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EMC IP Holding/Dell Technologies Assigned Twenty Patents

Managing storage, generating synthetic backups using block based backups, continuously offloading I/O traces from storage, creating stripe based on dynamic window, multi-core I/O trace analysis, determining capacity in storage systems using ML techniques, tiering with pluggable storage system for parallel query engines, volume polarization across multiple storage, ML-based resource availability prediction, data rebalancing after scale-out event in storage, anomaly aware log retrieval from disk array enclosures, dynamic modification of I/O shaping mechanisms of multiple storage nodes in distributed storage, agent-less replication management, adding single disks to array by relocating RAID members, estimating performance headroom in storage, backup and recovery of application using containerized backups comprising application data and application dependency information, securely replicating encrypted de-duped storages, storage management, method, apparatus and computer storage medium for file storage, intelligently provisioning resources in storage

Samsung Assigned Twenty Patents

Storage device and operating method, operation method of NVM, magnetic memory, 3D semiconductor memory, storage devices, systems and methods of operating, NVM including peripheral circuit to verify program operation, NVM, method of operating, and memory system including device, storage device that determines write area of read reclaim operation based on estimated read count of reclaim area and operating method of storage device, storage device for accelerating write speed and read speed, storage device and method for accelerating storage device write and read speed, system and method for in-SSD data processing engine selection based on stream ids, storage device that uses host memory buffer and memory management, storage controller and method of restoring error, storage device, operation method of storage system including storage device in which data stored in apinned buffer area and non-pinned buffer area is flushed according to flush request/policy, and host device controlling storage device, NVM with address re-mapping, storage and method of dynamically managing power of storage system according to monitored operating of computing device, storage device including power supply circuit and method of operating, storage device and system including same

Fujitsu Provides HPC System to Japan Meteorological Agency with 42.3PB

For forecasting of linear rainbands and torrential rains

Vast Data Software Release V.4.7

Catalog will enable number of new applications of Vast OS.

R&D: Detection Scheme with Joint Intertrack Interference and Media Noise Mitigations for HAMR Recording

Propose multitrack detection scheme with joint intertrack interference and media noise mitigations.

Marvell Assigned Eleven Patents

Shared mid-level data cache, throughput management of distributed storage, storage media programming with adaptive write buffer release, AI-enabled management of storage media access, health management for magnetic storage media, dual-surface self-servo-write for storage device, write timing for rro field in constant density servo, key management for remote device access, enabling virtual functions on storage media, controlling performance of SSD, SSD with initiator mode

R&D: Convolutional Neural Network-Based Media Noise Prediction and Equalization for TDMR Turbo-Detection with Write/Read TMR

Simulation results employing realistic grain switching probabilistic (GSP) media model show that proposed system is quite robust to track-misregistration (TMR).

Ohio Supercomputer Center Debuts Dell Ascend GPU Cluster

10 months after being announced

Top NewsPredictions of Storage Vendors for 2023

From 58 companies

R&D: HAMR – Micromagnetic Modeling of Recording Media and Areal Density – Review

Article provides brief review of micromagnetic modeling for HAMR and summarizes simulation-based studies on HAMR media, review of these simulation results can serve as guideline for prediction of ADC limit of HAMR.

ASMedia Technology Assigned Patent

Storage apparatus and data prediction

CleverFiles Disk Drill V.5 for Mac and Windows Recovery Software

With recovery from Windows and Linux software RAIDs, VHD and VHDX support, and recognizing 40 new file formats

#CyberFit Summit: Acronis Updates Cyber Protect Cloud Platform with Advanced Automation and Machine Intelligence

Focuses on what matters by helping MSPs spend more time delivering value-based services that keep clients up and running – instead of spending it back-office labor.

Dapu Microelectronics Assigned Patent

Predicting LBA information and SSD

R&D: LightWarner, Predicting Failure of 3D NAND Flash Memory

Using reinforcement learning

Oracle CloudWorld: Oracle Unveils Database 23c Beta Supporting All Data Types, Workloads, and Development Styles

New approach for addressing object-relational mismatch for application developers, and enhancements to Apex low-code application development providing better native mobile user experience

Pionneer BDR-X13U-S and BDR-X13UBK External USB 3.2 Gen1/2.0 BD/DVD/CD Writers

RW compatible with BD and BDXL standard discs and archival optical media M-DISC, including PureRead 4+ and RealTime PureRead

Pioneer BDR-S13U-X/BDR-S13UBK/BDR-2213 SATA-3 Internal BD/DVD/CD Writers

Compatible with BD and BDXL standard discs, and archival optical media M-Disc

Pioneer BDR-X13U-S and BDR-X13UBK USB 3.2 Gen1/2.0 External BD/DVD/CD Writers

16x maximum write speed on BD-R Single Layer 25GB media, compatible with BDXL Blu-ray media,, and with M-Disc optical media for archiving

Meta Platforms Assigned Patent

Write efficiency management for tape cartridge writing