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NEC Assigned Two Patents
Storage management; large-scale, dynamic graph storage and processing
2019.01.07 | In Brief
Top Storage Stories of 2018
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by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2019.01.02 | News
Happy New Year to Our Loyal Readers !
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by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.12.31 | News
EMC IP Holding Company Assigned Twelve Patents
De-dupe using sub-chunk fingerprints, performing snapshot replication on storage, data protection based on storage status, cooperative host and storage system services for compression and encryption, file system storing file data in larger units than used for metadata, checkerboard RAID, assigning RAID extents and changing drive extent allocations within RAID extents, block level data de-dupe, demand-driven initialization of storage structures, detecting boundaries of data blocks for de-dupe, managing mapping metadata in storage systems, storage management
2018.12.18 | In Brief
FujiFilm Assigned Six Patents
Magnetic tape device, head tracking servo, magnetic recording medium for microwave assisted recording, anufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder, hexagonal ferrite powder, and magnetic recording medium, binder for magnetic recording medium, composition for magnetic recording medium, magnetic tape
2018.12.17 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Fiveteen Patents
Storing data on unused areas of storage medium, resynchronizing to first storage system, low-width vault in distributed storage, performing in-place disk format changes in distributed storage network, determining completion of migration in dispersed storage network, multi option rebuilding in dispersed storage network, disposable subset parities for use in distributed RAID, managing data storage in distributed virtual environment, retrieval of file from multiple storage nodes, enhancing security for multiple storage configurations, systematic erasure code encoding of data packages, fast recovery using self-describing replica files in distributed storage, reallocating storage in dispersed storage network, managing data operations in quorum-based data replication, storage mirroring decision by capability sets
2018.12.13 | In Brief
Cavium Assigned Two Patents
Securing data stored at SAN, defining storage
2018.12.12 | In Brief
Samsung Electronics Assigned Eight Patents
Storage device including internal hardware filter and data processing, storage apparatus, coding unit, storage device including nonvolatile memory, operating storage device determining wordlines for writing user data depending on reuse period, storage device including nonvolatile memory, storage device including buffer and main memories, storage devices including storage controller circuits, controlling temperature of non-volatile storage device
2018.12.11 | In Brief
Huawei Technologies Assigned Ten Patents
Network storage, switch, and controller, storage and network interface card, SSD and data moving, data reading, memory management and memory controller, source storage device sending data to backup storage device, managing storage array, storage and phase change memory, backup and restoration, pooling, partitioning, and sharing network storage resources
2018.12.07 | In Brief
Western Digital Investor Day
Complete transcript
2018.12.06 | In Brief
IT Press Tour #29 on Software-Defined Storage and Networking
11 companies participating next week
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.11.29 | News
Fasetto Assigned Patent
Portable storage devices
2018.11.28 | In Brief
Lite-On Technology Assigned Two Patents
Optical disc, solid state storage device and read control
2018.11.15 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Seven Patents
Identifying fractal regions across multiple storage devices, data striping across storage nodes, calculating capacity utilization in storage system, virtual file server with preserved MAC address, preparing for cache upgrade in storage array, maintaining multiple fingerprint tables in de-dupe storage, generating unique encryption key
2018.10.24 | In Brief
Western Digital Assigned Fourteen Patents
Storage device encoding and interleaving codewords to improve trellis sequence detection, soft-decision input generation for storage, storage device encoding and interleaving codewords to improve trellis sequence detection, storage device baseplate diverter and downstream spoiler, storage device employing multi-mode sensing circuitry for multiple head sensor elements, SSD control, compression and formatting of data for storage systems, providing nonvolatile storage write bandwidth using caching namespace, managing access requests to memory storage subsystem, mass storage chassis assembly configured to accommodate predetermined number of storage drive failures, self-diagnosis of device drive-detected errors and automatic diagnostic data collection, pervasive drive operating statistics on SAS drives, wrapped data storage device for reducing vibration, HAMR writer having integrated polarization rotation waveguides
2018.10.15 | In Brief
The Boeing Company Assigned Two Patents
Write caching using volatile shadow memory, secure removable storage for aircraft
2018.10.08 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Fourteen Patents
Smart storage with VPN and discovery, near field transducers, mode splitter between TE and TM polarization for HAMR, storage of matrix on storage compute device, optical spatial mode filter for removing fundamental mode components in HAMR light path, splitter waveguide used to perform active alignment of light source on slider, forming air bearing surface on slider, electric field storage device, SMR with operational based track spacing, determining bit aspect ratios for interlaced magnetic recording tracks, contact detection and laser power monitoring sensor for HAMR head, intelligent snapshot tree replication, fabricating magnetic sensor assembly, substrate heat channels for HAMR for reader over writer transducer application
