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IBM Assigned Fourteen Patents
Copy data blocks, multi-tiered systems, hybrid management, SAN traffic, structured external storage, RAID, library, volume allocation, disk defragmentation, clustered appliance environment, periodic destages from inside and outside diameters of disks, bitmaps, etc.
2014.09.29 | In Brief
Cypress Assigned Patent
USB secure storage
2014.09.29 | In Brief
DSSD (EMC) Assigned Patent
Storage system with multicast DMA and unified address space
2014.09.26 | In Brief
NxGn Assigned Patent
Executing map-reduce tasks in storage device
2014.09.26 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Three Patents
Multi-head, storage library, SAN external security device
2014.09.25 | In Brief
Precise Software Assigned Patent

2014.09.25 | In Brief
Broadcom Assigned Patent

2014.09.24 | In Brief
Microsoft Assigned Patent
Health reporting from non-volatile block storage device to processing device
2014.09.22 | In Brief
SQL Sentry Assigned Patent
Displaying relative saturation of disk system
2014.09.22 | In Brief
Cleversafe Assigned Nine Patents
On dispersed storage network
2014.09.19 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Data migration between multiple tiers in storage system using pivot tables
2014.09.19 | In Brief
Symantec Assigned Three Patents
Storage lifecycle policy management, SRM, analytic functions for distributed storage system data
2014.09.18 | Press Release
SST (Microchip) Assigned Patent
Non-volatile memory device and method of programming such device
2014.09.18 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Ten Patents
On HDDs and SSDs
2014.09.17 | In Brief
SK hynix Assigned Patent
Method to apply user data for read channel training and adaptation in HDD applications
2014.09.17 | In Brief
Comcast Cable Communications Assigned Patent

2014.09.16 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned 98th Patent
Improving storage performance in SAS environments
2014.09.15 | Press Release
Micron Assigned Patent
Multi-serial interface stacked-die memory architecture
2014.09.15 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Patent
Policy-driven cloud storage management and cloud storage policy router
2014.09.12 | In Brief
Smart Storage Systems (SanDisk) Assigned Patent
Storage system with power cycle management
2014.09.12 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Patent
Variable length encoding in storage system
2014.09.11 | In Brief
Intel Assigned Patent
Facilitating encryption-free integrity protection of storage data
2014.09.11 | Press Release
Amazon Assigned Four Patents
Scheduled or gradual redundancy encoding schemes for storage, storage integrity validation, managing access of multiple executing programs to non-local block storage, partitioning and indexing table data using composite primary key
2014.09.10 | Press Release
Facebook Assigned Patent
Distributed storage system
2014.09.10 | In Brief
Caringo Assigned Patent
Erasure coding and replication in storage clusters
2014.09.09 | Press Release
Akonia Holographics Assigned Patent
Recording to holographic storage media
2014.09.09 | In Brief
CommVault Assigned Four Patents
Automated tiered data retention, distributed indexing system for storage, pooling storage devices, automating customer-validated statement of work
2014.09.08 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Directing robotic storage system
2014.09.08 | In Brief
LSI (Avago/Seagate) Assigned Seven Patents
Write driver circuit, read channel, multiple read heads, flash and storage controller, RAID, NAS gateway
2014.09.05 | Press Release
NxGn Data Assigned Patent
Executing map-reduce tasks in storage device
2014.09.05 | In Brief
HDS Assigned Patent
Fixed content storage within a partitioned content platform using namespaces
2014.09.04 | In Brief
Google Assigned Patent
Privacy-protective data transfer and storage
2014.09.04 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Patent
Secure external buffer for HDD drive system on a chip
2014.09.03 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Patent
Optical storage media
2014.09.03 | In Brief
Rackspace Assigned Patent
Higher efficiency storage replication using compression
2014.09.02 | In Brief
Open Invention Network Assigned Patent
Storage system having cross node data redundancy
2014.09.02 | In Brief
Dell Assigned Two Patents
Enhanced application performance with tiered storage, storage discovery in SAN
2014.09.01 | In Brief
SanDisk Assigned Three Patents
Flash EEPROM system, fabricating non-volatile storage, storing data in parallel in a flash storage device
2014.09.01 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Twelve Patents
NAS, cloud storage, storage system, thin provisioning, cluster, synchronization, virtual tape, etc.
2014.08.29 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Twenty One Patents
Data integrity, de-dupe, I/O switching, dual-node storage system, hybrid disk clusters, storage management, allocation and balancing, switching visibility, magnetic head, cache management, mirroring, etc.
2014.08.28 | In Brief
SST (Microchip) Assigned Three Patents
Non-volatile memory device with plural reference cells, forming memory cell by reducing diffusion of dopants under gate, power line compensation for flash memory sense amplifiers
2014.08.27 | In Brief
Empire Technology Development (Resource, Inc.) Assigned Patent
Numeric representation to improve life of SSDs
2014.08.26 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Boot caching for boot acceleration within storage systems
2014.08.25 | Press Release
Xbridge Systems Assigned Patent
Managing hierarchical storage during detection of sensitive information, computer readable storage media and system utilizing same
2014.08.22 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Three Patents
Multipiece deck for HDD, adaptive seek latency, disk-synchronized loading/unloading of magnetic head
2014.08.20 | In Brief
Apple Assigned Three Patents
Memory having isolation units for isolating storage arrays, storage in analog memory cells across word lines using non-integer number of bits per cell, boot data storage schemes
2014.08.19 | In Brief
Dot Hill Assigned 97th Patent
Improving snapshot performance in storage arrays
2014.08.18 | Press Release
Peaxy Assigned Patent
Software-defined network attachable storage
2014.08.15 | In Brief
Microsoft Assigned Three Patents
Scalable queues on scalable structured storage system, storage topology manager, distributed storage
2014.08.14 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Eight Patents
Aliasing of exported paths, cluster storage, storage systems, data manipulation on storage device, online data consistency checking, storage block alignment, etc.
2014.08.13 | In Brief