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Promise Adds Functionalities to Apollo Cloud 2 Duo NAS
$449 for 8TB, $369 for 4TB, including now IP camera integration and cloud service syncing
2018.01.19 | Press Release
Hyper-Convergence Services From UK Servnet UK
Representing evolution of infrastructure convergence
2018.01.19 | Press Release
Qnap TVS-x73e SMB 4-6-8 Slots NAS With AMD RX-421BD Quad-Core Processor
Dual channel 4/8GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM (upgradable to 64GB), hot-swappable 2.5/3.5-inches 6Gb SATA HDD/SSD, 2 M.2 6Gb SATA 2280/2260 SSD slots, 1 USB QuickAccess port, 2 PCle (Gen.3 x 4) slots, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 2 HDMI 1.4b outputs
2018.01.18 | Press Release
CES: Super Micro Computer Unveiled All-flash NVMe1U SuperServer With Up to 36 Hot-Swap Samsung NGSFF NVMe SSDs
Supports 288TB per system, half a petabyte later this year.
2018.01.18 | Press Release
ioSafe Assigned Patent
Optimized disaster resistant housing for array of computer storage
2018.01.18 | In Brief
Vivint Assigned Patent
Using hard drive on panels for storage
2018.01.18 | In Brief
Seagate 5U84 High Density Enclosure Storage System With Next-Gen OS
Up to 84 3.5-inch SAS HDDs or SSDs per 5U enclosure, dual controller configuration, dual 12Gb SAS I/O modules, 600,000 IO/s at 1ms latency
2018.01.17 | Press Release
Five Ways to Measure Simplicity on All-Flash Arrays
By Jerome Wendt, DCIG
2018.01.17 | Press Release
Xitore Assigned Patent
Storage and retrieval of local volatile memory content of non-volatile storage memory
2018.01.15 | In Brief
N-TEC rapidCore-M Serie: ‘HA-in-a-box’ – Storage Kompakt, Hyperkonvergent, Hochverfügbar German
Kooperationspartner im Rahmen des DataCore Ready Programms
2018.01.15 | Press Release
Rockwell Collins Assigned Patent
Multi-level storage
2018.01.10 | In Brief
Why Tiering and QoS Matter in All-Flash Array Selection
By Ken Clipperton, analyst, DCIG
2018.01.09 | Press Release
Amplidata/HGST/WD Assigned Patent
Object storage system for unreliable storage medium
2018.01.08 | In Brief
Qnap: Orthanc Lightweight DICOM Server for NAS
Free and open-source ecosystem turns NAS into picture archiving and communication system.
2018.01.05 | Press Release
E8 Storage Assigned Patent
Write cache and write-hole recovery in distributed RAID over shared multi-queue storage devices
2018.01.05 | In Brief
exFAT Driver App for Asustor NAS ($4)
Enhances NAS compatibility with USB external devices on market and to facilitate storage of large files for photographers and AV workers.
2018.01.04 | Press Release
Qnap QTS 4.3.4 NAS OS Official Release
Upgrade for snapshots, improved performance and greater multimedia experience
2018.01.04 | Press Release
Datarecovery Datenrettung: NAS-Server im Privatumfeld häufig als Weihnachtsgeschenk German
Ein Datenretter klärt über Vorteile, Nachteile und Risiken von NAS Servern im Privatumfeld auf.
2018.01.02 | Press Release
Nuancing Management of HCI Deployments
By Jerome M. Wendt, DCIG
2017.12.29 | Press Release
Asustor Launching Surveillance Center 2.8 App for NAS
With video and transcoding in H.265 HEVC video encoding formats, two-way audio support
2017.12.29 | Press Release
Qnap With Limited-Time Special Offer of McAfee Antivirus for NAS
Three years for $19 until March 15, 2018
2017.12.28 | Press Release
From Cepoint Networks, Rackmount Rugged Industrial/Military Grade NAS
Up to 384TB on SSDs, 110 DC /48VDC powered for battery operated and telco data centers being rugged NEBS Telcom
2017.12.27 | Press Release
ScaleFlux Assigned Patent
In-memory data compression complementary to host data compression
2017.12.27 | In Brief
Asustor ADM 3.1 Beta OS for NAS
Includes SSD caching, RAID scrubbing, automatic RAID repair, management of enterprise accounts and LDAP client.
