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Baker Hughes Assigned Patent

Optimal storage of load data for lifetime prediction for equipment used in well operation

MSys Predictions 2022: Storage, Networking and Cloud All Concerned About Security Before Anything Else

But promises or AI/ML

History (1998): Veritas Completes Acquisition of Windward Technologies

In HDD failure prediction software

Qumulo Unstructured Storage Predictions for 2022

Growth in unstructured data, focus on cloud infrastructure, and simplification of data access and management will continue to drive innovation.

Technology Predictions for 2022 From SIOS  

From multicloud to new requirements for disaster recovery and high availability protection

Four Predictions For Storage And Backup Security in 2022

By Gil Hecht, CEO, Continuity Software

Storage Predictions for 2022 by Spectra Logic

Security IT priority as well as data availability, rise of hybrid cloud

Top NewsPredictions of Storage Vendors for 2022

From 53 companies

Nakivo 2021 Facts and 2022 Predictions  

By Sergei Serdyuk, VP product management

2021 Storage Facts and 2022 Predictions

By Tim Klein, president and CEO, Atto

Quantum 2022 Predictions in Data Management

Cold storage heats up, tape cool again, greater investments in longer term retention of video, securing endpoints in ransomware protection, ADAS research beyond consumer applications, keep pushing content to edge

Five Storage Industry Predictions for 2022 From iXsystems

Record demand for enterprise storage

Top Three 2022 Predictions by Ctera CTO

Decline of centralised cloud computing, data growth outside datacentre, powerful edge compute will result in more desirable devices

Data Predictions for 2022 by Alluxio

Hybrid and multi-cloud, AI and deep learning, services, data sharing, new table formats

Ulink DA Drive Analyzer AI-Based Drive Failure Prediction Service for Qnap NAS

Can predict if HDDs and SSDs will fail soon.

2022 Predictions From Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman

Backing up big 3 gets bigger, supply chain risk and chip shortages greater concern ongoing, microservices go macro .

Phison 2022 Predictions on SSDs

PCIe Gen5 will change virtually everything.

R&D: Investigating 3D NAND Flash Read Disturb Reliability With Extreme Value Analysis

Such technique proved that die reliability characterized through extreme events analysis can be predicted using low number of samples and generally holds good prediction features for distribution tail events.

Micron Technology Assigned Twenty-Five Patents

Apparatuses including memory cells with gaps comprising low dielectric constant materials, secure memory device with unique identifier for authentication, hybrid logical to physical caching scheme, dynamic size of static SLC cache, epitaxial growth on semiconductor structures, hybrid memory system interface, memory device with dynamic storage mode control, forming NAND cell units, shared parity protection, namespaces allocation in non-volatile memory devices, memory read apparatus, assemblies having conductive structures with three or more different materials, shared error check and correct logic for multiple data banks, multifunctional memory cells, metadata grouping for un-map techniques, responding to changes in available power supply, storage device operation orchestration, integrated memory having body region comprising different semiconductor composition than source/drain region, mitigation of voltage threshold drift associated with power down condition of non-volatile memory device, memory tile access and selection patterns, programmable charge-storage transistor, array of elevationally-extending strings of memory cells, and method of forming, three dimensional memory arrays, variable read error code correction, memory device with split pillar architecture, enhanced flush transfer efficiency via flush prediction

Seagate Assigned Eighteen Patents

Symbol pair encoding for data compression, storage compute appliance with user authentication and memory allocation capabilities, NAND flash reset control, storage with actuated media player, thermal management of laser diode mode hopping for HAMR, failure detection and data recovery in storage, self-healing in storage system where critical storage group is rebuilt with different RAID geometry using remaining functioning drives, controller architecture for reducing on-die capacitance, negative thermal expansion layer for HAMR media, ML error prediction in storage arrays, managing superparity storage location usage and coverage, metadata recovery mechanism for page storage, integrated laser transceiver, fast error recovery with ECC syndrome weight assist, customized parameterization of read parameters after decoding failure for solid state storage, method to fabricate nanochannel for DNA sequencing based on narrow trench patterning process, write current switching using effective size of media thermal spot produced by HAMR, allocating part of RAID stripe to repair second RAID stripe