
With few more details
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.20 | News
How to Move Petabyte of Data to Cloud in Four Steps
SwiftStack's tips for easier data migration and management
2017.08.25 | Press Release
90% of Organisations to Adopt VMware Production Environments in Cloud by 2018
Druva survey
2017.08.22 | Press Release
NetApp Collaborates With Australian ASE
To enable cloud workflows for media and entertainment in USA
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Bio-IT World 2017 Recap
169 exhibitors with 25 storage players
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.20 | News
Juicedata, New US Player in Cloud File System
JuiceFS claims to be "10X cheaper than AWS EFS."
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.10 | News bietet alternativen Cloud-Dienste innerhalb Deutschlands German
Cloud Storage und Cloud Backup Produkte
2017.07.03 | Press Release
Software-Defined Infrastructure at 23rd IT Press Tour
Visiting 11 vendors: Aptare, Avere, Big Switch Networks, Coraid, Datrium, E8 Storage, Komprise, NetApp, Primary Data, ProphetStor, StrongBox Data
2017.05.29 | Press Release
Microsoft Plans to Add DNA Data Storage to Cloud
Tech companies think biology may solve looming data storage problem.
2017.05.26 | In Brief
Komprise Broadens Support for Dell EMC Systems
New Unity all-flash storage
2017.05.17 | Press Release | [with our comments]
DR Number One Application IT Plans to Migrate to Cloud
Study conducted by Zetta
2017.05.16 | Press Release
DR Number One Application IT Plans to Migrate to Cloud
Zetta survey
2017.05.04 | Press Release
acmeo empfiehlt Systemhäusern durch Managed Backup German
Die Produktivität ihrer Kunden sicherzustellen und mehr monatliche Roherträge zu generierenDie Produktivität ihrer Kunden sicherzustellen und mehr monatliche Roherträge zu generieren
2017.04.05 | Press Release
Exclusive Interview With Bipul Sinha, CEO, Rubrik
7X customer base in 2016, wants to be public.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.13 | News
YugaByte, New Start-Up Still in Stealth Mode
Playing in cloud infrastructure services
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.10 | News
Blockade Technologies Launches Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage
New player that illustrates dynamism of segment
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.03.02 | News
Exclusive Interview With Asaf Somekh, CEO and Co-Founder, iguazio
Data stack design to accelerate performance in big data, IoT and cloud-native apps
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.02.28 | News
Drei Viertel der deutschen Unternehmen brauchen für ihre Anwendungen keine öffentliche Cloud German
Umfrage der forsa.main Marktinformations GmbH im Auftrag von Nutanix
2017.02.27 | Press Release
Exclusive Interview With Krishna Subramanian, President and COO, Komprise
Towards universal data management approach for unstructured data
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.02.16 | News
Komprise Raises $12 Million in Series B
General availability of Data Management Grid
2017.02.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Exclusive Interview With Nir Peleg, CTO, and Jacob Cherian, VP Product Strategy, Reduxio
Innovator in storage array architecture for today and future IT challenge
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.02.01 | News
Exclusive Interview With Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, Igneous
Towards subscription-based on-prem cloud storage model
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.01.25 | News
Exclusive Interview With Tarun Thakur, CEO, Datos IO
Start-up in application-aware, cloud-scale data management software built for cloud
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.01.18 | News
Backup Everything: Safe and Secure Cloud Backup
1TB at $150/month
2017.01.17 | Press Release
UKCloud Announces Tenth Round of Price Reductions
Across cloud storage (1.5p/GB/month) and enterprise compute cloud
2017.01.16 | Press Release
IT Pros Vote 2016 Cloud, OpenStack & Networking Brand Leaders
Rackspace, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Mellanox, MongoDB, Red Hat, Riverbed, Symantec/Blue Coat, VMware, Zadara top the chart.
2016.11.01 | Press Release
Enterprise Disconnect With In-Cloud Data Protection Strategies – Ctera/Vanson Bourne
Protection of cloud-based servers and applications has not fully evolved.
