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Raidix: NVMe Compliant Software ERA More Than 8X Faster Than Similar Solutions
Research lab conducted comparative software testing by SNIA methodology.
2018.09.07 | Press Release
Paragon Software: ReFS for Windows
Enables access to ReFS-formatted data across all Windows OSs.
2018.09.07 | Press Release
Qnap Assigned Patent
Computer-readable recording medium for automated storage tiering
2018.09.07 | In Brief
Nutanix Certified for SAP HANA
Enterprise cloud OS hyperconvergence-based solution improves agility and simplicity.
2018.09.06 | Press Release
Datadobi Assigned European Patent
Data migration tool with intermediate incremental copies
2018.09.05 | In Brief
StorONE Unveils Benchmark Testing Featuring S1 Software-Based Enterprise Storage Solution Using 24 SSDs
1.7 million IO/s for random reads, 15GB/s and 7.5GB/s sequential RW, and 10GB/s for mixed workload of 80/20 reads/writes
2018.09.04 | Press Release
Scality Invests in Kubernetes and Unveils MetalK8s Open Source Distribution
Focused on bare-metal deployments, long-term maintenance and ease of operation
2018.09.04 | Press Release
ScaleFlux Assigned Patent
Error correction coding redundancy based data hashing
2018.09.03 | In Brief
VMworld: Maxta Introduced Hyperconverged ‘(Un)Appliance’ for Red Hat Virtualization
Pre-configured on Intel data center blocks hardware
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Acronis True Image 2019 Personal Backup and Recovery Software
$50 for standard licence edition, $50/year for advanced edition with 250GB of cloud storage, and $100/year for premium edition including blockchain-based data certification and electronic signature capabilities and 1TB of cloud storage
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Igneous Systems: Integration With Primary Tier NAS
Qumulo File Fabric, Dell EMC Isilon OneFS, Pure Storage FlashBlade
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Cohesity Launches Helios SaaS-Based Management Solution
Empowers customers to see, manage and take action on secondary data and applications globally from single dashboard.
2018.08.31 | Press Release
HiveIO: Hive Fabric V7.0 Bringing Next-Gen Intelligence to Data Center
Zero-layer, hardware and vendor-agnostic solution that provides performing, scalable technology to remove complexity from data center
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Robin Systems With Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform
Brings self-service App-store experience and increases efficiency to big data, databases and AI/ML.
2018.08.31 | Press Release
WildFire Storage: Enterprise Storage Stack Software Converts Random Write Workload of SAN, NAS, VDI, Cloud, Data Base or Media Application Into Linearized Workload
For SSDs and SSD arrays
2018.08.31 | Press Release
iPhone Data Recovery Software From Joyoshare Studio
$50 for single license copy with lifetime free support and update, $80 for up to ten iDevices with lifetime free update and support, and $360 for unlimited use
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Nakivo Backup & Replication V8 Software
Including site recovery feature, starting at $299 per socket, without feature or capacity limitations
2018.08.30 | Press Release
Nexenta Enterprise File Services-Based Software Defined Storage for Multi Cloud Environments
Virtual deployed storage appliance, enabling enterprises to expand hyper-converged infrastructure, applications and workload flexibility
2018.08.30 | Press Release
VMworld: Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 Software
Improved user interface that simplifies how employees across organization can protect data and modern workloads.
2018.08.29 | Press Release
Qumulo File Fabric on PowerEdge Dell EMC Servers
For enterprises that want universal-scale file storage on-premises or for private cloud workloads
2018.08.29 | Press Release
Code42: Windows 10 Device Migration Solution
Data security platform reduces user downtime and costs for Windows 10 migrations minimizes impact to data integrity and availability.
2018.08.29 | Press Release
Best Mac Backup – Cloudwards
Time Machine vs Arq vs. Duplicati vs. Cloudberry
2018.08.29 | In Brief
VMworld: JetStream Data Protection Software With Accelerate and Migrate, as Part Cross-Cloud Data Management Platform
Solution combines CDP, BC and DR without snapshots.
