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HDS Federal Next Generation Long-Term Data Preservation Platform
Using BD-R or M-Disc optical discs
2014.09.18 | Press Release
Strategic Alliance Between Millenniata and Verbatim-MKM
For DVD-R and BD-R optical discs
2014.09.16 | Press Release
I-Photonics Technology for High Capacity Optical Storage
$1.1 million AUD being awarded to Centre for Micro-Photonics Researchers at CMP
2014.09.15 | Press Release
Akonia Holographics Assigned Patent
Recording to holographic storage media
2014.09.09 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Patent
Optical storage media
2014.09.03 | In Brief
Akonia Holographics With Photopolymer Media at 1.35Tb/Square Inch Areal Density
Said it will soon bring end to tape-based archival era.
2014.08.18 | Press Release
Samsung Adds 14mm-High External DVD Writers
For ultrabooks
2014.07.31 | Press Release
Enterprise Cloud-Integrated Storage Archiving Solution by Alliance Storage Technologies
Merges optical storage with cloud.
2014.07.30 | Press Release
Why Would Facebook Choose Blu-ray?
Vs. tape
2014.07.24 | In Brief
Pioneer Escapes Acer’s Optical Drive Price-Fixing
According to Californian federal judge
2014.07.15 | In Brief
Roche Diagnostics Assigned Patent
Hologram reader
2014.07.01 | In Brief
New Material Might Make Processor Memory 100X Faster
With synthetic material for optical storage
2014.06.25 | In Brief
Enterprise TeraNimbus Archive and Backup Solution Available From Hie Electronics
Provides permanent Blu-ray cold storage.
2014.06.23 | Press Release
Hie Electronics Tests 25GB Millenniata Blu-ray M-Disc
In robotic holding up to 100TB on optical discs
2014.05.15 | Press Release
Start-Up Folio Photonics Develops 1TB Multilayer Optical Disc
Spun off from research in the Center for Layered Polymer Systems, Case Western Reserve University
2014.05.05 | Press Release
Cinram Group Assigned Patent
Dual sided optical media
2014.05.02 | In Brief
Enhanced Data Solutions Assigned Patent
First-side dual-layer optical storage disc
2014.04.18 | In Brief
HLDS With Enterprise Optical Archiving Library
50TB on 500 Blu-ray media in 4U
2014.04.07 | Press Release
Millenniata (Re-)Launches 25GB M-Disc Blu-ray
$5 per media if you buy three
2014.04.07 | Press Release
OWC External Blu-ray Drive ($168) Revamped
USB 3.0, 16X write speed, 128GB BDXL compatibility
2014.03.28 | Press Release
Target Technology Assigned Patent
Metal alloys for reflective or semi-reflective layer of optical disc
2014.03.25 | In Brief
DVDFab DBD/Blu-Ray Media Player 2 Comes Onto Mac
2014.03.13 | Press Release
Panasonic and Sony Define Archival WORM Disc at 300GB
Roadmap to reach 500GB and 1TB
2014.03.12 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Panasonic Assigned Patent
Optical disc device, control method and IC
2014.03.11 | In Brief
DVDFab for Windows
Focused on Trim feature for DVD/Blu-ray ripper and converter options
2014.03.10 | Press Release
General Electric Assigned Patent
Holographic storage medium
2014.03.03 | In Brief
Facebook Using 10,000 Blu-ray Discs for 1PB Cold Storage
Housed in rack of 24 magazines, each holding 36 cartridges, and each with 12 discs
2014.02.03 | In Brief
Toshiba Adds Two Symbio Blu-ray Players and Streaming Media Boxes
Enhanced user interface and Smart TV Alliance compatibility
2014.01.17 | Press Release
Four Next Gen Sony Blu-ray Disc Players at €80 to €200
Quicker access online content, enhancements to picture quality and sound
2014.01.16 | Press Release
Panasonic: Smart Network HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems
SC-BTT465 and SC-BTT405
2014.01.15 | Press Release
Yamaha Filed Complaint Vs. Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology
On writing information to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2014.01.08 | News
Hie Electronics Assigned Patent
Scalable integrated high density optical data/media storage delivery system
2014.01.06 | In Brief
“Billion Year” Optical Storage Medium Developed by Jeroen de Vries
Bit written using etching techniques
2014.01.02 | Press Release
Imation Assigned Patent
