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Virtual Instruments Revealed Next Gen of VirtualWisdom Hybrid Infrastructure Management Platform
Hybrid infrastructure performance monitoring and AIO/s platform enable application assurance from data center to public cloud.
2018.11.02 | Press Release
Paragon Software: Mac ToolBox for Users Frequently Working on Mac and Windows
$40, with bundle of six tools
2018.11.02 | Press Release
LSoft Technologies With Active@Boot Disk V.13 Utilities Suite
Included: Active@Disk Image 9, Active@Undelete 14, Active@File Recovery 17, Active@Partition Recovery 17, Active@Password Changer 9
2018.11.02 | Press Release
ITRI Assigned Two Patents
Tree recovery method, controller and recording medium for software-defined network, recommending application parameter setting and system specification setting in distributed computation
2018.11.02 | In Brief
Confirmation of Emerging SaaS Backup Trend
Initiated by small vendors, now addressed by established ones
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.11.01 | News
Cobalt Iron Adds Storage Platforms to Adaptive Data Protection-Supported Storage
Dell EMC, IBM, and NetApp as well as cloud object storage from Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure for data protection
2018.11.01 | Press Release
Raidix V.4.7 Software Implements Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote Data Mirroring
For effective management of storage systems
2018.11.01 | Press Release
CA Assigned Patent
Prioritizing and distributing workloads between storage resource classes
2018.11.01 | In Brief
IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS, V2.1
Adds virtual tape emulation capability and supports lifecycle encryption.
2018.10.31 | Press Release
LSoft Technologies Introduced Active@Disk Image V.9.0.0
Also provides native backups for ReFS file systems as well as improved support for GPT partitions and disks.
2018.10.31 | Press Release
NetApp Data Fabric for Businesses to Drive Competitive Advantage With AI
Simplicity for data services that span edge, core, and cloud, freedom of choice to consume AI on any cloud or on premises, and scale to meet growing deep learning capacity and performance requirements
2018.10.30 | Press Release
NetApp Insight: Komprise Intelligent Data Management 2.9 Delivers Data Access Anywhere
Adds support for NetApp Ontap Cloud Volumes.
2018.10.30 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Discover V2.0 Metadata Management Software
Delivers visibility and classification to petabyte-scale file and object storage with support for Big Blue's Cloud Object Storage and Spectrum Scale.
2018.10.30 | Press Release
Accenture Global Services Assigned Patent
Distributed computing backup and recovery
2018.10.30 | In Brief
LSoft Technologies: Active@Uneraser V.12 Software
Improves data recovery software to recover data intact.
2018.10.29 | Press Release, Ready-to-Use SaaS Filesharing, Simple, Secure, Hosted in German Data Centers
Standard version from €15/user/month, companies getting 1TB of secure cloud storage for 5 users
2018.10.26 | Press Release
ClearSky Using Tuxera Server Message Block Protocol
For on-demand primary storage service with built-in offsite backup and DR
2018.10.25 | Press Release
Snap Assigned Patent
Storage and processing of ephemeral messages
2018.10.25 | In Brief
Innovation in Data Management Accelerating Neuroscience, Virtual Reality, and Early Cancer Diagnosis Using AI
Igneous announces Unstructured Data Management as-a-service to manage data at scale
2018.10.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Elastifile Introduces ClearTier
Integrates best aspects of file storage and object storage to drive in-cloud NAS at $0.03/GB/month.