2018.08.28 | Press Release
VMworld: StorageCraft ShadowXafe Data Protection Solution
Flexible SLA-driven data protection for virtual and physical environments
2018.08.28 | Press Release
QuickVault Assigned Patent
Remote data access using mobile device
2018.08.27 | In Brief
ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus, Active Directory Backup and Restoration Solution
Starting at $295/year for 25 mailboxes
2018.08.24 | Press Release
Raidix ERA RAID Free Software Designed for NVMe Storage Devices
Tested RW speed at 35GB/s and 4.500.000 IO/s per one RAID-6 group consisting of ten drives installed in 1U box.
2018.08.24 | Press Release
Leonovus: Canada Federal Government Trial and Sales Pipeline Update
Sales cycle is twelve to eighteen months.
2018.08.24 | Press Release
Acronis Assigned Four Patents
Backup of user data with validity check, replication of disk sectors of target machine, agentless backup of VMs, storage system performance management
2018.08.24 | In Brief
Fanuc Assigned Patent
Numerical controller
2018.08.24 | In Brief
Actifio Assigned Patent
Incremental copy performance between data stores
2018.08.22 | In Brief
Datrium CloudShift SaaS-Based DR Orchestration Service for VMware
To combine simple operation, low RPO, low AWS cloud cost, and end-to-end readiness assurance
2018.08.21 | Press Release
Cohesity Assigned Patent
Global de-dupe
2018.08.21 | In Brief
Cadence Design Systems Assigned Patent
Memory control having self writeback of data stored in memory with correctable error
2018.08.21 | In Brief
IBM Omegamon for Storage on z/OS, V5.5.0
With realtime dataset metrics collection and management
2018.08.20 | Press Release
Die universelle USB-Device-Management-Lösung SafeConsole des DataLocker steht ab sofort in der neuen Version 5.3.2 zur Verfügung German
Sorgt für mehr Übersicht in großen Unternehmen.
2018.08.20 | Press Release
FMS: Lightbits Labs Demonstrated Hyperscale Storage Platform for NVMe OverTCP
To replace iSCSI protocol as communication standard between compute servers and storage servers and become default protocol for disaggregated storage
2018.08.17 | Press Release
FMS: Deep Analyzer for SVF Pro From OakGate Technology
Configured as add-in card that plugs into existing PCIe slot of 3U rackmount OGT-R300 or expandable desktop OGT-DE100 appliances
2018.08.17 | Press Release
Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 Software Covers All Aspects of Backups in Single Program
Files, folders or entire partitions can be backed up to any storage device including cloud-based storage systems to prevent data loss.
2018.08.17 | Press Release
Egnyte Assigned Patent
Facilitating access to private files using cloud storage
2018.08.17 | In Brief
FMS: DataCore Showcased Software-Defined Storage and Customer Path to NVMe over Fabric
Protecting investments and easing transitions to technologies including NVMe
2018.08.16 | Press Release
SoftNAS SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator for Public Cloud Storage
To see how much savings from public cloud storage costs can be realized by using SoftNAS Cloud 4
2018.08.16 | Press Release
Quest: QoreStor Software-Defined Secondary Storage Platform
Enabling organizations to reduce backup time and replicate data to cloud
2018.08.16 | Press Release
Toshiba Corp and Toshiba Solutions Corporation Assigned Patent
Tiered storage, storage controller, and de-dupe and storage tiering
2018.08.16 | In Brief
Georgia Tech Research Assigned Patent
Multi-tiered storage for adaptive content streaming
2018.08.16 | In Brief
FMS: Attala Introduced Data Lake Software Module for NVMe Composable Storage Infrastructure Solution
Provides enterprise customers with high-perfomance 'hot data lake' to applications sharing same dataset.
2018.08.15 | Press Release
WekaIO Assigned Patent
Congestion mitigation in distributed storage system
2018.08.15 | Press Release
Bacula: New Enterprise Features in Trial Software for Backup and Recovery Professionals
Now includes cloud interaction capabilities with advanced features for MSPs.
