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Bain Signs Letter of Intent to Buy Toshiba’s NAND Chip Business – The Wall Street Journal
Group that includes Apple offering more than $18 billion
2017.09.13 | In Brief
Western Digital Comments on Toshiba’s Statement Regarding NAND Flash-Memory Joint Ventures
US company not happy at all
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Toshiba Said Acquisition of NAND Chip Business by Group Centered on Western Digital Not True
It was revealed by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Rumors Swirl Around Western Digital Bid Ahead of Toshiba NAND Chip Vote
Japanese company desperate to close deal this week
2017.09.13 | In Brief
Toshiba Still in Talks Over NAND Chip Unit Sale
One day before deadline
2017.09.13 | In Brief
Rackspace Signed Agreement to Acquire Datapipe
In managed public cloud services
2017.09.13 | Press Release
Western Digital Wins Bid for Toshiba NAND Chip
For somewhere around ¥2 trillion ($18.2 billion)
2017.09.12 | In Brief
Troubled Toshiba Suffering Bad Case of Brain Drain
Much of talent company's future rests on is heading out door.
2017.09.12 | In Brief
Western Digital Seeks $464 million From Apple
To help finance Toshiba NAND chip bid
2017.09.11 | In Brief
Apple Moves to Ward Western Digital Off Control of Toshiba NAND Chips
By threatening not to buy products in future
2017.09.11 | In Brief
Cloudera Acquired Fast Forward Labs
In machine learning and applied artificial intelligence
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Foxconn Details Plan to Buy Toshiba NAND Chip Business
Main owners: Foxconn 25%, Apple and Kingston 20%, Softbank 10%
2017.09.08 | In Brief
Atempo Once More French Independent Company, Joining Wooxo
Completing its sale from ASG Technologies
2017.09.07 | Press Release
Toshiba Board Members Back Foxcon
For NAND memory-chip manufacturing unit
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Western Digital in Talks for Stake in Toshiba NAND Chip Unit
After an IPO
2017.09.07 | In Brief
Western Digital Offers to Exit Toshiba NAND Chip Bid
For better joint venture
2017.09.06 | In Brief
Western Digital Offers Compromise on Toshiba Memory Deal
Purchase price would likely remain around $18.3 billion with major Japanese banks providing financing.
2017.09.06 | In Brief
Longsys From China Acquires Lexar, Brand of Micron
Increasing consumer flash storage business
2017.09.04 | Press Release
Western Digital CEO Apologized to Toshiba
For friction over NAND chip unit sale
2017.09.01 | In Brief
Toshiba Fails to Choose Between Three Groups
For NAND chip unit
2017.08.31 | Press Release
Bain Brings in Apple for Last-Minute $18 Billion Bid
For Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.08.31 | In Brief
Acquisition of NextGen Storage by Congruity360
To amplify cloud-consulting expertise
2017.08.31 | Press Release
Western Digital Acquiring Tegile
In all-flash and hybrid storage arrays
2017.08.30 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba May not Finalise NAND Chip Unit Sale by August 31 Deadline
Due to disagreements over details of an offer by bidders
2017.08.30 | In Brief
Western Digital Completes Acquisition of Upthere
Into home cloud backup
2017.08.29 | Press Release
For Toshiba’s Flash Memory Business, $1.37 Billion Contribution of Western Digital
To roughly $18 billion offer by multiple partners
2017.08.29 | In Brief
Western Digital CEO in Japan to Finalize Toshiba NAND Chip Deal
Offering around $17.3 billion for unit
2017.08.28 | In Brief
Western Digital Won’t Seek Management Role in Toshiba NAND Chip Business
People familiar with the matter told Reuters.
2017.08.28 | In Brief
Western Digital Group to Offer $17.4 Billion for Toshiba’s NAND Chip Unit
To cover losses from US nuclear business
2017.08.24 | In Brief
Toshiba and Western Digital Negotiating on NAND Chip Deal
Buyer group includes Western Digital, KKR & Co., Innovation Network Corp. of Japan and other investors.
2017.08.24 | In Brief
China Conditionally Approves Broadcom’s Acquisition of Brocade
Commerce ministry ordered to take steps to abide by China's market trading conditions.