2018.10.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Dell EMC Launches Cyber Recovery Software
Software and services to isolate critical data from ransomware and cyber attacks
2018.10.23 | Press Release
Carbonite Launches Backup Solutions in Data Protection Platform
Promotion of Rob Beeler to SVP, products and engineering
2018.10.23 | Press Release
Qumulo Assigned Two Patents
Managing storage quotas in shared storage, data mobility, accessibility, and consistency in data storage
2018.10.23 | In Brief
IBM Technology Support Services Intends to Offer New Red Hat Storage One
With Lenovo hardware
2018.10.22 | Press Release
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Virtualized file server data sharing
2018.10.22 | In Brief
Tenoware R&D Assigned Patent
Grid distributed cache
2018.10.22 | In Brief
Vivint Assigned Patent
Centrally-assisted distributed hash table
2018.10.19 | In Brief
Inuron Assigned Patent
Layered storage of enterprise data
2018.10.19 | In Brief
IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R Software V12.3
Data protection with multisite HA and DR
2018.10.18 | Press Release
Bacula Enterprise Edition 10.2 With Integrated Backup and Recovery of Red Hat Virtualization Environments
Agentless backup, agnostic to Vdisk storage backend, transparent quiescing and snapshot creation, restore flexibility, and restored VMs on fly
2018.10.18 | Press Release
SIOS Technology Assigned Patent
Performing agentless remote IO catching analysis, prediction, automation and recommendation in computer environment
2018.10.18 | In Brief
Operator for Kubernetes From Quobyte
Enabling storage cluster deployments in 5 minutes
2018.10.17 | Press Release
Arcserve BC Cloud: Fully-Integrated Cloud-Born Solution
To safeguard complex IT infrastructures amid growing data protection
2018.10.17 | Press Release
Scale Computing Assigned Patent
Zero memory buffer copying in reliable distributed computing system
2018.10.17 | In Brief
Shannon Systems Assigned Patent
Reconfiguring storage controller when control logic fails and apparatuses using the same
2018.10.17 | In Brief
Commvault GO: Commvault Activate to Deliver Insights That Enable Enterprises to Know Data Location, Type and Profile
Enterprises can better act on data to lower on-premises and cloud storage expenses, accelerate eDiscovery projects and streamline GDPR and other data privacy compliance.
2018.10.16 | Press Release
Proton World International Assigned Patent
Storage in flash memory
2018.10.16 | In Brief
Commvault GO: Commvault Command Center Software
AI-Powered continually learns from user interactions, leverages analytics and visualization, and increases efficiency with focus on operating on business and operational outcomes.
2018.10.15 | Press Release
Citrix Systems Assigned Patent
Dynamic trim processing with disk caching
2018.10.12 | In Brief
Archiware P5 Software Suite V5.6 With LTFS Support
And also Microsoft Azure, Hitachi S3, Wasabi S3 and Backblaze B2 cloud services
2018.10.11 | Press Release
SwiftStack With Support for Splunk Enterprise 7.2 With SmartStore
Enables double capacity for machine data for half cost.
2018.10.11 | Press Release
SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 Software-Defined Storage Solution Powered by Ceph Technology
Delivers scalable and resilient storage environment with single, unified software-defined storage cluster that provides object, block and file storage.
2018.10.11 | Press Release
Compuverde Assigned Three Patents at USPTO
Data maintenance method, distributed storage, handling requests in storage system and node
2018.10.11 | Press Release
Maxta Assigned Patent for Shared Storage Leveraging Dispersed Storage Devices
Storage systems providing shared storage by utilizing dispersed storage devices while optimizing placement of data across dispersed devices and method for accessing storage data
2018.10.11 | Press Release
IBM Copy Services Manager V6.2.3 on DS8000 Storage Systems
Delivers replication management with simplified and automated replication tasks.
2018.10.10 | Press Release
Actifio Assigned Patent
Multi-threaded smart copy
2018.10.10 | In Brief
Hytrust Assigned Patent
Live restore for data intelligent storage system
2018.10.10 | In Brief
HPE: Hybrid Cloud Data Protection and Copy Data Management Solutions for Nimble Storage and 3par
Including next gen StoreOnce backup appliance portfolio increases BC with flash speed data protection, Recovery Manager Central 6.0, StoreOnce with Commvault's software integration and GreenLake Backup
2018.10.09 | Press Release
Datrium Assigned Patent
Managing non-volatile storage resource as shared resource in distributed system
2018.10.09 | In Brief
Reduxio Systems Assigned Patent
Managing storage
2018.10.08 | In Brief
Nasuni Multi-Cloud Solution Combines Primary and Archive File Storage
Cloud File Services offers four software-defined services that can be licensed standalone or as bundle.
