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IBM Spectrum Protect and Entry V8.1.2, Spectrum Protect Snapshot V8.1.2
Deliver simplification, increased cloud integration, and enhanced support for VMware and Hyper-V.
2017.08.17 | Press Release
Paragon HDD Manager 16 Preview Software
To protect, maintain, manage PC systems and data
2017.08.17 | Press Release
BitSight Technologies Assigned Patent
Creating, de-duplicating, and accessing data using object storage system
2017.08.17 | In Brief
Flash Memory Summit: Toshiba Unveils NVMe Over Fabrics Software Technology for Cloud Data Centers
Demonstrated with Mellanox and Lenovo, NVMe-oF target provides performance of DAS, efficiency of networked storage and orchestration integration.
2017.08.16 | Press Release
Ctera Networks Assigned Patent
Reconciling metadata and data in cloud storage system without service interruption
2017.08.16 | In Brief
Burlywood Assigned Patent
Storage emulation in storage controller
2017.08.16 | In Brief
Flash Memory Summit: Excelero NVMesh Server SAN Software Validated on Broadcom Ethernet NIC Card
For hyperscale data centres
2017.08.14 | Press Release
Quantum: StorNext 6 Scale-Out File System
Enhanced tiered storage solutions enable enterprises to overcome limitations of traditional NAS in data-intensive environments.
2017.08.11 | Press Release
iXsystems: TrueNAS Enterprise Storage Array OS Version 11.0
Improves storage performance by "up to 25%", decreases latency by "up to 45%", enables customers to deploy private or hybrid storage solution.
2017.08.11 | Press Release
Moonwalk Universal Launching Data Management Software V.12
Free edition for users with up to 25TB of capacity
2017.08.11 | Press Release
EMC Isilon ZenPack by Zenoss
Monitoring performance storage for cloud environments
2017.08.11 | Press Release
Storagecraft Assigned Patent
Data scrubbing in cluster-based storage systems
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Cohesity Launches Orion 5.0 Storage Platform
All-In-one hyperconverged secondary storage platform incorporates data archives and content repositories to deliver admin, fewer data copies, faster retrieval
2017.08.10 | Press Release
Imanis Data 3.0 Backup and Recovery Platform
Enables early detection of ransomware attacks and proactively identifies accidental data loss.
2017.08.08 | Press Release
Sanmina Assigned Patent
Network system to distribute chunks across multiple physical nodes
2017.08.08 | In Brief
Moonwalk Unviversal Assigned Patent
System for managing storage on primary and secondary storage
2017.08.07 | Press Release
MemoryCardRestore Offers Mac Professional Data Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted or Lost Data
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Roxio Toast 16 Titanium/Pro Digital Media and Disc Burning Software for Mac
$100 for Toast 16 Titanium, $150 for Toast 16 Pro
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Veritas With Classification Engine for Intelligent Data Management Across Portfolio
Enables organizations to scan and tag data to ensure that sensitive information is managed and protected, supported by Data Insight 6.0 and Enterprise Vault 12.2 solutions.
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Spanning Cloud Apps: Backup for G Suite Enterprise-Grade Data Protection for Team Drives
SaaS backup solution offering daily, automated and on-demand backup and restore of Team Drive content
2017.08.04 | Press Release
2BrightSparks: SyncBackPro Version 8 Software for Backup, Synchronize, and Restore Files
$55 per user, including built-in ransomware detection, faster scanning, integrity checks, more copying methods, SMART drive failure detection and versioning
2017.08.03 | Press Release
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Load balancing to external node utilizing clustered environment for storage management
2017.08.03 | In Brief
SimpliVity Assigned Patent
Differentiated data placement
2017.08.02 | In Brief
Ctera Enterprise File Services Platform Version 6.0
Removing file storage capacity limitations by dynamically caching files from any secure cloud to enterprise edge devices and desktop users
2017.08.01 | Press Release
Opswat Assigned Patent
Determining whether storage is encrypted
2017.08.01 | In Brief
Datrium Assigned Patent
Coordinated upgrade of cluster storage system
2017.07.31 | In Brief
Nakivo Started Open Beta Program for Backup & Replication v7.2 Software
VM backup and recovery, can be installed on Windows, Linux, as well as on Asustor, Qnap, Synology, and Western Digital NAS, transforming devices into VM backup appliances
2017.07.28 | Press Release
ElastiStor 2.1 Software-Defined Storage From CloudByte
Jeffry Molanus, formerly of Nexenta and Cloudian, appointed as CTO/OpenEBS.
