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MSys Predictions 2022: Storage, Networking and Cloud All Concerned About Security Before Anything Else

But promises or AI/ML

Qumulo Unstructured Storage Predictions for 2022

Growth in unstructured data, focus on cloud infrastructure, and simplification of data access and management will continue to drive innovation.

Technology Predictions for 2022 From SIOS  

From multicloud to new requirements for disaster recovery and high availability protection

Four Predictions For Storage And Backup Security in 2022

By Gil Hecht, CEO, Continuity Software

Storage Predictions for 2022 by Spectra Logic

Security IT priority as well as data availability, rise of hybrid cloud

Top NewsPredictions of Storage Vendors for 2022

From 53 companies

Nakivo 2021 Facts and 2022 Predictions  

By Sergei Serdyuk, VP product management

2021 Storage Facts and 2022 Predictions

By Tim Klein, president and CEO, Atto

Quantum 2022 Predictions in Data Management

Cold storage heats up, tape cool again, greater investments in longer term retention of video, securing endpoints in ransomware protection, ADAS research beyond consumer applications, keep pushing content to edge

Five Storage Industry Predictions for 2022 From iXsystems

Record demand for enterprise storage

Top Three 2022 Predictions by Ctera CTO

Decline of centralised cloud computing, data growth outside datacentre, powerful edge compute will result in more desirable devices

Data Predictions for 2022 by Alluxio

Hybrid and multi-cloud, AI and deep learning, services, data sharing, new table formats

2022 Predictions From Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman

Backing up big 3 gets bigger, supply chain risk and chip shortages greater concern ongoing, microservices go macro .

Phison 2022 Predictions on SSDs

PCIe Gen5 will change virtually everything.

Kioxia 2021 Predictions for SSDs

Decentralize to low-latency edge; time for fabric; density, interface, volume

HPE Awarded $35 Million Contract for HPC at National Center for Atmospheric Research

With 692TB, to improve predictions of wildfires, hurricanes, and solar storms

Top NewsVendors Predictions for 2021

64 companies share view and opinion for this year.

Météo-France Renews Contract With Atos

To boost storage over 1EB in 2025 for improving numerical modeling and climate predictions

Scality Predictions for 2021

Containerization and cloud-native apps will define storage landscape.

Top News2020 Predictions From 50 Storage Vendors – Part Two

Top 3: cloud, NVMe, Kubernetes