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Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Assigned Patent
Storage planning
2018.01.22 | In Brief
SoftNAS Cloud Essentials V3.7 Optimized for Veeam Availability Suite
Resulting in rapid, reliable, flexible RTPO with cost savings for customers using cloud storage
2018.01.19 | Press Release
Sanmina Assigned Patent
Network system to distribute chunks across multiple physical nodes with disk support for object storage
2018.01.19 | In Brief
Wasabi Getting HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Validation
Enables secure cloud storage for healthcare records data.
2018.01.17 | Press Release
Twitter Assigned Patent
Dynamic distribution of replicated data
2018.01.17 | In Brief
Bareos Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced 17.2 Published
With database optimization
2018.01.16 | Press Release
Enigma Digital Awarded €50,000 Grant to Develop Cloud Solution
By EU Research and Funding Horizon 2020
2018.01.16 | Press Release
Synology Assigned Patent
Managing storage system
2018.01.16 | In Brief
ProphetStor Assigned Patent
Storage system having node with light weight container in software-defined data center solutions
2018.01.12 | Press Release
Ab Initio Technology Assigned Patent
Communicating with storage systems
2018.01.05 | In Brief
SwiftStack Assigned Patent
Usage and bandwidth utilization collection mechanism for distributed storage system
2018.01.04 | In Brief
PKNOA Assigned Patent
File system having database management system using file pre-allocation in mass storage devices
2018.01.03 | In Brief
Veritas Assigned Seventeen Patents
Adding active volumes to existing replication configurations, backing up heterogeneous virtual environments, client-side fingerprint caching to improve de-dupe system backup performance, storing updated storage stack summaries, performing incremental backup, restore virtual environment based on state of applications/tiers, performing targeted backup, incremental backup of data volumes, linking dynamic computer data protection to external state, facilitating features of system recovery environments during restore operations, retrieving data, temporary file system for booting on target hardware, provisioning computing systems with applications, backup image duplication, selectively masking data on virtual storage devices, data removal in de-duped storage system, transfer between dissimilar de-dupe systems
2018.01.01 | In Brief
Fhoosh Assigned Patent
Secure high speed storage, access, recovery, and transmission
2018.01.01 | In Brief
Aomei Backupper Network Beta Software Available for Download and Testing
Adding "centralized backup management"
2017.12.29 | Press Release
IvyBackup v.2.5 Software From Kudu Computing in Zambia
For Windows platform, consumers and small businesses
2017.12.29 | Press Release
IBM/Cleversafe Assigned Twenty Patents
Identifying task execution resource of dispersed storage network, detecting utilization imbalance between dispersed storage network storage, storage system and method by shredding and deshredding, adjusting data storage address mapping in maintenance free storage container, selecting storage units to store dispersed storage data, cache for file-based dispersed storage, dispersed storage network with slice rebuilding, wireless sending set of encoded data slices, balancing storage node utilization of dispersed storage network, distributed storage integrity processing, distributed storage network for storing data object, obtaining dispersed storage network system registry information, dispersed storage based on estimated life, writing encoded data slices in dispersed storage network, storing data in dispersed storage network, distributed rebuilding of data in dispersed storage network, storage pools for dispersed storage network, adjusting number of dispersed storage units, storing low retention priority data in dispersed storage network, storage of encrypted data in dispersed storage network
2017.12.29 | In Brief
Catalogic: DPX v.4.5.1 Data Protection Software
With end-user management simplification, enhanced reporting and expanding OS and application support
2017.12.28 | Press Release
Paragon Updated NTFS for Mac Software Utility ($20)
Support for High Sierra, and granting transparent R/W access to Windows-formatted NTFS HDDs, SSDs and thumb drives under MacOS
2017.12.28 | Press Release
Virtual Strongbox Assigned Patent
Virtual storage and methods of copying electronic documents
2017.12.28 | In Brief
SPEC Updating SFS 2014 SP2 Storage Solutions Benchmark ($2,000)
Software used to measure maximum sustainable throughput that storage solution can deliver
2017.12.26 | Press Release
Free APFS for Windows Driver by Paragon
For accessing Apple File System volumes on PCs
2017.12.26 | Press Release
Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 3 (U3) Released
Centralized data management for virtual, physical and multi-cloud workloads
2017.12.25 | Press Release
Nasuni Extending Hybrid Cloud File Services Platform
Enhancing scalability, security, and manageability for customers adopting object storage for global file collaboration and NAS consolidation
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Point Software Launches Storage Manager V6.1 GDPR Compliant
Offers protection via retention management and WORM functionality.