2017.12.26 | Press Release
Tintri FlexDrive to Expand All-Flash Storage Capacity
By adding one drive at a time
2017.12.25 | Press Release
Zealbox-Line-Up von Starline Computer German
Für Virtualisierung, Datenbanken und Hosting oder auch als Hochverfügbarkeitsstorage
2017.12.25 | Press Release
Qnap Mattermost App Private Cloud Slack-Alternative for NAS
Creating teams and communication channels and custom integrations for all teamwork and communication needs
2017.12.21 | Press Release
Avere FXT Edge Filer 5850 With Double Performance, Capacity and Network Bandwidth
$211,500, including complete set of software functionality
2017.12.20 | Press Release
Synology FlashStation FS1018 and DiskStation DS218 NAS
12-bay and 2-bay respectively
2017.12.19 | Press Release
AIC With Line of Servers With Xeon Scalable Processors
Object storage, all-flash array and NVMe storage server
2017.12.19 | Press Release
Kaminario K2 App for Splunk Enterprise
To provide companies with dashboards and analytics
2017.12.19 | Press Release
Storage in New iMac Pro
$4,999 with 1TB, $9,559 with 2TB and $11,599 with 4TB SSD
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.12.19 | News
Energy Sciences Network’ Petascale DTN Project Speeds Up Data Transfers Between HPCs
Recently moving 12TB of science data from OLCF to NCSA in less than 30 minutes
2017.12.18 | Press Release
Pure Storage Assigned Thirteen Patents
Visually guided hardware installation, profile-dependent write placement of data into non-volatile solid-state storage, replication and intermediate read-write state for mediums, data migration in array, parallel update to NVRAM, secure replication in storage grid, multiple fingerprint tables in de-dupe system, data placement based on data retention in tiered storage, deploying client-specific applications in storage system utilizing redundant system resources, frequency domain to prioritize storage of metadata in cache, determining capacity to be made available upon deletion of shared data, scalable non-uniform storage sizes, distributing blocks across plurality of storage devices
2017.12.18 | In Brief
Cloudian Introducing HyperFile Integrated NAS Controller
Starts at 1/2 cent/GB/month, delivers SMB/NFS file services from HyperStore object storage systems.
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Lite-On Technology Assigned Patent
System with SSD and control
2017.12.15 | In Brief
Architecture and Implementation of Integrated Solution Combining Several Technologies
Lenovo Storage DX8200C and ThinkAgileHX, Cloudian, Nutanix and Rubrik
2017.12.14 | In Brief
Quantum Scale-out NAS for Data-Intensive Workloads
Starting at $100/TB (raw)
2017.12.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Amplidata/HGST/WD Assigned Patent
Distributed object storage system comprising low power storage nodes
2017.12.13 | In Brief
Nimble Storage Vs NetApp
By IT provider CIO Solutions, partner of those storage companies
2017.12.12 | Press Release
Qatar Foundation Assigned Patent
Storage system and method of storing and managing data
2017.12.12 | In Brief
Violin Assigned Patent for Memory Power Management
Technique to reduce power consumption and heat generation in system containing large amounts of DRAM and/or flash memory
2017.12.11 | Press Release
Synology VM Manager for NAS
Installs and runs multiple VMs including Windows, Linux and Virtual DSM.
2017.12.08 | Press Release
AccelStor NeoSapphire all-NVMe Flash Array for Advance Genomics Data Analysis
Accelerates time-to-result for Atgenomix's enterprise-ready bioinformatics solutions.
2017.12.06 | Press Release
Caen Engineering: CEI-826-FXD All-Flash Array
2U, 26 bays, 446 SSDs, up to 4.4PB, up to 300,000 IO/s, company said "lowest cost GB and best price/performance ratio for AFA."
2017.12.05 | Press Release
Dell EMC VxRail and XC Series HCI Appliances Based on PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers
For more processing power and higher internal bandwidth
2017.12.05 | Press Release
Storage System Failure Causes Tech Services Shutdown
At University of Connecticut
2017.12.01 | In Brief
Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Gold/Platinum Editions
$749 for 5N2 Gold or $949 for Platinum edition, $949 for 5D3 Gold or $1,149 for Platinum edition
2017.11.30 | Press Release
Halos AI From China to Release CatDrive Storage Device on Indiegogo
With 2.5-inch 1TB HDD, Marvell dual-core storage chip, GbE port, secure wireless, Google Play or App Store
2017.11.30 | Press Release
“We Didn’t Invent Disk Arrays But RAID”
Emailed Katz with cc to Patterson and Gibson
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.29 | News