2018.10.02 | In Brief
Renesas Electronics Assigned Four Patents
Magnetic disk control, NVDRAM, semiconductor storage device
2018.09.28 | In Brief
Marvell Assigned Six Patents
Managing cache of storage device, two-level storage device with faster front end, dynamic differential compression for storage device look-up table, enhanced data access to HDD with caching, storage space allocation for logical disk creation, generating soft information in flash device
2018.09.26 | In Brief
AT&T Intellectual Property Assigned Two Patents
Asymmetric data mirroring, applying customer owned encryption
2018.08.29 | In Brief
HGST Assigned Five Patents
Programming multi-level PCM, multi-level phase change, SSDs having fine pitch structures, dynamically sized reverse map to handle variable size data, soft information module
2018.08.14 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Fourteen Patents
Automated configuration of log-coordinated storage groups, restoring partitioned database tables from backup, amortized snapshots, snapshot operation request processing, replication using single master failover protocol, VTL, device type differentiation for redundancy coded storage, non-parity in grid encoded storage, partial updates for SMR devices, cached volumes at storage gateways, secure erasure and repair of non-mechanical storage media, optimizing resource utilization in distributed storage, storage devices with cryptographic functionality, managing storage using storage policy specifications
2018.08.10 | In Brief
Dell Assigned Fourteen Patents
RAID surveyor, protocol independent way to selectively restrict write-access for redirected USB mass storage devices, copying directory structures, on-demand snapshot and prune in storage system, secure transport of data from an OS to pre-OS environment, replacing storage devices, improve R/W performance in object storage applications, optimized utilization of storage resources, storage device security system, zone page allocation for SMR disks, GUID partition table based hidden data store, improve USB mass storage device arrival acceleration for redirected USB mass storage devices, scalable storage management, dynamic optimization of flash cache in storage devices
2018.08.07 | In Brief
SanDisk Assigned Ten Patents
3D memory, smart skip verify mode for programming memory, memory system and reducing read disturb errors, changing storage parameters, atomic storage operations, storage module and scheduling memory operations for peak-power management and balancing, computer readable media for optimizing storage device bus and resource utilization by host realignment, storage with command buffer management, preliminary ready indication for memory operations on non-volatile memory, storage and gray levels of read security
2018.07.22 | In Brief
Samsung Assigned Eleven Patents
Storage devices, implement RDMA NVME device, operating storage device, storage controller, storage device operating differently according to temperature of memory, multimode storage management, storage system, data mirroring control, hybrid memory
2018.07.18 | In Brief
Commvault Assigned Eight Patents
Decoupled installation of data management, lightweight mounting of secondary copy of file system data, auxiliary data protection software in failover operations, restoring execution of backed up virtual machine, unified reconstruction in storage, unified snapshot storage management, file backup with selective encryption, storage
2018.07.12 | In Brief
KeyW Corporation Assigned Patent
Electronic storage device with multiple configurable storage mediums
2018.07.11 | In Brief
Evolution of Enterprise Data Centers by Jai Menon, Chief Scientist, Cloudistics
With focus on enterprise storage and private clouds
2018.07.10 | In Brief
Google, Quantum Media Storage and Symply Acquisition
Looking at some recent announcements in digital storage related services for media and entertainment industry
2018.07.10 | In Brief
Unisys Assigned Two Patents
Simultaneous state-based cryptographic splitting in secure storage appliance, database replication with continue and tape-type-override functions
2018.07.09 | In Brief
SK Hynix Assigned Eleven Patents
Storage device, cyclically interleaved XOR array for error recovery, memory system, storage device memory system for controlling input command priority
2018.07.04 | In Brief
Cypress Semiconductor Assigned Five Patents
10-transistor non-volatile static RAM using single non-volatile memory, memory devices having embedded hardware acceleration, staggered start-up of predefined, random, or dynamic number of flash memory devices, flash memory cells having trenched storage elements, memory architecture having two independently controlled voltage pumps
2018.07.03 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Ten Patents
Data storage, controller, and system for service flow control in object-based storage system, recovering data, IP hard disk and storage, writing data into RAID, data processing, and shared storage device, network storage, storage system, and apparatus for processing multi-layer protocol encapsulation or decapsulation operation requests, data reconstruction, storage and phase change memory
2018.06.25 | In Brief
BitMICRO Assigned Seven Patents
Storage system with distributed ECC capability, Scatter-gather approach for parallel data transfer in mass storage system, queuing of descriptors for multiple flash intelligent DMA engine operation, bit-mapped DMA and IOC transfer, embedded system boot from storage device, network of memory systems, copying of power-on reset sequencer descriptor from nonvolatile memory to random access memory
2018.06.22 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Thirteen Patents