2017.12.22 | Press Release
BackupAssist Software Closed 2017 on High Note Across Virtually Every Facet of Business
From product and services innovation, to channel partner and end client endorsement, and to industry analyst validation
2017.12.22 | Press Release
SecureCircle Launches to Bring Ubiquitous, Transparent Security to Unstructured Data
Solution provides transparent perimeter, protecting unstructured data for cloud-first enterprises.
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Archive360 Delivering Support for Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage Tier
With Archive2Azur
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Continuity Software: AvailabilityGuard Offering Support of Cisco UCS
After HP and Cisco blade systems
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Cloudian ConnectStore Software Links Axis Cameras to Object Storage
Expanding video's potential for security, IoT and AI
2017.12.20 | Press Release
Semmle Assigned Three Patents
CAS, snapshot manifest for static analysis results, providing user-specific source code alert information
2017.12.20 | In Brief
NetApp SnapMirror for SolidFire Element OS
Enabling replication across Data Fabric
2017.12.19 | Press Release
Virtuozzo 7 Update 6: Enhancements of HCI to Compute, Storage and Support
With HA for containers and VMs
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Compuverde: Hybrid Cloud v1.0 Enables Flexible Software-Defined Storage Across Locations
Combines flexibility of SDS solutions with ability to synchronize two-way data traffic among multiple data centers.
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom V5.4 Infrastructure Performance Monitoring and Analytics Platform
Monitoring, analysing and optimising performance, utilisation and health of IT infrastructure within context of application
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Veritas eDiscovery Platform With Data Classification Features
Available as software or appliance, to improve regulatory compliance
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Mithi Software From India With Vaultastic to be Deployed in Dedicated, Private Environment on AWS Cloud
In region of choice, email archival platform includes retention policies, on-boarding rules, access control policies, administration and ediscovery rights.
2017.12.15 | Press Release
OCR and Indexing to Intelligent Cloud Archive From HubStor
To search within scanned documents and standard image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG and multi-page PDF files
2017.12.15 | Press Release
Veeam Assigned Patent
VM backup from storage snapshot
2017.12.15 | In Brief
SwiftStack 6 With Universal Access for Classic and Cloud-Native Applications to Single Namespace  
Cloud-native storage on-premises and across public clouds enables freedom of mobility and scale for new and classic data-centric applications.
2017.12.14 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Open Source Community Rook Embraces Quantum’s Cloud-Native Storage Project
Available within commercial enterprise storage appliances by April 2018
2017.12.14 | Press Release
VMware Assigned Thirteen Patents
Maintaining storage profile consistency in cluster having local and shared storage, transparent virtualization of cloud storage, ensuring storage availability for VMs, VM recovery on non-shared storage, storage policy-based automation of protection for DR, scalable distributed storage architecture, storing checkpoint file in high performance storage device, power management for distributed storage, surfacing host-side storage capacity to virtual machines, incremental backups using retired snapshots, runtime emulating static thread local storage of portable executable software code, active/passive asynchronous replicated storage for live migration, dynamic content disk
2017.12.14 | In Brief
Enhancements of Virtuozzo Platform, Integrated Container, Hypervisor and Storage Solution
Simplifies HA for containers and VMs, expands storage capabilities, and supports both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm container orchestration platforms with native and certified storage integrations.
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Paragon Linux File Systems for Windows Software
$20, 10-day trial version
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Backupify/Datto G Suite Backup 2.0 Protection for Google Team Drives
Alongside Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive
2017.12.08 | Press Release
Comtrade Software HYCU: Data Protection for Nutanix Providing Deeper Application and Hypervisor Support
Starting at $1,500/socket or $999/socket for Nutanix Xpress edition
2017.12.08 | Press Release
Texas Instruments Assigned Patent
File storage and access
2017.12.08 | In Brief
WekaIO Matrix V3.1 Cloud-Based Scalable File System Available on AWS Marketplace
For compute-intensive applications and technical compute workloads
2017.12.07 | Press Release
Paragon APFS for Linux Driver
Allows OEM solutions and embedded systems to access Apple File System volumes from Linux.
2017.12.07 | Press Release
HPE GreenLake, Suite of Pay-Per-Use Solutions
Offerings include big data, backup, open database, SAP HANA and edge computing.
2017.12.06 | Press Release