2016.10.20 | Press Release
ASEAN SMEs Embrace Cloud – Barracuda
Gradual shift despite perennial security concerns
2016.08.15 | Press Release
Cloud Service and On-Premise Providers Brand Leaders – IT Brand Pulse
AWS first in 5 categories, VMware and EMC in 3, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Veeam also leaders
2016.07.11 | Press Release
NETArchive Data Archiving Storage Solution From Alliance Storage Technologies
From 45TB to 802.5TB within single rack, at $.10/GBe, with Sony optical disc archive technology
2016.07.06 | Press Release
Thailand’s HDD Exporters Bracing for Fall From Grace
See silver lining in cloud storage - for now
2016.04.27 | In Brief
External HDD Primary Option for Backup (51% – Down 17% From 2015)
And 23% considering cloud (increase of 5% from last year)
2016.04.13 | Press Release
85% of Enterprises Keeping Sensitive Data in Cloud – Vormetric/451 Research
70% very or extremely concerned about it
2016.03.01 | Press Release
Dunkel: Storage Service beschleunigt Lese- und Schreibzugriffe direkt im Hypervisor German
Und bietet maximale I/O-Performance ohne Redundanzverlust
2016.01.14 | Press Release
Turkish Import Monument at CES With Personal Cloud Photo
And wihout subscription
2016.01.12 | In Brief
StorageCraft to Launch Next Gen Backup, DR Cloud in Australia
By 1Q16
2015.12.25 | Press Release
2016 Cloud Storage Predictions From CloudBerry Lab
Microsoft Azure will get cold, cloud storage to split into three, bandwidth struggles for data upload will end
2015.12.22 | Press Release
Système de Stockage Eguan, Premier Logiciel Open Source d’Oodrive French
En mode bloc, conçu pour le cloud, développé dans le cadre du Consortium Nu@age, intégré à OpenStack
2015.09.29 | Press Release
Handy Backup Allows Automatic Backup
Of Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and other clouds
2015.08.21 | Press Release
La Fédération des Tiers de Confiance publie un guide de confidentialité des archives numériques French
Téléchargeable gratuitement
2015.07.14 | Press Release
SkyKick Secures Additional $10 Million in Funding, Total at $17.2 Million
US start-up in cloud management-as-a-service
2015.07.06 | Press Release
GetCloudServices Joins Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program
To help customers embrace cloud
2015.07.02 | Press Release
Indonesian Mobile Services Firm Elasitas Selects Gemalto
To securely backup personal data
2015.06.26 | Press Release
CloudBacko Home: Free Cloud Backup Software
For PC and Mac users
2015.06.19 | Press Release
18% Annual Revenue Growth to £66 Million for iomart
CEO says hybrid cloud offers major opportunity.
2015.06.18 | Press Release
Mimecast Confirms Local Data Centers in Australia
Investment in two NSW sites meets customer demand for local data residency
2015.06.12 | Press Release
For 87% of Organizations Senior Management Concerned With Security and Privacy of Corporate Data for Cloud Implementations
Economist Intelligence Unit study sponsored by HDS
2015.06.02 | Press Release
Dublin-Based Savenet Builds Cloud DR Solution for DMS Offshore Investment Services
Between Cayman Islands and Ireland
2015.06.02 | Press Release
Oodrive lance un cloud familial French
Avec la compatibilité Chromecast
2015.05.14 | Press Release
Cloud Represented 32% of Total EMEA Storage Capacity in 4Q14 – IDC
52% growth Y/Y
2015.05.01 | Press Release
KeepItSafe UK Government G-Cloud Registered
For cloud computing
2015.05.01 | Press Release
Tympani Grows Cloud Services by 175% This Year
IT consulting and engineering firm
2015.04.30 | Press Release
UK Firms Still Storing Data in Public Cloud – Connected Data / Vervev
Few have exit strategy, should things go wrong.
2015.04.29 | Press Release
Data Deposit Box Records 200,000 Cloud Accounts Under Management
Up from 50,000 accounts in June 2014
2015.04.29 | Press Release
Timide émergence du cloud computing dans les sociétés en 2014 – Insee French
En France
2015.04.28 | In Brief
Acronis Backup as a Service Available in ALSO Cloud Marketplace
In twelve European countries
2015.04.22 | Press Release
Unitrends Supports Google Cloud Storage Nearline Beta
For low cost long-term archiving
2015.04.22 | Press Release
New Cloud Backup Service by MegaBackup in Slovakia
Two-year plan at $4.95/month for unlimited storage
2015.04.22 | Press Release
Cloud|AG and AvePoint Team Up
To offer Office 365 backup services
2015.04.09 | Press Release
Signiant Flight Hybrid SaaS Solution Takes Off
Now Includes enhanced encryption and supports storage flexibility with Microsoft Azure, soon Google Cloud.
