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Top News2020 Predictions From 50 Storage Vendors – Part Two

Top 3: cloud, NVMe, Kubernetes

Top News2020 Predictions From 50 Storage Vendors – Part One

Top 3: cloud, NVMe, Kubernetes

Quantum CEO Predictions for 2020

Autonomous vehicle development increasingly human-centric, increased adoption of HCI for video surveillance, video and images biggest data generator for enterprises, NVMe to erode SAS SSD array faster, tape market growing reversing decade-long declining

Predictions of Arcserve for 2020

Beware ongoing ransomware threat, minimizing IT downtime through CDP, hyperconverged to bring simplification and automation

2020 Storage Predictions by Object Matrix

Include Invisible storage.

2020 Predictions by Qumulo

NVMe file storage adopted broadly and communications protocol developed specifically for all-flash storage, scale-out file storage becoming preferred technology for on-prem unstructured active archives

2019 Storage Tech Predictions by MSys Technologies

Smart storage, cloud's bull run, ubiquitous DevOps, glass-box AI

Predictions of Zadara for 2019

MSPs will take comprehensive and attentive approach to cloud migration, one that ensures BC.

2019 Predictions by Western Digital

Open composability to come of age, orchestration of large-scale containerization, proliferation of RISC-V based silicon, fabric-based infrastructure to complete, adoption of energy-assist storage, 5G increase, machine learning, smaller clouds at the edge, 4 out of 10 new software engineering hired to be data scientists

Acronis Predictions for 2019

More businesses will realise that cyber criminals are not their only security threat.

Pure Storage Predictions for 2019

Hybrid cloud future, containers and hybrid cloud, NVMe over Fabrics

2019 Predictions From Maxta

On hyperconvergence

Top News2019 Predictions of as Much as 37 Storage Vendors

Five key topics: cloud, data management, AI/ML, NVMe and SDS

Scality Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Drawing on trends in cloud, AI, edge computing and open source

Three Predictions for 2019 by Arcserve

First one being public clouds losing battle for DR budgets

Hedvig Predictions for 2019

More streamlined software-defined hybrid and containerized storage

Top NewsStorage Predictions for 2019 by StorageNewsletter.com – Part Two

Especially on software and cloud

Top NewsStorage Predictions for 2019 by StorageNewsletter.com – Part One


Predictions for 2019 by Arcserve

Substantial change in data protection as organizations grappled with new privacy regulations

2019 Predictions to Address Intelligent Information Management for Microsoft Cloud – Archive360

Key drivers being machine learning, data protection and regulatory compliance