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Isilon Interoperable With Cisco WAAS
Joint testing demonstrates 65X faster data replication times
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Texas Memory Systems Reaches 291,208.58 SPC-1 IOPS and Average Response Time of 0.86ms
On its RamSan-400 solid state disk
2008.01.29 | Press Release
New Email Archiving Appliance by Fortiva
SmartStore SaaS solution allows to archive email, comply with FRCP and meet e-discovery requests.
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Storage Bridge Bay Working Group Issues 2.0 Specification
Increasing commonality of the physical form factor
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Isilon Launches X-Series Clustered Storage Systems
1.6PB and 10GB per second in a single file system and single volume claimed, as well as 60 customers
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Portable RAID by Sonnet
640GB of storage using two 2.5-inch drives
2008.01.29 | Press Release
G-Technology has launched a 1TB Portable Disk Array
But with RAID-0 only
2008.01.26 | Press Release
Panasas ActiveStor Certified Intel Cluster Ready
The first parallel storage solution to be certified
2008.01.26 | Press Release
Visionman Launches New Generation of NAS Appliances for Consumers
Visionman Computers is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Mountain Holdings.
2008.01.25 | Press Release
100% Hardware RAID Card From CalDigit
Freeing up the processor of the computer
2008.01.25 | Press Release
QNAP: NAS With 4-Bay Hot-Swappable RAID
TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS offers RAID 0/1/5/6 and 5 + spare disk redundancy
2008.01.21 | Press Release
24-Bay SAS RAID From Infortrend
It scales up to 264TB
2008.01.19 | Press Release
PlateSpin Now Shipping Its Virtualized Recovery Appliance
Using VMware infrastructure as a foundation for the solution
2008.01.19 | Press Release
Supermicro 3U SAS Chassis Supports 16 Drives
Either SAS or SATA and hot-swapped
2008.01.19 | Press Release
Spindles Count or Count Spindles (on Pillar’s CEO Workman Blog)
"It struck me how dishonest people can be talking about performance in a storage array"
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.01.18 | News
Ethernet Connector Added to Drobo
Now, it can share files over a LAN
2008.01.18 | Press Release
FirmTek Ships Five-Bay, Hot-Swap, SATA Enclosure
With port multiplier technology
2008.01.18 | Press Release
Ciprico to Launch MediaVault 5116 Solution for Mac OSX
A PCIe DAS solution
2008.01.17 | Press Release
Wireless Backup Appliance by Apple for the Macinstoshes
A 500GB model for $299
2008.01.16 | Press Release
Atto Ships FastStream, FC or SAS RAID Controller
It delivers up to 1200Mb/s, according to the company.
2008.01.14 | Press Release
Infortrend Shipping its SFF RAID (SAS-to-SAS and FC-to-SAS)
2.5-inch-drive arrays reduce footprint by 70%, improve performance by 100%
2008.01.12 | Press Release
HP Introduced a Medical Archiving Solution
Based on storage grid to improve patient care and regulatory compliance
2008.01.12 | Press Release
SATA-to-SAS Disk Array From Winchester Systems
Up to 60TB and RAID-6
2008.01.11 | Press Release
FalconStor and Virtual Iron Team Up
To streamline storage and server virtualization
2008.01.10 | Press Release
Nexsan Solution for Apple Xserve
Up to 42TB in 4U rack space with MAID
2008.01.10 | Press Release
New Dell AXA4-5 is the EMC AX4
But not one word on VMware
2008.01.10 | Press Release | [with our comments]
NEC Selects P.A. Semi Processor for its Disk Array
Choice: the PA6T-1682M model
2008.01.10 | Press Release
New EMC CLARiiON AX4 With iSCSI and FC
It is not a revolutionary product, but has scalability (4TB to 60TB) and a bunch of available software.
2008.01.10 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New 500GB ($199) and 1TB ($449) NAS LinkStation From Buffalo
And also a 320GB portable USB disk drive for $229
2008.01.09 | Press Release
Netezza Extends its NPS Appliances to Petabyte Level
To enable high-performance analytics on massive data
2008.01.08 | Press Release
NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo for Consumers
ReadyNAS Duo enables consumers to store and securely share digital media throughout the home network and across Internet
2008.01.07 | Press Release
MSI Selects Silicon Image’s Steelvine SiI5723 Storage Processor
MSI has chosen Silicon Image second generation SteelVine Storage Processor SiI5723 for its X38 D.
2008.01.07 | Press Release
Hifn and QLogic Optimize VMware
They optimize VMware performance on Swarm Series of iSCSI storage appliances.
2008.01.05 | Press Release
Intellique lance un NAS de 1,5TO sur mémoires flash, cher mais très rapide French
StorIQ 1500SSD offre une capacité de 1,5TOs bruts, des taux de transfert jusqu'à  2,7GO/s et jusqu'à  190000 entrées/sorties par seconde.
2008.01.04 | Press Release
Enhance Technology Reveals 3U 16-Drive Quad GbE iSCSI Storage
Enhance Technology Inc. unveils its next generation UltraStor RS16 IP-4, a 3U 16-drive Quad GbE iSCSI enterprise-grade independent RAID storage system.
2007.12.25 | Press Release
Netgear Expands ReadyNAS
NETGEAR, Inc. announced the launch of the newest members of its award-winning ReadyNAS family of network-attached storage solutions.
2007.12.24 | Press Release
HighPoint Releases Two PCI Express x1 SATA RAID

2007.12.20 | Press Release
LeftHand iSCSI SAN Supports Dell, HP and IBM Servers

2007.12.19 | Press Release
eWeek Names Seanodes a Storage “Disrupter”

2007.12.19 | Press Release
Kano Expands its iSCSI SAN

2007.12.17 | Press Release
NAS for SOHO Market by Buffalo
The LinkStation Pro Duo
2007.12.15 | Press Release
LSI and Intel Expands SAS/SATA RAID Agreement

2007.12.15 | Press Release
Five Big Storage Vendors to Pass SNIA SMI-S

2007.12.12 | Press Release
New Enterprise Solutions FAS6000 and V6000 by NetApp

2007.12.12 | Press Release
LeftHand Networks Adds iSCSI Platform

2007.12.11 | Press Release
PlateSpin Introduces “Plug In and Protect� Virtualized Recovery Appliance

2007.12.11 | Press Release
AsiaPac Region Bolsters Disk Array Sales in 3Q07

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.11 | News
3cV From 3PAR, a Blueprint for Virtual Datacenter

2007.12.11 | Press Release
EqualLogic Extends Its iSCSI Arrays Up to 6.4TB

2007.12.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Discount on Nexsan Products

2007.12.04 | Press Release
Drobo Storage Robot Now Available Direct From Apple an With Time Machine

2007.12.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
New iSCSI Storage System From iQstor

2007.11.29 | Press Release
Conduant DM-425-3U, a Compact Enclosure up to 1TB for High Speed Storage Applications

2007.11.29 | Press Release
New NAS Platform From HDS

2007.11.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
BlueArc Adds Titan 1100 Starting at $75,000, Up to 128TB
Starting at $75,000
2007.11.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Price Discount on IBM DS3200/DS3400

2007.11.27 | In Brief
Price Changes for IBM System Storage N

2007.11.27 | In Brief
LaCie Increases Warranty to Three Years

2007.11.27 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Isilon Releases New Clustered Storage Systems Targeting Virtualized Data Center and Nearline Archive Markets

2007.11.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]