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Booth Fire Shuts Down Flash Memory Summit Show Floor
Exhibit hall closed
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Four Patents
Storage system, backup management, disaster recovery virtualization
2017.08.04 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Two Patents
Bifurcated control and management planes for FC networks, loop detection and repair in multicast tree
2017.07.25 | In Brief
Spark Summit 2017 Recap
Apache Software Foundation continues to incubate new projects to address big data challenges.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.24 | News
Bio-IT World 2017 Recap
169 exhibitors with 25 storage players
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.20 | News
What Happens to Twelve Companies Visited by 23th IT Press Tour in California
Innovative firms in IT infrastructure
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.14 | News
HDS Assigned Five Patents
Multi-node hybrid de-dupe, fixed content storage, improving MTDL in fixed content distributed storage, content class for object storage indexing system, content selection for storage tiering
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Corning Assigned Patent
Quantum memory and repeater systems
2017.07.04 | In Brief
SAS Institute Assigned Three Patents
Distributed data set storage and analysis reproducibility, retrieval and analysis, creating bootable image in cloud-based computing environment
2017.07.03 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Four Patents
Architecture for implementing erasure coding, implementing distributed operations log, leveraging hypervisor functionality for maintaining application consistent snapshots in virtualization environment, architecture for managing I/O and storage for virtualization environment
2017.06.30 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Four Patents
Disaster recovery of IMS, magnetic track storage unit, information storage, operation method for storage system
2017.06.09 | In Brief
Australian Taxation Office Received Payout from HPE
Because of root cause found in storage network
2017.05.31 | In Brief
Microsoft Plans to Add DNA Data Storage to Cloud
Tech companies think biology may solve looming data storage problem.
2017.05.26 | In Brief
International Massive Storage Systems & Technology 2017 Recap
Probably oldest storage conference
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.05.24 | News
Dell EMC World 2017 Recap
One of biggest storage show and lot of announcements
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.05.23 | News
Huawei Assigned Seven Patents
Cloud computing system and managing storage resources, pushing memory data, memory data migration, reading and writing data, media playback processing and control, temporarily storing data and storage device, controlling quality of service of storage
2017.05.22 | In Brief
NAB Show 2017 Recap
Storage more and more present
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.05.17 | News
Fujitsu Assigned Twelve Patents
Storage device and updating firmware, storage management, drive control apparatus that drives actuator, storage controller, device for causing another device to execute write instruction, storage management device and computer-readable recording medium, backup, prefetching monitored areas in storage apparatus, storage apparatus, method of controlling storage, memory management, storage control
2017.05.05 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Eighteen Patents
Optical transmittal storage networks, deallocating portions of provisioned storage, connection balancing using attempt counts at distributed storage systems, reducing data volume durability state for block-based storage, live migration for virtual computing resources utilizing network-based storage, managing content delivery network service providers, asynchronous movement of in-line metadata for cached volumes at storage gateways, managing test services in distributed production service environment, dynamic sizing of storage capacity for remirror buffer, adjusting storage allocation for access point information, size targeted database I/O compression, conditional writes at distributed storage services, providing executing programs with access to stored block data of others, storage configuration in data warehouses, archival data flow management, logical deletion of stored data objects, storage of mass data for monitoring, profile-guided data preloading for virtualized resources
2017.05.03 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Thirteen Patents
Data reduction, storage and allocating resource, storage system and de-dupe data, computer realizing high-speed access and data protection of storage device, storage apparatus and data management, computer system, data management and recording medium for storing program, computer and memory control, storage apparatus and failure location identifying, storage system comprising flash memory and storage control, computer system for backing up data, storage system having plurality of flash packages, storage control device, storage system with primary and secondary data storage groups
2017.05.02 | In Brief
EMC Assigned Seventeen Patents
