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Qnap Assigned Patent
Expanding storage capacity of electronic apparatus
2019.01.18 | In Brief
Yahoo Japan Assigned Patent
Storage device, file writing method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
2019.01.18 | In Brief
Xanadu Big Data Assigned Patent
Securely storing data in distributed storage
2019.01.16 | In Brief
Workday Assigned Patent
Dynamic three-tier storage utilization
2019.01.15 | In Brief
Beijing JingDong Shangke Information Technology and Beijing JingDong Century Trading Assigned Patent
Data copy storage
2019.01.11 | In Brief
BIOS Corporation and Melco Holdings Assigned Patent
Storage control device utilizing eassembly of first access instructions based on second access instructions
2019.01.10 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Patent
Storage of network discovery ranges
2019.01.09 | In Brief
Fhoosh Assigned Patent
Diffracted data retrieval
2019.01.07 | In Brief
Sprint Communications Assigned Patent
Historical disk error monitoring
2019.01.04 | In Brief
LS Cloud Storage Technologies Assigned Patent
Data sharing using distributed cache in network of heterogeneous computers
2019.01.02 | In Brief
OSR Enterprises Assigned Patent
Storing data
2019.01.01 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Disaster rollback across heterogeneous storage
2018.12.31 | In Brief
Longitude Enterprise Flash Assigned Patent
Storage space recovery
2018.12.31 | In Brief
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Assigned Patent
Reconfiguration of computing device and/or non-volatile memory devices based on thermal analysis
2018.12.28 | In Brief
Mitsubishi Electric Assigned Patent
File storage system and user terminal
2018.12.21 | In Brief
Sanechips Technology Assigned Patent
Data error correcting method and device, and computer storage medium
2018.12.19 | In Brief
Harris Assigned Patent
Dynamic data storage
2018.12.17 | In Brief
Divergent Storage Systems Assigned Two Patents
Storing information using intelligent block storage controller
2018.12.11 | In Brief
AccelStor Assigned Patent
Redundant disk array and storage
2018.12.07 | In Brief
Marvell International Assigned Patent
Controlling storage device
2018.12.05 | In Brief
Comparison of Best AFAs – IT Central Station
1/ HPE 3par Flash Storage, 2/ NetApp Al Flash FAS, 3/ Dell EMC Unity
2018.11.30 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Patent
High/low energy zone data storage
2018.11.22 | In Brief
Liqid Assigned Patent
Statistical power handling in scalable storage
2018.11.22 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Three Patents
Nonrepeating identifiers in address space of non-volatile solid-state storage, redundant, fault-tolerant, distributed remote procedure call cache in storage, optimizing storage allocation
2018.11.19 | In Brief
Mitsubishi Electric Assigned Patent
Data storage apparatus, data updating system, data processing method, and computer readable medium
2018.11.16 | In Brief
Top 10 Converged Infrastructure Systems – Network World
1/ FlexPod, 2/Oracle Exalogic, 3/ Vblock
2018.11.08 | In Brief
Rackspace US Assigned Patent
Massively scalable object storage system
2018.11.01 | In Brief
AccelStor Assigned Patent
Data accessing system and method
2018.10.26 | In Brief
Arris Enterprises Assigned Patent
Shock absorbing bracket assembly for storage media device
2018.10.24 | In Brief
Yandex Europe Assigned Patent
Dual-action storage media chassis structure
2018.10.18 | In Brief