2017.08.24 | In Brief
Cisco Will Acquire Springpath for $320 Million
In hyperconvergence software
2017.08.23 | Press Release
Toshiba, Western Digital Entering Final Talks
Concerning NAND chip unit
2017.08.23 | In Brief
Toshiba, Western Digital CEOs to Meet Face to Face
To seek compromise on NAND chip business
2017.08.23 | In Brief
Foxconn Using US Pressure to Gain Favoritism
For Toshiba NAND chip acquisition
2017.08.23 | In Brief
NetApp Acquires Third Company This Year: GreenQloud
Iceland software firm in Qstack hybrid cloud management
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.08.18 | News
Toshiba NAND Chip Sale
Consortium led by Bain Capital hit impasse over timing of payments.
2017.08.14 | In Brief
Toshiba Wants to Close NAND Chip Business Sale by End of March
According to CEO
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Revives Talks With Foxconn Over NAND Chip Business
Japanese-led consortium no longer preferred bidder
2017.08.11 | In Brief
EditShare Finalizing Quales Acquisition
In visual inspection interface and automated QC accuracy
2017.08.09 | Press Release
Western Digital Notes Court’s Decision to Extend Temporary Restraining Order
Until court orders preliminary injunction.
2017.08.07 | Press Release
Statement from Toshiba on Court Hearing
In Western Digital data shut-out dispute
2017.08.07 | Press Release
Western Digital Reaffirms Commitment to Invest in NAND Flash
Including Fab 6 Equipment at Yokkaichi facility
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Toshiba Memory Corporation Restores Partial Access to Database to Western Digital
Decision by California Court of Appeal in San Francisco
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Park Place Technologies Acquires Allen Myland
Pennsylvania-based storage maintenance firm
2017.08.03 | Press Release
California Court of Appeal Rules in Favor of Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiary
Comments Western Digital.
2017.08.03 | Press Release
Red Hat Acquiring Assets of Permabit
To get de-dupe and compression technology
2017.08.01 | Press Release
Axcient and eFolder Merging
eFolder CEO and CTO to lead combined companies named eFolder
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Cray Takes Over Seagate ClusterStor Business
Expects to add more than 100 Seagate employees and contractors.
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Western Digital Comments on Superior Court of California’s Order Vs. Toshiba
It prevents Toshiba from closing any transfer of JV interests without providing at least 14 days' advance notice to SanDisk.
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Toshiba Comments on Benefits of Joint Stipulation With Western Digital/SanDisk
Removes need for further action by court on SanDisk's request for preliminary injunction.
2017.07.31 | Press Release
Hive-IO Acquires Assets of Atlantis Computing
Getting intelligent software-defined storage and VDI
2017.07.28 | Press Release
Toshiba Closer to Brink of Delisting
As NAND memory sale stalls.
2017.07.27 | In Brief
j2 Global Completes Acquisition of CloudRecover Cloud in 2Q7
Specialized in backup in Australia
2017.07.24 | Press Release
Merger of Brocade With Broadcom Delayed
To give US government inter-agency committee more time to go over proposed deal
2017.07.20 | In Brief
Toshiba Wins Stay for Temporary Restraining Order on Company’s Database Shutdown to Western Digital
Ruled California Court of Appeal in San Francisco.
2017.07.20 | Press Release
Western Digital CEO Met Japan Officials Over Toshiba
To resolve dispute over Japanese company's planned sale of NAND chip business
2017.07.19 | In Brief
Superior Court of California Did not Rule on Western Digital’s Injunction Request
According to Toshiba
2017.07.18 | Press Release
Toshiba NAND Chip Sale Doubts as US Court Ruling
Giving Western Digital two weeks' notice before completing sale of prized chip division
2017.07.17 | In Brief
Why Western Digital About to Stop Toshiba Memory Sale?
Legal case is watertight.
2017.07.17 | In Brief
Why Jim Cramer Believes Western Digital Will Get Toshiba’s Flash?
Video from TheStreet
2017.07.14 | In Brief
Evernex rachète TTS France French
Dans la réparation de lecteurs de bandes et de librairies de sauvegarde en laboratoire
2017.07.14 | Press Release
Limited Access to Toshiba Technical Information by Western Digital
Said Japanese company
2017.07.13 | Press Release
Workload Security Provider HyTrust Acquires DataGravity
Paula Long's start-up getting $92 million in financial funding
2017.07.12 | Press Release
Arcserve Acquired Start-Up Zetta, Enterprise-Cloud DR Provider
After FastArchiver in email archiving last April
2017.07.12 | Press Release
Western Digital Gets Restraining Order on Toshiba Over Blocking of Access
To information about joint ventures
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Shares Jump as NAND Chip Sale Takes Another Turn
That could see Western Digital emerge as preferred buyer.