Backup to tape-out using common backup data storage, managing caches in storage systems, virtual ordered writes for multiple storage devices, flash module, data encryption in de-dupe storage in multi-tenant environment, self healing and restartable multi-steam backup, garbage collection in storage system based on longevity of stored data, providing data protection using point-in-time images from multiple types of storage devices, service-aware parity placement in storage system, database system with user-directed application-side control of data movement among storage tiers, score-based selection of storage device for virtual disk, garbage collection of storage systems using live segment records, managing host data placed in container file system on array having multiple storage tiers, storage system with file system stream detection, data and metadata structures for use in tiering data to cloud storage, replicating punch command, data protection on embedded flash devices
2017.05.01 | In Brief
Intel Assigned Fourteen Patents
File retrieval from multiple storage locations, implementing multi-level memory hierarchy, check storage devices for transient faults, compute erasure codes having positive and negative coefficient exponents to permit data recovery from more than two failed storage units, caching and tiering for cloud storage, non-volatile memory sector rotation, using reliability information from multiple storage units and parity storage unit to recover data for failed one of storage units, heterogeneous input/output, using RDMA, and active message, spin transfer torque based memory elements for programmable device arrays, accelerated DR in storage system, hash map support in storage device, system to cache sets of tags of off-die cache memory, SATA receiver equalization margin determination/setting, managing cloud storage
2017.04.21 | In Brief
Phison Assigned Seven Patents
Data reading method, memory controlling circuit unit and memory storage, memory controlling circuit unit and memory storage, storage device, decoding method, memory storage device and memory control circuit, data erasing method, memory control circuit unit and memory storage, memory control circuit unit, memory storage apparatus and data accessing, memory management method, memory control circuit unit and memory storage
2017.04.21 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Five Patents
Distributed storage, backup system, storage system in which connected data is divided, cache control device, storage apparatus, and storage medium, storing and reading data in or from key value storage
2017.04.19 | In Brief
SGI/HPE Assigned Five Patents
Active archive bridge, hierarchical system manager rollback, RAID set initialization, multi-class heterogeneous clients in clustered file system, shared memory eigensolver
2017.04.17 | In Brief
Unitest Assigned Patent
Detection system for detecting fail block using logic block address and data buffer address in storage tester
2017.04.17 | In Brief
Ctera Networks Assigned Three Patents
Integrating NAS with cloud storage services, remote access to cloud-enabled network devices, efficiently enforcing resource quotas in multi-tenant cloud storage system
2017.04.14 | In Brief
HPE Assigned Nine Patents
Managing data paths between computer applications and storage devices, word shift static RAM, WS-SRAM, scheduling realtime storage system access requests, allocating mass storage to logical server, direct attached storage, query summary generation using row-column storage, non-volatile cache, automatic WORM-retention state transitions, performance assist storage volumes
2017.04.12 | In Brief
History of HDDs and Flash
By Computerworld
2017.04.03 | In Brief
eBook: Enterprise Storage Concepts
By Stephen Foskett, chief at Tech Field Day and sponsored by SolarWinds
2017.03.31 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Ten Patents
Data storage, RAID flushing, implementing round robin scheduling, data preheating, data processing, reducing read latency, DR method, DR device and distributed storage system, DR, and distributed storage system, cache management and apparatus for non-volatile storage device, pre-reading file containers storing unread file segments and segments that do not belong to file
2017.03.28 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Assigned Two Patents
Optional data encryption by partition for partitionable storage library, mapping object interface into powered storage device system
2017.03.08 | In Brief
E8 Storage Systems Assigned Four Patents
Lockless distributed redundant storage and NVRAM caching of compressed data in highly-distributed shared topology, Lockless distributed redundant storage and NVRAM cache in highly-distributed shared topology with direct memory access capable interconnect, distributed RAID over shared multi-queued storage devices, snapshots and thin-provisioning in distributed storage over shared storage devices
2017.02.02 | In Brief
Avago/Broadcom Assigned Ten Patents
Multi-head coefficient based scaling, multi-node cache coherency with I/O virtualization, write redirection in RAID systems, RAID systems, performing embedded full-stripe write operations to data volume with data elements distributed across multiple modules, SAS topology pathway analysis, safe and efficient dirty data flush for dynamic logical capacity based cache in storage systems, host-based device drivers for enhancing operations in RAID systems, side-track aided data recovery, scaling performance for RAID controllers by predictively caching data for host write requests
2017.01.31 | In Brief