2018.08.13 | Press Release
Secure Log Reporting for QuantaStor SDS From OSNexus
Ensures all user log data is scrubbed of Personally Identifiable Information before leaving organization for analysis.
2018.08.10 | Press Release
BlueTalon Assigned Patent
Distributed storage processing statement interception and modification
2018.08.09 | In Brief
Facebook Assigned Patent
Storage of media item metadata
2018.08.09 | In Brief
FMS: Exten Technologies Unveils HyperDynamic NVMe Over Fabrics Storage Software
For cloud and performance data centers offers NVMe over Fabrics performance with DMTF Redfish and SNIA Swordfish managements
2018.08.08 | Press Release
Scality Ring 7.4.1 Augmenting 7.4 Long Term Support Release
Increased TCO savings, more utilisation tracking and enhanced security for customers
2018.08.07 | Press Release
NetJapan Launches ActiveVisor Enterprise Management Solution for System Administrators
To manage ActiveImage Protector agents
2018.08.07 | Press Release
E8 Storage Systems Assigned Patent
Storage in multi-queue storage devices using queue multiplexing and access control
2018.08.06 | In Brief
Stroz Friedberg Assigned Patent
Program for detecting access to memory device
2018.08.06 | In Brief
Tuxera APFS Software Bringing Apple File System Support to Linux and Android-Based Devices
Offers full read compatibility, allowing access to files between Apple and Linux-based devices.
2018.08.03 | Press Release
DxMobi Mobile App For Secure Remote Management of DxEnterprise Environments From DH2i
Availability and DR of Windows, Linux, Oracle and/or Docker Container environments from convenience of handheld smart device(s)
2018.08.03 | Press Release
Delphix Assigned Patent
Managing transformations of snapshots in storage system
2018.08.03 | In Brief
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Version 2
Available in one to five-year annual subscriptions, $1.28/user/month, extends availability with data protection for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, protects data inside Office 365 infrastructure, enhancing automatic data replication Microsoft provides across its data centers
2018.08.02 | Press Release
EnduraData EDpCloud Replication Software for OpenBSD OS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix
Disaster-tolerance solution to help businesses, hospitals and government entities survive ransomware attacks
2018.08.02 | Press Release
Nakivo Backup & Replication V7.5 Software With vSphere 6.7 Support and Cross-Platform Recovery
And adds integration with Dell EMC Data Domain and Netgear ReadyNAS.
2018.08.01 | Press Release
Cirrus Data Solutions Assigned Patent
Transparently inserting virtual storage layer in FC-based SAN while maintaining continuous I/O operations
2018.07.31 | In Brief
Nexenta Assigned Patent
Parity protection for data chunks in object storage system
2018.07.30 | In Brief
Commvault With Four Products For Complete, Scalable Backup and Recovery
And data management for progressive enterprises of all sizes
2018.07.27 | Press Release
Micro Focus Data Protector for HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack
Spanning hybrid cloud deployments, simplifying backup and restore process
2018.07.27 | Press Release
Xopero V.3.9.6 for Backup&Restore and Qnap Appliance
Extended use of HDD image backup images, support for Firebird databases with GDB extension, improved Hyper-V import and VM export
2018.07.26 | Press Release
Citrix Assigned Patent
System updates with personal virtual disks
2018.07.26 | In Brief
eFolder Assigned Patent
Data transfer and recovery
2018.07.26 | In Brief
Morgan Stanley Assigned Patent
Topology aware distributed storage system
2018.07.25 | In Brief
Levyx: Availability of Radon for Early Beta Customers
Low-latency solution designed for +1000 node exascale opportunities
2018.07.22 | Press Release
Google Next ’18: Solutions Integrating Elastifile Cloud File System With Kubernetes and Tensorflow Platforms
Deployable in minutes via Google Cloud Launcher, simplifying cloud data management, migration, and sharing, while delivering suite of enterprise storage features
2018.07.20 | Press Release
