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Pure Storage: Fiscal 1Q17 Financial Results
Decline of revenue for first time, and record loss
2016.05.31 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Big Data and Business Analytics WW Revenue to Reach $187 Billion in 2019 – IDC
From $122 billion in 2015
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Qnap Thunderbolt 2 NAS TVS-x82T Series
4, 6, 8 bays and M2 SSD slots, tiered storage, application-based partitioning and network traffic distribution
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Toshiba: OCZ RD400 NVMe SSD Series From 128GB to 1,024GB
15nm MLC NAND, R/W speeds up to 2,600MB/s and 1,600MB/s
2016.05.31 | Press Release
50% Revenue Growth in 2015 for iXsystems
Doubling unit shipments
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Expansion Enclosure for IBM FlashSystem
Supports twelve 3.5-inch 8TB NL-SAS HDDs.
2016.05.31 | Press Release Email Archiving Service by Tech-Arrow
Manages data from Exchange or Office 365 in secure way.
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Veeam Opens Facility in Bucharest
New hub to bring more than 250 new job opportunities to the city
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Technology Integrator Red River Offering DataCore
In Americas
2016.05.31 | Press Release
TriDatum Solutions Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Adoption With Actifio
Using Actifio copy data virtualization in IBM Softlayer
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Archon+ in Poland Relies on Infortrend Redundant Unified Storage Systems
Achieving 24/7 HA in VMware cluster environment
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Warner Bros Belgium Bases Super Fast File-based Broadcast Workflow on Telestream Vantage
To ingest 750 XDCAM HD discs into Avid and CatDV environment in four days
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Lenovo Assigned Eleven Patents
RAID 1 mirror meshed into co-existing RAID 5 parity stream, drive tray, merging external NVRAM with full disk encryption, control of media on remote device, operating memory management controller, nonvolatile random access memory use, operating memory management controller, dynamic use of RAID levels responsive to predicted failure of data storage device, dual side staggered surface mount dual in-line memory module, asynchronous data mirroring in memory controller
2016.05.31 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Patent
Pseudo dual port memory using dual port cell and single port cell with associated valid data bits
2016.05.31 | In Brief
Security Festplatte HS256 S3 von Digittrade
859€ (500GB) bis 1.799€ (2TB) mit USB 3.0
2016.05.31 | Press Release
Nimble Storage: Fiscal 1Q17 Financial Results
$86 million in revenue growing, but $43 million net loss also increasing
2016.05.30 | Press Release | [with our comments]
BlueArchive, New Story or Storiant Revival?
Start-up founded in February 2016
by | 2016.05.30 | News
Joint Venture in China Between Brocade (49%) and Guiyang High-Tech Industrial Investment Group (51%)
Named Guizhou Huiling Technology, for networking solutions with local innovation in big data
2016.05.30 | Press Release
IBM Spectrum Control V5.2.10 and Virtual Storage Center V5.2.10
Deliver enhancements for capacity metrics and storage.
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Layeronline Launches AWS S3 Cloud Backup
For customer websites with one year retention free of charge
2016.05.30 | Press Release
MemxPro: Industrial 6Gb SATA 2.5-Inch SSDs and Flash Modules
For industrial, military, aerospace, in-vehicle and transportation applications
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Atlantis Computing and Citrix Form Alliance
To deliver compute storage, networking and virtualisation at $125 per desktop
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Rigby Private Equity Acquired Zycko
VAD in 12 countries in EMEA
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Technology Enterprise Licensing Agreement Between Cryptsoft and NetApp
For Key Management Interoperability Protocol
2016.05.30 | Press Release
cloudKleyer Technology Partner of Infotecs in Germany
Together for solution to store data securely in cloud and to provide secure access to archives
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Three Customers of EMC All-Flash Subsystems
State of Indiana, CMA, Etisalat Misr
2016.05.30 | Press Release
UK Gambling Company bet365 Selects SwiftStack
For move 3PB into object storage
2016.05.30 | Press Release
Oracle Assigned Twenty-Three Patents