2018.10.05 | Press Release
Imanis Data Expanded Data Protection and Cloud Migration Support for Microsoft Azure
Existing support for Azure Data Lake Storage, HDInsight, and Cosmos DB by adding support for Data Lake Storage 2.0 and enhanced support for Hadoop and NoSQL database migrations to Azure
2018.10.05 | Press Release
ProphetStor Disk Health Prediction for Ceph Mimic
Plug-in in three packages: community on-premise, community cloud, and commercial edition
2018.10.05 | Press Release
Carbonite Assigned Patent
Automatic snapshotting of backup based on malicious modification detection
2018.10.05 | In Brief
Cohesity Assigned Patent
Objective-based backup job scheduling
2018.10.05 | In Brief
MailStore V11.2 With Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
Avalable in three editions: Server, Service Provider Edition and Home
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Xorus STOR2RRD Freeware Monitoring Tool With More Storage Systems Support and LAN Monitoring Feature
For monitoring and reporting of storage and lot of SANs
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Paragon Microsoft NTFS for Mac Driver to Access NTFS Files on macOS Mojave
2018.10.04 | Press Release
SNIA: Cloud Data Management Interface 2.0 Spec Now Open Source Standard
Welcomes non-SNIA members to contribute to ISO Standard 17826.
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Tenorshare Any Data Recovery V1.0.0. Software for Mac
$56 for Mac version, also Windows version at $46
2018.10.03 | Press Release
Artec IT: Informationsmanagement- und Archivierungslösung EMA 6.0 für die Integration mit der Technologieplattform SAP NetWeaver zertifiziert German
SAP-Daten erfassen, intelligent verwalten, einfach migrieren und rechtssicher vorhalten.
2018.10.02 | Press Release
Microsoft Ignite: Zerto IT Resilience Platform Leverages Microsoft Azure Data Box Edge
To deliver scalable hybrid cloud solution for on-premises backup capabilities
2018.10.01 | Press Release
Imanis Data Management Platform V4.0 With Autonomous, Machine Learning-Powered Backup and Launch of SmartPolicies
Introduces autonomous RPO-based backup, enhanced anomaly detection, and automated any-point-in-time recovery for NoSQL.
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Micro Focus Data Protector Express and Premium Backup and DR Solutions
For virtualized environments and for physical, virtual and multi-cloud workloads
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Sesame Software: Backup and Recovery App on Salesforce AppExchange
Lets users do complex backup and recovery of large data sets all within Salesforce.
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Portworx: PX-Enterprise 1.6 With OpenStorage SDK
Implementing and automating cloud-native storage and data management as easily as rest of their Kubernetes-based applications
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Cobalt Iron: ADP 4.1 With Multicloud, Analytics-Driven Data Protection Via SaaS Platform
Software-defined, enterprise data protection, automation, management, and predictive event remediation, regardless of workload or infrastructure
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Partition Wizard 10.3 Software by MiniTool
Free Edition, $39 for Pro Edition, $159 for Server Edition
2018.09.28 | Press Release
SyncBackPro Backup From 2BrightSparks
Use up to thirteen different cloud platforms supported by software
2018.09.27 | Press Release
Paragon Software Update APFS for Windows
$50 for license for three PCs
2018.09.27 | Press Release
Jungle Disk Encrypted Cloud Backup and Storage Software V3.3
Includes Google Cloud platform as default storage choice.
2018.09.26 | Press Release
Quobyte Unified Storage Capable of Handling Billions of Files and Hundreds of Petabytes
For massive storage infrastructures that still maintain performance and manageability for demanding workloads
2018.09.25 | Press Release
Acronis Assigned Patent
Prioritization of backup and recovery traffic using QoS tagging
2018.09.25 | In Brief
Cicer One Technologies Assigned Patent
Storage and access platform with jurisdictional control
2018.09.25 | In Brief
Aparavi Interoperable With Microsoft Azure Cloud
And joined Microsoft Partner Network.