VM Essentials for Small Business From SEP Software
Backup solution for virtual, physical and cloud
2018.07.20 | Press Release
Actifio Assigned Patent
Integrated database and log backup
2018.07.20 | In Brief
Veeam Delivering Hyper-Availability for Nutanix AHV
Enterprise cloud providing availability and scale-out capabilities
2018.07.19 | Press Release
Arris Enterprises Assigned Patent
Secure storage and retrieval of live off disk media programs
2018.07.19 | In Brief
DataCore Awarded Patent on Stream Architecture for Data Representation
Enabling capabilities in software-defined storage solutions, including CDP and random write accelerator
2018.07.17 | Press Release
University of New Hampshire Assigned Patent
Redundant disk array storage
2018.07.16 | In Brief
Symantec Assigned Two Patents
Encrypted backup to protect files from encryption attacks, data loss prevention for cloud sync application
2018.07.13 | In Brief
Fujitsu Eternus Snapshot Manager
Starting at €5,750, enabling near-instant DR and reliable BC
2018.07.12 | Press Release
OSNexus Assigned Patent
Data recovery agent and search service for repairing bit rot
2018.07.12 | In Brief
APFS to HFS+ Converter Software From Paragon
Free utility for macOS
2018.07.11 | Press Release
Prophetstor Data Services Assigned Patent
Deploying storage system resources with learning of workloads applied thereto
2018.07.11 | In Brief
IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager V7.3.0.5
Delivers integration with IBM BigFix, discovery of new targets, licensing.
2018.07.10 | Press Release
Quantcast Assigned Patent
Redistributing data in distributed storage system based on attributes of data
2018.07.09 | In Brief
ActiveImage Deploy USB V2.0 From NetJapan
USB-based OS deployment tool for VARs, OEMs and system integrators
2018.07.06 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments: Cloud Migration Readiness Service to Move to Cloud
Offers application workload analysis and simulation to assess cost/performance tradeoffs as they move applications to cloud.
2018.07.06 | Press Release
Arcserve to Show Microsoft-Enabled Data Protection and DR Solutions
For Azure and Office 365
2018.07.06 | Press Release
OakGate Technology: Fourth Generation Storage Validation Framework Software Suite
With Enduro controller application, SVF Pro provides functionality, performance, and ease of use for testing storage devices.
2018.07.06 | Press Release
Veeam Software Assigned Patent
Computer program products for low impact backup
2018.07.06 | In Brief
MapR Data Platform Updated for AI and Analytics
To speed operational impact of automated analytics, improve productivity of developers and data scientists, lower TCO, streamline security and storage across on-premises data centers, clouds and edge deployments
2018.07.05 | Press Release
Code42 Forensic File Search Solution
Helps organizations simplify compliance with GDPR.
2018.07.05 | Press Release
E8 Storage in Compliance With NVMe-oF Standard
Continuing to focus on SDS deployed on qualified NVMe enabled servers from Western Digital, Dell, HP and Lenovo
2018.07.05 | Press Release
Elwha Assigned Patent
Self-testing storage devices
2018.07.05 | In Brief
Why Spark on Ceph?
To augment and/or replace HDFS
2018.07.03 | Press Release
Druva Launching inSync onSalesforce AppExchange
To gain backup, granular recovery and governance capabilities
2018.07.03 | Press Release
Effective April 2019, End of Service for IBM System Storage VFT Mainframe V3.0.0 and S&S, V1.0.0
Partner Log-On Software will pursue service.
2018.07.02 | Press Release
Compliance With Support for Interoperable Master Format Packages for EditShare QScan Software
Simplifies compliance and delivery requirements with check capabilities that leverage QScan single-pass analysis process which can be applied at any point during workflow.
2018.06.29 | Press Release
AvailabilityGuard 7.3 IT Resilience Assurance for Software-Defined Infrastructure From Continuity
With support for Dell EMC ScaleIO and VMware NSX
2018.06.29 | Press Release
Mitac Computing Technology Assigned Patent
Performing automatic system recovery
2018.06.29 | In Brief