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RAID Inc.: ARI-400 Series RAID Systems
Including ARI-400 2U 12-bay, ARI-403 2U 24-bay, ARI-450 2U 24-bay and ARI-409 5U 84-bay
2018.04.20 | Press Release
Rack Scale Design 2.1 With Pooled All-Flash NVMe Composable Storage Support From Supermicro
Advanced Peta-scale NVMe pooled storage shared by up to 12 hosts and dynamically managed from OpenStack for flexible high-performance cloud infrastructure
2018.04.20 | Press Release
HighPoint: Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 Drive RAID Solutions With 14TB HDDs
Including rDrive 6628 and rDrive 6674, rDrive 6114V series, and RocketStor 6124V series
2018.04.20 | Press Release
Cepoint: RM1701m 1U 40GbE 12-Bay NAS Server
Up to 48TB raw capacity, running off AC or battery DC power supply
2018.04.20 | Press Release
Nexenta Assigned Patent
Multicast collaborative erasure encoding and distributed parity protection
2018.04.20 | In Brief
NAB: Avid Nexis | E5 NL Nearline Storage Solution From 480TB to 7PB
Software-defined storage platform for media company's customers manages media across all of online, nearline and archive storage resources.
2018.04.19 | Press Release
NAB: mLogic Expanding mSpeed Desktop RAID and mSAN Shared Storage Systems
Starting at $2,099 without HDDs or SSDs, 8 to 16 bays, transfer rates up to 2,600 MB/s
2018.04.19 | Press Release
NAB: Akitio Unveils Thunderbolt 3 Line-up Storage Systems
Including Thunder3 Dock Pro, Node Duo, REDÒ Camera Mini-Mag Reader and Everest software
2018.04.18 | Press Release
Starline: Backups Without Ballast with HYDRAstor Virtual Appliance by NEC
Scaling up to 16TB, backup speed of 10TB/hour
2018.04.17 | Press Release
NAB: Attala Systems Launches Storage Platform for Media and Entertainment Industry*
Using Composable Storage Infrastructure, Intel NVMe SSDs, and Super Micro SSG-136R-N32JBF 1U enclosure, to provide storage performance and scalability
2018.04.16 | Press Release
NAS und Backup in einem 2U Rackmount-System mit RDX und dual 10GbE von actidata German
actiNAS XL 2U-8 RDX bei 8.434€ mit 96TB
2018.04.16 | Press Release
Overland-Tandberg RDX USB Devices Support VMware ESX/ESXI Hosts and VMs
With NetJapan software
2018.04.13 | Press Release
ISC West: Pivot3 Demos Solutions for Video Surveillance
Accelerating performance to support 10,000 cameras per rack
2018.04.13 | Press Release
Zstor GS Cube8 Mini Desktop Chassis S2D Hyperconverged Cluster
Starts at €7,000, with two nodes interconnected by 25GbE, 65TB on HDDs or 20TB on SSDs
2018.04.12 | Press Release
iXsystems: TrueNAS M40/50 Unified Storage Line
Leveraging NVDIMM and NVMe for high-performance cache, 1PB with compression under $100,000
2018.04.11 | Press Release
NAB: OpenDrives Reveals NAS With Media Accelerator Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Includes Summit, hybrid product employing HDD for primary storage and flash-based cache layer media accelerator, available in 1.6TB and 3.2TB.
2018.04.11 | Press Release
NAB: EditShare XStream EFS Shared Storage Systems With ACL Media Spaces Feature
Enhancing storage space utilization reporting
2018.04.11 | Press Release
NAB: OpenDrives Unveils Lineup of Shared NAS Solutions
Including Pinnacle hybrid storage, Alta all-flash storage, Apex, Summit and Ridgeview systems to address big data workflow environments
2018.04.10 | Press Release
Buffalo: 40TB and 120TB Options for 12-Bay Rackmount TS51210RH NAS
40TB unit partially populated to fit storage needs, scalable growth for future needs with 120TB unit fully populated
2018.04.10 | Press Release
AIC Assigned Patent
Chassis structure capable of sensing temperature of media storage device
2018.04.10 | In Brief
Qumulo: QF2 NVMe All-Flash P-Series Solutions
Combines standard hardware and QF2 software to deliver enterprise ready and cloud integrated NVMe all-flash file storage systems
2018.04.09 | Press Release
NAB: Joint Storage Solution for Media Workflows From Excelero and Pixit Media
Software-defined system with Pixit Media PixStor, Excelero NVMesh, Boston Flash-IO Talyn hardware and Mellanox Connect-X 5
2018.04.09 | Press Release
ISC West: Veracity Launches 4U ColdStore Colossus IP Video Storage Systems
With 45-disk bays for 540TB of video storage capacity in 4U
2018.04.09 | Press Release
Pure Storage AIRI/AI-Ready Infrastructure Powered by Nvidia
Built on FlashBlade and Nvidia DGX-1 with Arista Networks 100GbE switches
2018.04.06 | Press Release
STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliances Leveraging IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
Method to simplify data protection, appliances use Spectrum Protect Plus, designed for easy setup, management and recovery.
2018.04.06 | Press Release
Nyriad and Advanced HPC in Partnership for GPU-Accelerated Storage Systems That Go ‘Beyond RAID’
Orion system is based on TYAN Thunder SX FA100 server with Nyriad's NSULATE software, Nvidia Tesla P4 and 64GB of Netlist NVDIMMs.
