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Solid State Storage Technology Assigned Four Patents

SSD and control method with prediction model to increase read speed, SSD and read table management, flash memory testing according to error type pattern, SSD and read retry

R&D: Analysis of Mechanism on Data Retention Characteristic in Tanos Structure

Evaluation of Tanos structure investigated and prediction of retention characteristic cevaluated through accelerated tests

Micron Assigned Fourteen Patents

Fabricating semiconductor structures and related semiconductor structures, 3D memory array, arrays of elevationally-extending strings of memory cells, charge storage, read voltage calibration based on host IO operations, forming array of elevationally-extending strings of memory cells individually comprising programmable charge-storage transistor, memory arrays, memory read, enhanced flush transfer efficiency via flush prediction, memory device with signal control mechanism, solid state drive controller, SLC cache management, forming NAND cell units, namespace management in non-volatile memory devices

DDN in Collaboration With Atos

To boost weather prediction capabilities for European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Top News2020 Predictions From 50 Storage Vendors – Part Two

Top 3: cloud, NVMe, Kubernetes

Top News2020 Predictions From 50 Storage Vendors – Part One

Top 3: cloud, NVMe, Kubernetes

Tintri by DDN Assigned Patent

Access rate prediction in hybrid storage

Quantum CEO Predictions for 2020

Autonomous vehicle development increasingly human-centric, increased adoption of HCI for video surveillance, video and images biggest data generator for enterprises, NVMe to erode SAS SSD array faster, tape market growing reversing decade-long declining

Predictions of Arcserve for 2020

Beware ongoing ransomware threat, minimizing IT downtime through CDP, hyperconverged to bring simplification and automation

2020 Storage Predictions by Object Matrix

Include Invisible storage.

2020 Predictions by Qumulo

NVMe file storage adopted broadly and communications protocol developed specifically for all-flash storage, scale-out file storage becoming preferred technology for on-prem unstructured active archives

Baker Hughes/GE Company Assigned Patent

Optimal storage of load data for lifetime prediction for equipment used in well operation

R&D: Pre-shipment Data-Retention/Read-Disturb Lifetime Prediction & Aftermarket Cell Error Detection and Correction for 3D-TLC NAND Flash Memory

By Neural Network

R&D: SSD Thermal Throttling Prediction Using Improved Fast Prediction Model

Western Digital's results show that increasing temperature threshold for both upper and lower limit may help improve SSD thermal performance.

R&D: Prediction Models of Bit Errors for NAND Flash Memory Using 200 Days of Measured Data

Simulation results show that different evaluation models have their own advantages in different situations.

R&D: Tolerance of Deep Neural Network Against Bit Error Rate of NAND Flash Memory

Study effects of flash's bit-error-rate on neural network's weights and prediction accuracy, given that error correction engine is disabled due to power constraint in edge devices.

Computex: Qnap Partners With Ulink

For AI-powered drive health analysis and failure prediction service

Seagate Assigned Fiveteen Patents

Si-based overcoat for HAMR media, HAMR with exchange coupling control layer, HDD having multiple disks accessible by reduced number of R/W heads, HAMR head having waveguide with outer pseudo-slab that confines stray light, adaptive failure prediction modeling for detection of storage device failures, open block handling to reduce write errors, storage device performance optimization, selectable read modes for 2D magnetic recording, self-biasing storage device sled, media storage areal density, independent head, dual reader control logic, sensorless monitoring of laser power instability in HARM head, electrically conductive overlay for head-medium contact sensor, data refresh in flash memory, read-after-write methodology using multiple actuators

2019 Storage Tech Predictions by MSys Technologies

Smart storage, cloud's bull run, ubiquitous DevOps, glass-box AI

Predictions of Zadara for 2019

MSPs will take comprehensive and attentive approach to cloud migration, one that ensures BC.