2017.07.28 | Press Release
ElcomSoft: Explorer for WhatsApp Software Tool for Extracting, Decrypting and Analyzing WhatsApp Communication Histories
$79 for Windows, ability to decrypt WhatsApp stand-alone backup produced by iPhone app and stored in Apple iCloud Drive, Android devices and cloud services
2017.07.28 | Press Release
Datrium Supports Red Hat Virtualization to DVX Platform and Data Cloud Software
$12,000 per compute node for DVX software 3.0, brings choices for encryption and cloud data management 
2017.07.28 | Press Release
Permabit: Plug-in to Virtual Data Optimizer Software for Nagios XI Infrastructure Monitoring
Supports global IT infrastructure and cloud deployments
2017.07.28 | Press Release
Veritas 360 Data Management Suite
Licensed per terabyte of data and priced on subscription basis
2017.07.27 | Press Release
Barman 2.2 Backup and DR Manager for PostgreSQL Databases From 2ndQuadrant
Implementation of parallel copy for backup/recovery through parallel_jobs option, performing copies at an accelerated rate, speeding up backup and recovery process for rsync copy method
2017.07.27 | Press Release
Paragon Software: NTFS USB Plug-in for Android TV and Set-Top Boxes
To watch HD videos of any size stored on incompatible file systems
2017.07.27 | Press Release
Amplidata/HGST/WDC Assigned Patent
Device driver
2017.07.27 | In Brief
Warum das richtige File-System für Mittelstand-Storage so wichtig ist? – Netgear German
Was ist BTRFS und wo liegen seine Vorteile?
2017.07.27 | Press Release
New Release of SoftNAS Cloud NAS With Up to 400% Faster Cloud Object Storage Performance
From $.01/GB/month (volume annual pricing up to 16PB) and from $0.21/hour for on-demand marketplace pricing
2017.07.26 | Press Release
Reevert Offers One Year Free Subscription to Businesses Affected by Ransomware
Annual subscription at $599 for enterprises
2017.07.25 | Press Release
Cbeyond Communications Assigned Patent
Storage testing
2017.07.25 | In Brief
Facebook Assigned Patent
Tiered data storage architecture
2017.07.24 | In Brief
Cohesity Assigned Two Patents
Concurrent access and transactions in distributed file system, tier-optimized write scheme
2017.07.24 | In Brief
MemoryCardRestorecom: Data Retrieval Program to Recover Lost Files From Memory Card Device
2017.07.21 | Press Release
Square Box Systems Updated QLS Archive Plug-in for CatDV MAM System
Combination of CatDV and Quantum plug-In enables foolproof archive and restore for media assets.
2017.07.21 | Press Release
FlashGrid Supports Database HA Solution in Microsoft Azure Public Cloud
Azure-bound enterprise IT can run Oracle RAC active-active database clusters in cloud for maximum availability.
2017.07.21 | Press Release
Virtual Instruments Assigned Patent
SAN queue depth profiler
2017.07.21 | In Brief
Vembu Assigned Patent
Secure relational file system with version control, de-dupe and error correction
2017.07.21 | In Brief
WekaIO Eliminates Need for Legacy External Storage With Cloud-Scale Storage Software
File system running natively in AWS processing four times workload of IBM Spectrum Scale or NAS
2017.07.20 | Press Release
Scality Launched Zenko Open Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller
Provides insight into and control of unstructured data while leveraging efficiency and scale of both private and public cloud storage.
2017.07.20 | Press Release
IBM Copy Services Manager V6.2.0
Delivers replication management with simplified and automated replication tasks.
2017.07.20 | Press Release
HPE Software Enhanced Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite
Data protection portfolio includes Data Protector, Backup Navigator, Storage Optimizer, and VM Explorer to deliver centralized, integrated and streamlined approach to backup and recovery
2017.07.20 | Press Release