2018.04.06 | Press Release
Stardom SR8-TB3 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 Hardware RAID Tower
Embedded one hardware RAID chip, supporting RAID-0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD, with Two Thunderbolt 3 and One Mini Display interface
2018.04.06 | Press Release
GTC: One Stop Systems Unveiled GPUltima-CI HPC Datacenter System
Supports tens of thousands of composable server configurations per rack, can be configured with up to 32 dual Xeon Scalable Architecture compute nodes, 64 network adapters, 48 Nvidia Volta GPUs, and 32 NVMe drives on 128Gb PCIe switched fabric.
2018.04.06 | Press Release
NAB: Storbyte Exhibits Eco*Flash SSD Arrays Series
With Flex-Deploy chassis design, Hydra Dispersed Algorithmic Modeling, Data Remapping Accelerator Core, and Open Protocol for data services flexibility
2018.04.06 | Press Release
NAB: MatrixStore Systems With AI and Hybrid Cloud Workflows From Object Matrix
Demonstrating version of media focused private and hybrid cloud platform built on digital content governance and object storage
2018.04.06 | Press Release
GTC: Vexata Exhibited Scalable File Storage System in Collaboration With GPL Technologies
Brings performance at scale for AI, machine and deep learning workloads, combining VX- 100F scalable flash array powered by VX-OS software.
2018.04.06 | Press Release
Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions Corporation Assigned Patent
Storage system with update frequency based replication
2018.04.06 | In Brief
Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure With Built-in CDP Delivers Near Zero Recovery Point Objective
VM-level backup solution for customers running VMware platform
2018.04.05 | Press Release
NAB: Facilis Advanced Shared Storage Solution V7.1
Adds system monitoring, load balancing and remote client deployment.
2018.04.05 | Press Release
Asustor Launches ADM 3.1 NAS OS
With SSD caching for accelerated HDD performance, RAID scrubbing to keep HDDs healthy, automatic RAID repair, management of enterprise accounts and LDAP client
2018.04.05 | Press Release
Stardom SR4-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 RAID 4-Bay Storage System
With dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, Mini DisplayPort, and hardware RAID-0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD
2018.04.04 | Press Release
DDN Storage: 33GB/s Performance to NVIDIA DGX Servers to Accelerate Machine Learning and AI Initiatives
Demonstrated EXAScaler DGX solution based on ES14KX all-flash array.
2018.04.04 | Press Release
Synology 2U 12-Bay RackStation RS2418+/RS2418RP+ NAS With Atom C3538 Quad-core CPU
Up to 144TB raw capacity
2018.04.03 | Press Release
Western Digital/HGST Providing Hybrid-Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution With StorReduce De-Dupe Software
StorReduce software with ActiveScale object storage system delivering data protection solution
2018.04.03 | Press Release
StorageCraft for Law Enforcement Surveillance Solutions Agencies USA
Entry-level configuration at less than $17,000 with 96TB of storage
2018.04.03 | Press Release
32TB Options for Buffalo TeraStation 5010 NAS Series
For desktop TS5410DN and rackmount TS5410RN models
2018.04.03 | Press Release
Infinidat Unveils InfiniSync, Neutrix Cloud, InfiniGuard and InfiniBox F6212 System
And announced 18 successive quarters of revenue growth and 3EB of customer deployments.
2018.04.02 | Press Release
Backblaze B2 Fireball Hold 70TB
For migrating large data sets to B2 cloud storage
2018.04.02 | Press Release
Teradata US Assigned Patent
Training of storage devices in computing
2018.04.02 | In Brief
Cloud Expo Europe: Mission Peak NVMe Flash Storage Array Demonstrated by E8 Storage and AIC
For I/O-intensive local workloads with Samsung SSDs
2018.03.30 | Press Release
OCP Summit: Wiwynn Showcased 1U All-Flash NVMe JBOF ST5100 Rack System
Based on open source cloud hardware specs of Microsoft's Project Olympus, with up to 16 hot-swappable Intel NVMe SSD 'ruler' or 64 M.2 SSD modules
2018.03.30 | Press Release
Qsan Launches Three XCubeNAS XN5000
Using QSM OS which brings file sharing, backup and security, also runs on ZOL (ZFS on Linux)
2018.03.30 | Press Release
OCP Summit: Gigabyte ThunderXStation Based on Cavium ThunderX2 Processor
4U, single or dual socket ThunderX2 ARM64 processors, 16 DDR4 channels, 6 PCIe 3.0 and two OCP x16 slots, 2 1/10GbE QLogic NIC, 4 NVMe + 2 2.5" U.2/SATA III combo bay, Nvidia GeForce GT710 with dual monitor support, and CentOS 7.4 with gcc/LLVM/gdb tool chain, OpenJDK 9.0
2018.03.29 | Press Release
Qnap TS-328 3-Bay Tower RAID-5 NAS
Quad-core 1.4GHz processor; hot-swappable 2.5/3.5-inch 6Gb SATA HDD/SSD, two Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports, one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports
2018.03.28 | Press Release
Huawei Converged Flash Array OceanStor V5
Ensuring high service availability and performance, and allowing customers to further unleash potential of flash
2018.03.27 | Press Release