Stacking techniques for thin optical storage media
2013.12.23 | In Brief
Samsung Releasing Slot-In Portable DVD Writer
2013.11.28 | Press Release
TeraNimbus Cloud Archive and Backup Service by Hie Electronics
Stored on Blu-Ray architecture for 50+ years of retention
2013.11.20 | Press Release
DataLocker EncryptDisc German
Optisches Speichermedium mit 256-Bit-AES-Verschlüsselung
2013.11.19 | Press Release
Marvell International Assigned Two Patents
Plant gain calibration for servo, radial, tangential tilt calibration optical storage
2013.11.13 | In Brief
General Electronics Assigned Patent
Stacked film optical storage device
2013.11.12 | In Brief
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Optical disc cassette with eject mechanism
2013.10.29 | In Brief
Pioneer BDR-XS05 Slot Loading BD/DVD/CD Burner ($149)
Can be used in horizontal or vertical position
2013.10.25 | Press Release
First Graphene-Based Holographic Optical
Creayed by scientists in Australia
2013.10.04 | In Brief
Spinning CDs to Clean Sewage Water
By researchers in Taiwan
2013.10.03 | Press Release
Konica Assigned Patent
Single objective lens for CD or DVD
2013.09.22 | In Brief
Optical Devices Files Complaint Regarding Optical Disc Drives
Vs. Lenovo, LG, Nitendo, Panasonic, Sansung, Toshiba, Mediatek
2013.09.20 | Press Release
Singulus Extends Bluline II Blu-ray Production Line
To 100GB triple-layer disc
2013.09.20 | Press Release
Front Porch Digital Integrated Products With Sony Optical Disc Archive
Data archived in 12 optical disc cartridges
2013.09.16 | Press Release
CinemaNow Launch Disc-to-Digital Service in Canada
To convert DVD collections into digital format
2013.09.13 | Press Release
General Electric Assigned Two Patents
Optical disk layers and medium
2013.09.12 | In Brief
Aleratec Presents 1:3 and 1:5 CD/DVD Copy Towers
$469 and $599 respectively
2013.08.30 | Press Release
Sony Assigned Patent
Multimedia home network computer with DVD changer and HDD
2013.08.14 | In Brief
Sony Unveils Next-Gen Optical Disc Archive Systems
With faster drives and PetaSite library with up to 98 cartridges
2013.08.13 | Press Release
Sony and Panasonic to Develop 300GB Optical Disc
By end of 2015
2013.07.30 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Proxess unterstützt vollautomatisierte Erstellung von Blu-Ray-Medien German
Worm Jukebox wird als NAS-Server in das vorhandene Netzwerk eingebunden.
2013.07.30 | Press Release
Toshiba Commences Arbitration to Collect Unpaid DVD6C Royalties
From Huizhou Freeway Electronics
2013.07.25 | Press Release
5D Optical Memory in Nanostructured Quartz Glass for Unlimited Lifetime Storage
Demoed by scientists of University of Southampton
2013.07.17 | Press Release
Akonia Holographics Assigned Patent
Recovery position of hologram
2013.07.17 | In Brief
Blu-ray Disc Association Secures Permanent Injunction
Against Pivos Technology Group
2013.07.16 | Press Release
Alliance Storage Technologies Member of Optical Archive Group
Following Almedia, Asaca, Bisfröstec, Disc, Digital Streams, Epson, Incom, JPC, Netzon, PDO, Point Software, Rimage, Unitex
2013.07.01 | Press Release
1PB on DVD
Research from Swinburne University in Australia
2013.06.21 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Patent
Tracking in single-bit holographic storage
2013.06.19 | In Brief
Ritek Will Produce M-Disc BD Media
Following agreement with Millenniata
2013.06.17 | Press Release
Millenniata Celebrates Completion of 25GB Blu-ray Optical M-Disc
Production to begin in August 2013 at Ritek
2013.06.11 | Press Release
Millenniata Announces Results of ISO/IEC 10995 Standard Tests
M-Disc DVD supports 1,332-year life time
2013.06.10 | Press Release
Backup Onto M-Discs With “Up to 1,000 Years” of Data Retention
Utilizing Cirrus 1200 from Advatronix Systems
2013.06.04 | Press Release
Blu-ray Software by Leawo From China
For Windows 8, $60
2013.05.31 | Press Release
Imation Sued Over Blu-Ray Discs
By Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer and Philips
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.05.30 | News