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Revived Negotiations With Western Digital, Foxconn
And other potential buyers
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Western Digital Could Resolve Toshiba Dispute Before Friday’s Court Hearing
According to Stifel
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Western Digital Says to Match Rivals’ Bids for Toshiba
Ahead of court hearing on Friday
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Under Pressure to consider ‘Plan B’ as Chip Sale Falters
Including picking new buyer
2017.07.10 | In Brief
Vision Solutions Acquired Enforcive Systems
Provider of security and compliance management solutions on IBM i, IBM AIX, IBM z/OS, Windows and Linux
2017.07.06 | Press Release
Dropbox Seeking to Hire Underwriters for IPO
That could come later this year.
2017.07.06 | In Brief
Broadcom Got U.S. Antitrust Consent to Buy Brocade
With conditions
2017.07.06 | In Brief
Toshiba’s Opposition to SanDisk’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction
Why court should reject US firm's effort, according to Japanese company
2017.07.05 | Press Release
Bid for Toshiba’s Memory Business to Add Pressure on Samsung in NAND Flash Market – DRAMeXchange
If deal is done
2017.07.04 | Press Release
SK Hynix Proposes Financing Toshiba NAND Chip Deal
Via convertible bonds
2017.07.04 | In Brief
Toshiba Publishes Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief
Brought by Western Digital
2017.07.04 | Press Release
Toshiba Files Opposition to Motion For Preliminary Injunctive by SanDisk
War with Western Digital continues.
2017.07.03 | Press Release
HDS Federal to Acquire Some Federal Brocade Assets
Comprised mainly of service maintenance contracts
2017.07.03 | Press Release
Western Digital Comments on Toshiba Prohibiting Employees From Accessing Databases Related to 3 NAND Flash JVs With SanDisk
Also reiterated commitment to jointly invest in the JVs, including Fab 6 in Yokkaichi, Japan
2017.06.30 | Press Release
Toshiba Filed Petition With Tokyo District Court Vs. Western Digital
For unfair competition, asking for ¥120 billion ($1.07 billion)
2017.06.28 | Press Release
Western Digital Resubmitted Bid With KKR
For Toshiba NAND chip business
2017.06.27 | In Brief
SK Hynix Involvement Complicates Top Toshiba NAND Chip Bid
As being Korean company
2017.06.26 | In Brief
Western Digital Won’t Consent to SK Hynix Participation
In Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.06.26 | In Brief
Toshiba Wants to Talk to Western Digital Over NAND Chip Sale
Despite naming Bain-led consortium as preferred bidder
2017.06.23 | In Brief
Toshiba Finally Selects Preferred Bidder for NAND Chip Business
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Bain Capital, and Development Bank of Japan
2017.06.21 | Press Release
WD Comments on Toshiba’s Announcement Regarding Flash JV Interests
It ignores SanDisk's consent rights and dual-track legal process currently underway.
2017.06.21 | Press Release
Japan Trade Ministry Asks WD to Join Japan Government-Bain Consortium
For Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.06.21 | In Brief
Foxconn Says Dell anf Kingston to Join Bid for Toshiba NAND Chip Unit
With Apple and Amazon
2017.06.20 | In Brief
Japan Government Consortium Tells Toshiba to Fix NAND Chip Spat
With Western Digital
2017.06.20 | In Brief
Toshiba Delays Sale of NAND Chip Business
On June 28
2017.06.19 | In Brief
Bain Capital and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan to Offer $19 Billion for Toshiba Chip Unit
With Japanese investors
2017.06.16 | In Brief
Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiaries Seek Injunctive Relief Against Toshiba
To block deal of NAND chip business
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Western Digital-Toshiba Game Of Chicken Continues
Different scenarios
2017.06.15 | In Brief
Reactive Group Acquires Arraid
US manufacturer of replacement storage solutions for ageing disk, tape and floppy drives and revamping products using solid state technology
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Hynix Joins Last-Minute METI-Led Bid for Toshiba NAND Chip Business
Japan's government assembling Japan-South Korea-U.S. consortium
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Bain Capital May Join Japan-U.S. Alliance for Toshiba NAND Chip Business
With private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
2017.06.13 | In Brief
Western Digital to Raise Toshiba Chip Offer to $18 Billion
Or more
2017.06.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Unconvinced by Western Digital
For bid on NAND chip business
2017.06.12 | In Brief