Tape head with thin tape bearing surface coating, supporting efficient buffer usage with single external memory interface, diffractive imaging of groove structures on optical tape, mirroring, in memory, data from disk to improve query performance, simulated failover testing, circuit for glitch reduction in memory read latch circuit, tape head surface with non-uniform cross-width edge profiles, steering DMA write requests to cache memory, Z-drive shipping lock for storage library robotic assembly, rotatable recording head actuator for correcting angular error in tape drives, connector retention and alignment assembly for use in computer and data storage mounting racks, queue descriptor cache management for host channel adapter, optical tape pick up unit with holographic optical element, concurrent access for hierarchical data storage, efficient memory region deallocation, computer readable media for predicting overload conditions using load information, runtime memory throttling, detection of logical corruption in persistent storage and automatic recovery therefrom, maintaining column vectors of relational data within volatile memory, high speed read access memory array with variation tolerant bypass scheme with protection circuit, hardware assisted object memory migration, target and initiator mode configuration of tape drives for data transfer between source and destination tape drives, on-chip completion cache for optimized completion building
2016.05.30 | In Brief
HRL Laboratories Assigned Patent
Neural network device with engineered delays for pattern storage and matching
2016.05.30 | In Brief
Siewert & Kau startet mit Maxtor gemeinsame Verkaufsoffensive German
Für den Open Channel
2016.05.30 | Press Release
NetApp: Fiscal 4Q16 Financial Results
Revenue decreased year-over-year for eleven consecutive quarters and for third fiscal year.
2016.05.27 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Tintri All-Flash Scale-Out Storage Platform
Support for up to 160,000 VMs, from 17TB to 10PB for "less than $1/GB"
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Infortrend EonStor GSe Family
Converged and scalable unified storage for SMBs
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Western Digital Expects 4FQ Revenue Between $3.35 and $3.45 Billion
With SanDisk
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Starline Launching Zealbox NovaStor Backup Appliance
Complete solution for backup including Windows Server 2012 R2, NovaBACKUP Network and Supermicro hardware
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Tape or Tapeless? IBM i Shops Can Have Both With LaserVault Universal Backup Device
D2D tape emulation solution plus ability to archive onto LTO tape for iSeries users
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Unifosa/Proware to Deliver Software Defined Storage Solution
Unified storage solution integrating file, block, and object level storage
2016.05.27 | Press Release
From Data Deposit Box, LiveLink, Alternative to File-Sync
Delivering secure real time access to data on any device, anywhere
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Availability of Microsoft Recovery Services vault
Azure backup support for ARM VMs
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Postgres Replication Server 6.0 From EnterpriseDB
Increases replication performance with multi-master, log-based Postgres technology reducing latency 
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Coho Data Supporting Block Storage
Block-and file-based workloads on same platform; supporting OpenStack on DataStream
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Cohesity and Trace3 Partnering
To help enterprises to control massive data growth through hyperconverged secondary storage
2016.05.27 | Press Release
American-Made Home Furnishings Retailer Room & Board Selecting Pure Storage FlashArray
Replacing legacy spinning disk
2016.05.27 | Press Release
Build Group Constructs Cloud-Based DR Strategy With Druva
Replacing traditional on-premise data protection strategy
2016.05.27 | Press Release
StorageCraft Assigned Three Patents
Capturing post-snapshot quiescence writes in linear image backup chain, avoiding encryption of certain blocks in de-due vault, capturing post-snapshot quiescence writes in image backup
2016.05.27 | In Brief
Citrix Assigned Three Patents
Creation and delivery of encrypted virtual disks, storage optimization selection within a virtualization environment, establishing cloud bridge between virtual storage resources
2016.05.27 | In Brief
Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Fiscal 2Q16 Financial Results
Lowest quarterly storage revenue since 1FQ13 - not including 2FQ15
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2016.05.26 | News
DDN Flashscale: Performance and Cost Optimized All-Flash Array
6 million IO/s in 4U, pricing beginning at $1/GB and $0.05 per I/O
2016.05.26 | Press Release
Qsan XCubeSAN XS5200 and XCubeDAS XD5300 Series
Including 24-bay 4U, 16-bay 3U, 12-bay 2U, and 2.5-inch high density 26-bay 2U with 12Gb SAS
2016.05.26 | Press Release
HPE to Spin Off Services Business, Merging With CSC
New company to have annual revenue of $26 billion, 5,000 clients in 70 countries
2016.05.26 | Press Release