2018.09.24 | Press Release
Hedvig Assigned Patent
Provisioning and storing data to virtual disk
2018.09.24 | In Brief
DataON MUST (Management Utility Software Tool) Native Extension for Windows Admin Center
Infrastructure visibility, monitoring, and management software
2018.09.21 | Press Release
4 Reasons Why Quality De-Dupe Matter for Backup
Looking at de-dupe through the prism of storing backups
2018.09.21 | In Brief
Rubrik Datos IO V3.0 Data Protection Platform for NoSQL Databases
Including MongoDB and Cassandra
2018.09.21 | Press Release
Webair: Availability of Backup-as-a-Service Solution for Microsoft Office 365
Providing enhanced resiliency for hybrid IT environments
2018.09.21 | Press Release
IBC: EditShare With New Flow
Starts from 19GB/$29 per user per month.
2018.09.21 | Press Release
Scality Zenko 1.0 Cloud-Native Multi-Cloud Data Controller
Frees open source users and enterprises to leverage services from public and private clouds.
2018.09.20 | Press Release
IBC: Archiware Shows P5 V5.6 Data Management Software Suite
With partners including Qnap and Fast LTA, plus representation by Global Distribution as additional distributor for UK
2018.09.20 | Press Release
IBC: Elements Upgrades Media Library MAM With Expanded Feature-Set and Support for RED 3RD
Incorporates AI capabilities powered by Veritone.
2018.09.20 | Press Release
Infinidat Assigned Patent
Synchronizing control nodes and recovery from failure of primary control node of storage system
2018.09.20 | In Brief
ProphetStor Assigned Patent
Optimizing storage configuration for future demand
2018.09.19 | In Brief
Xanadu Big Data Assigned Patent
Storing and accessing data in distributed storage
2018.09.18 | In Brief
IBC: EditShare Showcases QScan Fast Tracks Automated QC With Aspera Orchestrator Integration
Facilities set up AQC workflows that ensure files meet compliance coming in and leaving facility.
2018.09.17 | Press Release
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Providing real time replication status information in networked virtualization environment for storage
2018.09.17 | In Brief
AgilePQ Assigned Patent
Data recovery utilizing optimized code table signaling
2018.09.17 | In Brief
Cirrus Data Introduces DMS Platform With Data Protection Capabilities
Data management and migration solution enabling to manage data between physical and virtual servers
2018.09.14 | Press Release
SwiftStack Assigned Patent
Reconciler for distributed storage
2018.09.14 | In Brief
SQream Technologies Unveils DB V3.0 GPU-Accelerated Data Warehouse for Massive Data Analytics
Introduces features for rapidly ingesting and analyzing massive amounts of data for previously unattainable analytics.
2018.09.13 | Press Release
NetJapan ActiveImage Protector 2018 SP2 for Hyper-V Enterprise With ReZoom it! Live
Supporting ActiveVisor management console
2018.09.13 | Press Release
Datrium Assigned Patent
Eviction and replacement in large content-addressable flash caches
2018.09.13 | In Brief
Strato Scale Assigned Patent
Scanning memory for de-dupe using RDMA
2018.09.13 | In Brief
Availability for Retrospect Backup 15.5 Software
With subscription licensing model starting at $5/month, hosted management console, and support for Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu 18.04, and macOS Mojave
2018.09.12 | Press Release
Boeing Assigned Patent
Transferring files from portable storage device
2018.09.12 | In Brief
IBM Spectrum Control V5.3 and Virtual Storage Center V5.3
Deliver support for FlashSystem 9100 systems and enhanced reporting.
2018.09.11 | Press Release
VMworld: Quali Systems Launches CloudShell 9.0 With Advanced Save-And-Restore Capabilities
Brings advanced automation and orchestration capabilities to deliver environments as-a-service.
2018.09.07 | Press Release