2015.03.31 | Press Release
52% of New DR Deployments Will Be Cloud-Based survey
2015.03.24 | Press Release
Brinova: neue Backup-Lösungen für die Cloud German
Mit Veeam
2015.03.17 | Press Release
Winter Release ’15 of Intronis ECHOplatform
Supports more complex cloud, virtualized and physical IT environments.
2015.03.13 | Press Release
GoDrive by GoAnywhere From Linoma Software
Secure on-premise enterprise file sync and sharing solution
2015.03.06 | Press Release
Stockage et sauvegarde de données face à la déferlante cloud French
Etude de marché de Markess
2015.03.02 | Press Release
Vanuatu-Based Digicel Launching Digicel Space Mobile Cloud Solution
Offering personal cloud storage
2015.02.12 | Press Release
Integrated Cloud Services With Windows Storage Server NAS by Thecus
Including Office 365 and Azure
2015.01.15 | Press Release
2015 Predictions of RackWare for Cloud
?1 Cloud-based DR will close gap between HA software solutions, and tape/image archives
2014.12.30 | Press Release
Developers Slow to Adopt Cloud Storage – Bitcasa
Half of developers still store App data on device.
2014.12.24 | Press Release
Pydio V6.0, alternative Open Source aux services de stockage en ligne French
Notamment Dropbox
2014.12.12 | Press Release
NetApp SteelStore unterstützt Dunkel Cloud Storage German
Sicheres Offsite-Backup für den deutschen Mittelstand
2014.12.02 | Press Release
Nimble Storage With Utility-Based Storage on Demand Pricing Model
Monthly billing based on actual usage vs. pre-defined hardware configuration
2014.11.10 | Press Release
Ctera Launches Cloud Accelerator Channel Program
To cloud-enable resellers and service providers
2014.11.10 | Press Release
HDS Expands Flexibility and Control With Three Choices for Private and Hybrid Cloud
Benefits of cloud without compromising control, flexibility and security of data
2014.10.31 | Press Release
Arrow to Add HDSs Cloud Storage
To cloud service portfolio and ArrowSphere cloud marketplace in USA
2014.10.31 | Press Release
Cloud IT Companies Turn to Coho Data Web-Scale Storage
Including Tiva Software, Tech Accelerator and Colony Networks
2014.10.31 | Press Release
IBM Expands Cloud Footprint
With SoftLayer cloud center in Paris, France
2014.10.29 | Press Release
AWS in Frankfurt, Germany
11th technology infrastructure region
2014.10.29 | Press Release
Barracuda Message Archiver 4.0
On appliance for cloud-connected archiving
2014.10.24 | Press Release
Quorum onQ Flex for Hybrid Businesses Data Protection
Starting at $750/ month for 1TB
2014.10.24 | Press Release
Layer Online Cloud Hosting Package With SSDs
$30 with RAID-10 for one month and unlimited databases and bandwidth
2014.10.24 | Press Release
Code42 Private-Cloud File Sharing
Endpoint data protection platform and EFSS solution
2014.10.17 | Press Release
Australian Remote Desktop Services Company NetComp Now Offers Cloud Solutions
Services include offsite backup, remote desktop, VPS hosting, and co-location resources.
2014.10.17 | Press Release
EnduraData EDpCloud Remote Online and Server Backup
Using data replication and file synchronization v4.1.8
2014.10.17 | Press Release Supporting CodeGuard Cloud Backup
On hosting packages
2014.10.16 | Press Release
Firedrive Adding Android and iOS Apps
Cloud storage synced to each device
2014.10.10 | Press Release
Cloud Backup Software Available From M4 Worldwide
With 2TB of storage
2014.09.30 | Press Release
Luckly Backups Contacts for SMS Consultation
Search trough cloud backup with texts
2014.09.30 | Press Release