Storage library client interface, linear actuator with coil winding portions having opposing current flow directions, redundant cable routing management in storage systems, storage and transfer of iOS binary files, selecting transport mechanism and storage process, optical tape with increased track pitch for improvement of tracking performance after seam, storage system with fixity end-to-end data protection during data archiving, minimizing cross track interference for optical tape, optical storage system divider based draw verification with automatic bias or delay adjustment, flexible circuit with partial ground path, optical storage system divider based draw verification, detecting lost writes, optical storage system divider based draw verification with digitally synthesized writing laser pulse signal
2018.06.21 | In Brief
Seagate Assigned Fourteen Patents
PMR with multiple antiferromagnetically coupled layers, calibration and adjusting target pre-write clearance offset for HAMR device, multi-channel data recording, pad sharing for contact sensor and bolometer with temperature compensation in HAMR, command tunneling in hybrid storage device, self-adapting phase-locked loop filter for use in read channel of HAMR drive, cascaded E-fuse switch circuits to control data backup in storage device, 3D optical memory device, laser mode hopping detection for HAMR device, absorbing optical energy, HAMR with enhanced tuning exchange coupling, HAMR media with thermal exchange control layer of lower curie temperature, performing read/write process on recording medium, parameter adjustment method, storage device, computer system, and storage medium, HAMR slider having consistent close point
2018.06.20 | In Brief
Blockchain Critical to Future of Storage
Here's why
2018.06.11 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Fourteen Patents
Storage system architecture, automatically reconfiguring storage memory topology, performing non-disruptive upgrade of data in storage system, increased storage unit encryption based on loss of trust, aggressive data de-dupe using lazy garbage collection, memory use and eviction in de-dupe storage system, storage cluster, utilizing RDMA for communication between controllers in array, migrating applications executing on storage system, maintaining data associated with storage device, emulating RDMA link between controllers in array, de-dupe of regions with storage system, placing workloads in multi-array, delivering authorization and authentication for user of array from cloud
2018.06.01 | In Brief
Avago/Broadcom Assigned Eight Patents
Network-displaced direct storage, storage controller cache memory operations that forego region locking, high throughput multi-input compression, flash memory chip processing, fast decoding of data stored in flash memory, devices with asymmetric SAS generation support, split flash memory management between host and storage controller, data replication across host systems via storage controller
2018.05.25 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Eight Patents
Adaptive storage management for optimizing multi-tier data storage system, power savings in cold storage, providing file system viewing of storage environment, single pass file system repair with copy on write, vectored data de-dupe, messaging policy controlled email de-dupe, vectored data de-dupe, log structured block device for HDD
2018.05.24 | In Brief
27th IT Press Tour Next June in California
Participants: Axway, Datrium, HYCU, Komprise, LucidLink, Portworx, Quantum, Snowflake, StorOne, Velostrata and Western Digital
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.05.21 | News
Apple Assigned Seven Patents
Recovery from cross-temperature read failures by programming neighbor word lines, in-circuit security and controlling access to and use of sensitive data, media delivery service protocol, content protection based on combination of user PIN and device specific identifier, SSD, related features of portable computer, network media device, stateless technique for distributing data uploads
2018.05.17 | In Brief
Lenovo Assigned Four Patents
Storage method and electronic device, dynamically allocating temporary replacement storage for drive in raid array, configurable storage device and adaptive RAID, rack mountable computer system that includes microarray storage systems
2018.05.16 | In Brief
Qualcomm Assigned Five Patents
Managing information in smart storage, data organization in storage systems using large erasure codes, SRM in virtualized environments, multi-host power controller of flash-memory-based storage device, low-power 5T SRAM with improved stability and reduced bitcell size
2018.05.15 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Patent
Reading of distributed erasure-coded data from enterprise object storage system
2018.05.08 | In Brief
Lite-On Electronics Assigned Two Patents
Optical disc drive with multiple optical pick-up heads, SSD using state prediction
2018.04.19 | In Brief
American Megatrends Assigned Two Patents
Performing on-demand data write through based on VM types, validating functionality of backplane controller chips
2018.02.23 | In Brief
Avago Technologies General IP/Broadcom Assigned Five Patents
Devices for spin torque oscillator control and monitoring, reading magnetic media, peripheral component interconnect express controllers configured with NVMe interfaces, multi-track data readers with iterative inter-track interference cancellation, magnetic recording system with ternary pattern dependent write signaling
2018.02.21 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Eleven Patents
Data replication across servers, slice storage in dispersed storage network, microcode upgrade in storage system, storage capacity allocation using distributed spare space, disk management in distributed storage system, tape backup and restore in disk storage environment, implementing multiple RAID level in storage device, concurrent upgrade and backup of non-volatile memory, delaying programming requests in flash memory, minimizing data storage media fragmentation, prioritization of users during DR
2018.02.20 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Eight Patents
Magnetic tape device and maintenance, distributed storage, storage system, cache device, secure erasure of data, data replicating, disk array
2018.02.13 | In Brief