Quantum Optical Lithography Ready to Transfer Patterns on Silicon Wafer
Paper presented by Storex Technologies
2013.05.20 | Press Release
Buffalo Launches External 16x Blu-Ray XL Burner
USB 3.0, $147 to $180 in USA depending on the distributors
2013.05.14 | Press Release
iDeerApp Releases Blu-Ray Player Software for Windows and MacOS
2013.05.03 | Press Release
Florida Attorney General Sues Hitachi-LG Storage
Over price-fixing allegations on optical disc drives
2013.05.01 | Press Release
Brigham Young University Assigned Two Patents
On optical storage media
2013.04.25 | In Brief
Hitachi-LG Storage Assigned Patent
Optical disc library
2013.04.23 | In Brief
Front Porch Digital Integrates Sony Optical Disc Archive Technology
Into DIVArchive and Lynx
2013.04.15 | Press Release
Optical Vaults to Sell Hitachi-LG Data Storage Blu-ray Disc Optical Archiving System
2013.04.09 | Press Release
Another Auction of Optical Disc Manufacturing Line
Assets of Anything Media in Fremont, CA
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.03.26 | News | [with our comments]
Mobile App for Disc Archive Libraries and Appliances
For system administrators and service engineers
2013.03.13 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Korea Assigned Patent
Optical disc library
2013.03.11 | In Brief
Auction of Recordable Optical Disc Manufacturing Line
From MAM-A in Colorado Springs, CO
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2013.03.04 | News
Disc Archiving Systems Joins Optical Archive Group

2013.03.01 | Press Release
Hersteller optischer Speicher gründen Optical Archiving Group German
Erstellt von JVC, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and Pioneer
2013.02.05 | Press Release
VMO Systems Assigned Patent, Storage Veteran Steve Volk Involved
Small form factor optical disc drive
2013.01.28 | In Brief | [with our comments]
Blu-ray Looks Ahead to 4K
Specs completed by Blu-ray Disc Association
2013.01.24 | In Brief
Millenniata Archiving Blu-ray M-Disc Available in Spring 2013
And produced by Ritek
2013.01.10 | Press Release
Samsung Introduces Slim Portable DVD Writer
Measuring 148 x 14 x 143mm, Smart Power and Archive Technology
2013.01.07 | Press Release
4Videosoft Launches Blu-ray Player for Windows and Mac
2013.01.02 | Press Release Offers DVD Burners at Affordable Prices
Example: Pioneer DVR-118 Combo with ten dual layer DVD+R media at $59
2013.01.01 | Press Release
Discproducer PP-100IIBD From Epson (6.400€)
Prints 8 Blu-ray discs per hour.
2012.12.10 | Press Release
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and Pioneer Introduced 100GB Archiving Recordable Blu-ray Disc and Drive
Sold by PDO Europe
2012.11.27 | Press Release
Optical Archive Group for Archiving BD-R and DVD-R discs
Established by JVC, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and Pioneer
2012.11.26 | Press Release
Rimage Brings Out Producer IV Series Disc Duplicators
And Prism III printers
2012.11.16 | Press Release
Verbatim to Resell Brand Barrier Free Braille CD-R
Disc surface can be read with tactile impression.
2012.11.16 | Press Release
Tests de DVD±R et de Blu-ray enregistrables pour l’archivage French
Deux uniques et remarquables études du LNE
2012.11.05 | In Brief
Primera Compatible With Windows 8
For its disc publishers
2012.11.01 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Optical disc mechanism with shaped roller and double beam mount
2012.10.30 | In Brief
New Version of Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Software($40)
Plays Blu-ray discs and ISO files.
2012.10.25 | Press Release
New Licensing Prices for DVD-Software and DVD-PC Manufacturers
From One-Red
2012.10.22 | Press Release
Neuer Sony DVD-Brenner der auch drucken kann German
Von Incom Storage angekündigten
2012.10.16 | Press Release
Multilayer Optical Disc Holding 1TB or 2TB From Start-Up Folio Photonics
Based on technology by Case Western Reserve University
2012.10.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Online Auction of DVD/CD Replication, Printing, Packaging Equipment
On October 24-25
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.10.15 | News